Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 155

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Chapter 155 – One More Settlement

Yes, there was something I had to do.

That is……

“Mortriage… Elder sis Tsukshi… everyone. Would you mind going back to church first?”


“I just…I’ll talk to Sadiz for a bit.”

“Eh? Erm…… well…… sure, but…”

First of all, we have to talk.

“Really… I’d like to have a party, but… let’s talk first.”

I don’t want to just let the timing get away from me and leave things to fizzle out.

“It’s fine, right Sadiz?”

“…… Yes…”

“Then, come along… just for a bit.”


Sadiz nodded to my words.

I avoided even talking to Sadiz and ran away from the Imperial City.

But Sadiz chased after me with my mother and the others.

And today, Sadiz caught up with me.

So I won’t run away anymore.

I have to make up my mind.


―― When your memory returns, say it again.

―― Eh? That’s…… of course, but…

―― At that time, I won’t run away either. To you… now that you’re here, there’s something I want to tell you.

This was also a promise.

The day I learned Magical Breathing, I made a promise to Sadiz at the beach.

“Did you get all your memories back?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, too.”

“Then, that day… in my match, when I used the Great Magic Spiral…”

“…… yes…… vividly… and….. what I might have said…”

Sadly, Sadiz’s tone was heavy, but she was speaking clearly.

Because that moment was the trigger that sparked Sadiz’s abominable past, and at the same time, it shaped us into what we are today.

“It’s strange, isn’t it? We used to be together every day as a matter of course, but now …… I’m so defensive.”

“…… yes…… everything is…”

“Don’t do that. I mean, I’m the one who should be talking to you.”

Walking away from everyone with Sadiz.

I walked a little ahead of her, and she followed a little behind me.

“By the way… is my reputation in the Imperial City still the same? The lowest bastard, involved with the Demon King’s Army, or something like that?”

“It’s… hard to tell right now. When Little man left the Imperial City, I immediately followed after him along with madam and the princess.”

“Ah… why did the princess also… that doesn’t matter now.”

Everyone was still laughing and making noise in the arena, but for us, the mood was getting heavier and heavier.

It can’t be helped, though.

“Just so you know, I have nothing to do with the Demon King’s army. I was just kidnapped by Jamdi’el. That’s why I didn’t even know that Cacretale was like this.”

“Yes. I remember what happened three months ago. Suddenly, Jamdi’el’s magic took us…”

A relationship with the Demon King’s Army.

I used Tre’ainar’s technique in the graduation match in front of the Emperor, so the entire Imperial City was suspicious of me.

And the abuse that was hurled at me.

“Little man… it’s all because I … got deranged… Little man…”

“No, that’s okay.”

“…… huh?”

“It was unavoidable… I already knew… in a way, it’s not wrong.”

Yes, it all started with the words Sadiz screamed in confusion.

At that time, when Sadiz saw my 【Great Magic Spiral】, she remembered that it was a technique that once destroyed her hometown.

But now that I think about it, it was already unavoidable.

After all……

“Because I… I don’t have anything to do with the ‘Demon King’s Army’… but I’m involved with ‘The Great Demon King Tre’ainar’. No, that’s not even the same level of involvement.”


Sadiz paused for a moment at my words. When I looked back, her eyes opened wide and she was frozen.


The Great Demon King is the enemy of Sadiz’s hometown and family.

And a being that died before I was born.

Why and how did I get involved with the Great Demon King?

“Jamdi’el… is she gone yet?”

“Little man…”

“You can’t let…… Jamdi’el hear what I’m about to tell you…”

I looked around once, made sure there’s no one else nearby, and then I talked.

“Sadiz… right now…… next to me… do you see anyone there?”

“Eh? Little man? What…… even if you ask… nobody…”

I pointed next to myself as I walked. Sadiz looked flustered, as if she didn’t know what I was talking about.

That said, I know she couldn’t see it, and Sadiz naturally thinks no one was there.

But I’m very serious.

『Oi, child!』

And when he realized what I was about to do, Tre’ainar spoke up in a panic, but I couldn’t stop.

“You, father, mother, and even Jamdi’el couldn’t see ‘this guy’; you can’t even hear his voice. But ‘he’ is definitely here. “

“Eh? He is? What? No one’s here, right? What in the world, Little man… what do you think you are seeing, Little man!?”

I’ll tell you everything.

I haven’t told anyone about it for the last five months.

I didn’t even try to tell anyone.

Because no one would believe it.

So, honestly, even if I tell Sadiz this story, she might be wondering, “Are you okay?”.

But I speak.

This was my way of settling things.

“Do you remember, Sadiz? Five months ago… the Mansion Armory… behind the seal where the sword of the hero is… when I collapsed.”

“Eh…… yes, of course I remember.”

“Ever since that day… I’ve been with this guy.”

Why did this happen in the first place?

It all started that day.

“That day, I… I met the ghost of Tre’ainar…… the Great Demon King, who had remained in this world after failing to …… pass on at the end of previous war.”


“And Tre’ainar has been by my side ever since that day…. and continues to be.”

I talked to Sadiz, who has been the closest to me in my life, more than my father and mother.

“If you think I’ve lost my mind, so be it. If you think I’m stupid, go ahead. But I’ll only tell you the truth from now on. Even if you don’t see him, can’t hear anything, and can’t believe it, Tre’ainar is definitely here, right now.”

Even if what I’m going to say was unacceptable to Sadiz, the only way to tell the truth about how I could have used the Great Magic Spiral was to tell it all.

To settle with Sadiz, and for me to truly graduate and leave the nest.

So today, for the first time, I’m going to tell someone about Tre’ainar.

Author’s Note

Thank you for your continued support.

This novel has finally exceeded the overall rating of 100,000 drills!!

This is also thanks to everyone who has been so excited together to this day.

The overall evaluation exceeds 100,000 drills, which puts it at about 250 out of 680,000 works as of the 15th anniversary of syosetu.

I am honestly happy that I was able to incorporate this novel into it, and at the same time, as a novelist and a contributor, I think I was able to achieve one result.

Even so, this novel is still ongoing, and the goal of 1,000,000 drills is still far away, so I hope you will continue to work with me.

How far? Wherever!

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  1. At first I thought Earth gonna cash in the (rubbing) promise with Sadiz, who could have predicted he would tell about Tre’inar instead? Lol

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