Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – The Name Is….

“The Great Demon King Tre’ainar”

To put it bluntly, there is no one who doesn’t know that name. That name appears in textbooks.

However, I have never seen that entity.

There are no pictures of him left.

The Great Demon King, once defeated by my father and his companions.

No way am I seeing his ghost, must be some sort of strange vision.

No, it might have actually been a dream.

Surely, I was somewhat frustrated and saw something weird.

“Little Man!”


Then, I regained consciousness, and realized I was in bed.

This ceiling is my room, I guess.

And the first thing I saw was Sadiz’s face, which didn’t have her usual nasty smile and looked at me teary eyed.


“Thank goodness, Lil’ Earth! I’m glad…… you’re okay, Little man.”

Suddenly, I was hugged tight. Sweet, lovely Boobs!?

“Ah, ah, S-Sadiz? Oh, Um… Why?”

“Don’t you remember? Lil’ Earth fainted on his own within the sealed room. I didn’t know the cause, I couldn’t find any trauma, and I didn’t know what was going on…. I thought, what if something happens to Little man’s body while he was following me…”

“I, I’m okay… it’s…”

“How are you feeling? Do you have any issues?”

“No, I’m fine… a little light headed…. but…… yeah.”

“Is that so…”

Sadiz’s sweet scent was comforting. Then Sadiz slowly got herself off me and smiled gently.

“If nothing is wrong, then alright.”


Oh, let’s make children already.

“Maybe it’s really just exhaustion. Even if you couldn’t beat the princess, Lil’ Earth was working hard every day. Please take a good rest today. I’ll bring your meal later.”

“Ah, Sadiz, a little longer…”

“How-e-ver♪, sleeping together, I-re-fuse ♪.”


Saying that, Sadiz’s smile changed from one that cared for me from the bottom of her heart and returned to her usual nasty smile, and then she went straight out of the room.

For the time being, I guess she’s relieved.

Damn, I don’t know what caused this, but I haven’t seen Sadiz in obedience mode for a long time, so I wanted more and more of this.

『Ah! To behold of such blissful innocence… indeed the seed of the one who defeated me has gone feeble…』


And suddenly, a voice echoed in my head. That’s the voice I heard before I lost consciousness. And……

『Do not be surprised. Tis my spirit form. As such, I cannot harm or touch anything. However…… you alone can see my appearance and hear my voice.』

Saying that, with a faint presence, was definitely the demon I saw before I lost consciousness.

However, it doesn’t seem to have much substance.

“I wan, I want to ask… you’re like a ghost, aren’t you?”

『Tis so. After being destroyed by the heroes, including your father, I was unable to pass on, hence I gained a spirit body and was bound to that sword. As soon as Hiro’s life became peaceful, he sealed his sword in that meager space. Never have I been out of that room or seen anyone in the last decade.』

“Well, why can you talk with me?”

『Ah. I know not.』

Because it is a spiritual body, his figure looks thin. However, he exudes a strange aura just by being there.

Then, if everything he says is true…

“Hey, you… putting aside being a ghost… you…… really…”


“…… it’s, are you really the Great Demon King Tre’ainar?”

『Indeed! 』

This isn’t good! Wait a minute, what’s this? You mean I’m haunted by the ghost of the Great Demon King now?

Wait a damn minute, usually you haunt the person who kills you!

Why bother with the son instead of the Hero himself?!

That? Am I going to be haunted forever…

『Child… you seem considerably perplexed, even I do not know how this situation came about, despite my omnipotence. No matter how much a child like you deliberates, no solution will present itself.』


『Rather, I am weary after the days spent in captivity this past decade. I would see a bit of the world after my demise. Child, go out to the city. Then I can go outside. In fact, that I could not exit this room is due to you staying in like this.』

The self-proclaimed Great Demon King issues his orders to me. To be honest, I can’t determine if all this is real or not.

Anyway, being told to go out all of a sudden…. well, having been in that small room for more than ten years without anyone to talk to, I’m sure I’d seek my freedom through death.

But he’s a ghost, so he won’t die.

It would certainly be hell! So if I could go outside, I would want to.

Although, even if you’re the Great Demon King, why do you think you can order me around?

“…… Hah! What omnipotence… You lost to my father.”

『…… Hnn….』

Saying something I knew he would find unpleasant, seems to have worked well. Unexpectedly!

The legendary Great Demon King raised his eyebrows at my words.

『H, huh- … Now listen here… son of Hiro.』

“Oh, the Great Demon King is also short-tempered. You’re going to let a little ribbing from a kid get to you.”


“Anyway, since you can only talk, but can’t harm me, I’ll decide what I’m going to do. Don’t give me any orders.”

Because my opponent is in a situation where his hands and feet are tied, I feel sorry for him. But, if the other party is really a Great Demon King, then this is an opportunity of a lifetime, I have to stand my ground.

Then, my words made the Great Demon King Tre’ainar glare at me, as his neat face twitched.

『Hmm… Ignorant of my terror. Is that right? To address me in such manner. I, the All-Powerful Demon King. Even as a spirit, I can rectify this matter! Could I not annihilate you with my power, and swallow this world into the Demon’s abyss once more?』

“No, you were trapped in a room because you couldn’t do that, right?”

『………… Hu… Oh… Well… umm… Well, that is… t- tis not… 』

“Hey, hey, is he bewildered for the first time in ten years? Did the Great Demon King, who almost destroyed the world, just lost an argument to an Academy student?”

The Great Demon King suddenly got confused and was getting agitated.

Oh, I’m starting to think this isn’t the Great Demon King, and I felt quite pitiful.

“Hah~, can’t be helped. Fine. I’ll take a walk before dinner.”

『Huh!? 』

“Rather, it’s just for a bit today.”

『Kokukoku Kokukoku!』

When I got out of bed and said so, the Great Demon King was joyously mumbling like a bright faced child.

Oh, seems the dignity of the first Great Demon King is completely crushed.

“…… Oh, where are you going, Little Man?”


“Besides, it seems you were talking to yourself, what are you up to? Is your current ailment a step in the plan to bed me?”

Sadiz came into the room after a light knock.

I was so startled that I jumped.

I see… to the people around me, do all the conversations with the Great Demon King sound like my monologue?

“Furthermore, you changed clothes… what? You are to take a good rest today.”

“Oh, no, a little walk in the city.”

“I’ll blow you away, Little man.”


Saying that, Sadiz instantly got into the room and grabbed my cheeks and smiled.

『Hoh~ This maid…… she is formidable.』

The voice of admiration from the Great Demon King. Yes, when she’s serious, she’s much stronger than the princess was today.

That’s why it’s a miserable story, my chances of winning right now is non-existent.

“Nu-fu-fu, most troubling, Little man. Today, I was intent on pampering my Lil’ Earth, feed him dinner myself, washing his body in the bath, might even overlook some mild sexual harassment in the bathroom. Alas….”

“Eh!? S-seriously!? No, un, I’ll behave! No, I’m really sick!”

“Seems you’re doing well enough. So, having skipped the afternoon classes… Let’s have you solve all the problems I created about magic mathematics that would have been covered in this afternoon’s class!”


“You’re forbidden from leaving until everything is solved, else you’ll do without dinner. So, good luck? Try to escape… and… I have plenty to report.”

Sadiz walked out of the room, leaving angry words promising punishment with a smile.

No way, if I had kept silent, I would have been in heaven. Instead I was knocked back down to hell.

“Damn, The Great Demon King, Go To HELL!”

『No, even if you say that… no…… yes…… well! My apologies.』

“Damn, maybe I could have made progress with Sadiz today… instead, I get more work than usual…. ah, damnit, but again……. Aaaaaah!”

The Great Demon King, who has lost his dignity, apologized awkwardly to the cries from my heart that missed many delicious opportunities.

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  1. Man I like that protag, too bad we must wait for the action things to come.
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    1. But well, i literally just quite like the MC and hate everyone on the story so far
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