Serra – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – ‘The Vandal’ Alice Westblood


Riko woke up with a jump.

A dimly lit road. Apparently, Sakura and her friend are gone.

There was no wound on her chest to be found anywhere, only the fresh, beautiful skin peculiar to the girl.

However, she couldn’t forget the pain she received from Sakura and her whole body was drenched with sweat.

“Haa…… Haa….. where…..?”

Looking around, it was like a shopping street.

The city is usually busy, but the residents have evacuated and the area is quiet.

Riko was confused for a while due to unstable memories of before and after, but she finally understood the situation and immediately stood up.

“ts? That’s right, Serra!?”

On the way, she was attacked by a young Undying with a sword and Sakura, but they are nowhere to be found.

However, it is unlikely that they would leave the city immediately. And Sakura said she called all the Undying to this city. In other words, the threat has not yet passed.

She must join Serra as soon as possible.

Recalling the horror and pain she suffered when she was attacked by Sakura, she began to desperately scream Serra’s name and started running, even though her heart went wild and her breathing was in disarray.

“Serra! Serra!! Please, where are you?”

――――But the goddess of fate did not smile so easily.

“Serra, Serra! Where is it, Se ―――― gah?”

“Yes, that’s it. These are dangerous times, so go around screaming people’s names when you get lost. Especially with dangerous people like us on the prowl.”

Shock and pain from behind, Riko falls down.

On her back, someone placed their foot and mercilessly put their weight on it.

“Ei, aaaaaaaah!!”

“Yes, be quiet. Make too much noise, and I’ll kill you.”

Jaki, and a light metallic sound. At the same time, something hard was thrust onto her head.

Riko realized that it was a muzzle and stiffened unintentionally.

The person behind her spoke in a satisfied voice at the reaction.

“Yes, that’s it. Thank you very much. So, do you mind if I ask one question?”

“So, the question …?”

She tries to turn her eyes behind, her voice shaking with fear.

Suddenly, the girl behind brought her lips close to her ear.

Exhaling, the girl asks.

“What’s your relationship with Serra?”

“—! That’s…”

After Serra’s name was mentioned, Riko stopped mumbling.

Perhaps she is acquainted with the name, ‘Serra’, not Celestia Valentine. However, given the current situation, she is definitely an enemy.

Convinced, Riko finally turns around and glares at the person behind her.

There stood a pretty girl with long blonde hair and light blue eyes with a little bit of a childish look.

―――― But, her outfit was much too eccentric.

Wearing a black Gothic dress, her left leg was worn in knee-high socks that stretched to the base of her thighs, while her right leg was exposed to her bare ankles. She held a stuffed animal toy in her left arm and in her right arm she held an ill-matching Submachine gun(SMG).

It was the stuffed animal especially that made Riko tremble.

It was a cute little stuffed animal modeled after a pink rabbit, but no matter where you look at it, you’ll see a spruce-covered, cruel appearance. There were a lot of red stitches on its right leg, and the left hand was missing from the wrist, revealing a large amount of cotton. The right eye slipped off, the left half of the face was joined with a black cloth, and the left eye part was stuck in a way that looked like a real eyeball popping out.

Even if it was played with until it became worn out, this is overkill. It’s only eerie without a shred of cuteness.

Riko, who caught a glimpse of madness from her lovingly holding such a doll, turns her animosity toward her, even though she is scared.

Alice was very pleased at the appearance.

“You were calling Serra’s name. She seems to have complete trust in you. A lover perhaps?”

“If so, what …!”

“Does your lack of denial actually mean this thread is valid?”


Riko stared at the girl without answering her question.

However, her attitude seemed to affirm the previous question implicitly. The girl who noticed it sighed loudly.

Then, Riko regretted her slight defiance.

“Don’t be rude”

A sudden change from her previous calm attitude, the girl whispered in a quiet, angry voice.

Immediately after, she kicked Riko in the face.

“Gah ――――,……ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

There was a momentary pause in her consciousness, and immediately after she woke up, she felt severe pain.

The taste of iron spread as the inside of the mouth had been cut. Her nose was completely broken, and blood flowed without stopping.

The girl trampled on Riko’s face, as she was writhing with pain and rage.

“Ugh, aaaaaaah…… !!!!”

“So noisy. I said I’d kill you if you made too much noise.”

She smiled, as though her previous fit of anger was a lie, but relentlessly trampled Riko.

“I’ve decided. I’ll take you hostage.”

“Kuh, uh … what are you …!?”

Trembling with pain and fear, Riko raised her face again and glared at the girl.

On the other hand, the girl still stomped on Riko’s face and responded without breaking her dull attitude.

“Me? My name is Alice Westblood. I’m Serra’s ex-girlfriend.”

“What …!?”

At the unexpected answer, Riko’s thoughts involuntarily stopped.

Alice, on the other hand, grabbed Riko’s hair as she was frozen, and ignoring her pain, dragged her.

And walked for a few minutes. She arrived at a meat shop.

“I’m sorry to bother you. Old man, I’ll be renting this shop.”

“What? Young lady, are you running too—”

Then, a continuous sound of gunshots.

Before the shopkeeper could say anything, Alice had pulled the trigger on the Submachine gun(SMG) in her right hand.

A large number of air holes open from the abdomen to the chest, and the man fell while dripping blood and offal.

After witnessing the scene, Riko screamed for a while, but couldn’t control the vomiting sensation that had risen and began to cry.

“Ugh, ~ah, aah… ugh, o~.”

“Oh, no, a girl shouldn’t do such a filthy thing. Control yourself.”

Then Alice takes out a handkerchief from her pocket and forces Riko to bite on it.

The vomit that was coming up lost its exit, so she swallowed it somehow while wringing her face with heartburn pain and disgust.

Alice, nodding to her satisfaction, took out a chair and violently threw Riko into it.

As soon as she was released, Riko tried to resist, but the muzzle was pointed at her forehead and she froze with fear.

“Yes, that’s it. If you keep quiet, I won’t kill you.”

Then Alice takes out a rope and dexterously binds Riko to the chair.

After confirming that she was restrained and unable to move, Alice removed the handkerchief from Riko’s mouth.

“Pwah……! Such a thing…. what do you plan to do?”

She glared at Alice while trembling with fear.

Perhaps impressed by her spirit, Alice whistled in a good mood and answered.

“I think you have a vague idea. I’m Undying, the same as Serra and Sakura.”

“…… tsu!”


Hearing the word, Riko became more vigilant.

“Yes, just knowing what about the Undying is fine. So, Undying usually have some kind of strong urge, but in my case it’s a destructive impulse.”

A strong destructive impulse. So was she like an immortal ‘Vandal’?

But, with her body tied up and all they’ve talked about so far, what is her intention?

Alice cheerfully tells Riko the answer to her unpleasant imagination.

“So that’s why, I’ll break your fingers one by one every ten minutes. And won’t stop until the time Serra comes.”

“―――― What?”

At the sudden remark.

This time Riko abandons her thoughts.

What did she just say with a smile?

Why do you say something in such bad taste so calmly?

No way, is it really going to happen?

Questions kept popping up in her head, endlessly going in circles only to disappear. The little girl’s remarks were too unrealistic for her age, and Riko thought she was really joking.

Therefore, she will come to know the ‘Madness’ with her body.

“Well then, I’ll break from now.”

“Eh, please, wait! Yo-you’ll really-“


Ignoring Riko’s call to stop it.

Quickly closing the distance, Alice reached for Riko’s right thumb.

With a snap.

Mercilessly bent it in the opposite direction.


She burst out.

“Gah ―――― aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

“Ahahahaha! Wow, was this your first bone fracture? You’re so lively!”

“Aaaaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!??”

In the agony of pain, Riko could not think of anything and she kept screaming.

Tears continued to overflow, her body barely moved, even though she single-mindedly continued to struggle with the chair restraints and tried to escape from the pain.

Alice laughed pleasantly at this, then again closed the distance on Riko, and whispered in her ear:

“Fufu, we’re just getting started. For you will have a good taste of hell.”

She couldn’t think of anything in pain, she didn’t want to think about anything, but the words reached her ears and she understood.

Ignoring Riko, who was still screaming, Alice took a photo out of her bosom and looked at it with love as she muttered.

“Serra, I wonder if she’ll come soon. Otherwise, your loved one will break, just like in the old days.”

And, her glance once again turned to Riko.

In her eyes, madness, jealousy, and pleasure – a mixture of various dark emotions – were shining brightly.

“Absolutely– won’t give Serra to anyone.”

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