Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 159

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Chapter 159 – A Casual Moment

“So, Little man. Currently, this island nation is warded off from the outside world. What do you plan to do?”

After the hug with Sadiz, I said farewell and departed on the journey… is what I’d like to say, but reality doesn’t go that smoothly.

Because Jamdi’el put a barrier over Cacretale, so it is impossible to go to the outside world at present.

It was something I couldn’t break even if I used the Great Magic Spiral three months ago.

“I’m also going to have a hard time hard time outsmarting them with magic, and no doubt Jamdi’el will notice.”

“Yeah, well, about that…”

The discussion I had three months ago. What Jamdi’el imposed on me was to win the tournament.

“I beat Mr. Machio and won the championship just like she wanted, now as she promised…”

『No, tis not just the victory, child.』


No, I remembered that too, but I didn’t want to mention it in front of Sadiz, so I didn’t.

“What’s wrong, Little man? Did the Great Demon King say anything?”

And Sadiz narrowed her eyes at my reaction. Obviously, it’s a scornful glare.

“Hmm … oh no…”

Yes, the conditions that Jamdi’el gave me. That was “Winning” and “Helping with something”.

The “something” was ambiguous, but it was clearly related to Kron.

Yes, Kron and… somethingsomething-like…

“…… By the way, Little man…”

“O, oh.”

“Erm … about the demon named Kron…”


“…… what’s that reaction?”

For a moment, I thought she read my mind. Involuntarily, I was surprised to hear it out loud.

“Jamdi’el serves her… even more…… her face… I once saw the Great Demon King when I was very young…”

“Ah… Oh~…”

“So, how much do you know about her, Little man? What does the Great Demon King know? And….. the state of Jamdi’el right after the tournament……she even wants Little man to eat something that would increase his vigor…”

“…… Ah, uh huh…”

“Little man… do you know what comes after this?”

“No, I haven’t heard it directly, it’s just a guess, but…”

“Hmm… well, Little man has already graduated from me, no matter what he does or where he does it and with whom, I have no right to interfere…”

I squinted a little… what the heck, for a moment… an old feeling came over me.

No, I wonder why. Sadiz said she doesn’t want to pursue me too deeply, but she was flustered after all.

“Hmm, w, well… I’ll talk to Kron rather than Jamdi’el. She’s a little bit of a careless natural airhead, but if we talk calmly, I feel like she can understand.”

“Huh… is that right…”

“It’s just… nonetheless Jamdi’el won’t stay silent on the situation…”

Three months ago. Jamdi’el’s strength was so far beyond mine that there was nothing I could do about it, no matter how I tried to reverse it.

So I had no choice but to obey quietly.

“Little man. The opponent is one of the Six Supremacy, right? She once stood against the Master and Madam… a monster that left a mark in history, right?”

“I know.”

Of course, even though I’ve become stronger, I’m not going to pretend that I’m capable of defeating Jamdi’el, who was a Six Supremacy of the Great Demon King.

But…… to be left helpless and unable to resist… let alone, silently killed… no way in hell am I going to let that be.

“What does the Great Demon King say? Naturally, you are well aware of Jamdi’el’s power, right? How much of a difference is there between her and Little man today…”

『Well, in a ‘proper’ fight, even for the current child, victory will be impossible… however…』

“… he possesses some ability and experience, so he can at least read the opponent’s power but … Jamdi’el is unfathomable. With the child as he is, it cannot be done…. said the Great Demon King?”

『Still… she will not kill the child who can even use Magical Breathing… that is certain. Besides…… for Jamdi’el…』

“But, if the Great Demon King was worried about Little man’s safety even for an instant, he would have said that more strongly and raised his sense of crisis …… so the fact that there is no sign of that, is there something? For example, does Jamdi’el have any weaknesses?”

『Hmm, there is a weakness. Jamdi’el has… a fatal flaw… something that even Hiro and his companions were unaware of.』

“But even if there was a weakness…… it would still be too dangerous… the other party is…”

『Tis a wall that must be overcome eventually. Although, tis reckless to merely delve in without thinking… tis necessary to know the power of the opponent, know the power of the self, and still challenge.』

“Still, having Little man fight Jamdi’el… as guidance… eh, but… no….. Little man already trusts that guidance, and I’ve never done anything…but…”

Ah… are they? Sadiz shouldn’t be able to perceive Tre’ainar’s appearance or voice, but it felt like a subtle conversation has been established…?

What? Are the people who care about me naturally connected to the conversation?

No, it was a coincidence, but I almost laughed.

It may be inappropriate.

Sadiz hasn’t forgiven Tre’ainar, and reconciliation is out of the question.

But now, through my existence… is it egotistical of me to think so?

But I also felt a little happy.

“Let’s go back to church for now, Sadiz.”

“Little man…”

“I’m sure they’ll be waiting for us.”

Yes, for now, if I can’t leave now, let’s go back to church once.

Besides, it looks like we’re having a launch party today.

“Is it alright to be so optimistic?”

『It matters not. This was never the goal for the child. But it was a triumph worth the effort.』

“Well… I also want to celebrate Little man’s victory…”

No, you guys are actually talking, aren’t you? I think you can see each other!?

I almost made a retort but held it back.

“Little man… even if you graduate from me… today is like a victory party, so… my home cooking… can you eat it?”

“Eh? Yes…… Of course, I’d love to.”

“…… then…… let’s do that.”

And Sadiz seemed to have broken down.

She nodded to me, with a conflicted smile.


“What is it, Sadiz? Suddenly, you sighed…”

“No… it’s just…… really…… Little man… to think you’re all grown up… it’s frustrating.”

“You think so? Well, I wasn’t only training… after I left the Imperial City… I’ve had a lot of encounters and experiences…”

While walking alongside me on the beach, Sadiz spoke so keenly.


“Little man… between the time you left the Imperial City and you coming here… come to think of it, you also visited Cantidan, didn’t you?”


“By the way, did you meet a Ninja Warrior from Japone, a woman… kept calling Little man Honey…”

“Eh!? That… no way… Shinobu?”

“Nfufufufufu~, it seems you’re becoming an adult in that aspect… what was it? Did the Great Demon King also teach you how to seduce women?”

“Y, you’re wrong… Shinobu was… before that… in Honeyborough…”


“Yeah, there’s also Mr. Aka, he’s an Ogre, and a good friend…”

“Huh!? O, Ogre!?.”

Before I knew it, I was talking about everything that had happened since I left the Imperial City.

“Little man… supposing, if you don’t mind… I’d like to hear about the… encounters and experiences in your time away from us…”

“Okay, it’s no problem.”

However, the walk back to church wasn’t enough to tell the story.

But I told Sadiz as if I was bragging.

Everything that happened before I came to Cacretale.

To which Sadiz nodded seriously, but with a smile on her face.

I was happy to be able to spend such a casual moment with Sadiz again.

Author’s Note

Yesterday I was in a state of distraction in many ways. As you may know if you’re following my Twitter feed, the night before yesterday I was exhausted. Until now, I’ve been writing because Japan won and I’ve been fired up, but I’ve been so moved that the opposite happened, I couldn’t write. I was so excited that I couldn’t do anything else, so I drank until morning … but I didn’t enter the detention center, right? I didn’t jump into a roadside ditch, okay? I was simply having a full rest yesterday.

Even if the goal was still ahead, it was a good night to float.

* When I woke up in the morning, there was a review called “Spirit”! Thank you! It woke me up at once!

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