Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 152

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Chapter 152 – Techniques to Never Use Again

“Pump up? What is that? Do you still have another hand, Mr. Machio?”

“It’s not really another hand, but a technique I didn’t want to use if possible. It would put me in danger.”


“But, I knew that if I didn’t, you’d be out of my reach and I’d end up a disappointment.”

“No… I think you’re splendid enough…”

Although I pointed out his weaknesses, Mr. Machio was still strong enough to boast that much skill and that much power.

“It’s risky and… I can’t help but be reminded of the past… so…… I didn’t want to show it to Tsukshi… but right now, it’s more important to respond to you.”

But that’s not the end of it.

Not yet, Mr. Machio still had more to give, and I understood that he wasn’t bluffing.

“My Super Magic Recovery… if applied, could enable muscle control… and eventually allow increased blood production and blood flow control.”

“…… What?”

“Earth. If you are the one who reached the Breakthrough by the depths of the magic path… then me… I’ll show you the potential of the human body.”

With that said, Mr. Machio held his breath and strained his whole body so that every blood vessel in his entire body was visible.

“Earth. Human beings usually use only 20 to 30 percent of their power. There is a limiter on it.”

His teeth were clenched incomparably to the men who boasted of their muscles in the dojo, and his face was so red that it seemed that the blood vessels in his head would burst.

“I understood when I saw it… very likely…… that lad, José, forced it with medicine… however…… I…by my own power- – “

“I don’t… oh…… ooh…”

“Physical strength… power…… speed…… this is my all right now! Earth!!!!!”

Then, Mr. Machio barked, the air trembled, and at the same time, a fierce dash… so fast!!

“Uoooooh, oooooooh! Ouooooooooooh!!!!”

“Ugh, guh, wh, hold on!?”

Mr. Machio, who always wore a calm and mature atmosphere, raged violently like a fierce beast that couldn’t contain its excitement.

He brandished his arms, brandished his legs, and sometimes tried to tear me with his hands.

The attack was a big swing, so if you could anticipate it, you could avoid it… but…… it’s much faster compared to before.

I didn’t expect Mr. Machio to be able to achieve such speed while his body was out of balance.


“Let’s ruuuuuuuuuun!!”

“… tch!”

Mr. Machio was bigger than me and had a longer stride. That’s why my step was different from Mr. Machio’s.

Mr. Machio was speeding up, so I had to go around him.


“Hey, calm down a little!?”

No, it doesn’t seem to be subsiding at all.

Your eyes are no longer sane, are they?

“Sister… that’s…”

“Yes. That figure… I’m sure. During the civil war… when surrounded by the Old Kingdom forces… Mr. Machio…”

“But I’m sure that power came from… his heart…”

“Yes… please stop! Mr. Machio! Hey!”

What? Elder Sis Tsukshi was screaming, but is she stopping Mr. Machio?

Worried about me? No. That expression, rather it’s about Mr. Machio himself… what? From the movement of the mouth, it looked like she’s… H・AR・T

Oh no, in my current state of extreme concentration, I could tell from the movement of the mouth of a person in a place so far away…hmm?

“If he uses that technique for too long… Machio will die!!”

Eh……? Now…… Elder Sis Tsukshi… die? He’s gonna die…? Will Mr. Machio die if this continues?



Careless! Idiot, what am I doing… I shouldn’t be so careless against Mr. Machio…

“【Arcane True Zenith Body Upper】!!”

“Uboh!? Gah…”

That went through my torso … what… with only the arm strength of the hand-strike, my body was completely bent at the spine!

[He caught hiiiiiiim! At last, the serious Machio is finally unleashed, and Machio’s strong arm strikes out at Earth’s body! This is intense!]

Not good, numb… feet…… move…

“Uohoooooh 【Arcane True Zenith Knuckle Arrow】!”

“…tch! Damn!”

Not good, punch to the face… unavoidable…… in that case!

[Ah, Machio’s face punch hit Earth! Earth’s neck is fully… hmm? Huh? No…… this is!?]

If the feet can’t move, parry with a neck twist.

“Earth!? …… Oh, that’s Wacha’s neck twist!?”

“Surely, the 【Arcane True Zenith Slipping Away】!”

Wrong, 【Great Demon Slipping Away】 … is it the same…

“Nuooooh, 【Arcane True Zenith Shin Lariat】!”

[Ah, Machio is going on and on with quick successive blows! However, Earth, sways and upper body deflections… the hits can’t land! Ma goddess, he’s seen through them all!?]

Damn, no, my legs are still…. shit…… I’ve hit him so hard so many times, but he’s fine now, and I’m done in with one shot?

So you could do this much damage in my breakthrough?

Just… so unfair… I shouldn’t think about that.


“【Great Demon Parrying】!”

You can’t help having different pools of experience than others.

[Now, Machio’s stopping arm… he knocked it down with his fist at an angle!? What eyes!?]

I’m going to draw from my experiences.

Even if my feet don’t move, with this dynamic vision…

“【Arcane True Zenith Water Surface Kick】!!”


This is bad, my legs can’t move.

My legs were completely cleared by Mr. Machio’s water surface kick… I fell on my butt and…


“It’s oveeeer, Earth! With this blow!!”

Oh no! Mr. Machio lifted me up to his head with both hands as I fell… this is?!

“Oh no, Earth is in a pinch! And take a look! Machio lifted Earth overhead, and…. this is a great move that is synonymous with Machio!!”

“”””Oh, OOOOOOOOOOHHH !!!!””””

“Hey, Mr. Machio, that’s not a good idea!”

“Big brother! At this rate…”

“Oh, this is it!?”

The audience was going wild.

That’s it. This was that technique.

A technique that was used the first time I sparred with Mr. Machio at the dojo.

But this time it’s different.

At that time, Mr. Machio was still holding back.

But now?

He’s too excited.

Super power. And if you hit the ground with this momentum…


Moreover, my master’s eyes were shining again as they did then!?

Damn, so it’s… so … huh?

Tre’ainar’s face… like he’s looking at me with anticipation, saying “It’s here!”?


That’s right. Remember. What I was doing during my training…

――Apart from the special technique… I have something I want you to teach me.

I learned Magical Breathing, and during the special training period, I asked Tre’ainar.

―― So, what would you have me teach you?

Yes, I…

―― That…… yo…… when I sparred with Mr. Machio, you got mad at me for avoiding his attack, for being unable to read the mood, right?

――Nu… the Power Bomb, to the Moonsault flow, is it?

――…… that…… thing…… what should I do…… what is the right answer?

At that time, when I avoided the technique that Mr. Machio had performed in our spar, both Tre’ainar and the people in the dojo looked at me with condemnation.

That’s ridiculous. I thought, but then I was wondering how I could have done it right.

Because, Tre’ainar had such eyes shining with excitement… then he was so angry… and frustrated…

―― Fu~…… My Goodness, this cur, so adorable…… ahem! Um, adequately prudent! Let me guide you! In the first place, as a reversal technique for the power bomb…

At my request, Trainer was happy and somewhat enthusiastic as he taught me.


“【Arcane True Zenith Power Bomb】!”

Even if you can’t use footwork, you can do this much!

“Eh!? Wh, this is!?”

“Aaaaaaahhh E, Earth, I, I say?!”

“”””Wow, Ouooooooooooh!!!!””””

『Nuo! Gooooooooo, chiiiiiiiiiiiild! That is the waaaaaaaaaayyy!』

With both feet, I held Mr. Machio’s head firmly and spun around so that he flew diagonally backwards.

“【Great Demon Corkscrew Head Scissors】!!”

Using the recoil, plant Mr. Machio’s brain into the ground!

With the momentum of the breakthrough, Mr. Machio’s current body, which was further unbalanced, was easily turned inside out by me.

“How’s Thaaaaaaaaat!!!”


How was it? This was all right, wasn’t it? That’s the right answer, isn’t it?

I’ll probably never use this technique again except in a fight against Mr. Machio.

But I learned it. And made it work.

Do you have any complaints?

“Tte… other than sparring or a show… it’s not even acting, it’s the first time I’ve been hit with this…”

Even though he had fallen on top of his head, Mr. Machio still did not lose consciousness.

Jeez, he’s a really tough guy.


“Ha~, ha~… ei… ha~, ha~…”

Mr. Machio’s breath was rising. It looked pretty painful.

After all, there was a considerable amount of wear and risk associated with this pump-up thing.


“Ke, I’m not using that again. And next time, I’ll settle it.”


If Mr. Machio continued to use this technique, it would be dangerous. But so what?

“Wait, Machio, I don’t think you can take anymore! More than that!”

“That’s right, Machio! That technique is ————-“

Elder sis Tsukshi, who would know the risks to Mr. Machio, tried to shout, but I raised my voice.

“Noisy! Come on! Let’s decide, Mr. Machio! Let’s see who wins this fight!”


“Me, Mr. Machio. I’m just a 15-year-old kid who hasn’t had to deal with civil war, poverty, or anything as harsh as you have. You, an adult, are not moved by the tears and screams of women. You know the risks and you’re choosing to take them, I can’t lecture you, or tell you to cherish your life, or talk like I’m conceited enough to know what you’re all about, I have no remarks to cool you off with and I’m not qualified to do that. I’m just going to do my best to surpass you!”

If Mr. Machio doesn’t feel like backing out, it’s not my place to interfere.

I’m just going to hit him as hard as I can.

“Fufu… it’s settled… ah, I have no objection.

“Then, I’ll finish it! With this blow!”

My feet… are still a little heavy to use footwork.

Then, in this state, I have no choice but to hit the strongest technique I can muster in this state.

Yes, that technique.

In front of her.

Author’s Note

I was going to use Frankensteiner, but that’s a bad idea because it comes from a person’s name.

In that sense, so does the Dempsey Roll.

In addition, thank you for the drills and evaluations as usual.

Yesterday, I was surprised to climb to 9th place overall for a day.

I look forward to working with you!

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