Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 116

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Chapter 116 – Intermission (Female Ninja) ②

I awoke to find myself at the inn in Cantidan.

To the greatest failure of my lifetime. I was about to challenge Honey’s past with my pride as a woman, but a demon suddenly intervened and kidnapped Honey.

Moreover, it was…

“Eh…… Jamdi’el, former Six Supremacy and Great Demon General?”

“Ridiculous! Such a person …”

There were so many shocking facts that I couldn’t organize my mind either.

“Seriously… why… I was…… so close… right within reach!”

First of all, honey was the son of Hiro and Mamu, of those Seven Heroes.

That Honey had run away from home.

And that Honey was currently suspected of “having a connection with the remnants of the Demon King’s army”.

Then Honey was swallowed up by a black vortex that suddenly appeared.

“But… the one who used that black vortex magic… was it really that Jamdi’el? Mamu… no, Mother-in-law.”

“Yes. There’s no doubting that magic power. The magic felt from the jet-black vortex that covered the entire area… I know because we fought many times before… huh? Mother-in-law?”

As Honey’s mother, that would make you my future Ogibo-sama(Mother-in-law).

Were it not for the current situation, I ought to be holding a gift to greet the other party.

But right now, Honey is my top priority.

“Tch, for that memento of bygone days to show up… My earth… My earth! And… ‘her’ as well…”

The one who was clicking her tongue in frustration was the princess of the Empire, Phianse-hime, who was knocked out along with me.

She wasn’t ‘Sadiz-san’, who I believed in my heart was the obstacle that should be overcome.

However, she was Honey’s childhood friend, a princess, and no matter how you look at it, madly in love with Honey.

The Emperor of the Empire was one of the Seven Heroes as well, and it was not unheard of for the children of the Seven Heroes to be married to each other.

However, even though Honey cut ties with the past and left home…

“But… if so…… no way… really, Earth… had a connection with the remnants of the Demon King’s Army… absurd!”

One of Honey’s childhood friends, who was so upset he hit the wall hard. Rebal, was it?

“That’s a lie! There’s definitely something going on! Earth’s connection to the Demon King’s Army… I definitely won’t believe it!”

One of Honey’s childhood friends, who had a childish face and yet raised a powerful voice. A child named Fu.

“Feh~… but, but in the current situation… what should I do…”

A girl who seemed timid and nervous, a former classmate of Honey. Coman.


“Hmm, so that happened… apologies, Mamu. If I had known the circumstances, I would have held him down by force… nuo? Shinobu.”

“Uh, Mi, Mikado-sama…”

“Truthfully, there is plenty I’d like to hear of from a runaway ninja like yourself, but… nonetheless, finding Earth’s whereabouts is the priority for now.”

Mikado-sama, who was said to be the living legend of Japone.

The legends, the Seven Heroes, and the bloodlines of the Seven Heroes were all gathered in an inn at the town on the edge of the Empire, so I was a little nervous.

“So, Mamu. Where is Hiro?”

“That idiot is now… going in the opposite direction! He’s sure that Earth… went to Inai City…”

“Th, that’s… the same as ever… it will take some time to join up…”

The name of that hero, Hiro, came out without hesitation, such an amazing lineup. I mean, Honey has quite a great family. As expected, my Honey.

But it didn’t matter who his family was.

Because Honey is Honey.

Even if Honey was a commoner, I wouldn’t waver in this love.

“…… Hey, Grandpa…”


And Mikado-sama was called “Grandpa”… by Mamu of the Seven Heroes… and Mikado-sama acted as if it was natural… this exchange seemed to be normal for Ogibo-sama and Mikado-sama…

“Grandpa… you saw Earth fighting, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh…”

“…… How was he?”

And in response to Ogibo-sama’s question, Mikado-sama smiled and said …

“While having great skills and power, he was never arrogant nor did he look down on the opponent…… an honest heart… he confronted his opponent with his eyes full of fighting spirit. He’s not only strong. He draws in those who see him, and his thoughts are conveyed from his fists to the opponent he fights against… he was such a man.”

Those words seemed to be Mikado-sama’s greatest compliment. And it was neither a mistake nor a flattery. Because here is a woman who had her heart stolen in that battle of Honey and swore her whole life to him.

“Honestly, I was surprised to hear that he used the Great Demon Spiral in the Imperial tournament… and I don’t know how he can use such a thing… but I can tell you this much. This one… is fond of such young people.”

I don’t know what happened to Honey without Ogibo-sama’s knowledge.

However, without all that, Honey was as much a human being as I am.

I can understand what Mikado-sama was saying.

“I too am quite fond of Honey. We will get married and have children. The first is a girl. Next is a boy. The children’s names will be…”

“Bitc-, hey! What are you saying this late at night? Earth is mine! B, besides that’s what I’m all about! No matter what happens, I lo, love Earth!”

I was interrupted by the obstructive princess…. however, I can understand the feeling that being silent here was unacceptable as a woman. …… however, Rebal-kun had a bitter smile, he seemed somewhat sad… I see, so that’s how it is!

But he also…

“…… I’m the same. The power he wielded in our Match… I’m sure it’s power he gained at the end of his bloody efforts. Because we fought directly, I know. He… and I… fought squarely, and I was completely overwhelmed.”


“I was angry when I heard that he had stopped following Hiro’s path and quit being a Magic Swordsman… but…… he was strong… like when he was a kid… when he was always leading us…”

Opinions, not as a love rival, but as a childhood friend.

It seemed he considered Honey a precious friend, too.

“So am I!”

“To catch my de… eermm, Earth is an important classmate.”

The same goes for Fu-kun and Coman-san.

Ara? For a moment, Coman-san’s face … well, must have been my imagination.

Anyway, apparently everyone is not a bad person.

So, it must mean that Honey had a huge falling out with them.

“Thank you… everyone.”

Ogibo-sama nodded with tears in her eyes to our feelings of Honey.

“Me too. Once again, with Earth… always. That’s why I’ll chase him wherever he goes.”

Saying that, wiping away her tears, Ogibo-sama stood up with powerful eyes.

“So what do we do now? To be honest, I’d like to issue a notification to each country immediately, but if it involves Jamdi’el, it will cause a panic, and the demon’s side will be shaken…”

“Yes, but for now, we should report to His Majesty the Emperor and Hiro… and also, La’iphant of the Demon Realm.”

“Well, oh, that’s right. The last person to meet Earth-kun… Bro Glenn-kun. He may know something, too. Let us hear what he has to say.”

Once again, a great name. Even the name of La’iphant, the current Supreme Ruler of the new Demon Realm government and former Six Supremacy.

“Well, then I’m… going where that black vortex that swallowed Earth occurred! If we examine the residual magic power, we may discover something!”

“Let’s go, Fu.”

“I’m going, too. And… I’m also concerned about ‘her’. Maybe ‘she’ got involved…”

“Then, me too!”

Fu-kun, Rival-kun, Phianse-hime, and Coman-san all said what they needed to do.

“Hmm? ‘She’? Who are you referring to?”

And Mikado-sama, who had not yet heard of the situation, reacted.

Yes, Honey wasn’t the only issue.

Ogibo-sama bit her lips…

“Actually, Sadiz was chasing Earth with us… after the black vortex, when the darkness cleared, Sadiz was gone.”

Yes, she was missing, the woman I secretly believed in my heart to be the greatest obstacle.

A spontaneous and shocking scene in the bathroom.

I was having breakfast in the dining hall with a broken heart.

“He, heh~, that’s what happened… I’m sorry to hear that~?”

“Stop, don’t pity me, Elder Sis Tsukshi.”

“Really, that Amae… even if, I see… Mr. Machio’s…”

“Hey, your face flushed red, what are you imagining?”

I sighed as Elder Sis Tsukshi, who heard of Amae’s cruel words in the bathroom, looked pitifully at me on the other side and her face was bright red with ‘what’ she imagined.

I’m going to have to do some hard training to get rid of this heartbreak…

“Yes, but I think it’s okay! Earth is a pretty nice guy, so girls won’t even care about that!”

“Shut up! I mean, maybe I’m normal! I haven’t seen it, but Machio’s lil-Machio is just Macho!”

“H, hey, shhhh. D, d, don’t no talk about Mr. Machio’s lil-Machio in such a loud voice in the morning!”

Elder Sis Tsukshi doesn’t understand. It’s not a question of whether the woman cares or not.

Whether it’s small or not, I’m the one who’s worried about it.

“Hmm. Tsukshi does have a loud voice!”

As I became aware of our surroundings, other sisters also gathered around with stunned faces.

“What are you talking about so early in the morning… so, what about Mr. Machio’s lil- Machio? What about Earth’s lil-Earth?”

“Wait, why are you curious!?”

“No, we’re not, we’ve never come across, you know… we’ve got a lot of…”

“N, not Mr. Machio’s, that’s no good!”

Why am I good?

I was a little nervous.

“Well, leaving that aside, and ‘Dr. Eisha’ is bringing the patient in any moment now…”

“Eh? Dr. Eisha?”

But that was enough joking around for now, as Elder Sis started talking with a slightly serious look.

A patient?

“Yes. Yesterday, an unidentified woman who had collapsed on the beach was brought into the doctor’s clinic, and she had been unconscious for a long time, but this morning she woke up.”

“Heh~…… did that happen?”

“Yes. But that person…”

And, Elder Sis stammered something. Hmm? What happened to the patient?

“Was she involved in an accident… that person…… said she doesn’t remember.”

“Doesn’t remember…?”

“Yes. So I want to talk to her about the future. Would you like to come?”

Amnesia. I’ve heard of it before, but I guess it’s a real thing.

“Yes… so, is that person coming now?”

“Yes. To the auditorium with Dr. Eisha.”

“I see. Then I’ll be right there.”

Elder Sis Tsukshi stood up in the middle of breakfast.

“That’s awful. Elder Sis Tsukshi, does this church do that sort of thing?”

“Hmm, well, that’s right. You see, we’re orphans, and we’re taking care of children without relatives or people with no other place to go…”

It’s tough helping people all morning…I thought…

“Uhun uhun, it’s a lot of work, right?”


Suddenly, Kron appeared from behind, and I couldn’t help but look back.

“G, Goddess!? W, why are you here!?”

“Yes. I had my breakfast, so I came to talk to Earth right away, but it seems that will be difficult.”

“Oh, not at all, no need to worry, we will take care of it…”

Kron… or rather, the sisters seemed to be in a great panic because they were surprised that the goddess suddenly showed up in the dining hall.

I guess she doesn’t usually come down here.

And Kron…

“I’m here to meet the lamb who has lost their memory and is filled with anxiety! I need to heal their heart and provide for them.”

“Eh, eh!? No, no, that’s… I have to ask The High Priestess…”

“It’s all right! Then, let’s go, Earth as well.”

She smiled without listening to the sister’s call for restraint, and held my hand for some reason… no, why?!

“Hold on, why me too!?”

“Earth, you feel pity for them, don’t you? Then you can give a kind word.”

“No, I have nothing to do with…”

But no matter what I said, the hand that was holding me tight wouldn’t let go, and Kron forcibly took me to the amnesiac.

Authors Note

Honestly…… I was worried about whether to do this in Part 4, but… enough is enough, I thought.

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  1. Un buen capítulo de parte del lado de shinobu y realmente capte ciertas cosas que en japonés no.
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      1. Most likely based on detective Conan or sth, she’s the classmate we don’t know about, but she seems to like Earth, since she almost called him dear.


  2. Intermission chapters are more interesting than the main story lol
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  3. It just hit me: Treinar -> Trainer
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