Serra – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Two Lunatics

Meanwhile at that time.

Riko was defending Hazel against the followers with a one-handed gun.

…… she was.

“Uugrhhh! Wait a minute! Gross, this is so disgusting!?”

Riko, who is only fifteen years old and still has little life experience, was able to get rid of her enemies without any approaching even though it was her first time in actual combat. Despite her superb marksmanship which was cultivated under the military…. It was a little problem that she was not good with blood and gore.

“Oh no, brains! Your brains are out!? Oh, wait, don’t throw up blood! I’m getting sick!”

Riko performed a beautiful headshot while her face was turning pale and she is getting nauseous, but this is not the only problem.

Hazel, who is being held back with one hand, is resisting. Her blood-shot eyes are murderous, as she struggles to jump into the fray at any time.

“Riko, let go of me! I have to kill her!”

“No, Hazel! Serra is fighting desperately now, so be patient! She’s an enemy we can’t handle!”

“So, you think I could stay quiet! She got my father…. Father!”


It’s only a matter of time. To begin with, the current means of combat is a one-handed gun. If the ammunition runs out, there’s nothing to be done about it.

In the end, I can only pray that Serra will settle it quickly.

“I mean, why are these guys always so silent… oh nooo, his head fleeeeeew!?”


“Kuhi, Kuhihihihihihi!”

Cecilia rushes in with a jarring laugh.

I’ll take her upfront, swing my sword down with great momentum and slice her right in half.

But right when she was before my eye, my wrists cut into something.


I promptly roll backwards, crossing Cecilia’s assault.

And, I raised his gaze forward and finally realized.

Something was trying to amputate my wrist earlier. And it was the true colors what cut through my heart.

It was lit by the moonlight and dyed red with blood….

“…… Piano wire?”

” Kuhihi, you should take care. Have you ever cut a boiled egg with a string masker? The human body can be cut easily by the same principle, kuhihihihihihi!”

Cecilia answers while twisting her body.

What bad taste! If I were to be cut, it would take time to regenerate, even if I was immortal.

“It’s strange, though. Why are you baring your fangs at us even though you are the same ‘Messiah’ as me?”

“I don’t want to be the same as you. I can’t forgive beings like you. Someone like you who kills unrelated people, losing yourself to your madness!”

“Hmm. My madness, is it? Certainly, I can say that I am crazy about my love for God. It’s a pleasure, isn’t it?”

Her attitude of imposing madness on the existence of ‘God’ created by her own delusion was eerie, but soon after, her smile disappeared.

Expressionless. Staring me in the eyes, where no emotions can be seen.

And she says.

“But, that remark could also apply to you as well, right?



A chill runs down the spine.

“Perhaps unconsciously, but you’ve been holding something down for a while now, haven’t you? Unlike anger, a pure will to kill that breeds pleasure, is it?”

“You’re wrong….”

I wanted to strongly deny it, but for some reason I only had a small voice.

“Come now, have you been killing a lot of people by any chance? It’s right, isn’t it? Because your eyes have obviously awakened a taste for blood!?”

“No, you’re wrong.”

My voice trembles.

When I heard Cecilia’s words, the events of that night came to mind.

My family, my friends, the villagers, I’m the only one left in that place where everything died.

I was laughing.

Look at me like that and say it with your mouth.

“Kuhihihihi! You really are fun!? To kill people! For you’re a ‘murderer’!”

“You’re wrong!!”

Anger, fear and impatience make my emotions uncontrollable.

I close the distance to Cecilia at once, grabs her face and pushes her down.

Unfortunately, the soil was so soft that I couldn’t knock her out. However, I was on top right at once, and stabbed her heart with the sword many times.

“What do you know about me?! I’m not a killer! I’m not a murderer! I’m not crazy!! I’m normal! Just a normal person who’s been messed up by ‘him’!!”

Without being able to organize thoughts, only words overflow.

I don’t know what emotion I’m feeling right now as I chatter. Tears were flowing and my vision was blurred, but I still couldn’t stop stabbing her in the heart.

“Don’t you understand yet?”

Cecilia, however, was conscious.

She was still smiling even after her heart was battered and she was bleeding a lot.

However, what shook me was not her smile but the word that followed.

“You, haven’t you been laughing for a while now.”

“―――― What?”

I don’t know what you’re saying.

Laughing? Does that mean it’s fun? How can you laugh in this situation?

“Kuhihi, the feeling of stabbing my heart, no matter how immortal I am, is close to killing. Did it feel good? The actions we have as the Undying are close to our instincts. You, still stabbing my heart, is the proof.”

“!? a……ah!.”

I release her figure immediately.

There is still the sensation of piercing her heart in my palm. I certainly thought that the feeling was ‘Comfortable’.

I can’t deny her words, and I despair.

Still, I couldn’t stop muttering to the sky above.

“I’m different…… I’m not a murderer.”

“…… Indeed. Such a turn off. Now shall we?”

Right after Cecilia muttered, my head was grabbed.

Such power lies in her thin arm, she immediately hurls me away.

“Gaha …”

“Yes, it is. Should I cut off your head once? Oh, or I’ll kill that girl with you.”


You’re going to put your hands on Riko?

My anger suddenly boils up. My vision was shaken by the hit on the head, but I managed to get up and set up my sword again.

“Kuhhi, It’s so. We were chosen by the same God as the Messiah! Then, let’s prove here now, which of us is worthy as a true Messiah!”

“That’s why I don’t know what that means…”

The words that Cecilia said a while ago, and the memories of that day that I remembered.

The hand holding the sword trembles in fear that I might wake up to the ‘murderer’ again, but I can’t break here now.

In the first place, I promise to kill him and go out with Riko.

“Cecilia Waitley. I’m not a murderer. I will kill you here as a normal person!”

“Kuhi, if you can’t realize that you’re a lunatic, let’s put an end to this here. Kuhi, Kuhihihihihihihihi!”

The battle between immortals, the second bout begins.

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