Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 154

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Chapter 154 – Blessing

“Let’s all go too, not just Ms. Sadiz!”

“Hey, Earth! You did it! Oh, man, are you crying?”

When I realized, following Sadiz, Mortriage and the others also rushed into the arena and piled up on me.

Oh no, tears…

“Earth… is crying…”

“Earth is so happy that he cried, right?”

Everyone ran up to me and I quickly wiped away my tears.

“No, I’m not crying! I had a little bit of dust in my eyes…”

“”””No, no, no, you’re bawling.””””

“Shut up, tch, don’t look at me!”

My eyes were red, so I couldn’t fool anyone.

“Whaoo! Big brother, this is bad! Bad, seriously bad! Big brother got my crying manly tears too!”

“I said I’m not crying, damn it!”

Well, although they had seen me crying, I didn’t feel that embarrassed.

I don’t know if I can call it the best day of my life, but I was honestly happy right now.

“Machio, are you okay~?”

“Yes. I’m feeling rather refreshed now…”

“Seems so, but I don’t want you to push yourself anymore~.”

“…… made you…… worry.”


Mr. Machio, who wielded power at the risk of his life, also needed medical attention, but he doesn’t seem that bad.

He’s resting now, being cared for by Elder sis Tsukshi.



“…… Gugh “

“Whoa… what is it? Are you trying to comfort me? Amae”

“…… Older brother… uncle…. were both cool.”

“Okay, then make sure you tell Earth that, right?”


The battle was over.

Not only my acquaintances, but I also heard voices praising both me and Mr. Machio. I was a little embarrassed, but I waved and responded.

And then……

“Hey, we haven’t finished the sacred tournament commendation yet, now have we?”

“Oh! How sly! I also want to praise Earth and Machio, but everyone got ahead of me!”

“Ahem. Lady Kron.”

In the arena, with me and Mr. Machio surrounded by many people, Jamdi’el and Kron came down.

Jamdi’el had a bitter smile, and Kron was a bit sulky.

“…… Sadiz… For now.”

“…… I understand.”

Sadiz, who regained her memory, naturally remembered Jamdi’el as a former Six Supremacy.

But now she made eye contact with me and nodded that she wouldn’t do anything here.

“Now, calm down! From this, to the winner of the Arcane True Zenith Style Fighting Tournament, words of blessing and an award from the Goddess!”

Jamdi’el’s words calmed the festive buzz in the arena, and Kron stood in front of me.

“Thank you all. Everyone at this tournament, you all~~ did your best! The people who didn’t win and those who won were all amazing!”

I smiled and chuckled at Kron, who spoke excitedly like a child.

“And Earth was the best among all those who worked so hard. It was really cool.”

“Ah. …… thank you…”

“I’d like to present Earth with the championship trophy!”

Trophy? Come to think of it, I’ve received “silver medals,” “bronze medals,” “participation awards” and so on, but I’ve never received a winning trophy.

I wonder how big it is. Ah, but if you’re going on a trip, it’s going to be luggage…

“Yes, Earth! Congratulations!”




Kron held out a large trophy to me, with a smile.

When we saw it, I, Tre’ainar, and Sadiz burst out.

Because for that trophy…

“Ha … hahaha…”.

『Ku, gu … Jamdi’el… Nuuoo… what is this insult!?』

The golden trophy was in the shape of a person.

The master next to me… it was a statue of Tre’ainar with wings growing out of his back, his left hand on his hips, his right foot on a square pedestal, his right index finger protruding toward the heavens, and a crown on his head.

This, it was definitely designed by Jamdi’el.

Well, from Sadiz’s point of view, of course it’s not a funny scene, but I’m sorry. I laughed as usual.

And I can’t take this on my journey… it’s dangerous in many ways.

That said, I don’t want to give it up because it’s the first trophy I’ve won in my life.

Even if it is… the first winning trophy of my life… the statue of Tre’ainar… has a strange connection.



“Keep it up… did you get what you wanted?”

At that time, I remembered Kron’s words, which she asked with a smile, that I previously heard on the beach.

―― Why is Earth working so hard?

―― To get stronger.

At that time, I said so without hesitation. But Kron knew what I really meant.

―― Earth is… a liar.


―― Because that’s not all, is it?

Yeah, I…

―― I think what Earth really wants is not just strength, but something more. It must have something to do with Sadiz.

She had understood me since then.

“Ah! Now……definitely.”

“It looks like it! I’m glad!”

I nodded my head, feeling deeply moved.

“Here you go, Earth! Really~, thank you for your hard work.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

“Earth was cool… so amazing… I was very excited!”

“Ah, oh, ooooh… Thanks.”

The trophy was handed to me by Kron with a gloomy look.

Indeed, it was fairly heavy.

It’s usually made of pure gold. I think it’s quite expensive.

But why?

I felt much heavier than it actually is.

“…… Hehe…”

This is what I gained from my achievement.

It proved as an undeniable fact that I won today.

“U… o Uuooooooooooooooohh!!”

When I noticed, I was holding up the trophy and shouting at the top of my lungs.

Then, in response, everyone cheered and gave me a big applause again.

Among them were Mr. Machio and the other guys who participated in the tournament. …… no José though.

And Sadiz may have complicated thoughts about the trophy form being Tre’ainar, but she still gave me a round of applause.

“The prize money will be arranged at a later date. In addition, the supplementary prize will be presented to the winner, Earth Lagann, tonight, so clean thyself properly… anyway, look forward to it. And it will be announced to the public soon.”


“In any case, this concludes the Arcane True Zenith Style Fighting Tournament! Dismissed!”


The matter of Jamdi’el’s supplementary prize. Most people tilted their necks because they couldn’t understand “that”, but some of the sisters who were aware of the situation were smiling or blushing.

Sadiz, unaware of the circumstances, was “?”.

Kron had her usual grin with no particular change, but honestly, I can’t read her inner thoughts.

But… this… is it that?

As Tre’ainar said… Jamdi’el’s aim is… but Kron seemed to be too normal for that… no, maybe she’s that kind of person…

“All right, we’re celebrating today, Earth!”

“Hey! Let’s get noisy today!”

“Yes! Yeah!”

“That’s right!”

As soon as the group broke up, Mortriage’s crew held my shoulders and laughed.

Certainly, if only for today…

“Kuhahaha, ou. Let’s celebrate!”

This was the least I could do… I thought, and laughed.

“That’s right. Alright, today your Big Sis will make a lot of treats! You should come too, Machio~!”

“Sure. I was invited.”

“Yes! Besides…… I’m really glad that Machio wasn’t the winner… I’m really grateful to Earth~.”


And, because she knew about the supplementary prize for winning, Elder sis Tsukshi was really relieved … or rather, I’m wondering if it was okay to meddle…

“Big sister! Amae too! Amae will help you today! Me too! I’m cooking!”

“Yes, of course!”

Amae was very excited for me and Mr. Machio.

And Amae ran up to me…

“Older brother”


“Cool… you were good.”

“Ah. Thank you for your support.”

“Eh!? Un! Un! Kyahooi!”

When I patted her head and thanked her, Amae happily smiled and ran around me.

Oh, you’re so cute!

“Onya~, Amae~ you’re so excited. I mean, Big brother! By the way, what about that “technique” you worked on in our special training!?”

“Hmm? Oh, oh … that?”

“Yeah! I forgot about it, but what was the point of going through all that hassle in your special training with me!?”

“N, no, Mr. Machio cornered me, so I couldn’t afford to use it…”

And I’m sorry, Karui. I wasn’t in a situation to use “that technique”.

“Well, Lady Kron. Let us return.”

“Eh~, I want to talk with everyone too~”

“No, you have much preparations to do for today.”


After their business was over, Jamdi’el took Kron’s hand and quickly left.

In the end, she left without knowing the truth.

Well, that’s something we’ll find out tonight.

But before that…

There was one thing I absolutely had to do.

Author’s Note

Finished……. Regardless of the pros and cons, it’s the first time I’ve written a tournament like this from start to finish, and now I’m lingering in the afterglow.

This is also because everyone injected drills, impact and spirit at the right time every time. Thank you.

And…… is this a go? The comprehensive evaluation drill……. a major mark!?

If you think about it, I think it was the first time since the battle with Shinobu that the Great Demon Spiral was released, so it’s been about 100 chapters.

It’s strange that this technique makes me want to be synonymous with it, even though there are a lot of flickers etc. put out.

And in this story, the period of training is 2 months in the Empire, and 3 months in Cacretale. In other words, it’s been about 5 months since Tre’ainar and Earth met.

And since this novel started in May of this year, I happened to notice that the same period has passed in reality.

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