Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 187

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Chapter 187 – Daybreak

More than now? How? Anyway, I screamed and unleashed the Great Demon Spiral with all my might, only to be bounced back by Vasalar and rolling on the ground.

Vasalar had the power to kill me at any time, but he handled me with just enough restraint to keep me from falling unconscious.

However, after my special attack was unleashed three times, he was getting bored of it.

From the perspective of Vasalar, even my strongest technique was considered as me being “out of material”.

However, I have no choice but to use the Great Magic Spiral.

When Vasalar released a light breath at me…


“【Great Magic Spiral Earth Spiral Tornado】!!”

I attacked with a tornado generated from the Great Magic Spiral.

“tsuo!? P, push through!!”



For me, even the strongest and most powerful vortex was blown away by a single breath from Vasalar’s nose.

But this was reality.

Vasalar’s breath shook me and the axis of the vortex.

Vasalar snickered at me with his nose, “is that all?”

“Damn… Oooooooooooooooh!

Tre’ainar said he had already given me a hint.

If he said so, that means it’s true.

What have I learned so far? When did Tre’ainar give a hint? Where? What?




At that moment.

I found Kron, who was supposed to have been behind me, right next to me.

“…… That eye… Hohou!”


And, the moment both her eyes were opened, they shone like the sun at dawn.

“Six-Gates? No, this dawn light is… Daybreak Eye(Gyokogan)!”

『I suppose you have yet to reach the Six-Gates… well…』

At that time, Vasalar raised a surprised voice for the first time.

Tre’ainar also looked on with interest.


“Kron? What, are you… it’s dangerous―――”

“If you’re prepared, I’ve made up my mind in my own way!”

“…… Eh?”

“If this is a path that must be fought for, not just prayed for and hoped for, then I will go with you!”

Kron, who always had an incomprehensible natural side to her, shouted this next to me with a strong tone and strong eyes for the first time.

And that’s when it happened.

“Like Earth, many spirals, appear!”


The moment Kron shouted, they appeared without warning.


“Wh, what!?”

A myriad of glowing spiral vortices about the size of my Great Magic Spiral appeared above Vasalar’s head.

“Hey, idiot!? Kron, what the hell…?”

“Rain down!”

At Kron’s direction, the Great Magic Spirals fell all at once on Vasalar like rain.

Did Kron do all this? I don’t understand. What the hell is going on?

“Oh~, how unbearable, nuwahahahaha, oh, they keep coming~ dong dong

Vasalar received the rain of spirals. His expression changed from his boredom, and he gave a very belligerent smile.

In addition……

“Great Rose! Please catch Vasalar!

The next moment, the ground shook.

Then, from under the ground, a huge plant with thorns appeared… that’s the magic that angel prince had used!

“Oh! Nuwahahaha, a pretty big flower!

Giant rose vines entwined around Vasalar’s entire body, tightening, and trying to capture and restrain his movement.

Why was Kron using such magic?

“Kron…… you…”

“Earth, this power… Jamdi’el told me not to use it carelessly. I disobeyed Jamdi’el’s instructions.”

Even as she unleashed great magic that restrained Basara’s movement, Kron held her tongue and was bashful.

However, she immediately opened her shining eyes…

“So the reason I’m here now, fighting like this, is not because …… anyone told me to, it’s because I want to!”

『Then, show them!』

At the same moment that Kron shouted, I heard a somewhat cheerfully murmur from Tre’ainar.

I didn’t understand what she meant, and I was still puzzled by Kron suddenly standing next to me.

But on the other hand…

“Nwahahahahaha, oh, ouch, it hurts… or so I’d like to say… you still don’t have much of an imagination.”


“An ‘illusion’ that hurts a wee bit, but your imagination is still not enough to reach me.”

Even though all those Great Magic Spirals have poured down all at once, and his whole body was caught with huge rose vines, it wasn’t effective on Vasalar at all?

No, it’s not.

“This stuff, doesn’t woooooooork!



『Incidentally, child, tis just an illusion.』


As Tre’ainar murmured, the spirals and rose vines that fell upon Vasalar were ephemerally shattered.

But illusion? Vasalar seemed to see through it, but it looked real to me, you know?

『Simply put, tis like showing Fantasy Magic, 【Vier】, in the real world and involving others…』


『The ultimate illusion that affects the brains of all who see the dawn light. The illusion of the brain also affects the five senses. Not just sight, but …… pain and suffering as well.』

“An illusion of pain and… suffering?”

『Tis so. A light that illuminates the ambiguous world between night and morning… the power to control the boundary between the reality and fantasy of the world……… that is―――』

The eyes that Kron had. The name of the eye was one that I had heard of during class at the academy.

That was one of the magic eyes, along with the Heraldic eye of Jamdi’el.

“It’s been so long since I’ve dealt with th’ Daybreak Eye.”

That is the Daybreak Eye. Of course I’ve never seen it before.

It wasn’t strange, since the Heraldic eye exists, but Kron had such eyes?


“But after all, it’s a backward compatible version of th’ ‘Six-Gate Eye’ that Tre’ainar had attained. In addition, you have been raised with great care, haven’t you? Th’ imagination put into your creation don’t amount to much, do they? Also, th’ illusion of physical pain and suffering… I didn’t really feel much.”


“Anyone with that eye can create any illusion that is close to reality. Whether it is a vision of th’ world’s collapse, hellfire, and divine lightning, all depending on their imagination. However, my existence is far beyond that imagination of yours.”

I was surprised that Kron had such a legendary magic eye, but the opponent was also a legend.

Moreover, it’s a monster that was once like a rival to Tre’ainar.

Kron, who has little actual experience, can’t win suddenly against such an opponent.

But now…

“You may be right. I don’t know anything. Still, nothing. That’s why…… I want to learn more from now on. I want Jamdi’el to teach me. And Earth too. And the world. I want to know more about the good and the bad. But I don’t know yet. Then…”

Then Kron grabbed my hand.

And looked at me…

“Earth, lend me your strength―――”

“Don’t ask me that now.”

“…… Oh…”

“You can’t come all the way here only for me to say I won’t give it to you.”

“Hmm… yes!

Even if Kron couldn’t win on her own, there are two of us now.

So I also took Kron’s hand.

With me and Kron…

“What about it? You think a lad and wee lassie can face me by working together? Don’t underestimate me too much, okay?”

Of course, it’s not an easy opponent to beat just because Kron and I joined forces.

But Kron whispered to me as if she had some secret plan.

“From now on, I will use the power of my eyes to apply an illusion on you.”


“That’s… to make you believe, ‘you can do anything’.”

“…… Ha?”

“Oh, no, I’m not sure either…”


I didn’t understand what she was saying. However, Kron herself didn’t really seem to understand when I asked her back.

“But, Jamdi’el said… the power of my eyes seems to exert a strong suggestion on the other person’s brain, so not only can I show them illusions, but I can even recreate the pain and suffering that their brain believed… um, so… hmm, I mean! You’ll be able to do anything from now on!”

No, it doesn’t make any sense.

But still, I did not have the option to refuse.

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