Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 179


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Chapter 179 – Everyone

There’s no reason to help Jamdi’el, who’s a big-game bounty head, and no logic.

What’s the point of me taking such a risk and getting any more involved in this problem?

That’s the way it is…

“I’m not particularly… not a hero, I’m a disciple of the Great Demon King, so it’s funny, right?”


“Well, in the first place… I not even thinking about fighting for Jamdi’el or anything like that…”


“I’m not thinking about the details. Right now … I just can’t let this go.”

Yes, at this point, I’m just pissed off at the guys in the clouds.

I spent three months in this town.

I’ve never lived in the same place for so long outside the Imperial City, like Rebal and Fu’s study abroad group.

For the past three months, the training had been tough, the José stuff was annoying, and so on, but other than that, I had no complaints about anything in this town.


“Oldeeer Brotheeeeeer!”



At that moment, Amae, who was helping everyone, spotted me and happily jumped into my stomach all of a sudden.


“Older Brotheeeer, are you okaaaay?”

“…… Yes…… I’m fine.’


“Amae, are you helping everyone?”

“Un… un~”

I patted her head for the effort. Amae’s cheeks flushed with a little comfort.

Normally, I would have been cheering her up by saying “Kyoho” like this.

But now, it’s not going that far.

After all, she seemed a little tired, and above all, she didn’t seem very energetic.

The reason…… I know it.

“Little man!”

“Earth, thank goodness! Is your arm all right?”

“Whoa, Big brother, you’re up! Inya~, I’m glad you’re safe!”

Sadiz and others, who were busy in the center of the square, noticed me, and…


“Oraa, Earth, finally awake?”

“Are you all right? Did the Goddess’s magic work?”

“I’m glad~

There was also Mortriage’s crew, who seemed to be working and running around, while dirty with sweat.

They were carrying tools such as saws and hammers, lumber, and even food.

“Yeah. For the time being, everyone was safe… well, I’m not sure I’d call this safe…”

“Yeah… well…”

Mortriage’s crew smiled bitterly as I looked around and said that.

Even I am quite shocked by this scene.

For these people, who are born here, their shock would be incomparable to mine.


“But it’s no use looking down forever.”

“Oraa, I’ll do it! Originally, this town was created by our fathers from the burnt ruins of the civil war! Now we’ll rebuild it!”

There may be a little bit of strength mixed in.

However, they were not empty-hearted, and their words seemed to be filled with a certain determination.

Elder sis Tsukshi nodded at the voices of Mortriage’s crew.

“Heh… did you just say that? You guys who were lurking behind the school building.”

“Hahaha. Yeah, that’s right. There was such an ugly scene about three months ago.”

“Whoa? Hey, hey, hey, you――――”

“But three months ago, they were… inspired by a certain guy’s fiery appearance, and they’re no longer there.”

I returned the words I jokingly said, with another joke.

I felt somewhat relieved at the sight of Mortriage’s crew.

In addition……

“So, Mortriage, where are you going with all that stuff?”

“Hmm? Oh, this? This is for…… José, who’s bedridden.”

“…… What?”

“José and the girls seem to have a hard time showing up in front of everyone, so they’re a little far from the square… but it seems they’re going through a lot, so I thought I’d help them out.”

“…… Huh?”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

And, Oratski also nodded to Mortriage’s words, “Us too”.

“Hey hey… you guys don’t like them, right? Why would you do that?”

“Eh? Why… even if you say that…”

I don’t know how much humiliation they’ve suffered from them… after all, I’m also fed up with them and I hate them.

And yet these guys…

“We can’t say that at times like this. When there’s trouble, we need each other.”


“And … it’s okay. It’s not about José and the girls.”

To my question, Mortriage and the others laughed a little bit as if they were troubled, but it’s not about like or dislike with them, they just had good intentions… and……

“When Earth beat him up to that point, I passed beyond satisfaction, and felt pity for José. And you said, too, didn’t you? In the end, it’s all about us getting stronger.”

Saying that, Mortriage’s crew smiled refreshingly, without any feeling of guilt, as if they had a weight off their shoulders… I couldn’t help but think…

“Damn it, you guys are so cool!”

“Ouch, hey!?”


“Uo, ow! What are you doing?”




“Habu, dude~, why are you hitting me?”

I lightly tapped the Mortriage four on their chests.

“Geez, you guys really…”

At that time, I swallowed the words that I was about to say.

It wasn’t my place to say it, so I didn’t say it out loud.

But then I thought again.


“It’s nothing.”

These guys are good!

“Oraa, if it’s nothing, why are you hitting me?”

“Nothin~, it’s not anything.”


Somehow, they’re good. These guys.

I’m glad we became friends.

“Ah, whatever. Hey, Amae?”


“Up we go, high in the sky!”

I think these guys are good.

Certainly I was kidnapped by Jamdi’el, forcibly brought to this country, and trapped.

But what I encountered here was something that was important to me.

“Little man…”

“…… What is it, Sadiz?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Sadiz smiled with a warm look like a guardian, saying, “I’m glad he made friends,” and I turned away feeling a little embarrassed.

But that’s right.

I’ve already come to like this town.

I’ve grown fond of the people I’ve met here.

Already, not so bad compared to the birthplace I ran away from.

That’s why……

“Well, for the time being, I’m glad you’re all okay, anyway―――.”

“…… Not all of us.’

“…… Amae?”

The moment I mentioned everyone’s safety, Amae looked down and sadly said it was not everyone.

“…High Priestess… isn’t here…”

There is no Jamdi’el. No, or should I say it’s not enough?

“Amae…… yes, I guess so…”

“That’s right…”

Yes, even if Jamdi’el had whatever intentions she did, for Amae, Karui, Elder sis Tsukshi, no, that’s not everyone.

No matter what her reputation was outside of this island nation or what she had done in the past, her presence is indispensable for the people in this country.

“Counter-punch…… was it?”

“Older brother?”

I look up at the sky. The clouds are still majestically lingering over this town… no, in the sky over this island country.

Mostly, they probably think we can’t touch them from here, and they’re being complacent.

As expected…… I’d like to give them a shot.

Author’s Note

The world cup ended yesterday, didn’t it? The winner was South Africa.

I expected England to win, but I was completely off. After all, I guess you can’t know the game until you play it.

For Japan, who had won all of the qualifiers this tournament, the fact that the only team they lost to was the winner seemed to be a bit of a reward. In any case, not only the Japanese games, but also all the matches were personally fun and exciting, and I was influenced in various ways.

Actually, during the World Cup period, I was hard at work with the novelization of this work title. The work is hard, so to be honest, I was going to stop updating the web novel or stop posting every day. However, since Japan has made a big leap forward, instead of stopping the update, I was stubborn by doing stupid things such as posting two episodes a day and cutting down my sleep time. If I hadn’t been fired up by the World Cup, this wouldn’t have happened, but the professional athletes who were influenced by the viewers were respected as awesome.

I would like to showcase the book that will be completed one of these days as soon as possible.

Well, that being said, I’ve run out of drills and spirits, and this daily update pace may occasionally be interrupted, but please forgive me. It’s not that I can’t take up time for the book. As for that, it’s roughly over. Simply, the office workers are busier from November to December

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