Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 115

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Chapter 115 – Bath

Children’s tears are invincible. I don’t know who said it, but it’s a common phrase.

But I was skeptical of the theory.

Whether the child cries or screams, there must be times when it doesn’t reach the parents. And that, I can say with conviction.

However, when I came here, my own argument began to waver.

For example…

― Unh, would you really like to take a bath with me?

If a girl of the same age told me that, even if I were not in a relationship with her, I would refuse. Even if I think it’s appealing. Even if I think I’m not doing something wrong.


…… Un. Yes.

So what if a little girl pulls the hem of my clothes from below and asks?

― Yes… un… together… let’s go…

It’s the pestering of a pure child. Nonetheless, it is declined because there will be many other sisters in there.

And then……

― Ugh… sniff… can’t we?

Is it really worth making a child shed tears to say no?

No, it’s not.

Therefore, there is no other choice.

Because a child was crying.

Listen, a child who lost their parents at an early age wants to be pampered.

If simply taking a bath together can heal their heart even a little, it is a small price to pay.

It’s a matter of the human heart.

― Wai, Amae! No, no, no, I’m here too!?

― A, as expected, it, it’s hopeless!

― Ufufufufu, Earth, everyone is in the bath~♪.

― Mufun! Baathtime, bathtime!

― I entrust it to thou, Earth Lagann.

And in the end……

“…… so spacious…”

“Splashy ♪”

“Heey, Amae. You shouldn’t enter the bath before washing your body, okay?”

“I mean, this situation… seriously? Big sister escaped, why am I going in?”

Standing side by side, me, Amae, Kron, Karui.

By the way, Elder Sis Tsukshi and Jamdi’el seem to have been allowed a pass.

Unlike the communal bath in the church… this was a luxuriously decorated bath exclusively for the goddess, which was as large as the public bath.

For some reason, I was given access to a sanctuary where only Kron, the goddess, and the sister who attends to her could enter.

Or how should I put it, this too luxurious, is there any money left in the church? If you put this money towards the sister’s school tuition… I thought, but I don’t want to hear of such boorish talk.

However, it was also true that I can’t keep my composure without thinking about such things.

“Big brother… if you look this way, I’ll call you lecher brother from now on.”

“I won’t look. Or, you can relax. I’m not thirsty enough to mess with a junior.”

Karui hid her body with a washcloth, and glared at me while blushing.

As expected, I don’t care for underage girls, and wouldn’t try to see her naked.

However, she does have nice, toned legs. They are slim and slender overall, which makes them light and easy to run with.

The chest was also very cute.

By the way, I didn’t see this. I saw it.

“Un. Back. Come. Wipe. I’ll wipe you.”

And, ‘without covering anything’, Amae beckoned me with no expression, proudly and unshaken.

That body is ――

『Oi, you cur. If you analyze・parse that little girl’s body in your mind, you shall earn my ire, shall you not?』

Damn it, I won’t. I almost had that thought, but…

“Oh, that’s a good idea, Amae! It’s a sign of friendship! I’ll wipe Earth as well!”

“You, cover uuuuuuuuupp!!!! Wha wha wha wha , why, utterly naked!?”

“Goddess, that’s not gooooooooood!”

In fact, Kron was smiling and frolicking in a way that suits the word “innocent”.

White skin, slender, petite, palm-sized, cute, and her p―――――

『…… Oi…』

This is impossible. You can’t do that. I mean, it’s just really bad.

Even though I’ve read those books and stuff, how many years has it been since I have seen a woman’s nudity… in person?

Maybe since Sadiz and I were still able to take a normal bath together…



『Ugh, child! What are you doing, you immoral brat!!』

At that time, I wasn’t conscious of it. There was no doubt that it was an almost unconscious action.

However, I was astonished to hear Trainer’s wrathful wail.

「D, damn iiiiit! M, me of all people? Goodness sake, almost crossed the line!」

『…… dullard…』

That’s how Instant Memory Magic was… no….. or rather, weren’t you the one who taught me this magic and how to use it?

“Now, Earth. Please come here.”

“Un. Come. Un! Un!”

A chair in the bathroom. Somehow, it was golden, gaudy, and in very bad taste.

Maybe only Kron usually sat on this… huh? Kron sits here? In the bath? Of course, sitting naked… No, no, no, I feel like I’m doing a lot of things that I shouldn’t do…

“Yes, come on!”

“Un, scrub”

Ignoring my confusion, Kron and Amae sat me in the chair and lathered my back with foam.

However, neither of them had any strength. It was weak. It was ticklish, unbearably ticklish.

“Is it itchy?”

“A little… itchy.”

“Un? Rub more… scrub scrub…”

“Oh, that’s good, Amae.”

“Mufu ♪ Scrubbing ♪”

Even so, she worked hard, so Amae is fine, but I couldn’t help but be really worried that Kron, who wasn’t hiding anything, would do that…

“Fufufufufu, this is fun.”

“…… eh?”

“This is my first time taking a bath with a boy.”

Kron was easygoing as she spoke happily without knowing my feelings.

“Hmm… W, well, taking a bath with the opposite sex is a very special matter…”

“Is that right? So, is it also very special for Earth now?”

“It’s already… so much!”

“Then, today is special for me and Earth!”

Somehow, I’m the only one who was nervous, but… if I were to look back here, Karui and my master would yell at me, so I’m not going to turn around.

“I’ve had a few talks with the men who come to church, but… talking a lot like this and taking a bath… Earth is very trusted by Jamdi’el.”

So I almost looked back involuntarily, but I didn’t. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Kron’s shocking words.

Jamdi’el trusts me?

“Jamdi’el is very worried about me meeting men. So whenever I met people who came to the church, Jamdi’el was always there by my side, and the only other people I could speak with were Machio and Bro, whom Jamdi’el had given permission.”

“I, is that right?”

“Yes. Therefore, Earth is very trusted by Jamdi’el to be able to talk in the bath together, in a place without Jamdi’el.”

Is it trust? I mean, when I was told, I wondered.

The other party was a person so revered she was called a Goddess.

Jamdi’el, who believes in it, cannot easily allow a man to approach such an existence.

That’s why I can’t help but understand why she would allow it if it was someone she approved of.

But why I’m allowed to do so was really a mystery to me.

After all, I’m sure there’s a connection between the fact that I can use the Breakthrough and Great Magic Spiral, and Kron…

“Un, back is done. Next. Front.”

At that time, Amae, who was at my back, got around in front of me. Huh?

“Ah… it’s dingy.”

“…… Heh? …… eh!?!”

Distracted by Kron’s words, I forgot about Amae.

“Di di di, dingy Ah!? Hey, A, Amaaae!?”

Karui who had shyly shrunk in the corner of the large bath and washed her body by herself, burst out to the mutter of Amae.

“Dingy” that Amae muttered, or rather, that…

“Dingy? Good heavens! This is something that only boys have, right? Is it called Dingy?”

“Un. Dingy”

And in that moment, I turned to Kron and… oh, oooooooh!!??

“Wai, Goddess!? B, big brother, you, wh wh wha, what are you?”

“W, waiiiit! Hey, Amae, Kron! What are you looking at? Ah, don’t look!”

Only this development was not expected.

Usually, when a man and a woman take a bath, a man is curious about a woman’s body!?

Why are women more interested in my body?

Anyway, I hurriedly hid it―――

“Dingy, Little”


“Before this, I went to the bath with Uncle. Dingy, Don, big.”

I often hear the words, “Don’t worry too much because it’s what a child says.”

I think it was rather the opposite today.

Because it was a child, they tell only the fact as they are without any care.

Therefore, it is true. In other words, my dingy is small…

“Big brother…”

“Ka… rui?”

At that time, Karui, who had been in the corner a while ago, came up to me with an instant foot, and gently tapped my shoulder with a terribly pitiful expression.

She had been blushing red and hiding from me, but now she hid her body with only a washcloth, and I wondered if her embarrassment was gone, or she was very full of charity.

“Big brother… that feeling, for girls… it’s the same as being told your breasts are small, right?”

“Oh, is that right?”

“I’ve been there, too. I’ve been there. To Amae… my boobs…… compared to big sister… tiny…… but still… let’s live strong.”

Oh, I see. I’ll be kinder to Shinobu next time we meet. I’ll praise her small breasts.

That’s what I thought.

『…… Di … Kukukuku … Di, Dingy… Small … Kukukuku…』


And even though he turned away, his shoulders were trembling, and Tre’ainar seemed to have guessed right on the situation.

Usually, I’m the one laughing at Tre’ainar, but this time I was laughed at.

Ku, i, it’s embarrassing…

『Goodness… kukuku, you cur… I intended to have a serious conversation concerning Kron, and Jamdi’el , but…. Kukuku.』

In fact, it seemed that he wanted to talk after the bath, but apparently Tre’ainar wasn’t in the right mood any longer.

It was a morning that had me spinning in more ways than one.

Author’s Note

Thank you very much for your help.

Yesterday, this title was pinpointed with my impressions.

Behind the scenes I said, “You thought it was Bath with the girls… but it is a men’s bath festival with Budeo and friends! Just outrageous!” I thought about doing that, but I gracefully admitted defeat and posted it as it was. And then shaved all my nipple hair.

The real promise was, “Even if there were warriors or magic schools from other countries in the new world, they would be ignored or looked down on, and still make a harem”, but I still felt like I lost, so I changed the position of the hair to be shaved.

And I won’t lose again!

Also, thank you for the cumulative total and numerous drill injections yesterday.

Last night, when I got home, the drill was stretched and I ran up the rankings again for a day.

It may seem that it is awkward to say the ranking now, but I can’t lie to the joy of this phenomenon of falling to the bottom of the earth and then running up again, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m motivated again.

In 2019, I will be celebrating my 15th anniversary as a novelist, so I will do my best.

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