Serra – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – ‘The Cannibal’ Meena Grendel

“Shoot me.”

I call out to Gillian behind me.

Gillian, on the other hand, looked puzzled by my words.

“Eh, what!? What are you talking about?!”

“It’s okay, I won’t die!”

“No, I know that, but that doesn’t mean I can shoot without hesitation!?”

Her words are extreme.

No matter how immortal I am, you can’t easily shoot your allies. But this is the only way I can beat her.

When I am in a state of intense excitement, I may be taken over by impulse and lose my reasoning. The most efficient way to evoke that is pain. Especially, if I receive ‘Severe pain which leads to death’ that penetrates the cerebral cortex, a large amount of adrenaline will be secreted, and I will surely lose myself.

In a word, I want to voluntarily become the killer. It deviates from my philosophy, but there is no time to choose other means.

“Gillian, listen to me. I want you to fire one shot to my head at once. Well, er, perhaps I can beat her right away!”

“No, it doesn’t make sense at all!? In what way does it lead to defeating her? And I don’t want to shoot my Senior!”

“…… Okay. Then lend me your gun just this once. When I drop the gun, pick it up and move away from me. Shoot me as soon as you feel you’re in danger.”

“What do you mean… what are you gonna do?”

“Just a little rampage”

I received the gun Gillian timidly held out, and turned the muzzle to my temple.

Meena, who had been staring without doing anything, opened her mouth.

“Ok? Are you done talking.”

“Thank you for politely listening. Why didn’t you interrupt us?”

“Because I’m going to receive you all. Before you are edible, regrets should be castoff, right? It’s unpleasant if it’s there, don’t you agree?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know…”

Though I was a little distracted by Meena’s words, I put my finger on the trigger.

“Senio- “

It’s almost the same time that Meena started running and Gillian screamed, I pulled the trigger.

The shock runs before the pain. Every time a bullet penetrates the brain, it feels like the world becomes cluttered, and it gives me the illusion of my head exploding.

Then my consciousness was cut off.


―――― I’m not a killer.

I was unwillingly given a strong impulse for murder by Sakura’s hand.

Therefore, it is usually impossible for me to voluntarily unleash the murderous impulse myself.

Then, why have I taken such ‘unusual’ action that deviates from the idea?

I’m sure I had already been swallowed up at that moment.

I kept turning my eyes away from the murderous intentions that sprung unconsciously. The truth is, I really wanted to stab someone with a blade right now.

I reached out to the desire. Even though I knew what end would follow a lustful human, I couldn’t hold back.

This is the first step away from the human path. All that’s left is to simply fall like a pebble rolling down the slope.

But. Surely.

―――― Surely, I will start on the path of the murderer without regret or awareness of today.


―――― Ah.

What was I doing….?

Before me, a blonde girl– Meena, was it? Anyway, a little girl is standing.

Oh, I see. I have to Kill her.

A heavy feeling on the right hand. It’s the gun I got from Gillian. It seems I miraculously didn’t let go when I lost consciousness. Or was it a momentary pause in consciousness?

First of all, one shot at both of Meena’s legs. After that, I raise towards the forehead and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Meena lost her body balance and collapsed. Sure enough, the gunshot wounds closed in no time. However, the sense of equilibrium was lost and she became unable to stand because of the impact on the brain. It seemed even without pain, physiological reactions were inevitable.

…… Hmm. Something is different. I can’t feel the sensation of taking a life with a gun.

Threw away the gun and picked up the fallen sword instead.

―――― After all, it must be this.

“Senior, behind you!”

Looking back at Gillian’s voice, Meena was jumping.

Mouth wide open your and her fangs in view.

…I hit on a good idea.

The moment Meena’s mouth approached me, I flew back and pointed my sword at her at the same time.

The prospect was right. The blade penetrates into her mouth and pierces her throat.

Her weight is added to the blade, and I leave it to momentum as she slammed into the ground. From there, I pulled out the sword and stabbed it toward her left chest.

It sent shivers down my spine and tingles through my heart.

…… But that’s it. There is no sense of a ‘soul’s departure’ as the body loses its strength or gradually gets colder. She is still alive.


As the excitement cools, I pull out the sword.

Then, standing alone, Meena muttered something or other.

“… my belly is hungry.”

Meena grabbed the blade without worrying about her palm being cut.

She was just like a beast, with her bloodshot eyes and fierce expression.

“Hey…. I, just keep feeling hungry, you know? For a long time, the whole time, aaaaaalll the tiiiime. Not enough, it’s never enough. No matter how much I eat, and eat, and chew, and swallow, food, meal, snack, chow, grub, slop, feed, meat!! It’s never enooooooooooouuuggh!!!!”

Meena’s words, which had been consistent until then, are getting weirder. The humanity that was barely maintained is lost.

And then.





Sakura muttered.

“That child is already done for. “



Her heart has finally gone full blown insane.

Without hesitation, I stab.


At that moment.

Meena certainly groaned in pain.

She scratched and clawed as if trying to peel off the sword that was stuck.

Large tears flowed from her eyes, the very child who started crying because of pain.

“no… no way………”

No, no, no, she shook her head, trembling with fear.

The motion was frail, it seemed as though it would cease at any time.

“This, it… no way, it hurts, this……….”


“I’m scared, it hurts, eat, if I eat, I can get away!”

Is that the reason Meena became a cannibal?

I’ve heard that some humans repeat abnormal behaviors to escape from pain in order to maintain their spirits. By some possibility, perhaps Meena was taken advantage of by Sakura.

There is no knowing what happened in her past. However, the child’s expression looked too miserable, she might have spent her whole life in despicable circumstances.


“Please…. It hurts, I don’t want to hurt anymore. Make it stop.”

It won’t

I pulled the sword out of her chest vigorously.

Pish~, Meena collapsed onto her blood with a splash.

The wound no longer closes.

It doesn’t matter how tragic her past was. After all, why should I miss such a golden opportunity.

I touched Meena’s cheek. The sudden loss of blood made it quite cold. I examined the pulse, but it did not move.


I burst into laughter.

However, there is no helping it. Because I’ve done it. I’ve killed an Undying. I’ve finally achieved the greatest difficulty, that no matter how much I searched for a means I could never find it!


I can’t stop laughing.

I was finally able to achieve the killing of an immortal that I thought was impossible deep inside my heart. Is there any greater joy than this?

And I’ve always put up with murder. This pleasure of releasing the burning desire is extremely pleasant.

And, as I was trembling with joy.

“Sen, ior”

There was a girl’s voice from behind.

It’s my lovely, peachy haired junior, Gillian.

Are you still alive?

Holding a sword, I approached her.

“Eh? Well, wait, senior! It’s me! Gillian! Please senior, wake up!”

Her frightened expression is cute, too. Her eyes streaming with tears, made her look like a small animal.

Unintentionally, I want to kill her.

I need to kill her. I have to kill her.

Driven by the impulse, I raise my sword at her.

“No, wait, someone, help me!”

I ignored Gillian’s voice and tried to swing down my sword.

Just before that.

The dry sound was heard.

Before that sound signified anything.


A strong shock to my head, and I lost consciousness.


“You okay!?”

It was Olivia, a woman with long black-haired that stretched to her waist.

Gillian couldn’t understand what had happened in that moment, and was astounded for a while, but when she saw the handgun in her hand, she realized that she had helped, and collapsed on the spot.

“Thank you… who are you?”

“Olivia. Olivia Midnight. Who is this girl?”

Olivia then points the muzzle at Serra.

“Wait a minute! Um, that’s my Senior, Serra. Celestia Valentine.”

“Celestia… ah, that’s the name of the kid Major Dashwood cares about. Why was she attacking you?”

“I don’t even know it――――”

As Gillian was squirming at a loss for an answer to give.

Serra woke up with a small moan ‘Urgh’ and started to move.

Seeing this, Olivia became vigilant, and turned the muzzle to her again.

“!? Don’t move.”

“Ah, oh!? Yes!”

After waking up, Serra couldn’t grasp the situation, but she realized there was a gun in front of her, and immediately raised her hand to show no resistance.

Olivia was impressed by the speed of her movement, but interrogated Serra.

“Why were you attacking this girl? And who’s the kid lying there?”

“Oh, Gillian, am I? What did you say—”

Then, Serra’s complexion suddenly changed. Her puzzled expression gradually changes to fear and despair.

“Ah, aah……. No, it can’t be, never……”


“Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ………”

Their worries didn’t reach her ears, Serra continued to apologize, frustrated by guilt and regret.

Unexpectedly, the tension around Olivia also unravels at the sight, and she lowered the handgun.

“This child, is she…?”

“Olivia, let’s wait until Senior Serra settles down for now.”

Even if overtaken by the impulse, the memories are retained.

So Serra had no choice but to apologize.

Don’t forget the sins you’ve committed.


“I’m sorry. I thought Meena would do it.”

However, Sakura, who was muttering, seemed somewhat cheerful.

“After all, she was a child. If the mind is immature, it is impossible to endure breaking past the ‘critical point'”

Then Sakura looked back.

There was a figure.

Sakura talked to her with a smile.

“In that respect, I’m counting on you.  Rinka(plum blossoms) Akasaki.

The girl called Rinka, spread her mouth full of seams into a crescent shape, and answered with a smile.

“Ehhehehe, thank you very much, ‘Dear Mother’.”

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