Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 158

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Chapter 158 – Intermission (Dark Valkyrie) ②

I am overcome with emotion.

Long were the seconds it took to get to this point, and I tremble at the thought of the oncoming rewards.

Of course, there is still much needed for my plan, and this is merely its middle stage.

But still, my heart is abuzz.

On that day, in order to gather information, I was watching the graduation match of the Imperial City Warrior Academy through magik crystal.

Never did I expect that Hiro and Mamu’s child would use the Great Demon Spiral.

How could he use it?

Who in heavens is that lad?

But what was imperative, rather than unraveling the mystery, was to have the lad at hand as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the parent-child relationship between Earth Lagann and Hiro wasn’t sound, and Earth Lagann had fled from the troublesome Imperial City.

And I was able to find them faster than they could, and spirit him away here to Cacretale.


No, not yet, don’t laugh yet. Lady Kron would find it strange.

However, no matter how apt his use of the Great Demon Spiral and Breakthrough can be, he was still an unfinished great vessel.

As a precaution, I had thought to use Machio or José, but my concerns were unnecessary.

He mastered Magical Breathing and demonstrated power that surpassed even Machio’s.

I no longer have any complaints.

He will spawn the ideal child with Lady Kron.

And the existence that will be born between me and their conceived child is the existence that will transcend all life and be the true God who rules the Heaven, the Surface and the Demon worlds.

“Jamdi’el~ do you hear me~?”

“Oh, no, erm, pardon me.”

“Hmm, listen, what were you saying? Strawberries, cats, white, black, light blue, red, yellow, also many others, and I should wear nothing else. Which one would you prefer?”

“Yes. After all… white would be what best suits you, Lady Kron. And for the sake of absolute victory… go with the white lace.”

“Oh, is that so? I understand! White lace, then!”

Thinking back, how many days did it take to get here?

The Surface world sojourn to evade La’iphant of the Demon Realm.

However, Mikado and the rest of the allied forces have set up a network on the Surface world.

It was extremely difficult to escape a place of rest with the then infant Lady Kron.

Reluctantly, I sought aid from ‘Hakuki’ and the boss of the Bockmati family, ‘Inai’, and fled to this country, but everything led to today.


“Huh, Lady Kron?”

Then Lady Kron smiled at me as I was floating away.

The sight of Lady Kron after her bath, with her body cleansed, made me feel a shocking lust, despite being of the same sex.

“Jamdi’el, you look happy.”

“Well, i, is that so?”

I didn’t realize that Lady Kron could see through me, was my face that obvious?

I must brace myself.

Lady Kron is to be sent to Earth Lagann’s chambers to do the deed!

No worries. With Lady Kron’s divine cuteness, Earth Lagann should fall easily.

There is no doubt that he will dive into the bed with Lady Kron, smiling in her lingerie with a ribbon wrapped around her.

Well, should he refuse by any chance, or even try to escape… I will not allow it.

“But I’m worried. Will Earth be pleased with me… will he accept me?”

“Of course! The mantra passed down from ancient books … ‘The prize is me’… no lad can decline this.”

“Fufufu, is that right?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

Yes, all is well. At the same time, I almost laughed.

Thinking about it, Lady Kron, who was still a baby about 498340000 seconds ago, has come so far…

―― Ueeeh, uuh, ueeeh, ueeeeeeeeh!

―― Lady Kron! What’s wrong…… Oh, thou leaks… Kuh, I must change diapers again… I’m not good at this… oh, all right! It’s okay~, Lady Kron!

I was feared as the Dark Valkyrie, but because I was not able to unite with God, for me who was still pure and unmarried, it was more difficult for me to raise and protect Lady Kron as a baby, than to go to war.

―― Ugh, oh, mama…

―― Lady Kron, I am not thy mother, I am Jamdi’el. I am thy vassal. And what happened? Why does thou shed tears?

―― Why do I have horns? Why am I different from everyone?

―― Of course. Thou is different from the monkeys out there. Thou is a chosen being with the blood of God in thy veins! So, please take care!

―― I don’t want to be God… I want to be normal… Jamdi’el isn’t a servant…

―― Lady Kron. Now, it’s time for thy studies, not to utter such nonsense.

For me, who has never raised a disciple or a subordinate, suddenly raising such a young existence was truly difficult, even though she was a goddess with divine blood.

―― Now, Lady Kron. After this, I would like to ask thou please give the order to all the revolutionaries. Afterwards, please rest. For Machio and I will dispose of all our enemies.

―― Yes, I understand. But please be careful, Jamdi’el. Don’t get hurt…

―― There is no problem.

Then, when Lady Kron had grown to some extent, we moved in earnest to take over Cacretale.

I realized that Hakuki, who was stronger than me and a thorn in my side, could not move for a while, and furthermore, after the revolution was successful, the Bockmati family also perished on its own, so everything went according to my ideal.

Yes, all as if God were supporting me.

Oh, God. Are you watching over us?

Nearly there.

Although we lost God, we will once again harbor the blood of God in the world and bring his eternal rule to the world!

“Hey, Jamdi’el.”


“Would Jamdi’el be happy if…… I gave birth to Earth’s child?”

At that time, Lady Kron, who was smiling somewhat calmly at my excitement, asked me a question.

Would I be happy? The answer to that is clear.

“Yes. That is what I, as thy vassal, long for.”

“…… I see…”


At that instant, Lady Kron appeared to be thinking about something for a moment, but she immediately smiled again.

“Okay. I’m going to have a lot~~~~~ of babies!”

“Yes, that’s the spirit, Lady Kron!”

Well, even if thou should give birth to just one… nay…… considering that the child might be female, would it be necessary to conceive several children?

“Then Jamdi’el would be pleased, right?”

“…… huh?”

“Then… yes! I will make sure to ask Earth to do it diligently! I’ll ask to do it a lot, please!”

What happened?

At first glance, she seemed enthusiastic, and I believed she was burning with her mission as a goddess, which I taught her, but it also felt a little different.

Nay, why does it matter if I am happy in the first place?

“So, Jamdi’el… your wish will come true… if you are satisfied and pleased… I just want you to listen to one of my wishes.”


This is rare. Has Lady Kron ever asked anything of me with such an expression?

There is no need for such a change, and if it’s Lady Kron’s order, I can do most things…

“I… call Jamdi’el… not by name… but in a different way…”


Call? What? How to call me?

“…… Ummm, I’ll ask you about this another time.”

“What? No, Lady Kron, what is it? Please speak up.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll do this … after Jamdi’el’s wishes come true.”

“Lady Kron…”

Lady Kron uttered something, but she smiled right after without saying it in the end.

What does thou mean? To be called differently, is it a nickname? A moniker? I don’t understand. What was Lady Kron trying to say?

“Thank you for everything, Jamdi’el. I will do my best! Earth is a very nice boy. I will do my best to make him like me!”

“That’s the spirit, however, you needn’t work so hard, that man will easily be swayed by you.”

Oh, well. Now. And for some reason, Lady Kron was quite motivated.

If that’s the case, it would be prudent to first give priority to this.

However, for that purpose…

“Then, Lady Kron, I’ll take my leave for a while.”

“Yes, I’ll go over the etiquette again.”

After saying that, I left Lady Kron’s room… Fufu…… a rat…

“Well… before my heraldic eyes… there’s no point in using magik to hide… fuhahahaha!”

I can see things through the walls, the reach of my eyesight is vast, and I am able to see activated magical powers as colors.

No matter how miniscule.

“Then again… thou was also sneaking around between fights during the fighting tournament… well, I knew the other party, so I let it be, but … might as well!”

I opened the window of the corridor and jumped outside, leaped over the rooftops of the city, and into the shadow of a back alley…

“What have we here?”


“What is thou doing sneaking around?”

“Ah, haha ​​… Master…”

There stood a man with a tense smile and sweat on his cheeks, shrinking back at my presence.

And in his hand, a magik crystal is clenched, as if he was about to make contact with someone.

“Reporting in are we? Hey, Wacha?”

Wacha Huacha.

After this, he had no desire to make an appearance at the luncheon for the fighting tournament to be held at the church, and instead sneaked off to a remote place… however, I was also taken as naive.

“Hand over the Magik Crystal.”


“I’ll talk to him myself.”

I’m sure ‘he’ will ask anyway.

Then it would be better to hear it directly from my mouth.

Then it was then.



The magik crystal glowed even though he had yet to do anything.

This, on the contrary, indicates that communication is being sent here.

Apparently, before we can get in contact with them…

“It is I.”

「Yo, Wa…tte!? La, Lady… Jamdi’el?」

It seems that they were going to contact Wacha from the other end, and when I suddenly appeared, I heard a sound of someone falling in surprise from beyond the magik crystal.

Apparently, they were quite surprised.

“Hmm… confirming the results of the fighting tournament…. nay, checking on the final key?”

I am aware of their purpose. So I asked for confirmation.

And then……

「Oh, no, that’s true too, though… just in time! An urgent message from the boss to Lady Jamdi’el. I was going to have Wacha deliver it…」

“…… What?”

That was unexpected.

I believed they sought to simply confirm the man who would be Lady Kron’s companion, but an urgent message from ‘him’?

“Hold, in the first place, where is he now?”

「I’m… simply…… just this sudden message…」

“Tch…oh, well. So?”

「I will deliver the words of the boss as they are. [A new king has ascended the throne of Angela Kingdom, the kingdom above the clouds].」


The message was a quandary I myself had never even considered at all.

「Also… [In order to appeal to the people, the new king is about to make a move to capture the biggest stain in the kingdom’s history, the traitor Jamdi’el]… he said.」

“Huh!? Wh, what?”

「[The situation of the Isolationist Nation on the Surface World doesn’t matter. Return to the Demon Realm now. All three of you, if you have found the key]…. he said.」

I never thought that the past that I had abandoned hundreds of years ago would find me.

“Tch… what to do now. In the past, all the promising Valkyries sent my way were beaten, and since then, have dreadfully retreated into the clouds… but, for Hakuki to advise me to such extent…”

After all, not everything goes as smoothly as I would have it.

Must there always be some sort of trial?

But can I come this far only to end in ruin?

This country is finally working the way I want it to.

Now, even if I return to the Demon Realm, would I be more indebted to Hakuki? That is more troubling.

Then the answer was already there.

“What of it? Come if thou will, come dross Odin and the feathered worms who worship thee… and I’ll kill all of thee.”

No one will interfere with my wishes.

Author’s Note

Thank you for your help.

Part 5 begins here, but let me relax for a bit.

I worked so hard on Part 4, that I got too busy with my actual job.

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