Serra – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Cecilia ‘The Fanatic’ Waitley

Again, we were on the train.

After coming all the way to Uls, we now head for the next town, Skult..

“No way, their church is in a forest 30 kilometers away…”

“After all that was the intelligence that I got from Uls. Perhaps some error in the information…… probably not, most likely they’re just using the forest as a simple cover.”

So, for the time being, I decided to go to Skult.

…… but it turned out.

“Why is Hazel coming too?”

“I can’t forgive that person, either! And I don’t have a home to go back to….”

Hazel answers, her face darkened.

“S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to remind you of something awful! It’s just that I thought it would be dangerous if you followed because….”

“It’s okay. As for this. It’s for my own convenience. If I can reciprocate her with just a shot, it’ll be fine. If that’s the case, I don’t care if I die.”

Hazel answered with a smile, but felt a sort of intense drive. Her eyes are full of hatred and the will to kill. She has an atmosphere that a fourteen-year-old girl shouldn’t have.

Seeing her eyes, Riko hugged me as if driven by an unfathomable fear. On the other hand, I was surprisingly calm.

But I know those eyes. That is what I used to be. She has the same as the hatred I have for the Undying. Once, Karen once told me that a man who had become ‘so’ could not return. That they lacked an important thing as a human, lose their way, and roll down forever….

“What’s the matter, both of you? Y-Your faces are scary….”

Riko’s voice suddenly snaps me back. I hugged Riko’s trembling body and patted her head.

Hazel, who was watching the scene, blushed for some reason and asked in a coquettish manner.

“…… I don’t mean to be rude, but are you two going out?”




At first, I couldn’t understand the meaning of Hazel’s question, I screamed reflexively, but then Riko answered it immediately, so I couldn’t fathom it and screamed back.

I feel my face turning red. ‘It’s hot’, said Riko, so body temperature will definitely rise. Or rather, why is Riko calm?


And why is Hazel blushing? Why are you covering your face with your hands? I should be doing such a thing. Rather, if there is a hole, I want to jump right in.

Hazel peeks through the gap in her fingers and asks a more striking question.

“U-Uhm, so you’re together, th-then things like this and also that…”

“What are you asking, Hazel!?”

“Well, hugging and going on dates. Do you take baths or sleep in bed together? Also, kissing.”



Riko keeps running her mouth without a shred of delicacy. Why aren’t you ashamed to be saying so much? I really want to die. I’m not going to die.

After that, the exchange between those two continued endlessly until I was scolded by the station staff for my loud voice.


“That’s why, lately Serra isー”

“You’ve talked enough already! Look, we’ve arrived at the forest!”

I silence Riko, who is still talking to her. I’m tired in many ways.

Fortunately, it was about a 30-minute walk from the station to this forest, so at the moment the sun was still setting. According to Hazel, Cecilia should still be in the church because the main activity time is night.

Here’s our strategy. First, explore the forest and find a church. Then hide and wait until she comes out. I thought about aggressively invading the church quickly, but Riko and Hazel are by my side. I’ll never declare them a hindrance, but I can’t put them in danger. Hazel seems to want revenge, and although I can fully understand the feeling, she is still fourteen years old and far from a fighter. After all, I don’t want her to get involved.

If that was the case, waiting outside the forest would have been better, but I gave in to the two people who wanted to follow me, and at the very least, it turned out to be such an eye-catching place. It’s my bad habit to get too sweet. For the time being, I’ll leave Hazel’s safety to Riko, while I lure Cecilia and kill her.

Kill. If you ask if it is possible, the honest answer is that it is impossible. I can’t find any means of killing. But I’ll kill her. It doesn’t matter if it’s a violation of military orders or not. – The Undying, me included, cannot be left alive.

And it’s nighttime.

Indeed, we found a rustic church in the depths of the forest, and the three of us kept watching until Cecilia came out.

“(But it’s unfortunate to not make use of it even though we went through the trouble and made a hotel reservation.)”

“(It can’t be helped. It’s unexpected that something like this would happen.)”

“(Oh, Ms. Serra, Ms. Riko. The door has opened!)”

As I was talking to Riko in a whisper, Hazel pulled her sleeve.

When I look towards the church, the door is certainly open, and a dim light leaked out. From there, a nun appeared.

“…… tsu!?”

As soon as I saw that figure, I felt three people, myself including, suffocating at the same time.

The nun stood out in a neat fashion, certainly a model. Her long green hair is wrapped in a wimple, and her scarlet eyes are filled with a gentle light that charms everything.

However, her eyes are strangely glimmering at the same time, and the cruel grin comes up at the same time from the gentle smile. It’s as if an angel and a demon exist at the same moment. She had such conflicting dualities.

Other monks, including the nun, come out in a group.

“Now then. Everyone, do convene.”

A strange nun exclaimed.

“As you know, we guide all in the prestige of God. The word of God is absolute. Therefore, pagans who deny the word of God must be punished, no, or judged accordingly.”

Judgment. I can’t help getting a bad feeling from those words.

“Today I spoke to a vile pagan who disobeyed God’s will and insulted Him. Once I told him I would teach him, and I told him I would believe in him. I told him to offer God ‘the rose’. Yes, ‘the sacrifice’ is the chosen saint, his daughter.”

I involuntarily turned to Hazel at those words.

Hazel turned pale and listened intently to her words.

“And he said he would respond to the request and indeed tried to seize her in order to offer ‘sacrifice’, but ultimately failed. After that, I ask you, do you believe what he said? ‘I tried to give my daughter to you. But I couldn’t. I have a lot of money. So let me go!’ He didn’t believe in God’s will, he only pretended to follow God’s teachings to evade us!”

Oh, oh, and she shakes her body, covers her face with her palms and exaggerates her mourning.

“Oh, no! Don’t do that! You must not make a fool of God with such a silly ‘falsehood’! Yes, yes, it really shouldn’t be!! …… So, as Atonement, he was asked to offer his own life.”


Involuntarily, gulped down my words before they came out. But what did he say at the end?

You’re saying you killed him? You’re saying that the act of running away for your life is reason enough to deserve death!?

“Behold, I present his head. It was very difficult to cut off and pull out the spinal cord so neatly. In particular, living people are very resistant.”


Desperately, I restrained Hazel as she tried to jump out. Holding her mouth with my hand so that her voice doesn’t leak.

She was trying to shout something with tears in her eyes. No, she was trying to hurl profanity, to raise her voice to a load, indescribable curse.

I can understand her upheaval very well. But she must not move. It’s cruel, but now you have to endure it.

Beside me, Riko held her mouth with her hand and was desperately trying to control her nausea. No wonder. There is still blood dripping from the head in the nun’s hand. I’m sure it’s only been a few minutes since she killed him. His neck cut out while he was alive. I can’t imagine the pain, and I didn’t want to.

“Now that this is the case, I can’t help it. Now we have to pick up the ‘sacrifice’ ourselves. Yes, she is the saint chosen by God. She is the heir to the will of the great God. Therefore, we must save our souls from their narrow bodies.”

I thought I was crazy.

No, I thought it was strange from the first words, but I gave up understanding now. After all, whether you’re a believer or not, you have to die. What God’s teachings? Don’t you just want to kill people by arranging such convenient words?

I curse in my heart while suppressing my anger. Just a bit longer. The moment they scatter, until the instant she’s alone and within aim you cannot move.

I release Hazel, who’s finally settled down, but still in tears. I’d like to comfort her, but I don’t have time. Once more I look towards the nun in search of that opportune moment.

“Yes, actually, everyone. Today, we gather to pick up the ‘sacrifice’.”

Immediately after saying that, the nun disappeared.

“Actually, you’re already here aren’t you, ‘sacrifice’.”

And the voice came from right next to me.


Immediately turning around, I saw the nun reaching out to Hazel before her eyes, laughing hysterically.

I was moving before I thought.


While screaming without meaning, I immediately pierced her shoulder with a drawn sword. Without losing momentum, I pierced her to the towering tree behind me.

“You are, what exactly!!”

While giving in to the boiling feelings in me, I glared at her and asked a question.

On the other hand, the nun answered without breaking her smile.

“Cecilia. Cecilia Waitley am I, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Immediately after, my heart was torn from my chest.

Without understanding what had happened, pain and fever caused my consciousness to falter.

“Kuhihihihi, oh, oh! Look, God! This most sinful, dirty pagan who tried to kill me, Cecilia Waitley, has been brought to justice! Kuhi, KuhihihiHihiHihihi!!”

“You’re the same, but… tch!”

I stand up somehow, staggering with heavy bleeding and severe pain.

Seeing that, Cecilia looked surprised but still smiling.

“Kuhihi, oh, is that so! You are, like me, the ‘’Messiah’ who received divine revelation from God!?”

“I don’t know what that means…”

I wonder if I and this fellow are identical.

My body is still unsteady, but I hold my sword again and glare at the enemy before me.

“You, what is your name?”

“It doesn’t matter…”

“Kuhihi, I can’t help it. I shall follow the prestige of God and bring judgment upon you. Kuhi, KuhihihihihiHihiHihihihihihihihihihihi!!”

Cecilia approaches me with a harsh laugh.

The onslaught between deranged immortals is about to begin.

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