Serra – Epilogue

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── ── The last fight is over.

Sakura was the first to fall.

Then Serra, as if following her, also collapsed.

After losing consciousness for a few days, she suddenly opened her eyes and walked aimlessly through an uninhabited world.

She couldn’t put any strength on her knees, and kept wandering around with an unsteady gait.

There was certainly no purpose. She was moving her feet without thinking. Yet, her legs kept walking in a clear direction.

“…… I can’t go on.”

Serra muttered.

She didn’t know where she was heading to.


Then Serra arrived in front of a grave marker.

It said…




Tears overflew from Serra’s eyes at a glance at the grave marker.

She didn’t know the name. She couldn’t remember any memories.

Serra could only understand that this person was a cherished loved one.

That’s why Serra said those words in the end.

“──── I’m home”

Immediately after.

As if her thread had broken, Serra lost her strength and fell to the ground.

Her vision became black. The sound of the wind disappeared. The smell of soil vanished. Her body was getting colder.

Her five senses slowly died, and finally her mind was about to disappear.

Just before that, Serra was sure she heard it.

『──── Welcome back, Serra』

Celestia Valentine smiled quietly.

Slowly, she fell asleep.

── So, I Will Kill You Here. END

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