Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 126

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Chapter 126 – The Words “I Did My Best”

On my first day in this country, I destroyed a punching bag with a single punch, but now even if I hit the punching bag with my fist, it just makes a passing sound and doesn’t shake at all.

Magical jumping rope? Now, just a normal forward jump makes me dizzy.

Magical Yoga? I’m so frustrated I can’t even sit still.

Muscle training? I didn’t think dumbbells could feel so heavy.

And now I can’t even spar with Mortriage’s crew anymore.

“Come on… no more… I can’t watch anymore.”

“Big brother…”


Now, Elder sis Tsukshi turns pale at what has become of my good looks.

The usually spirited Karui was at a loss for words, and Amae, who had been so clingy, was also frightened and close to crying.

“Earth! This has gone on long enough! First of all, just drink water! Look, here’s some water!”

“…… Ah… ua… ah… eh! I, its fine…”


“Going… run…”


That’s right. When I looked in the mirror, I wondered if an undead had been reflected for a moment.

“Why are you doing this…”

“Hey, you, what’s wrong with you?”

“Going so far… why, what’s the point?”


I’m so weakened that I can’t spar, and Mortriage and the guys were so dismayed at my strange appearance that they couldn’t bear to watch.

The same goes for the other dojo guys.

It seems that no one can understand me now.

“At this rate… you…… will die? Earth!”

Finally, Mr. Machio couldn’t stand to watch any longer, so he stood in front of me.

“The instructor left you to your own devices, and I was watching you, wondering if there was any meaning to it. But if you carry on like this, you could die at any moment, you know?”

He’s worried. Everyone was, about me.

But right now, I don’t know what I’d do if I had to stop, talk, or even just be interrupted like this.

“Out…of… way, please.”


But Machio grabbed me by the shoulders…

“What kind of power could you gain from becoming such a dead branch? What are you looking at? What are you aiming for…….”

“Don’t… touch… me… okay…”


“Come on… you’ll ruin it, do… not, I’ll need… every little… bit…”

I know he cared about me, but now I don’t know what will happen or when.

Especially, killing … won’t go that far, but I couldn’t control myself anymore.

“Hi, hah… zee…… ha…”

Die? Am I going to die?

Why am I dying? Ah… why am I here?

What do I want?

What was I doing until I was in such pain?

Sweat? I can’t even sweat anymore.

I’ve run out.

Why am I still suffering even though I’ve done all I can?

Can’t I just give it up?

“Hey, come on! At last, the José Girls are confessing!”

“That insensitive José finally received everyone’s feelings through the girl’s upfront confession.”

“Finally? So he’s going to pick someone at last?”

“I envy men who are popular.”

“Well, there’s still time before the tournament.”

“Speaking of the tournament, he’s strong, right? Moreover, he doesn’t want to stand out and hasn’t shown the bottom of his power yet, so no one knows José’s true power.”

“Could he be stronger than Machio?”

Damn it, that’s why I don’t like running in the daytime.

People are in the way. They are so loud. The world is so noisy. All the people, all the chattering!

“I… I won’t choose one person. Instead, I choose everyone. That’s my answer! When I win the upcoming tournament…. if I get it…… everyone…… I pledge that victory… so, will you marry me? Is that all right?”

Stay out of my sight.

Make way for me.

No one say a word.

“Well, if it’s José… really, this guy…”

“But that’s the only way, isn’t it?”

“It’s shameless, it’s insane… but…… it can’t be helped.”

“I, if I could stay with José too!”

“Senior, my feelings do not change.”

It’s annoying… it’s distracting…… then… just…

“Well, all together now!”

“”””” Please continue to support us from now on ♡ “””””

“So, we’re going to bed now?”

“So shameless! That’s after graduation …”

“That’s right! So, how about as a reward for winning the tournament, José?”

“Se, senior! I will have a lot of babies!”

Especially…… these girls’ happy-go-lucky shrill voice, now urge to kill… no good…… damn it, head, get empty. Clear your mind…

“Eh? What are you going to do in bed? Eh? Did you say something? …… woah, my feet slipped, wow, I bumped into you!”

“Hold on!? Kyaaaah! Ooowww, my butt… eh?! José! What, you’re touching my chest, it’s too soon for that! Wh, why do we always always end up like this!”

Hey…… Hey……

“Ah… H, hey! Chiyo! Someone’s stepping under your butt!?”

“Eh…… Kyaahh!! Wai, who!?”

It’s me…

“I mean… hi, wow!? A ghost!? What, this guy… Wow…”

“Eh? Who!?”

“Uh… creepy…”

“Scary… what…… this person? I’m pretty sure that’s him!”

“B, bastard from that time!? What are you doing here! To Senior Chiyo’s butt!?”

First of all….. wow, this shit…

“Hah, zee, ha…… ze…”

No good. I don’t have time for this!

Quickly walk away…

“Wait, you bastard!”

Quickly… but then again… this slashing woman…

“Eh… the appearance has changed a lot… hmm… what happened? Did you incur divine punishment? Or was it a curse?”


“The appropriate shabbiness for a shameless man. You have no idea how cocky you’re being with Senior José…”


“Excuse, me… but, not … in the mood to play…. step aside.”


Gently push the nuisance girl’s shoulder and got her out of the way.

“You! What are you doing to my loved one?”


“I won’t allow you to touch my loved one with one finger!”

Ah… I….. I was hit… I know… but I can’t move.

“But what? Somehow, I don’t know why, but he was so weak… scum… the lowest guy to get violent with a girl. Not even worth beating up.”


Why should I be bothered by such a small fish!?

Must you get in the way!?

“Come on, let’s go.”


Why should I be looked down upon like this?

If only I drank water, if I drink even a drop, you, all of you… all of you…… all of you…… get crumpled up… crumple!

“Ah… aaahh…… aaaaahh!”

That’s right, could crumple them up! Just kill em!


Kill! Kiilll! Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllll !!!!

So drink water! Water! Water! Water! Water!


“Hey, what’s with this guy? A hobo?”

“Maybe he’s a little crazy, too.”

“Should we call Dr. Eisha?”

Kill Kill Kill Kill!!!!

Water Water Water Water !!!!


Kill Water Kill Water waterkillwaterkillwaterkillwaterkillwaterkillwaterkillwaterkill!!!!

“Ah, uah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!”

Ah! There’s water in front of the store over there!

They’re sprinkling water! Water! So much of it!

If I drink that!

“Don’t drink water sprinkled on the ground. Let’s go back to church at once.”

…… Who? Eh?

“Actually… didn’t seem to like being approached by me or anyone else… but I don’t think I can do this anymore…”

“…… Sa, di..z?”

“I’m sorry. I still can’t remember who you were to me …… or what I did to you…. but still, I can’t stand to see you like this anymore.”

Sadiz. She was standing beside me with a very sad expression on her face, as if she was about to burst into tears.

“I was worried about you. For days and days… but I didn’t know what you were aiming for, what you were thinking, or why you were doing this… you have already ‘done your best’. That’s what everyone at the church and dojo think. Please don’t suffer any more.”

Saying that, Sadiz reached out to me and tried to help me up.

“Please go back to the church now, get some fluids and rest your body. Eat your food properly. Let’s have the doctor take a look at you.”

“Now, it’s… I’m still…… not yet.”

“I think it’s enough. You did your best.”

I did my best. That’s right. I’ve already… that? Before, I’m sure we’ve done this…

―― I…I couldn’t win, but I did my best…I don’t want any consolation! I want to win! I want to show them, those who don’t believe I can win!!

“…… Ah.”

I see… what I’m… forgetting.

“…… Sadiz… enough already…”


“So, I’m still fine….”

“No, what!?”

I almost became a miserable guy who was “satisfied with his efforts”.

I couldn’t do it, but I did my best?

Wrong. I can’t do it because I haven’t worked hard enough.

“Don’t …… tell me what I’m …… trying to …… do when you don’t …… know what I’m …… trying to …… do”


“No, need to… worry. I’m still… middle of …… working hard.”

I can say that I did my best for the first time after I worked hard and got results.

So it’s ironic. Fortunately, or unfortunately, more than anything else, it was Sadiz’s concern that gave me the final resolve.

I felt that my body and mind, which were dried up, had moistened a little.


“Just watch… I’ll show you… me.”

“W, wait— “

“Just one thing… Thank you…”


“Almost… I would have, betray, the one, person, in this world…. I never, want to betray… even a little.”

Naturally I was talking about him.

It wasn’t simply words of frustration or unfaithfulness that came out of my mouth.

I’m still working hard.

The results are yet to come.

I wanted to show Sadiz the results again.

Even if she doesn’t remember, I want to show her what I’ve grasped and what I’ll be able to do at this end.

It’s not hatred. This feeling.

Just thinking that way, my frustration subsided and I felt calm.

And most of all, I almost lost to myself and betrayed the master who believed in me and imposed the task.

『…… Child…』

“I’ll run.”

Tre’ainar watched silently from start to finish.

He didn’t try to stop me, didn’t admonish me, didn’t scold me.

No matter what happens, he was just trying to see me through.

But I’m fine now.

“It’s okay.”

『I see…』

So I said it out loud.

And at this very moment, I was really okay.

It seemed I would go crazy once I reached the boiling point, but as soon as I suddenly settled down, it was kind of refreshing.

On the contrary, I felt a little more energetic, as if something was filling up my empty body——

『Eh!!?? Child!?』


Tre’ainar’s expression suddenly changed and he called out me. I was startled.

But what happened all of a sudden?

『Child… do you feel any changes in your body? The sensation of something filling the emptied vessel…』

“Eh? Ah…”

I got it. I can feel it. What is this?

Breathing? No, normal breathing was when you inhale and exhale.

But now, what I’m feeling was like what I’ve inhaled was accumulating in my body… huh? Tre’ainar? Are you smiling?

『Hmm…… finally… this time, you truly…… did your best… did you not?』

“…… eh?”

『Hmm, I never meant to say this… I got so excited… my oh my…』

Suddenly praising me… but then he made a face like “Oh no.” and held his mouth… what’s going on?

Generally speaking, I couldn’t accept it when Sadiz said “I did my best”, even though I didn’t get any results yet, but did the same for Tre’ainar?

No, Tre’ainar would never say such a thing.

But if he did…

『Child, chew on that sensation. Remember it. You can now feel all the magic holes and magic power in your body with your senses.』

It’s only when I achieve my goal.

What does that mean?

Author’s Note

As a matter of fact, without water, humans die in about five days.

If you are like me, you’re invisible to others, but don’t imitate this unless instructed to by a ghost master who’s always by your side.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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    Earth said he was doing this for more than 10 days so I was under the impression he was drinking the bare minimum of water while forceful sweating nonstop.


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