Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 178

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Chapter 178 – Do Something

Just a normal sleep. It felt like it’s been a long time since I had one.

Even while I was sleeping, I was doing image training with the magic of 【Vier】, so my restful sleep was awfully groggy and I fell deeply unconscious.

Even I could tell that “Yeah, I was sleeping really well.”.

“…… I….. How long have I been asleep?”

『About two days.』

When I opened my eyes, there was no ceiling there, and huge dim clouds covered the sky.

The cloudy sky made me unable to tell if it was day or night.

But that’s not because of the weather. It was the enemy’s home base.

“…… Hey hey… those guys, they’re still there?”


When I got up, I found that I was sleeping on a simple bed made up of battered chairs.

Looking around, the walls of the building were gone, and there were piles of rubble all around, like a ruin.

“…… This is…… the town…”

『Town? Tis already just a pile of rubble… and everywhere there are field hospitals full of the injured…』

“This is… Terra-class destructive power…”

『…… Tis so…』

Even though I hadn’t stood up yet, I was speechless at the gruesome sight before me.

“…… is everyone…”

『The maid, the other sisters and dojo officials are all moving around. Often treating the wounded, searching for the missing, clearing debris, managing shelters, securing and preparing food, and so on.』

“I see…”

The damage was so devastating that there was no way to say anything else.

For the time being, as I was about to stand up, I noticed something.

“Hmm? My arm…”

My left arm. It should have been in quite a severe state due to dislocation and fracture.

However, although the left arm was wrapped with a lot of bandages, I did not feel much pain or discomfort.

“Was it Sadiz?”

It’s impossible for this to heal naturally in a few days. If so, the only way to recover would be through magic.

When it came to such powerful magic, only Sadiz came to mind…

『No, not her.』


『It was that one.』

“Hmm? … Nuo!?”

I didn’t notice it right away. When I got off the cot where I was sleeping, something was lying in tattered sheets at my feet, and it stirred.

“Ku~ … Suu~ … un…”

When I looked into the object in surprise, a familiar demon horn was protruding from under the sheets.


『It seems that she no mere mascot simply calling herself a goddess. This one has a talent for magic, and considerable healing ability.』

“…… Kron…”

『Perhaps, Jamdi’el had her learn so could heal herself immediately if she ever got injured.』

To my amazement, Kron was sleeping on the floor. Moreover, maybe she was quite tired, she was taking a deep sleep.

Was she nursing me… by any chance?

『Tis not only you. After they returned to the sky, she was treating the wounded one after another. She now sleeps due to the effects of those action.』

“Kron did that…”

『By her efforts, many have been saved. Although their High Priestess has been lost, it seems the existence of the goddess still supports the hearts of the people of this country. Those who have recovered, little by little, are now thinking about reconstruction and the future, and are even trying to take action.』

“I see…”

Seemed everyone was hard at work while I was sleeping.

I thought it was pathetic that I was down the whole time at the critical moment, but at the same time I began to think about something.

“…… Hey, Tre’ainar…”

『What is it?』

“………… If—”

『Do not ask. No one foresaw this incident. Not even me…』


When I tried to ask Tre’ainar what I had involuntarily thought, but he stopped me before I could say it.

What I thought. That’s the cause of this.

If…… if Jamdi’el… if she was in perfect condition?

In the fight against me, her magic was emptied, her whole body was in pain, and she could not fight or resist, and then they came.

Why did this happen?

Because Jamdi’el fought me.

If I had not fought against Jamdi’el at that time, but quietly listened to her… but Tre’ainar said, “Don’t think that”.

“…… Where’s Jamdi’el?”

『She was taken to the sky… and….. that cloud… no, that country still drifts right above, and there is no particular change. Nor any word of the death of Jamdi’el.』

“I see…”

Their aim was to capture Jamdi’el.

Even though they’ve achieved that, why they’re still in the skies over this country, I don’t know.

But for whatever reason, as long as they’re within the visible range, no one would feel safe and no one would be calm.

However, as long as they are out of reach, we can’t do anything about it, we can only look up at the sky and bite our lips.

“…… Kron…… for now, let’s put her to bed?”

Kron… at least, I had better let her sleep… I mean, I don’t know if it’s okay to face her right now.


『Are you all right?』

“Yes, I’ll walk a little bit, just to look around.”

I can’t lie down forever. I’m afraid, but for now I need to get a better look at what’s going on with the town.

With that in mind, I stood up, fixed Kron’s misaligned sheets a bit, and then stepped into the ruins of the rubble.

“…… Even so… no matter where you look…”

『For you who do not know the war, this is your first time seeing anything like this, is it not?』

“…… Yes…”

I walked outside for a bit, but it was no different. No, I felt even more terrible.

Because what existed before I fainted was gone.

The town I flew around doing parkour.

When I was running through the streets, or walking hand in hand with Amae, the smiling gazes and the good-hearted people called me out to me every day.

The lives of people who were full of energy, with no oppression, and everyone was able to go about their business with peace of mind and a smile.


“Grandpa, don’t push yourself! I’ll bring the food!”

“Oh, thank you…”

“Amae! Please, bring me some water!”

Looking back at the familiar voice, I found the center of the town… was supposed to be.

It seemed that they were just cleaning up the rubble for the time being, gathering people who were safe in the town, making camp, and treating the injured.

“Un! Amae, will bring it! …… Ahh!”


Everyone had a tired look, but now they seem to be busy with moving things, as if they wanted to get hold of a cat.

Even little Amae ran around as hard as she could to do the job she could, but she fell down in her haste.

But Amae immediately looked up.

“Amae, you okay―――”

“Un! Fine!”

Normally, she would have cried immediately, but Amae held back her tears and immediately started running.

Amae knows that, too.

She knew that now was the time for each person to do what they can.

“Ooouuuui, I ran a while and asked the whole country for help! In just half a day, people from all over the country will come to support reconstruction, so everyone will be doing their best!”

“Big Sister Sadiz, if you can spare a few minutes, can you help me too?”

“Yes, I’ll be right there.”

The town was destroyed, and the High Priestess they adored was captured and taken away.

Of course, people’s faces are gloomy, but them being overcome with despair and doing nothing… that was not the case.

Everyone was trying to do what they can now.

“Everyone is… hard at work…”

『Uh huh…… the strength of a person’s heart can be seen by how they are able to move in such situations. In addition, the country seems to have had a civil war in recent years…… and it may be terrible…… but they are accustomed to it. Such is the state of things.』

I was a little shaken by the strength of their heart, which could not be compared to me who ran away from home depressed because of a falling out with my parents.

“…… then…… I…?”

What can I do now? My injuries got much better with sleep and Kron’s magic.

“Fun! Shh!”

Try hitting the jab.

Oh, no problem.


“…… shi!”

『…… Child…』

This time, I thrust my fist towards the clouds directly above me.

But there’s no way I can reach it.

At this distance, even if the shock wave of the Great Magic Spiral was released, not even fragments will reach it.

“…… Damn it…”

My power is of no use now. I’m so frustrated that my gut is churning.

“Damn iiiiiiiiiit! Those… bird people…”

It’s awful just remembering it.

That prince who appeared from the sky.

The pompous voice I suddenly heard from behind the clouds.

Why couldn’t I have been more conscious at that time and kicked them to the curb?

It’s irreversible…

“There’s no way …… they can get away with …… this…”

『Do not be too hard on yourself. There are things beyond you with your power right now.』


『The opponent is not one or two individuals, but a nation … that…… you are aware, are you not?』

“……eh …”

What can we do about it? Though I clenched my fist, Tre’ainar calmly held me back.

Because the enemy this time is a nation, unlike the ninja group, delinquents, and fighters that I have faced so far.

Looking at the current situation in this country, it’s not as if I can’t handle what’s happening.

I know that.


“But it’s just…I can see where they are, but I can’t do anything…”

It’s not something I can manage. So, do I just do nothing and help the reconstruction?

That may be the right choice.

But my heart didn’t agree with it.

Then, Tre’ainar…

『It does not mean there is nothing you can do.』

“…… Eh?”

『In the first place, being put in such a state by that arrogant bunch does not sit well with me. I do not feel at ease leaving things as they are. A way to hit a powerful counterpunch to those floating in the sky… it exists.』

Tre’ainar showed that fearless, dependable smile that I’ve seen so many times before.

“Hmm … really!?”

『Just who do you think I am?』

“Hahaha … yes … then Tre’ainar!”


“…… hmm?”

『Thing is… I merely wonder… if there is any worth in you doing so.』

It’s not that there’s no moves.

But Tre’ainar doesn’t teach me right away, but with a slightly serious look…

『Jamdi’el is a war criminal with a bounty. Tens of thousands have died under her command. Countries have fallen. Her relentless schemes have also created tragedy. Well, the same can be said for me, for all of us in fact… but even in this country after the war had ended, she has ruined more than a few people with his hands, for better or worse. For her own convenience. In addition, we must not forget the matter of young man called José.』

“That… maybe true, but…”

『This country has come to this current state not because of the child, but due to Jamdi’el being in this country. And if you trace the origin, I once made her a subordinate, so the Seraph tribe -』

“Hey! Wait a minute! It’s too far back. It’s not related to you!”

『Anyway, the counterpunch I am considering will carry a considerable risk to the child, but… do you need to go that far? That is my thought.』

It sounded as if he asking me, “What are you fighting for?”

Indeed, outside of this isolation nation, Jamdi’el is an enemy of humanity.

The reason I’m in this country was because Jamdi’el kidnapped me.

She tried to decide on my life without my consent, regardless of my circumstances.

It’s certainly strange that I would fight for such a person.

So what am I doing here?

To be honest, it was difficult to put in words, and I was involuntarily speechless.

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