Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 137

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Chapter 137 – Unknown

[Up next, it’s the 4th match! The oldest practitioner of the Arcane True Zenith style makes his appearance! In recent years, he’s been working to expand the reach of The Arcane True Zenith by coaching the younger generation and spreading health exercises for! But, his true form is that of a fighter. Don’t you know? He’ll demonstrate it to the unenlightened! At long last, he is unveiled, the ‘Veteran Warrior, Wacha Huacha’ is here!]

For now, let’s have a look.

The guy Tre’ainar had shown interest in can’t be an ordinary person.

“Do your best, Instructor Wacha!”

“Mr. Wacha!”

“Waaacha, Huacha, Wachahowacha ♪ hai!”

“”Waaacha, Huacha, Wachahowacha ♪ hai!”””

The audience was cheering, I guess he’s pretty popular.

But still, what’s with the cheering call?

“Hey, Elder Sis Tsukshi. That guy…… is he famous?”

“Hmm? Well. The strongest in the Arcane True Zenith school is Machio, but Mr. Wacha is the one with the longest history.”


“About ten years ago… when The High Priestess and a little goddess descended upon this land, Wacha was the first to become the High Priestess’ apprentice.”

Eh? Isn’t that detail surprisingly important?

He’s Jamdi’el’s first disciple?

[His opponent, he’ll eat up the old history in one go! The man who boasts the heaviest weight of the Arcane True Zenith style, claiming that body mass is talent, power, and pride! For men, eating and sleeping to make the body big is also training. In other words, the strongest continue to train all the time along with the talent of physique! He is the ‘Super Heavy Freak, Khaldash’!!]

However, as I was thinking of paying attention to Wacha, his opponent was also quite something.

“Certainly… it might be a good chance. Why don’t you use him as a reference? Budeo.”

“Oh… fat is the talent and power he is proud of… s, so cool… eating and sleeping is training… I definitely want to learn!”

“No, of course that’s not it.”

At first glance, he seemed similar to Budeo.

However, he is different.

If Budeo was soft and flabby, that man who appeared was quite solid.

A huge pile of muscles.

He had a different muscle mass than Machio, and was obviously heavy.

If you were rushed by that, it would be pretty dangerous.

Moreover, he’s got a good expression on his face.

A spirited look that is crackling with a desire for a clash of power vs power.

“Dosukoーーーi! Dosukoーーーi! Much obliged!!”

Hmm? What was that? That Khaldash guy was squatting and raising and lowering his legs.



“O, oh, Amae, were you surprised? But…… what’s that?”

Involuntarily surprised, Amae was also a little scared and held on to me tightly.

I could feel the vibrations transmitted by him stepping on the ground repeatedly with the foot raised high.

What kind of exercise was that?

『Tis Magical Shiko.』

「Magical Shiko?」

『Uh huh. Tis the basis of Great Demon Sumo Wrestling that was once mastered by those who were called Rikishi in the Demon Realm.』


I’ve never seen this kind of exercise before, but naturally Tre’ainar knew it.

『Uh huh, this is how the Shiko is performed…』

Standing in the gap between the seat and the fence, Tre’ainar suddenly showed the same stance as Khaldash … hey!?


“Older Brother?”

“Hmm? Big brother, what’s wrong?”


I almost burst out suddenly. However, there are people around me now, so I had no choice but to endure it.

B, but, th, this, surprise attack?

『As such, spread your legs and knees to the sides, straighten your spine, place your hands on your knees, raise your legs high alternately, and step on the ground powerfully. Dosukoi!』

The Great Demon King opens his crotch… no, no, stop! If I laugh now, it’ll be suspicious!

『Dosukoi, Dosukoi! See. This will strengthen the waist, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and trunk.』

「Puhyu… oh, oh …. I see….」

『You, and Budeo, should take this up. Tis quite taxing.』

「I, I get it. Next time…」

『I shall remember this for tonight’s 【Vier】, you cur.』

「I thought I was safe!? Well, then don’t do that! You’ve got to realize that anyone would laugh at you at first look!?」

Endured. I managed to endure it… but immediately after, I seem to have been called out for it.

But I couldn’t help it. No way, the Great Demon King suddenly shouted “Dosukoi” in front of me.

“Instructor Wacha. I’m honored to be able to face you. But that’s why I won’t cut corners and will come at you mercilessly.”

“Oh, that’s scary aye~”

“…… Fufufu… that’s a tough joke.”

And while I was holding back my laughter, this got serious.

That’s why those who are watching have to take it seriously too.


“Come on, let’s go!! I’ll take your best shot!!”

Khaldash lowered his hips and placed his hands on the ground to show an unusual posture.

This is the first time I’m seeing such a stance, but it was clear that he’s trying to build up momentum and charge straight for it.

On the other hand…

“Then … come aye…”

In front of a man with such a spirit and stature, Wacha showed no sign of fighting.

Like a water surface without a single ripple, he was quiet and calm.

『By the way… according to the host’s explanation… he gives instruction in Magical Taichi…. well, surely he has been passing on incomplete knowledge that was received from Jamdi’el… to that extent… no….. that stance… tis different…… that is…』

Tre’ainar, with a hand on his chin, was observing at Wacha a bit intently.


“Now then, match number 4! Begin, now ――― “

“Dosu―― “

With the signal to start the match, Khaldash lunged forward with a powerful step――――


“―koi! tsu!?”

The moment Khaldash lifted his hands off the ground to charge, Wacha’s left hand chop was stopped before Khaldash’s eyeball.

“Ah… f… fast!”


Loosely, from a relaxed posture, his movement was unperceivable, and by stopping his left-handed chop just before, he controlled Khaldash, who was about to rush, before he could make a move.

The crowd was in awe, and I couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Fufufu… good job holding your ground aye.”


“Your reflexes and self-control are splendid aye. But, as someone who in any situation rams his opponent in an initial charge to not stop no matter what, I don’t know whether or not it’s the right choice aye.”

Khaldash stopped moving at the last minute, his face pale and sweaty.

Naturally. One step further, and his eyeballs would have been crushed.

However, to suddenly go for the eyes…. that guy…

『Tis the 【Great Demon Finger Jab】… Moreover, tis almost completed…』


『Tis a technique I am yet to teach the child… I had no intention of teaching it…』

Because it is called a jab, I thought it was a skill that had something to do with me, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Are you still going?”

“O, of course I am! Dosukoi! Dosukoi! Dosukoi!”

Even with his face pale, Khaldash shook off Wacha’s hand and threw himself in.

He launched a continuous series of strikes with both hands.

He approached Wacha as if he was a wall.

But Wacha…

“Hwa! Hwa! Hwa! Hwa!”

“Nu, gu!?”

All of Khaldash’s hand slaps were handled with quick hand movements. Moreover, he not only dealt with them.

“Hwa! Hwa! Wachaaa!”


After deftly handling them all, he finally sealed the opponent’s hands and threw a high kick to the wide open face.

“O, oh, o, oh!”

『Splendid … the 【Great Demon Trapping】』

I was holding Amae on my lap and involuntarily leaned out of the fence to watch.

And, Wacha approached Khaldash, who ate Wacha’s kick to the head and was dazed, and stuck out his right hand to almost be in close contact.



It was like magic? Shockwave? He just thrust his fist out of a state where it was almost in close contact with the opponent’s body.

However, Khaldash who was called the “Super Heavy Freak” …

[He, he was blown awayーーーー!!?? The Super Heavy Freak is lightly blown off, and immediately crashes into the wall of the arenaaaaaaa!!??]

Yes, he was sent flying.

“Hey, wait a minute! What’s going on!? Did he use magic?? How did such a huge guy get blown away!?”

Short Strong(Fajin)… also known as … the 【Great Demon One Inch Punch】 is what was used…』

It was a technique completely different from the jabs and straights I’ve been used to.

It was a complete unknown.

[Such an outrageous punch, by Wacha Huacha! And thus…… Khaldash, he’s out cold! No contest! This match is a victory for Wacha Huacha!!]

“Waaacha, Huacha, Wachahowacha ♪ hai!”

“”””Waaacha, Huacha, Wachahowacha ♪ hai!””””

At that moment, the victor was decided, and at the same time, the crowd erupted in cheers.

Wacha bowed to the audience with his hands joined together.

“Inya, as expected, Mr. Wacha. After all, in a fight, he’s really strong.”

“Indeed, I’m amazed~. The man in question is humble, and his ability does not reach the Three Fingers of the Arcane True Zenith. Machio, Bro, and myself, that is what we are called, but in a serious fight, he would be much stronger than me~.”

Elder sis Tsukshi’s words were convincing.

I shuddered involuntarily.

To be honest, with Mr. Machio, I can’t compare who was stronger.

『Certainly, power and speed are inferior to Machio and Karui. The overall physical ability will be much higher than the child. However…… that man named Wacha is so skilled that you cannot tell at first glance.』

And Tre’ainar also approved.

That Wacha had strength that I couldn’t gauge by looking.

“I see. I’m intrigued by that.”

『Indeed. You’re quite fortunate, child. To go out into the world… people of such skill are scarce. A good… ‘Training Partner’. Well, should you make one misstep, you will be blinded.』

Yes, I didn’t particularly have my eye on anyone in the tournament, except for Mr. Machio, but it got a little more thrilling and I was starting to enjoy myself a little more.

Author’s Note

Ladies and Gentlemen, this story is a high fantasy. It’s a story of a hero and a demon king jumping out of the world of magic.

Please note that it is not a different world martial arts novel.

Therefore, in this story, we do not discuss “Which Fighting Style is stronger” or such, so please forgive such a retort.

Why did this happen? When I was trying to avoid an OP development at a magic school against opponents of the same age, for some reason it ended up like this.

So, to change the story, sometimes I questions about how to read Tre’ainar’s “child” in the impression column, but I call it “Warabe”. Some people think it’s “Wappa”, but it’s “Warabe”.

The reason is that in one of my favorite Chinese historical manga, the main character is called “Warabe”, and I somehow liked it, so that’s the influence. Kokokoko.

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