Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 108

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Chapter 108 – Troublesome

My calf was bursting. My thighs are tired too.

On the first day, I guess I was too enthusiastic.

“Fu~… I had a good sweat.”

I took off my shirt, wiped my sweat while exposing my upper body, and when I looked back, I saw many dead bodies.

“Hah~, ze, ze, ze, l, like this…it’s the first time I’ve run like this…”

“O, ora, but we’ve done it, come on!”

“………… I’m gonna die.”


All of them were lying on the sandy beach, either face down or on their backs.

Mobner and Budeo seemed to have lost their voices.

However, one thing or another, somehow they ran.

“Hey, don’t suddenly stop and lie down. We need to cool down slowly.”

Well, I’m so exhausted that I can’t even exercise to cool down.

『Hmm, my Goodness… is the child acting like a teacher?』


Naturally, my knowledge was secondhand from Tre’ainar, so if you point it out, it makes me feel uncomfortable, so ignore it.

“Un, water, here.”

Then, Amae, who had gotten off my shoulder during the break, dragged a bucket of water she must have drawn from somewhere.

The moment the four dead guys saw it, they flew at the bucket with their eyes shining, and they all passed it around and drank it.

“Puaaaahhh, I, I’ve come back to life!”

“Ora… Hah, hah… Wow! I’ve never felt water so good in my life…”

“I’m crying… Somehow, tears are falling…”

“Buhii, kofu, gogu… uh, Amae is a really good girl.”

The sweetness of water at the end of the training. I understand. I know that feeling.

“Right… Un…”


And, Amae, with a “smug” expression, puffed up with pride at me. Then she stretched out on her toes a little, and presented her head to me.


There is only one way to handle this…

“Thanks. You’re so good, admirable.”


I praised and patted her. And, it seemed to be the right choice, Amae laughed with satisfaction.

And I thought about the future while letting the water of life permeate all over my body and feeling a revival.

“Well, you guys… just listen up, I want to ask you something.”

The four guys drinking water, adjusted their breaths, and rested their bodies.

They’ve been following me for some time now, and I somewhat accepted it and let them do as they like.

However, now that I’ve got that out of the way, I have to figure out what to do in the future.

“You guys, I understand you want to train because you want to change… but as I said earlier, if you’re training the same as me, you should also identify your own individual traits, right?”

Even if you are influenced by someone and try to imitate them, it may not suit you.

I was like that.

I admired my father, chased after him, and picked up a magic sword.

However, when I met Tre’ainar and he decided to guide me, it led to something that better suited me, and I realized that I had become stronger.

“What are you guys good at?”

『My goodness… attempting to get people to match what suits their personality… tis like just someone else’s coaching policy… let me see, who could it be?』

No, it’s not like I’m going to teach them. I’m just listening.

On top of that, it’s these guys who think about what to do.

So listen. What suits your personality?

However, when they heard it, these guys had indescribable expressions, thought, and respectively gave answers which they were confident with.

“I… had pride in my attack magic… before, but not as good as José…”

“I… help out at home chopping wood… an axe… but before José’s power…”

“I’m not satisfactory at anything, I’m not… like José who’s good at everything…”

“I can eat as much sweets as I want… although I’ve never eaten the homemade treats from the school girls that José always eats.”

When it came to this, I thought that it had nothing to do with my training and almost put it into words, but I held back.

I’m not so demonic as to say, “Well, all of today’s content is meaningless to you.”

“Aaah… what should I do…”

Maybe, can I help you anymore?

While scratching my head, I looked at the ocean in front of me.

Thinking about it, it’s been a long time since I came to the sea.

I was so absorbed in training, but when I took a break and looked at it… I wondered…… my body was already covered in sweat and sand… so, without worrying about anything…

“…… hmm~ … right! Uorryaaaaaah!”


I dove straight into the sea.

The water was salty, it got in my eyes, but it was cold, and I didn’t care about the details, so I wanted to be refreshed for the time being.

“Tahahaha… to the sea…”

Then, Mortriage and the others who were a little surprised at my sudden action…

“… hahaha …”


“Me too!”

“I’m going in!”

All four of them took off their sweaty tops and jumped into the sea.

“Haha, it feels good… I didn’t know… the water is so delicious… the sea feels so good…”

“Ora! Dahahahaha!”

“U~…… I could come here at any time… I feel like I haven’t been in the sea for a long time…”

“Puha, m, me, now that you mentioned it, I couldn’t swim when I was a kid, and since then I’ve been in the ocean … oh … I’m floating …”

The cold water splashed up and I realized that my worries were gone… it was refreshing… I had fun.

That’s why I decided to think a little bit about it and not rush to answer.

“Well…… just now… I’m sorry for the question… unexpectedly…… I didn’t know… about myself.”


“What I thought I was good at, I didn’t really have the talent for… thinking about it, I was really talented in a field I hadn’t even thought of… I didn’t really know about myself.”

Seeing the guys who had smiling expressions on their exhausted faces, I got a little shy, but carried on my little narration.

Yes, I just asked them what they’re good at, but I don’t know if what they think they’re good at in the first place was really their talent or personality.

“You guys… when we get back to the dojo, I’ll spar you a little bit. I’ll take a look at you in my way.”

I thought I was good at magic swords, but Tre’ainar told me otherwise…

“Well, I don’t know if that’s really going to go beyond that insensitive deaf bastard… well, if you’re going to do your best, I’ll see what I can do…”

“”””Oh! So, please do!””””

So, in fact, you have to look directly at it.

Are you okay with that? Before I heard that, the four nodded happily, and, well, I decided to go out with them a little more.

『Oi, did you not say it would be troublesome or you had your hands full with yourself?』

「Shut it. Things just ended up this way… besides…… well …… these guys, they’re clinging somewhat to the thought of changing… I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why…」

I naturally responded to Tre’ainar’s words.

Yes, somehow I understood how they felt.

I felt that the way they were rotting because they were troubled by the wall called José overlapped with the complex feelings I once had for the princess, Rebal and Fu.

「They’re doing their best… I can’t ignore that…」

『Hoh~… is that so』

Whether he thought I was “Overly optimistic” or not, Tre’ainar, a little taken aback, laughed.


“Un! Unsho! Unsho!”

And maybe she was envious after seeing us in the ocean, Amae also had a one-piece sister outfit…

“”””Don’t do that!””””

“Unhoh~! Amae was taking it off!”


Before she takes off her clothes, we all together… except for one person, stopped Amae.

Or, I’m sure that one of the girls was already right in her assessment.

“Geez, a lady shouldn’t undress.”

“……? …… Only Amae… left out?”

“…… No, I didn’t …… mean that…”

“…… Mu~…”.

The men alone took off their tops, jumped into the sea, and made a pleasant splash.

Could a child stay silent when they see it? No, no.

Far from jumping in, she was not allowed to undress.

It may be reasonable for her to get sulky, but…

“Look, next time. Bring your bathing suit next time.”

“…… next time? When? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?”

“…… Well, soon. I mean, the sea is so close.”

“…… Promise? For sure? It’s not a lie?”

“Uh huh, yeah yeah, I promise I promise.”

“Can we all come together? Big sister, Uncle, Karui, High Priestess and Goddess.”

“Ah~, come on, I get it I get it, I promise… tsu, Jam… High Priestess? Hmm? Goddess…?”

I was very careful not to make her cry, and I honestly thought it was troublesome, but I casually made a promise.

Then she managed to endure it, and her cheeks puffed a little, and she said ‘Muh~’, but she didn’t cry.


「…… what…」

Then, Tre’ainar, who had been watching the whole thing without saying much, started giggling

『This girl, and these fellows… the child seems good at taking care of them, regardless of what was said. Well, I believe tis why you can make yourself understood by Ogres and Hoodlums…』

「Nu…… what…… are you complimenting me …」

『Well, I do not speak ill of you. Besides, in my training plan, I was thinking not only to train with others, but also have the child gain experience in teaching others… to learn what a leader could learn.』

「Eh? Is that right?」

『Well. So you ought to give it a try.』

「No, but I just thought I’d look at them in my way, not give some guidance… as far as leading them… and what if my method is wrong…」

『Worry not. I shall give counsel as needed. Do not think I would let the child suddenly do everything from start to finish, so be at ease.』

Tre’ainar laughs at me like “I’m good at taking care of you”, but I’m going to do my best in my heart.

「You’re the one who takes care of me the most!」


So, if I really look after them, then I must have taken after my master.


Ah, he silently faced the other way, feeling embarrassed.

『I am not embarrassed!』

He was embarrassed.

Author’s Note

I would like to thank all of you for your “Congratulations”.

It’s the first time so many people have said congratulations on my birthday.

I’m glad I was born!

When I noticed, I had 3,000 impressions… No, there were 3000 impacts! From now on, the impression is called impact.

It is the first time that I have had an impact on a single novel so far, and I am deeply moved by various emotions as well as drills.

By the way, I was born in 1986. Recently, I became a fairly ossan, since it is already easy to say “Eh!? Showa?” but I think that an ossan is a kid who has a little bit of common sense and has a little more hair, and even now I still read what a boy does every week, and my heart is that of a boy. I will continue to do my best, so I’d be happy if you could get along with me.

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