Serra – Final Chapter

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Final Chapter – So, I Will Kill You Here

──── It was a sunny, clear, cloudless day.

The time was approaching noon, but there were no people to be seen in any city, and all was silent.

It’s as it should be. Because all the people of this world were dead.


Celestia Valentine looked at the scene expressionlessly.

Her sky-blue eyes were cloudy, and her white hair stained with blood. On the contrary, there were blood stains upon her cheek and upon her clothes, on every corner of her body.

Gillian. Karen. Olivia. Kirino. Hazel. She killed her enemies, and sometimes took her companions’ lives to build up a pile of corpses.

In the process, she lost her emotions, memories, and cherished people.

All Sera could do was stand there. Now she was like a broken machine that only responded to the living. Her heart had long since died.

It won’t be long before her soul dies.

“Hey, Serra. That’s a terrible state ✩.”

Sakura appeared from behind.

Serra, whose name was called, looked back with narrowed pupils.

With her eyes like clouded glass, she stared at Sakura.


“You’ve already forgotten your words. Just like that, you’re now a killing machine?”

Sakura couldn’t help but cower her shoulders at Serra’s lack of response.

Certainly, she thoroughly hurt Serra’s spirit in order to proceed with the ‘plan’. However, it was unexpected that its culmination would turn out to be so mechanical. And above all, it was boring for Sakura.

Here was the person who killed Riko. At the very least, Sakura wanted them to clash with all their emotions, that’s what she really wanted.


“…You are the same as me.”


“So, I will kill you here.”

Serra pulled out her sword with murderous intention in her eyes.

Sakura whistled when she heard the word, and was in good spirits.

“What, you can talk?”

Sakura gasped in admiration.

Then they shut their mouths and stared at each other.

The silence that followed. Was it less than a second, or  had it been that way for hours?

The two looked at each other so much that they couldn’t even understand the sense of time.

At the same time, they clashed.

Serra, holding the sword with both hands, thrusted it into Sakura’s chest.

Sakura pierced Serra’s clothes with her right hand and penetrated her heart.

There was a hole in both chests, and a large amount of blood was shed.


Sakura laughed and brought her face closer to Serra.

Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and Sakura opened her mouth.

“Nice. Those eyes are the best. Giggle, after all killing each other should be like this.”


Sakura’s purpose was to die. If so, she should be killed quietly, but that’s not fair.

If you come with the intention of killing her, she will kill you with all her might. That was a true ‘Death Battle’, and it was also the final test to see if Serra, who was led this far, could really kill Sakura.

Serra did not respond to Sakura’s words, instead pulled out her sword and tried to regain her posture.

However, Sakura grasped the blade with her left arm, pulled the right arm which had been embedded in the chest, and made a knife appear from the spot.

As soon as she grabbed the knife, she immediately thrust it into Serra’s right eye.

The feeling of the eyeball being crushed. She immediately felt it penetrate deeply, and it got lodged as it reached the frontal bone of the skull.

The pain would be intolerable, even for Hazel, who was burning in hatred. Because ‘pain’ was the poison that kills the Undying.



“Eh!? It can’t be, right?!?”

Serra cut off Sakira’s right arm without a single change in expression.

Sakura gasped, terrified at the sight of it.

The pain now should be so severe that even Sakura doesn’t want to experience it. Yet, it was dispelled with ease.

“No way…!”

Sakura instantly regenerated her right arm and quickly jumped to Serra’s right side.

Then, as soon as her fingertip touched the lower abdomen, she exercised Cecilia’s ‘Dominion’, ‘Divine Punishment’.

A special ability to condense all the pain in the world, whether inorganic or organic, and channel it into the opponent.

The pain was so severe that if even if the Undying received the slightest bit of it, they would go insane.

Even after receiving it, Serra is still.



No doubt. As Sakura predicted, Serra has lost all sense of pain.

Pain was the minimum necessary defense response of all living things. Naturally, if this is lost, living things would not be able to protect themselves from any crisis. For the Undying, it might be convenient, but it was very troublesome for Sakura at the moment.

Even so, Serra’s soul was on the verge of collapse. If the fight was prolonged any longer, she may fall first.

If that happened, all of Sakura’s ‘plans’ would be ruined. This time she would live in solitude forever in this empty world.

“…… tsu! That alone I won’t acce────gaha!?”

Shuddering at the thought of her own imagination, Sakura was about to reflexively scream, when she was suddenly struck in the gut.

Serra hit her with the hilt of her sword. Her breath was taken away and she was momentarily disoriented.

Seeing that opening, Serra held the sword in the other hand and pierced through Sakira’s brain.

“Ku, Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh!!”

Feeling the shock of the world turning over, Sakura raised her voice while holding on to her consciousness which was about to be lost, and exercised her ‘Dominion’.

Shortly after, Serra’s limbs were amputated. However, as she had reached the ‘Critical point’, her body regenerated at a terrific rate.

In the meantime, Sakura pulled out the sword and threw it away.


Serra turned around and tried to close the distance to the side of the sword with ‘Black Shadow’ while regenerating her body.


“Won’t, let you!!”

Sakura also uses her ‘Dominion’ to teleport to the sword. Sakura arrived a step earlier, grabbed the sword, turned around, and stabbed Serra’s forehead as she was approaching in before her eyes.

“Guh, ah……… tsu!?”

“Hah… Hah~…… that’s it!”

For the first time, Serra groaned in pain and distorted her expression.

It was about time Serra reached her limit. If they show any pretense of sanity, that was the end of the Undying. Soon after, Serra would ‘collapse’.

Here, if she killed her, Sakura will have to wait a tremendously long time for humanity to prosper again, and restart the ‘plan’ from scratch. Or, would the spirit of Sakura be exhausted before the human beings could be revived? Either way, she had nothing but the hellish future, where endless loneliness awaited her.

But still.

This fight needed to be settled.

Then, Sakura tried to thrust the sword at Serra.

Butori, her right wrist had fallen off.

“…… eh?”

Not knowing why, Sakura made a stunned voice.

Blood overflowed from the cross section, and although she was about to lose consciousness, she couldn’t help but look at Serra.

Her mouth.

She could see flesh of her own skin tone from its corners.

“Huh!!!!!???? Ga, aaaaah, uooaaaahh!!!!????”

Sakura’s thoughts burst open at Serra’s unusual action.

Panicked with fear and confusion, she repeatedly punched Serra in the face.

However, Serra did not remain nonresistant, but in the same way punched Sakura in the face.

Before they knew it, the two wrestled, riding on each other, rolling and beating each other over and over again.

“What is this, you? Die, die now!!!!”

“Ku, gufu, gaha!? Aaaaaaaaahh!!!!”

However, Sakura was not the only one who was frantic.

Serra also panicked once she experienced pain, and repeatedly hit Sakura with an indescribable cry.

Sometimes they bit each other, sometimes they crushed each other’s eyes, sometimes they strangled each other.

They rejected, denied, and ostracized each other.

There was no hatred between them. There was only fear by incomprehensibility.

The endless fear swallowed them, their reason was lost, and their spirits shattered.

So, they continued to reject each other until one of them falls. That long battle continued…

“Huh … kahah …”

“Keho, Goho …”

The two glared at each other, breathing heavily.

Their entire body shuddered and shivered, and bubbles of blood spurt out from the edge of their lips.

Each of their limits have long since been reached.

Therefore, the next move would be the last.

“”Kill you…!””

Both of them shouted the words with murderous intent at the same time.

A clash occurred.


One person fell to the ground.

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