Serra – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – ‘Death Eater’ Rinka Akasaki

A shopping street is filled with blood, organs and flesh, due to the heads of all the people around us popping off.

The culprit was a single girl.

Bright semi-short black hair and black eyes.

Her entire body was covered in stitch marks, and her skin was bluish, full of bruises, congestion, and corrosion. The left and right arms are also very small, but their thickness differs. It was as if the body had been spliced together.

It was unhealthy, with no sense of life.

I got the impression as if she were a death eater(Zombie).

But what surprised me was not her appearance.

It was her name.

“Aka, saki…………”

Akasaki. She certainly called herself “Akasaki.”

Her full name is “Rinka Akasaki”.

Isn’t it similar to Riko Akasaki, who’s right next to me? No, no way, it can’t be.

It can’t be like that.

I turned my eyes to Riko.

“Uhhh…. why………?”


Her eyes were wide open and she was trembling.

The expression on her face as if she had seen something unbelievable.

Oh, no.

Her reaction confirmed my suspicion.

――――Please, Riko. Deny it.

But Riko, from her trembling lips, uttered:

“… sister…?”


Sister. Sister. Sister…—.

Riko’s words ruminate in me.

In my relationship with Riko, she never mentioned her existence


A family member, someone she’s prone to care about more than me.

This obviously bizarre person, I didn’t want to believe that they were someone like that.


“Sister, why…? Why are you here……?”

Rico interrupted me to say a few words to her “sister”.

It’s as if someone we reunited with after years had changed.

No, it is natural to think that they have changed after seeing that figure.

On the other hand, Rinka opened her torn mouth and stuck out a red tongue to answer.

“Who are you?”

“………… What?”

“………… Eh?”

At Rinka’s remark, both Riko and I simultaneously lost our words.

She asked, tilting her head to an angle that clearly should not be humanly bent.

“I~ don’t know you though, right?”

Afterwards, Riko was stunned for a while by Rinka’s reply.

Weeping from both eyes, Riko began to cry, as if the dam had been broken.

“Huh, wait, sister! It’s me! Riko Akasaki! That’s the name you gave me!”

“I don’t know.”

“It was sister who taught me everything I know! Even about the Eastern country!”

“I don’t know.”

“At that time, she let me go, hoping for me to live!!”

“So I don’t know!”

“No way……”

Riko covered her face with her hands and started crying.

I don’t know what kind of past Riko had. Through this exchange, it was clear that she had a close relationship with Rinka.

…… Still, she is the enemy now. At least she doesn’t remember Riko, but she’s surely the cause of the current misery.

After all, she’s an Undying. There is no doubt.

If so, she is the target to take out. There should be no forgiveness for Undying who indulge their madness and kill people at random…!

“Oh, a sword preference. So you’re Celestia Valentine?”

“You know my name… After all, this was Sakura’s doing! 」

“Oh!? Serra, what are you doing!?”

Rika looked up at Rinka’s words and gave a surprised voice when she saw me with the drawn sword.

“I’m sorry, Riko. I don’t know much about this person. But I know this is an enemy. So, I have to kill her.”

“Sera, wait, stop!”

Instead of waiting for Riko’s still voice, I ran towards her.

Rinka, on the other hand, doesn’t look timid, just laughed as her body trembled.

Without hesitation, I thrust my sword into Rinka’s heart.


Riko’s heartbreaking scream echoed from behind.

The moment I heard it, I felt an inexpressible emotion.

―――― Why are you only looking at this person? Why don’t you look at me? Why are you telling me to stop?

Why, why, and why?


An emotion that had never sprung up on me before, spread in my chest and swirled in a dark, black eddy.

Frustration with myself, irritation with Riko, anger with Rinka.

They gathered, and I couldn’t control the overflowing emotions as I looked up towards Rinka.

Finally, I realized the abnormality she has.

“Oh my~”

Even though she was stabbed in the chest, Rinka was smiling calmly without moaning in pain.

But, she was Undying. It’s no surprise that she doesn’t feel any pain.

Yes, no surprise there.

If you don’t feel pain, you are more likely to be able to move in the state that you are pierced. So I pulled out my sword first, moved back and took some distance.

The Rinka’s blood sprayed out of the penetrating wound…. that never happened.

On the contrary, there was no blood on my sword.


What’s going on?

The Undying are immortal to the last. Rather than “revive even if you die”, they “stay alive without dying”. Therefore, the parts, organs, and components necessary for the body continue to regenerate.

In a word, it would be strange if no blood was flowing.

In this case, it’s like. It’s as if she really is a death eater(Zombies) isn’t it?

“Ehhehehe, have you noticed?”

As usual, Rinka laughed while shaking her body.

“I~ passed away, you know. That time. ‘Mother’ remodeling it. I~ came back to life.”

“Back to life…”

“No, way…”

Both Rika and I are speechless at her words.

Resuscitation of the dead.

An area that has proven impossible even with all scientific knowledge or paranormal forces beyond science.

Was she saying that Sakura accomplished it?

Was the collapse of her personality the price?

But honestly I couldn’t believe her story. I couldn’t believe it because it was so unrealistic.

…… And perhaps Riko didn’t want to believe that the most.

“Oh, no, lie…. it’s a lie, it’s not true!”


Riko, her body trembling, screamed while holding her head.

“Then, at that time, sister died…. ah, it’s me…. It’s my fault! Because I ran away then!”

“Riko, calm down!”

“I’m sorry, please……, I’m sorry! If it weren’t for me, if sister didn’t take my place, I’d be like this, aah, aaaaaaaaaaahh!!!”


I want to run over to Riko, who is in a panic, but with the enemy in front of me, I can’t act carelessly.

Then, turning my eyes back towards Rinka, I realized another abnormality from her.

Her left breast that I stabbed. The wound still remained there.

The wound did not heal and remained intact.

…… In other words, she doesn’t have the ability to regenerate.

…… In other words, she will die if she stops functioning.

…… In other words, it would be easy to kill her.

“………… Aha.”

I thought about it that far.

And there was a clicking in my head.

At the same time, there was a sound of something breaking in me.

“Huh!? No, Serra, please stop!”

I heard Riko’s voice behind me.

But this time her words didn’t resonate with me. I didn’t care about Riko’s circumstances anymore.

Rinka Akasaki. I don’t care as long as I can kill her now.

For that, it is necessary to close the distance.

Move enough to reduce the gap to zero in an instant. Thinking normally, that kind of thing is impossible. I had no choice but to approach one step at a time.

However, I was able to imagine a way to do that, strangely enough.

―――― With this, I can kill!


It must have been Riko, making a last protest to stop me.

The moment I started to move and Rika grabbed my back.

For a moment. For only a moment, my vision was covered with black darkness.

Immediately after, Rinka’s face was right in front of me.



Riko raised a voice of surprise and Rinka a voice of confusion, as I, who should have been grasped, disappeared.

In the meantime, I swung the sword down her neck.

Span, and then.

Suddenly, Rinka’s head danced in the air.

And, Rinka’s head fell to the ground.

Blood didn’t flow.

But I did. I certainly felt it, as I cut off the source of her life.

…… But what is this strange excitement?

“Oh, ah… Sis, ter………”


Rika, who witnessed her sister’s head being severed before her eyes, murmured weakly as she shed tears.

Weeping, just before she raised a scream.

Only the mouth on Rinka’s head moved.

“Aah, how vexing. I’m done for this time.”

“…… Ah!?”

“………… sister!?”

All of a sudden, Riko and I were both surprised as Rinka spoke.

Rinka laughed when she heard that.

“Oh, but I’m going to die very soon. I think I’ll be dead in a few minutes.”

“So, what do you mean by that?

An unusual situation, talking to a girl who’s only a head.

I am conscious of that, but I asked her questions.

“I’ve got a lot of ‘bodies’ still. I’m still an immortal, aren’t I? I’m not a small fish that ends with this level.”

“You’re not dead yet…”

Come to think of it, Sakura said it was necessary to break through the “critical point” in order to kill the Undying.

She says she still has a body. Her immortality of a completely different nature from the Undying who regenerate the body. So far it is apparently a fact that it is impossible to die unless the soul is killed.

When I thought about it that far, Rinka murmured abruptly to me.

“But it was weird. I’m still using Dominion, right? But my Dominion should only work on humans.”

“………… Eh?”

It only works on humans.

But we didn’t see her using Dominion. It only looked like she was standing on the spot.

“Well, Celestia Valentine is Undying and quit being a human anyway.”

There was only one objection to that remark, but I couldn’t afford to argue.

Right. Not only me, but it doesn’t seem to work Riko either.

――――No, what am I thinking? It can’t be that. There’s no way it’s that?


Rinka laughed to the last and said what I wanted to deny.

“That Riko right there next to you, is that girl really human?

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