Serra – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Worst Date Day ②

The girl with a strange atmosphere called herself Hazel.

With passion in her eyes, the “Revenge Demon” asked.

“Do you know of Cecilia Waitley?”

A gentle age-appropriate smile.

However, Hazel approached Olivia and others without concealing the unspeakable expression.

“Ce, Cecilia… I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

“Oh, I don’t know either.”

In fact, they don’t even know Cecilia, let alone how to contact Cecilia.

So while Olivia and Gillian were frightened by her fierce expression, they had to answer honestly.

“Is that so?”

Did he predict the answer? Hazel made a slight murmur, without changing her complexion.

Hazel looked up and asked Olivia and others again with a happy expression.

“Then do you have any idea who Celestia Valentine is?”


Her words made them both gasp at the same time.

Hazel, who did not miss the sign from the two, slightly raised her eyebrow.

―――― This is bad.

Olivia intuitively knew that, stared at Hazel and asked her back.

“…… What do you have to do with her?”

“Cecilia is an Undying and the target of my revenge.”


Olivia and others braced themselves at her unexpected words.

“And Serra has the power to kill the Undying.”

“What was that-?”


As Olivia was puzzled by Hazel’s words, Gillian suddenly let out a small voice as if something came to mind.

…… I gave it up.

Hazel didn’t miss that moment.

Soon after, Hazel quickly turned around behind Gillian and began to squeeze her throat.



“Please do not move!!”

Gillian shouted and stopped Olivia as she was about to run up.

While securing the airways so as not to completely choke Gillian, she approached Olivia and took a breath.

“…… My Dominion is called ‘Industrial Fire’. I can freely control and manipulate flames, like this.”

Immediately after, flames emerged from Hazel’s arm and began to burn Gillian’s throat.

“Ahhh!? Aaaaaaaaah!!”

“Stop it!!”

“Of course.”

The flame disappeared from Gillian’s arm.

I wonder if she was too careless, but fortunately Gillian had only suffered a slight burn.

However, there is no time to express such a generous impression.

“What… What’s the point?”

“So, all you have to do is tell me where Serra is.”

With a cold expression, Hazel says.

“Serra could kill my revenge target. The one that could interfere should be erased first, right?”

“You’ve been joking for a while….”

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill her.”


She once again put strength into her arm and tormented Gillian’s neck.



―――― What should I do?

Olivia desperately spun her thoughts as she felt sweat flowing down from her forehead.

―――― Better yet, why don’t you just say that?

I got it. She is the only stranger I just met the other day. There’s no reason to go that far. I was originally trying to go into exile. Besides, isn’t she immortal? I’m sorry about Serra, but a little betrayal…

“…… Se, ior, ha…”

All of a sudden, Gillian spoke with a thin voice.

Olivia looked up at the voice, and Hazel frowned suspiciously.

“Sen, ior…… today, Rika…… and, day, the promise of to…… a date…I did. Shut up, so…no, don’t. . . interfere…. gah!”

―――― After all, she was just another person.

Why is she so close to Serra? How can she worry about others even if your life is in danger? How can she be so kind?

At this time, Olivia was impressed by Gillian’s figure.

And, she had indeed made up her mind.

―――― At least I don’t want to betray her kindness.

“…… Is that so?”

Hazel, on the other hand.

Talked with a cold expression.

Mercilessly squeezing Gillian’s neck with all her strength.

“Then, she may turn to ashes here.”

“Eh!? Stop it!!”

Olivia’s heartbreaking screams are empty.

The flame erupted from Hazel’s arm, and Gillian was mercilessly burned down.

―――― It was supposed to be.

“………… tch”

A small clicking of the tongue.

After an expression like having swallowed a bitter worm, Hazel gently released Gillian’s neck.

And Gillian collapsed.

“Huh…Hah………Ms. Olivia…”


“Oh, it’s a shame. The call here is very bad timing.”

Without looking at the two, Hazel turned around and walked.

Olivia immediately stood up and held up a handgun, but Hazel had already disappeared at the time.

Although she was puzzled by the tense event in a short time, she remembered Gillian and ran up to her.

“Gillian, are you all right?”

“Eho, keho, I, I’m all right…”

Gillian laughed weakly as she held her throat.

Even at times like this, Gillian’s concern to not let others worry about her, almost moved Olivia to tears. But Olivia held back and kept Gillian in her arms.

“We’ll see Iris soon. Hold on till then!”

“I’m sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologize!”

Olivia ran off without even eyeing the surprise of the people passing by.

To help Gillian as soon as possible.

Perhaps, for the first time, Olivia was moving for someone else.




In the city where colors other than white, black, and ash disappeared.

Riko and I were walking silently side by side.

We both walked on our way home awkwardly, without holding hands.

“………… Serra”


Why is my voice trembling?

“At least, can we hold hands?”

“………… Uh-huh.”

I’m happy about Riko’s proposal, but honestly I didn’t feel like it.

It’s really the worst feeling.

I thought it would be a fun date, but it was completely ruined because of Sakura.

However, because Riko suggested it to overcome this awkward atmosphere, I couldn’t dismiss it and I held her hand.

…… It’s strange that I can feel a sense of security just by that.

“I’m really sorry, I made you feel weird.”

“No, it’s okay. Originally, it’s Sakura’s fault.”

“……!? Yeah, right………”

As soon as she heard the word ‘Sakura’, Riko’s body trembled greatly.

The words that followed were shaky, and her eyes were fidgeting.

It seems thoughts of the past evoked great fear in her.

“…… Hey, Riko. If you really don’t like it, you don’t have to talk about it, okay?”

“I’m sorry, that’s not it! I’m okay, I’ll talk to you!”


“So, won’t Serra talk to me properly?”


I turned my face towards Riko.

With her eyes moistened, she stared straight at me.

“I want to know about Serra, too.”


I looked away, muzzled by Rika’s words.

―――― Ah, again.

I’m trying to run away again. Riko is trying to face me this much, but I keep trying to run away.

It’s only natural that I lose my girlfriend.

I was indulging(growing late) in such self-loathing at the time.

Bon, and then.

A ball hit my feet.


I picked it up, and when I looked forward, a little girl was standing in front of me.

Maybe she dropped the ball while playing with it.

I approached her and gave her the ball.

“Did you drop this?”

I asked her so gently.

But the girl did not affirm or deny my question.


With a grin.

She turned a crazy smile to me that a little girl should never have.


I felt fear at that face, and immediately fell back.

Splat, with a sticky sound.

The face of the girl in front of me popped.


I can’t understand what happened.

All I could do was utter such a hollow voice.

Warm splashes and soft sticky objects adhered to my cheeks.

Black liquid and the girl’s face were scattered all over.

The girl, whose face was missing from the neck up, lost her balance and fell abruptly.

“………… ah, eh, eh?”

Too bizarre and unreal.

So I could not recognize the scene in front of me or what was going on. No, I had abandoned it.

It was as if my instinct was appealing that I must not understand.

But Riko had also faced the scene.



Unfortunately, Riko saw and understood the moment the girl’s head burst in front of her.

Large tears were shed from both eyes, the roar continued from the throat, breathing became difficult, and finally, the contents of the stomach were vomited, as she could not bear it.

―――― Perhaps the greatest misfortune for Riko was not losing consciousness in such a situation.



Splat! Splat!! Splat!!!

Because the people around us lost their heads all at once.


Was it my voice? Was it Riko’s?

I didn’t know. It didn’t matter either way. We were both screaming.

A horrific, crazy, and bizarre tragedy was taking place right before us. I couldn’t bear to witness such a scene.

―――― Looking back, I should have been wary when Sakura appeared.

We had already fallen into her trap.

That the Undying had already been close by.

“Ehehehehehehe. Amazing right, amusing right, isn’t it fun?”

Katsu~, the sound of footsteps from ahead.

There is one main guest on the scene decorated with blood, organs and lumps of flesh.

The girl, who looks like a corpse-eating demon(Zombie), with stitch marks carved all over her body and skin dyed blue

She spread her torn mouth, stuck out her tongue, and sneered.

“My~ Name~ Is~ Rinka Akasaki(Kosaki Rika), that’s what I’m called. From now on, everyone, I’ll be killing you, do give your best regards.”

――――The feast of pure ‘malice’ begins.

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