Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – The Demon King’s Magic

“Anyway, let’s get this over with!”

A collection of problems made by Sadiz given to me as punishment.

Even though I felt depressed, I had no choice but to sit at my desk and get started.

『Hoh~…. You commenced without delay.』

“Because Sadiz would get angry… if hated, I… would be troubled.


“Hey, don’t just keep silent. It’s embarrassing!”

『No, yes, well… Tis the first time seeing such tone and demeanor.』

The Great Demon King stares at me as if impressed that I was obedient towards Sadiz.

After exchanging a few words with him, I immediately concentrated on the magic mathematics  problem. 1

“….. Let’s see…… divide this section.….. substitute it here…”

Sadiz’s original problems are a little more difficult than what appears in the Academy class.

Careless mistakes are really fatal because of the tedious formulas.

What’s worse, Sadiz will never give a ‘partial point’ for using the right process even though the solution is wrong.

Since only correct or incorrect answers are judged, it takes time to verify.

『Hoh~… Is it a matter of formulas?』

“Ssh, I’m trying to focus, so don’t talk to me right now.”

The Great Demon King seems to be bored and looked into the problems that I solved.

Then, while looking at my answer, the Great Demon King……

『…… Hmm…… Your fundamental academic ability seems to be superior to your father’s.』


I trembled with such shock that I broke the pen I was holding.

“Eh… Well… What? Oh, than father…. superior?”

『Hmm? Is something wrong? No matter how you look at it, is he not a single-minded fool without any decent academic achievement? 』

It was the first time I was told that I was better than my father.

It is true that during his Academy years my father was not good at listening to the classroom lectures.

However, I had never been told that I was ‘superior’ to my father.

The only thing that was said to me was a subtle compliment that “You are more on point than your father”.

That’s why I was puzzled by the words “better than your father.”

『Well…… despite your competence at solving such formulas, it would be of no use in the real world or in magical research.』


『Even if used, tis merely a way to demonstrate academic ability… In other words, merely for the sake of examination.』

Everyone once thinks, “What’s the point of remembering this?” at one time or another. The answer to the question, by the Great Demon King himself, saying, “It useless” just cut me down!

『What? Suddenly hanging your head and your hands are still?』

“Whose fault is that…”

Why am I even doing this? I suddenly felt like an idiot.

Because the self-proclaimed Omnipotent One has declared “it is useless”.

『Even so, you humans are inefficient. Why put such efforts to calculations that have no application in your lifetime? Is the answer that important?』

Then, while sighing to me as my hand stopped, the Demon King said that our way was “inefficient”, besides being meaningless in the first place.


『Tis so. Rather than going through each and every detail of the calculation, tis more efficient to【Auto-Calculate】the result once you keep the equation in mind.』

I couldn’t understand what the Great Demon King was saying.

“Eh, automatic calculation? What’s that? “

『Aah, that is………come to think of it… You humans are incapable of that….. no helping it then.』

The Great Demon King whispers as he immediately realized my doubts. After a few seconds of silence, the Demon King made me a suggestion.

『Very well. If you cannot go outside unless you are done… I shall offer a little of my cooperation.』

“Cooperation? What? Are you saying you’ll solve it?”

『I am not. Now follow my instructions… draw a Contractual Magic Circle for Magic Acquisition』

“Magic Circle?”

Does he intend to have me perform a ritual to learn a certain magic?

『The level of power and accuracy of magic increases through training, but one cannot learn any beginner magic unless a contract is invoked by magic circle. Speaking of, have you ever drawn your own magic circle? 』

“That is the routine. Don’t you learn the basic magic attributes, wind, lightning, and terran by contracting yourself? The only way to grow is by doing the work yourself. Sadiz is….” 2

『Hmm… In that case, it should suffice. Good…… Draw a six-pointed star on the floor, and cast the spell I chant while crafting magic.』

“…… Seriously…… So what’s going to happen?”

『You shall be more efficient!』

I was instructed to make a magic contract while studying.

If you want to finish early and go outside, if you have time to do this, you should solve one more problem.

However, the Demon King still suggests that it is more efficient.

Somehow I was interested in it.

『The chant is ‘Ẅeṋḋoẁ ẕuṁa ai ḱuṟoṧo ẝuṭo ẝeiṧu ḃeṋṟii[S3] ’…… now, chant it!』 3

Sure enough, it was a chant that I had never heard before.

In other words, this is the Demon King’s original……?

“Wha-… What kind of magic is it?”

If this was an original of the Great Demon King, I was a little excited like a kid with a new toy.

It didn’t matter if he was the nemesis of mankind, because I may be able to use the magic of the Great Demon King.

And, that magic is…..

『Automatic calculation magic, 【Exail】』

“Excel…are you?”

I’ve never heard of it. What kind of magic is it? Well, that’s fine.

“Hmm…Well, alright. Whether may happen…… Contract with me, ‘Ẅeṋḋoẁ ẕuṁa ai ḱuṟoṧo ẝuṭo ẝeiṧu ḃeṋṟii’…… The name of the power I seek is …………. 【Exail】!”

Now that I thought of it, it’s been a while since I signed a new spell.

A unique pale light overflows, the magic circle on the floor erodes into my body, envelops it, and feels like I’m wearing something new.

“….. With this…… Is this okay?”

『Tis enough.』

The magic circle on the floor disappeared cleanly, too. This is also proof of learning a new magic, and it went well.

“So…? What should I do now?”

『Cast 【Exail】, imagine an equation in your mind and assign the figures. The chant is the same ancient magic words as before.』

“U, understood… ‘Ẅeṋḋoẁ ẕuṁa ai ḱuṟoṧo ẝuṭo ẝeiṧu ḃeṋṟii’”

Chanted. Now, what’s going to happen?

I felt a little, no, more and more a sensation like my head clearing up.

This is, similar to the feeling you get when you use your head for calculation, memorization, etc. and it is going well.

In this situation, I envisioned the equation in my head and substitute the numbers…..?

“…… 4545072…… eh?”

The moment I applied a number to the equation envisioned in my head, the solution came to mind in an instant… no way!

『Automatically calculated… That is the answer.』



“Whaaaat!? A, absurd, s, such a long calculation…….. me, j, just now, in an instant?”

『Tis so. All the calculations and functions divided into fine denominators and numerators in the equation, envision even the formula mentally, the rest will automatically derive the answer.』


『Tis what I’ve developed… 【Exail】』

You idiot! All the same, this sort of instant, complex calculation… such a thing……

“Wai, wait a minute! Now, after undoing the magic, l, let’s confirm it…”

『Verify as often as you like.』

Unbelievably, for it to go this far. If, if this were possible… Everything in the field of magic mathematics…… Even the purpose of the exam… Seriously?

“Eh… Answer…… 4545072…… It’s the same.”

『Do you understand? 』

“T, this time with another problem! mumble mumble…… 【Exail】”

With this, performing long-running calculations, being wary of careless mistakes, do you even need to check again and again?

Hey hey, such a thing…

“…… 69…… Oh, well, seriously…… Ha ha…… Hey, hey!”

『How do you find it? Efficient, is it not? 』

“Ha! Haha! Hahahahahaha! It’s great!”

I was delighted.

I never thought I could learn such a convenient magic.

This is useful.

Or rather, as long you know the equation, the rest is easy.

Then, at least in magic mathematics alone the princess…?

However, I hadn’t realized yet.

Magic mathematics wasn’t the only magic and knowledge possessed by the Great Demon King, rather this was just the beginning.

 [S1] I was thinking of using Arithmancy, which is an actual field of divination in ancient Greece. But opted to keep Magic Mathematics even if it’s a mouthful.

 [S2] Okay! This might be a conundrum. Earth attribute is probably what is intended here but that is also the MCs name. One translation suggested Soil but I don’t know if that will work. What if they throw huge rocks around, that no soil I’ve ever seen. Any alternative suggestions? Edit! I’ve decided to use Terra in the end.

 [S3]This took awhile. With the find and replace tool. Just copied what was written phonetically and dressed it up to look arcane.

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13 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 6

  1. I need that magic! With that magic my study will be w piece of cake,

    Ẅeṋḋoẁ ẕuṁa ai ḱuṟoṧo ẝuṭo ẝeiṧu ḃeṋṟii’…… The name of the power I seek is …………. 【Exail】


  2. First of all, thanks for what you are doing.

    Second, japanese have the tendency to translate numbers into words and viceversa for wordplay much more often than many other languages.
    It’s also used for remembering dates of phrases and the same number can have different pronunciation.
    Sometimes you can also find this kind of numbers in comments of video (niconico, fc2, …).

    For example:
    801 => yaoi (やおい)
    810 => yajuu (やじゅう)
    893 => yakuza (ヤクザ)
    1919 => ikuiku (いくいく)
    114514 => iiyo, coiyo (いいよこいよ)

    In our case:
    4545072 => shikoshiko onani (シコシコオナニー)

    More on this here:

    Finally, for 69 I think the meaning is easily derived even for non-japanese speakers…

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    1. First really glad you’re enjoying my ‘translation’. I’m really enjoying the story.
      Second, okay this is amazing and very interesting. Too bad a lot of this will go over my head (damn my cultural ignorance).
      For those who like me were in the dark, the answer from the first problem Earth solved, 4545072, can be written as シコシコオナニー shikoshiko onani. This Translates as (fapfap masturbation 😏). Our author here had a very flithy mind it seems.
      Thanks for the info (and something else to look out for lol)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Then again, these are answers to problems Sadiz gave Earth to solve. Maybe…. could she… be trying to say something?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, she’s probably giving him subliminal messsages to make him more aroused and teasing him.
        Interestingly she’s not saying to him to just masturbate, like a pure sadist would, since 69 should be fine too so, in a sense, she’s reprocicating him maybe. (or it’s just another way of teasing him, since she knows about his feeling, by making him more pent up)


  3. I hope he will not get carried too much by the demon king though. But this is great, and I do mis that feeling of solving mathematics with a clear mind where everything is just going awesomly good. It’s been a long time


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