Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 151

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Chapter 151 – Art

Sure enough, Mr. Machio’s breath was rising.

He was constantly moving his heavy, unbalanced body with all his might, without pacing himself.

“【Arcane True Zenith Elbow】!”

Mr. Machio may also be gradually losing his composure.

The assembly of the attack was falling apart.

He’s reckless.

That’s why he could swing it around.

“【Arcane True Zenith Medulla Oblongata Kick】!”

Rather than using my feet to stay out of Mr. Machio’s reach, I dare to wander at a distance that Mr. Machio could reach me.

That way, Mr. Machio will inevitably move his body in an attempt to catch me.

“Machio, go! Not again!”

“Yes, a little more… wow, that was paper-thin! Ah!”

“It’s so close that I’m scared just looking at it.”

The audience cheered as usual.

There’s only so many people in this situation that I knew what I was aiming for.

“A, amazing… it’s my first time… seeing Machio like that…”

“He’s completely swallowed up by big brother’s pace…”

Elder sis Tsukshi and Karui… and……

“Machio’s fighting style is basically passive. A waiting style. After letting the opponent hit you, you then reciprocate with a single counterattack to finish him off. However…… now he himself is attacking like that, swinging my limbs around… he seems to have completely lost himself.”

She… Sadiz… even if she doesn’t remember, she understood the battle situation.

And that fellow in the guest seat.

“Impossible… more maneuvers and techniques that surpasses even Wacha… and with that dynamic vision and footwork, even the Breakthrough… thy concentration is also increasing. Furthermore, the breakthrough remains uninterrupted by Magical Breathing. With Machio as he is…”

“Ha~, is that so? Then, will it be Earth’s victory?”

“Hmm… what will happen?”

However, Jamdi’el’s appearance from here seemed calm as she watched the fight, unlike the excited and frenzied appearance from a little while ago.

From the looks of it, I can’t help but think that “there is still something”.

Of course, I don’t think that everything would go my way, but I was confident that I could do what I needed to do …

“【Arcane True Zenith Double Lariat】! …… kara!”

At that moment, I could instantly understand what Mr. Machio was trying to do.

A punch that spins around on the spot called a Lariat.

Originally, it would be a technique to blow away surrounding opponents.

However, Mr. Machio had another goal in mind.

Spin around and accelerate, and using that centrifugal force…

“【Arcane True Zenith Straight】!!”

A straight right punch that threw the whole body forward.

A punch with the power of the entire body behind it.

If it hits, there wouldn’t be a single lump.

I could see that he was “inviting the counter” to this.


“【Great Demon Sonic Cross Counter】!”

“Here it is!”

Stabbing each other with a left cross counter at the speed of sound. I should be faster.

Naturally, because Mr. Machio also read this, so here…



Mr. Machio changed the trajectory of the straight punch which recoiled with so much centrifugal force.

He stopped his fist and jumped up my crossed arms, making the muscles in his arms bulge.

Naturally, if such a sudden stop is made, the muscles and nerves of Mr. Machio’s arm would have been torn to shreds.

But even so, Mr. Machio stopped.

This was the first defense that Mr. Machio, who had been on the receiving end of all of his opponent’s attacks, had shown. His first technique.

Well, it was the same counter break as Wacha.

“【Arcane True Zenith Cross Counter Return】!!”

“”””” Machio… does such a technique!?”””””

Of course, for those who knew him, it’s probably the first time they’re seeing that Mr. Machio.

A style different from the Mr. Machio they’ve seen before.

But in exchange for that…


My face was defenseless, and a reversal of the left… my left arm was thoroughly hit by a gargantuan strike.

“【Arcane True Zenith Double Cross-Coun–“

Cross-counter return counter.

Mr. Machio was trying to hit me with a double cross counter.

Thanks to my predictable move, I was preparing on the right…

“Got him!”

I cut him down.

At that moment, there was a flash of light and…

“Ma… Machio…”

“Eh? No…… eh? What…… Ms. Sadiz, did you get it?”

“…… If…… if all of this wasn’t a coincidence, but something he aimed for… it’s horrifying…”

A venue had quieted down in an instant.

There was Mr. Machio, crawling in the arena.

[Wh… eh? W…. wh…. what happened!? M, Machio just broke Earth’s counter and on his counter, why did Machio fall down there… did he fail!? No, I’m sorry! M, my eyes were open, but I couldn’t see it!!]

That’s right. How many people could understand this situation?

“Fool… there is no way you can win by having counter match against a counter-user. Had thou lose composure such extent? Machio? But Earth Lagann is here as well… kuku… I, truly am shocked at the moment…”

“Um~…… Jamdi’el… w, what just happened?”

“Err… it is art.”

Maybe over there…

『N, nicely… ha!? E, erm, t, tis pasable, uh huh, as one would expect of my disciple. I shall praise you now, hmm. Although tis against a sluggish opponent, I never … not a phantom punch… but a successful 【Great Demon Triple Cross Counter】!』

To that extent? Hmm? I mean, what’s with this guy doing a guts pose for a moment?

Anyway, yes. Triple cross.

Mr. Machio invited my counter, broke the cross counter, and then he countered me with a double cross, and I counter his double cross.

Indeed, you can’t do it without extreme concentration, and it’s impossible to be told to do it again under normal conditions.

That was the level of response I had.

“How’s it going? Mr. Machio.”

Even if it was just a counter that uses the opponent’s attack, I did it against Mr. Machio’s power.

The sharpness was…

“Ah… ka…”

It was so powerful that it was like waking up from a reverse shock.

I think he was definitely unconscious for a moment, but Mr. Machio woke up, crawling.

“Uo… ka… ah…”

This was more of a shock than damage or destructive force.

Punching out the jaw and shaking the brain…

“Guh… no…… no more…… ka, tricks…”

What? Hey, wait a minute. oh…… are you gonna get up?

“Mr. Machio… you…”

“…… my jaw… fuh~…”

Not only did you not lose consciousness, but will this still happen?

It can’t be… he should have been struck out… it’s not at that level of him being used to pain.

I’m sure I hit my best shot with the greatest strength.

“Oh, geh… be… ugh…”


Then, Mr. Machio, who tried to stand up, spit out a large amount of blood from the mouth, which was not able to speak well.

“Hi?! Mr. Machio!?”

“Ie… Amae… wooaah, he’s fine.”

“!? I can’t see! Hey, what’s wrong, uncle? Older brother!?”

“That amount… surely… the tongue?”

The jaw was certainly shattered. It’s not strange to spit blood out, but I felt like it was a little bit much.

But I knew immediately.

“This guy… you had your tongue in your teeth.”

Mr. Machio tried to release the counter against the counter breaking, so he stuck his tongue between his teeth in case something should happen.

Then, Mr. Machio’s tongue now is… I don’t even want to imagine… I’ve never done that before.

He didn’t clench his teeth, but his tongue…

“Was… … different…… than expected. I…… took… a bit…… more of…… a risk…… ka. didn’t I…”

And, Mr. Machio, who stood up, was quietly hanging down, but slowly raised his face.

“…… Fuh~…… I won’t let you down… to be able to compete with your Breakthrough… I also…… I wanted to respond, Earth.”

The broken jaw and the wound on the tongue, which was almost bitten off, were gradually closing…

“Let me show you… the speed and power pushed beyond my limits… ‘Super Pump Up’!”

And the moment Mr. Machio said that, I heard Tre’ainar murmur, “just as I thought…”

Author’s Note

Yesterday, the Japanese national team did it again! The battle of the elliptical ball was fired up after all.

Rugby passes are also screw passes. Screw…… drill…… no, that’s hot!

In addition, thank you for the many drill evaluations.

No, it was really encouraging.

In addition, I was injected with two wonderful spirits called reviews.

Thank you very much.

Please continue to mercilessly screw it in and pierce it!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wait, so if I’m reading this eight, he bit off his tongue as a cushion so he didn’t shatter his jaw. The ultimate chad has appeared.

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    1. its more so he would not lose conciousness for too long, the pain from biting it can lessen the shock from some things and force the body back up

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