Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 124

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Chapter 124 – Sweat

It’s only been a few days.

Draining. Does it drain moisture from the whole body by simply sweating and salivating?

I don’t see how that’s training at all.

I wonder if it simply means not drinking water even if you’re thirsty.

However, for me who has fought ninja warriors, an ogre, hoodlums and a mantis, it would be an easy task… easy task…… who was that optimistic idiot?


“That’s sloppy! Don’t make me hit you just to relieve stress, imagine your opponent!”

Oratski slammed his fist into the sandbag with all his might.

I was supporting the sandbag from behind, and I felt the shock as I shouted.

I didn’t want to shout.

“Hey, Mortriage! Mobner! We’re sparring, both of you at the same time, come on! Mobner, try harder to evade my left! Mortriage cast bit-class magic at me from mid-range.”


Tre’ainar’s new instructions to me: “Drain the water” or something like that.

How many days since I started? You can count the number of days on one hand.

And yet, what is it? What’s going on with my head and heart right now?

“What’s wrong, Mobner! It’s just a slowed down left handed flick! If you can’t handle this, you’re not worth talking to!”

“Ku~, a utsu, u, gu~ “

“Mortriage, next, thunder! No, come on! You can dexterously use various attributes! Instead of half-heartedly learning powerful magic, you should learn how to activate basic magic instantly in quick succession! Next, wind!”

“Ts, 【Bit Wind】!”

I know I shouldn’t be shouting, but I can’t help but get annoyed and raise my voice.

I’m trying to avoid hitting these guys, but inside I’m pretty pissed off.

“What the hell is that! Wha puh!?”

“No! You’re not quick enough! You can’t hit anyone with that, and even if you did, it wouldn’t hurt much! Get a moment’s step in and put your entire weight on it!”

Someday, something ugly in me will scream out not only at these guys, but the whole area?

I’ve been spending the last few days holding it back.

“Hah, hah~… right. That’s it. The rest is all muscle training. As I told you, while you’re in pairs and one is on the bench-press, the other will spot.”


One thing that helped was that these guys were surprisingly obedient to what I say.

If they had complained, saying “eh” or “let’s do something more interesting,” they might have gotten familiar with my flying fists.

In other words, these guys are really trying to be strong, no matter what. That’s why they’re serious.

I’ve learned that over the past few days, so I can’t do anything shameful, even if I’m the one teaching them.

“All right, I’m going for a run.”

After accompanying these guys, it was time for my own training.

From morning to evening, I tortured my body, from the evening until the night, I coached them, and at night, my training started again.

It’s already dim outside, and the workers at the end of the day are on their way home, and in the lit shops are buzzing with excitement.

And then……

“Hey, Earth!”

“…… Elder Sis Tsukshi… Sadiz…”

“Good work! Still training?”

Perhaps they were the way home from shopping for dinner, Elder Sis Tsukshi and Sadiz were filling out shopping bags.

Sadiz still seemed awkward with me and dropped her gaze a little, but Elder Sis Tsukshi spoke to me regardless.

“We haven’t eaten together lately, have we? You’ve been coming home late, so the goddess and Amae seem a bit lonely?”

“Hmm? Well…”

“Amae has been staying up late, saying she’ll wait until Earth comes home, but it looks like Earth doesn’t come home at all… is that okay~?”

In the past few days, we usually get up at the same time and eat at the same time, but my life has changed since I started draining.

I get up earlier than usual and ran later than usual.

“Can’t we all eat together today? If so, we could invite Mortriage and others to have a get-together with Sadiz Big sister!”

“Hey hey, Elder Sis Tsukshi, that’s… you’re talking about the fun party for Mortriage and guys after they get stronger, right?”

“B, but…I can barely wait…”

“At least, ‘that event’ will be done, or not, after the tournament is over. So I’m going?”

And it’s not just about running. I also cut off my desires.


Sadiz seemed to sense that I was starting to build a wall here, and tried to talk to me.

I knew that, but I started running without responding.

Run through the town at night without looking back.

“””””Happy Birthday, José (senior)! The present is~ this・me――――――――”””””

“Eh? What the hell, whoa, I tripped on the floor, whooooaaa!”

“Hold on, José!? Kyaaah, it’s still too soon… oh no, the ribbon!”

“No way?! The ribbon came off, m, my boobies!?”

“Senior, th, that’s a precious spot for girls, don’t go fondling them!”

“Sheesh, José’s such a perv!”

“See here, you’ll have to take responsibility for that.”

I don’t care what other people around me are doing or how much fun they’re having.

I’m me. No matter what other people are doing, I’ll just go ahead without looking aside.

『Hmm… well then, shall we push on again?』

“Uh huh, let’s get started.”

And when I arrived at the beach, before I started training at sea…

“First… Breakthrough!!”

For now, breakthrough. Then, without doing anything, let the magic drip away and wait until the breakthrough expires.

“Haa~, ze, hah…”

『All right, the magic is spent.』

“…… Osu…”

In the past few days, it wasn’t just the draining of water from my body that was tough.

When training, Tre’ainar’s instruction was to train with “zero magical power”.

『Is it difficult?』

“No, not at all. It’s just, my clothes are soaked with sweat.”

『Fuhahaha, is that so? The fact that you perspire means we can still squeeze out more. Go! Daaaaaaash!!』

“…… right…”

When your magic power drops to zero, you suddenly feel a sense of fatigue in your body.

As soon as I run, I’m short of breath and exhausted.

Especially when I’m slowly losing strength due to the draining process, and then there’s this Magical Zero-Start Training.

Still, it’s been a few days.

Only a few days.

But it’s intense.

“Deee yarayarayarayarayarayarayarayarayarayarayara!!!! Oyaraaaaaaaah!!”

And, I ran.

However, he made me run like a carriage horse.

In the past few days, the amount of running has tripled.

To gain strength? There should be other training to improve physical strength.

Of course, I’m sure Tre’ainar knew that. But he single-mindedly drove me to run.

Training from the morning, magic emptied, and then I just kept on dashing on this sandy beach that was tripping me up.

“Zee, ha, zee…”

『Do not pause during the interval! Do your sit-ups!』

“Guh, ts, nuh, ku”

『End of interval! Dash!』


『You are going a little slow, are you not? What, is that it? Are you going to cut corners and rest?』

“Tch, damn you!”

『Look at that. You still have some energy to spare! A spoiled twit raised on a full stomach. You will have to part with that!』


So harsh! I mean, I needed water.

I may desperately want to swallow my saliva and even lick this flowing sweat now.

What is it? Why? Why am I doing this?

Somehow, I’m getting tired of even thinking about it, gradually transcending frustration.

『Indeed, you grow weaker. However, humans have always been lackadaisical. During the war, there were those who have endured for days without water.』

“Zee, hah, zee, ha…… hyuu… khyuu…”

『So, how is it? Do you feel anything in your body?』

“………… No…”

『I see. Then, go run some more.』

“Ha!? ………… Osu.”

My thighs were heavy. My calf was screaming to be pulled. What is this general feeling of emptiness?

Even though I’m training, I don’t feel like I’m getting stronger.

So far, the training methods that Tre’ainar has taught me.

All of them made me realize that “If you continue to do this, you will definitely get stronger”.

But, this is different.

『Emptied magical power recovers over time. Tis because over time, the magic holes gradually take in the magic from the air. Everyone does this unconsciously. You should be able to feel this gradual intake. If you grasp that sensation, become aware of it yourself, and know what it feels like to take in magical power… you will be able to master ‘Magic Breathing’.』

The last few days of training have only made me feel weaker and weaker.

In fact, I’m getting weaker now.

If I carry on like this, I just feel like I’m going to collapse eventually.

『However, the sensation as the magic in the air being taken in through the magic hole is truly subtle. Tis too miniscule to be felt by the senses of an ordinary creature. In order to sense it, it is necessary to bare the nerves and have a keen sense sharpened to the limit…』

I know I’m going to collapse. But I have no choice but to run.

All I have now is my mental strength.

I don’t know if this will make me stronger or not, but is all for the sake of getting stronger.

Yes, that’s what I believe.

Author’s Note

This story is fiction. There is a possibility that you cannot learn the Magical Breathing even if you drain. It is dangerous if you do not do it under proper guidance. Also, “I drained, but I couldn’t learn the Magical Breathing, the author should take responsibility, shave your hair!” Even if this is said, please understand that the author cannot shave his hair.

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