Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 – Watching from on High

[Now, it’s time for the third match! And the next one is another hot battle! A man who has trained only one weapon, a straight punch with his fists. He kept hitting and hitting, even to the point of bones breaking, joints dislocating, or the fractures sticking out! The fist of the man who pursued only one thing eventually turning into a blunt instrument, a blade, a weapon! Show off that destructive power! ‘Krouby, the Fist of Destruction’!]

The third match was just about to start after I joined the audience.

[His opponent is the opposite. He worked on all genres. Throws. Grapples. Punches. Kicks. Instead of polishing one weapon, he has polished himself so that he can respond to every scene assuming actual battle! The man says. Krouby, you’re not pursuing just one thing, you’re just skipping the others! Today, I’ll show you that! ‘The Jack of All Fighting Trades, Juju’]!

Two men came out with the introduction from the host.

It’s a good look. In my opinion, Juju looked stronger because of his body and posture and atmosphere when walking.

First of all, I’ll have to take a seat.

“Let’s~ see~, seat seat…”

“Big brother, over there.”

“Hmm? Oh, there it is. And here you are.”

The section where everyone was when cheering for me.

Amae had already returned and was sitting there.

“Hey, Amae~. Why are you running away?”


As I approached her with a smile on my face, Amae’s body jerked in surprise.

“Ah… Fumyu… U…”.

“I’ll sit next to you. Hey okay.”


I was amused to see her fidgeting again, so I sat down next to her.

“Hey~, big brother~. That’s my seat~.”

“Hmm? Oh, I see. Now that I’m here, so my seat… hmm~, what should I do~?”

“Hey~, what do you think~?”

I was sitting where Karui was originally seated.

However, because of my arrival, we were one seat short.

What do we do now?

However, this was planned in advance with me in Karui, so we were grinning at each other.


“Oh well~. Hey, let me have Amae’s seat.”

“…… eh?”

“So, Amae didn’t sit on big brother’s lap. That’s what you always do at dinner, right?”


Yes, Amae sits on my lap during meals.

Therefore, it was same as always.

However, Amae herself is still reeling from her “brother” remark earlier, so she was reluctant to move.

“Here, Amae. Don’t let Karui sit down.”

So, as a nudge, I tapped my knees and invited Amae to sit.

Amae looked me up and down with a puzzled expression.

“Is it okay? Oh…… ol…… der….. bro….. uh…”

Apparently, it’s embarrassing to say “Older brother”, even though she usually jumps on people’s backs, hugs them, and sits on their lap.

Rather, she may be scared.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Amae doesn’t have any blood relatives.


“No, it’s fine.”


“You can call me whatever you want.”

Saying that, I lightly put my hand on my head.

Then, Amae was momentarily stunned, but also regained her determination….

“O….. older brother…”


“…… older brother.”


“Older brother”

“What is it, Amae”


At first she was afraid. But she gradually checked, and finally called me that clearly, and the next moment…

“Older brother!”




Instead of getting on my lap, she dove into my belly with her whole body.

“Mufu! Amae’s older brother!”


She showed me a really carefree smile.

She rubbed her soft, puffy cheek against my face.

Such an angel.

“Ahhhhhh I’m glad! Amae. Following uncle, you have an older brother!”

“Big brother, you’re surprisingly kind.”

“Muh, I want Amae to call me ‘brother’ too!”

Elder sis Tsukshi seemed happy. Well, I guess I’m a little out of my element, but for the time being, I didn’t mind that.

『Oi, tis still only the first round of the tournament so far, should you be so nonchalant?』

“Oh, Osu”

However, I guess my face looked a bit too relaxed. Tre’ainar came in to caution me.

Sure, I might have lost my focus.

Let’s watch the match seriously ….

[Ooohh, he’s got the joints! It’s too much to bear, and Krouby taps out!]


“tte, it’s oveeeeer!!??”

Again, I ended up not seeing anything…

[No way, Krouby’s fist caught Juju’s face once, but Juju held on to take Krouby’s arm and lock in the submission! However, it was a close call. Look at the blue swelling on the right side of Juju’s face! What terrifying destructive force. And great work by Juju to withstand it! Oh uh, the two share a handshake praising the good fight! Please give a big round of applause!]

It’s over… I missed two fights in a row involving opponents I might face if I won.

『Utterly, slaking.』

「I’m ashamed…」

You’re right, I slacked off.

Sure enough, was it a failure?

Because Amae was in a great mood, leaning back on my lap and humming to herself.

In fact, it’s not just about scouting your opponents, it’s also a good opportunity to learn about various fighting techniques…

「My bad, I need to focus a little bit.」

『Naturally. In the first place―――― Hmm?』

「…… huh?」

At that moment, Tre’ainar and I both sensed a presence.

A strange presence beside me.

I looked over, and there…

“No~…… beating down a guy of the same generation by that much, a very funny sight… I’m wondering which is the real you.”

A strange man approached me laughing as he stood upside down with one hand on the fence of the audience seat where we were.

The other spectators laughed and reacted to it, and Elder sis Tsukshi also shouted in surprise.

“Whoa!? Hey, Mr. Wacha!? You scared the hell out of me!”

“Hmmm~, as usual, what are you doing ~?”

Wacha. I recognized that man.

I mean, he’s one of the contestants.

He was a conspicuous man with a bare upper body and long black trousers below.

He was slender and not bulky, but looking closely, he should have a pretty good balance of his core and toned muscles.

Generally…… I’d say he’s passable…

“No~, I was looking for the young man who showed me a wonderful fistfight earlier, hoping that he would come to train at our branch, aye.”

“Ah… me?”

Apparently I’m the purpose. Or, come to think of it, this man said such a thing a while ago after the battle with José was over.

“Oh, well, if I feel like it I suppose. I’m not really a follower of the Arcane True Zenith school.”

“I don’t mind that, aye. If anything, it’s okay to just join our branch, aye.”

“Eh? Hey hey, it’s not an invitation to practice, you’re soliciting me?”

I was a little surprised because I didn’t expect to be scouted like that here.

However, Amae, who quivered at the question, suddenly got off my knees and glared with her arms open outstretched at the man called Wacha.

“U~~~…… won’t give him.”

Seeing that figure, we burst out laughing.

“Oops, I’m sorry, aye. I didn’t mean to take away the little one’s boyfriend, aye.”

“Wrong. Older brother.”

“Oh, I’ll keep that in mind next time, aye.”

Wacha laughed at the appearance of Amae and apologized.

Well, even if he said solicitation, he didn’t seem to be so serious about it.

“But… you’re not a student of the Arcane True Zenith… according to Machio, you’re self-styled with no master. Is that true?”

“Hmm … oh … well…”

However, I do have a master, though.

But there was no other way to get around it.

“Hmm… that’s amazing aye… so, you can hit such a beautiful left? Without anyone’s guidance?”

Wacha was surprised with a mysterious face while standing upside down with one hand.

But it certainly is true, isn’t it?

Even though I was supposed to have no master, I suddenly leveled up and used techniques that no one knew about, so everyone was surprised at the Graduation match in the Imperial City.

Up to now, I’ve been able to cover it up, and Jamdi’el did not really ask about it, but if such a matter is pursued deeply in the future, I’m not sure I will be able to answer.

Because I know things I shouldn’t know.

『Certainly, we shall need to consider the excuse to make in the future.』

And Tre’ainar was the same.

“Well, then you’re a genius who has a good sense and a thorough knowledge of the human body, aye.”

“Ah, uh, uh, is that so? I don’t know myself, but…”

“Uh huh uh huh, by all means at least once, let’s do battle… oh, yes yes… if I can win, it will be possible. As for this, I’ll have to bring my best, aye.”

He laughed when he said that, but he’s got confidence in himself.

That said, there are examples like José and Gran Chario, so I’m not sure if I can take this confidence seriously.

“Well, then there’s no problem here. Because I’m sure I’ll win. The rest is up to you. Am I being cocky?”

The next moment Wacha jumped from a one-handed stand and stood with both feet on the fence and looked at me.

“Nice. I love it. A previously unknown man suddenly transforms himself, makes a name for himself, and roars strongly. It’s like an ascending dragon, aye.”

“Kuhaha, isn’t that a little too much praise?”

“I’m complimenting you, aye. Let’s see if that dragon can fly through the sky and even shatter the heavens. As expected…. of the Master’s favorite, aye.”

“Ha… hah? For sure, I guess?”

Somewhat, he’s so exaggerated, I don’t know what’s going on anymore…

『…… Hmm? …… this one… at present…』

Hmm? Tre’ainar.

“Then, next is my match aye. I’d like you to talk to me later, aye~.”

“O, oh.”

Wacha jumped from the fence straight to the arena.

Somehow, I didn’t really understand.

But Tre’ainar seems to have noticed something, and he’s looking at Wacha.

What’s going on?

『That one… might be more than meets the eye.』

Eh? What? Somehow, just because Tre’ainar said that, I thought that a man named Wacha might actually be pretty strong.

Author’s Note

I can’t do it today. Two chapters is impossible. Yesterday and the day before yesterday were special.

On the contrary, there were many kind comments from everyone who cared about my physical condition, and I was deeply touched by the thoughtfulness.

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