Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 186

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Chapter 186 – Intermission (Goddess)

To face such a big and strong person, despite his fear.

When I look at him, I am beyond terrified, and my heart throbs.

No matter what people say, I feel a will that will not yield.

“Earth… you are so brave, aren’t you? And with such a strong heart.”

On the other hand, what about my heart?

From the time I could remember, I’ve been different from others.

I was said to be a goddess who drew the blood of god, and was blessed with a privileged environment.

While my country and people lived in poverty under oppression, I was never inconvenienced, never starved, just acquiring the knowledge I was given, and sometimes went out in front of people to give smiles and words.

That was my life.

―― Lady Kron, once thou turn fifteen, I will partner thee with the most promising disciple I have raised, to give birth to the next generation.

I had never thought of it as a misfortune.

Because I was taught that this is what I was meant to be.

However, when I was young, I had some troubles, not to say I was unhappy.

Why do I look different from others?

Why don’t I have a father or a mother?

Why was I born into this world?

Jamdi’el, who had been with me since I was little, every time I asked…

――Thou are different from those apes. The chosen being who draws the blood of God!

She would say, without hesitation.

That’s why I am not only for myself, but also for all the people in this world.

Being a person who draws the blood of God, I was not allowed to have any selfishness whatsoever.

Maybe I didn’t have a will of my own.

――I see… thou is… a pitiful doll.

But that’s why I couldn’t get those words out of my head.

Because I couldn’t deny them.

Am I a doll?

But that’s why I can’t get those words out of my head.

――Don’t you call Kron a doll.

Earth, you said that.

And, you asked me.

―― What do you want me to do? No, what do you want to happen? What is it you want? Kron.

You asked me what I wanted.

Why is that? When I heard your words, that was my only answer.

And at the same time, it reminded me of the past.

That was……

“Hey, Bro. Why are you going outside?”

When I was younger, the person who played with me also had his own will.

“Both you and the master came from outside this island, yeh. I also want to see what’s outside this island. There may be a place for me.”

“This is your country, right?’

“Maybe so, but…”

Bro touched his horn with a slightly lonely expression.

In this country, Bro and I were the only ones with horns growing out of our heads.

And Bro seemed to be somewhat concerned about his horn.

“Besides, I want to get stronger. The master… don’t chase after desires you don’t understand, she just wants me to look at you. Do you know how a man feels about that? Lil sis.”

“Bro is my brother, but I’m a goddess, so I don’t have a family.”

“Kakkakka, then you do what you want, yeh.”

With that said, he stroked my hair, crumpling it up.

Jamdi’el was always getting angry at that, saying it was “disrespectful,” but I didn’t hate it.

“As I am now, I don’t have the power to have master see me as a man. That’s why I’m going to get stronger.”

“Stronger …?”

“I don’t want to spend my life regretting my weakness. If I’m strong, I could prevent things that could happen, I wouldn’t lose, and with that, I wouldn’t have any regrets, yeh.”

And so Bro ran out of the country.

Finally, he turned to me and said…

“Kron, you too… you’re a good kid, but… let’s get stronger, yeh.”

At that time, I couldn’t think too deeply about that remark.

However, I felt sad that the friend who played with me left the country.

But you know what, Bro? Now I remember, and your words came to my heart.

Because I regretted that they took Jamdi’el away from me.

And, Earth brought out the feelings that I had kept in my heart.

What did I regret?

What did I want all along?

What did I want to say…

―― My true feelings… were full of what I really wanted to call her… there were so many… in the end, I couldn’t say anything!

My own true feelings, even if I am a doll.

In response to my feelings, you said to me…

――I’ll fly you!

And like this, you are still fighting to fulfill those words.

“Third time’s the chaaaaaarm, 【Great Magic Spiral】!!!”

“Nuwahahahahahahaha…… nothing else?”

If true, that was my role. That’s what I have to fight for.

I don’t know why you’re willing to go that far.

But I’ve already got my answer.

“Bro, you’re right. I need to be… stronger. And I need to do it now!”

That’s how I felt right now.

“Earth. I don’t want you to fly me there. I want to fly with you too!”

I can’t wait for someone to help me.

I will fight too.

I also want to fight.

With you, Earth.

That’s my will.

So, I’m sorry, Jamdi’el.

Today, for the first time, I will go against your instructions and use the power of “this eye”.

So, please get very angry afterwards, okay?

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