Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 109

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Chapter 109 – Reminded Once Again

On the way back from the sea. Five half-naked, soaking wet men and a young girl walking through the middle of the town must be quite a strange sight.

However, I am already “accustomed” to the stares of the people around me, such as “dismay” and “ridicule”.

So it didn’t bother me when the people in the town were looking at us and whispering to each other.

“Sparring… mock battle… I’m nervous…”

“Ora, don’t freak out, we’ll do it too!”

“Eh… I don’t want you to get too serious…”

“Sudden mock battles are scary! Man!”

And, surprisingly, they didn’t seem to be ashamed, not even uncomfortable with the situation.

Maybe these guys were “accustomed” to a lot… I thought…… however, that was not the case.

“Come on, let’s do it! A swimsuit battle with a date with José on the line! Look at my, bi, bikini!”

“That swimsuit looks awfully weak, Chiyo. As expected, I’m the one here with the goods…”

“Ugh, that’s it. The time has come, for sexy!”

“I, I’m not going to lose.”

“Ku, su, such an unscrupulous match… but I won’t yield!”

At that time, the shoulder of the guys shook greatly when they heard the girls’ voices.

When I looked back at the familiar voices, I saw that it was… uh … uh … yeah, I forgot their names already.

Five girls were making poses in front of a crowd of onlookers.

“Ah, way to go, ladies!”

“It’s already a specialty event in this town… the battle for José, the Wizarding School’s strongest.”

“A great battle of the maidens.”

“But main star, José, on the whole…”

The townspeople also gathered at the commotion, paid attention, and a crowd started to form, but honestly, the lead… as expected, is that person, it seems.

And one man was given the show while sitting in a chair in a café. I hope he dies.

“I can’t say who’s good and who’s bad, but… I think everyone looks pretty.”

“””””ugh, come on…”””””

Eh, you’re allowed to say that!? Why are you all dissatisfied?

Well, frankly, they’re not all that bad, but… Sadiz has a body that is several times more seductive, Shinobu is more beautiful, even though she has smaller breasts… she may be a thorn in my side, but even the princess would shut them up… at least more than these five crazies.



Mortriage and the others bit their lips and tried to pass behind the crowd while pretending not to see.

They seemed to have a lot of mixed feelings about it…

“Oops… uh, ugh!”


Then, the dude, who was about to get up and should die, suddenly stumbled on nothing and crashed into the swimsuits clad girls in front of him.

Boin, Fuyon, Mugyu. Such sounds could be heard from the collision.

The dude, who should die a brutal death, had his face and hands colliding with the girls’ breasts and buttocks.

Why would that happen?

However, in this situation, no matter who they may be, any woman would have blushed red and turned hellishly furious――――

“I, I’m sorry, ‘again’ I…”

“””””Uwaa~, you perv~”””””

It felt so weird that I got chills. Eh? Are you used to it? Aren’t you rather happy about it?

The girls’ reactions were already too abnormal, it was repulsive.

“Sheesh, can’t help yourself, you!”

“So shameless… fufufu”

“You have to take responsibility!”

“Hoh~, he touched me…”

“Really, senior is always…”

Maybe if Budeo did the same thing, it would be considered a criminal act.

“Se, senior, i, if you want, right here, like this fret fret, please hold me!”

“Eh, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. What was that?”

“~~~tsu, come on, senior!”

I can confidently claim it. Even if he’s not a threat to me, I’m groaning, drop dead already, and I’m getting more and more serious about blowing this dude away.


“Hmm? Hey, those guys!”

Suddenly our eyes met, and uh, Choro bitch, I forgot who she was, screamed out.

Then, other bitches and the townspeople turned around.

“What are you… eh, hey, why are they naked? That’s disgusting!”

“Ugh, groooss! Budeo is naked, it’ll seriously rot the eyes!”

“Walking around town naked, it’s crazy…”

“You, perverts… die!”

And then, they all at once got unpleasant… no, disgusting, perverts, no, not at all, you’re all in swimsuits.

“You were at school… and you guys… naked… and what are you doing with that young child!”

And, bokoboko, the dude who should take it upon himself to go die, approached us as his eyes suddenly changed from just a while ago.

“No, I’m not doing anything wrong. This child is…”

“Shut up!”

Bang, he stomped on the ground with anger… oh, no good… now is still… three months before I can hit this dude…

“Wait, José! Look, this girl… Amae came to school too…”

“Hmm? Oh…… come to think of it…”

“They’re with us… we went out for training, and are on our way back. That’s why…”

Mortriage quickly tried to intervene.

And when he told them why we were doing this, the girls behind reacted.


“Th, that’s right…”

“Ah? Somehow, don’t you complain, Ora!”

“Oratsuki, calm down…”

“Come on, it’s all good. Let’s go quickly, what is it?

The bitches reacted to the word ‘training’. They were momentarily dumbfounded, but soon after looking to each other…

“Training… you guys, no way… pu, hey, hah? Until you got that dirty, you think you can beat José?”

“Fufufu… it’s kind of… unsightly…”

“That’s why you’re sweaty? I mean, gross. So disgusting.”

“Mortriage, too? What’s the point of trying now?”

“You can’t quietly accept defeat… I don’t feel any manly integrity.”

They were dumbfounded, then laughing… unlike the people in the town who were looking on from a distance, the bitches talked directly to them.

Mortriage and the others bowed their heads in frustration.

I was in the middle of such a scene and I involuntarily…

“Kukukuku, Kuhahahahahahahahahaha!!”

I couldn’t help laughing.

“Wh, what’s with this guy?”

“Has he gone crazy?”

Everyone looked surprised at my sudden laughter. However, I couldn’t resist it.


“No~, Mortriage… it’s fine, you guys.”


Even if they don’t like you, it wouldn’t have a negative in your life… rather, it was good for you… I almost said it out loud unintentionally.

At first, I thought that women in this country were strange, but there are also some like Karui and Elder Sis Tsukshi.

So, no big deal.

I laughed at them, they were just bitches.

“Look, the genius and the maidens seem to be uncomfortable, so let’s get going.”

With that said, I turned my back on them and tried to go back to the dojo.

“Hey, y, you! What’s with the attitude! Somehow, making a fool of us――――”

“You… Chiyo and the others… you laughed up your nose at my precious friends!!”

Don’t stomp the ground again…… the dude who I want to send flying far to the horizon.

“Hah… again…”

He couldn’t stand what I just said, so he went around in front of me and stomped on the ground again as if I was going to be intimidated.

Even the resentment of the angry girls was drowned out, as the man’s shout overpowered the girls.

And, perhaps Mortriage and the others, perhaps understanding the difference in power, stepped back slightly.

Somehow, for him to snap just like the previous occasions, such a very short-tempered guy…

『…… ears fail in the middle of conversation… feet stumble over empty space… short-tempered with sudden tantrums…. I see… in the end, for this fellow… tis already too late…』

Then, I was shocked in spite of myself, and Tre’ainar muttered with a somewhat serious expression to this dude, who faced annihilation at this rate.

What? Too late? You mean he’s a self-centered bastard who is too far gone to be helped anymore?

Well, it doesn’t matter…

“I forgave it at school, but I won’t forgive anyone who does the same thing again.”

Tre’ainar? Is it all right? Can I blow this guy away?


Tre’ainar? For some reason, stayed silent… what’s wrong?

With a somewhat serious look…

“Hmm… of course. Do forgive with thy open heart.”

A woman’s voice resounded, putting a stop to the situation.

We were left speechless by the dignified voice as if the moment had stopped.

“That is not an opponent worth thy efforts. Do not bully the weak over this.”

There she was, a monster overflowing with a presence that seemed to dominate the place by her words alone.

“”””””High Priestess!!??”””””

“…… High Priestess…”

It was a presence that surprised the entire town, and even the bitches and dude, who I wanted to hit as soon as possible, had surprised expressions.

And the High Priestess, Jamdi’el, walked past me…

“José. That’s enough.”

“High Priestess…”

I was a little surprised. These two… do they know each other…?

“I know not what happened, but… would it matter if thou fought an opponent who is too different in ability?”

“That’s … yes, but…”

“If there’s anything thou cannot compromise on, he’ll be in the tournament in three months. At that time, unleash it all and leave nothing behind.”

For a moment…… Jamdi’el glanced at me, just a moment.

In that moment her eyes sent feelings Jamdi’el directed only at me.

From the sidelines, it may sound like Jamdi’el’s words just now was a warning that “a strong guy like José shouldn’t bully the weak” but I felt quite the opposite from Jamdi’el’s fleeting gaze.

『…… Ah, I see… I now understand… Jamdi’el…』

And, Tre’ainar glared at Jamdi’el with a somewhat sullen expression.

I felt a contemptuous gaze somewhere in the eyes which looked at a former companion.

I didn’t understand the meaning at all. What the hell, why was Tre’ainar unable to stomach the current flow?

“I understand… High Priestess… if you say so…”

On the other hand, in response to Jamdi’el’s arbitration…… yes, the dude managed to respond obediently.

“Everyone, let’s go home.”


“…… I….. I’ll take everyone’s anger from today… and give it to him in three months… I don’t know if he’ll stay until he can fight me.”

Somehow, the dude endured his anger on this occasion, glared at me once with the girls, threw out the lines, and turned away.

Looking at his back, I asked Jamdi’el…

“That guy… was he someone from the dojo?”

“Hmm? No, no He used to…  just a little… kohon…… I’ve been involved with him. It’s that kind of acquaintance.”

She admitted that they were acquainted, but I was surprised.

Jamdi’el’s word “a little” was too simple…

“Is that right… but then why can’t he join the dojo? He’s a genius, isn’t he?”

“There’s a reason for that. It wouldn’t have a very good influence on the other students…”

…… that’s too cold.


I spontaneously felt chills.

Um, somehow the irritation I felt for the dude… the man named José disappeared, as a ruthless expression floated for only a moment.

The slightest movement of her mouth. Her words were inaudible.

No one here could have known what the High Priestess said at that moment.

But from the slightest mouth movements, I read:








I felt like she was saying that.

I didn’t understand the meaning of the words.

However, after meeting Amae, Karui at the church, Elder Sis Tsukshi, Mr. Machio, the dojo guys, and Mortriage and others, I had the impression that this secluded nation wasn’t so bad, and I was told, “Do your best and be strong” and I felt invigorated. But I was reminded once again.

I’m now in the palm of one of the Six Supremacy of the Demon King’s army, who once tried to destroy humanity.

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  1. Gracias por la traducción, un saludo desde República Dominicana. Cuando es que actualiza la novela?

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  2. God it really does show perfectly just how infuriating that kind of main character is when it’s viewed from the side like this.
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    1. Not true. Think about it. The main characters are often just nicer than everyone and then randomly lucky.

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    2. Maybe so. But now I only feel pity for the guy. It seems like Jamdi’el messed him up for her god resurrection plan and now he’s breaking. Hence the symptoms and Tre’ainar’s contempt. Poor guy.


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  5. Remember guys, the MC’s goal isn’t to get bitches or be popular but to be a man who could go anywhere. Being jealous or pretty anger is understandable but wasting that emotion on someone as pathetic as Josie is unnecessary.

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