Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 – Head

The battle was over.

“Wh….. wh, what’s this… this is Coman… and to top it all off, even the Six Supremacy.”

But, as if her heart had been completely broken, the princess sat back on the spot.

“Earth, who until recently should have been next to us all these days… we were separated for a few months, but… we finally caught up today… what in the world this…… don’t you think so? Rebal… Fu…”



“Before my very eyes, I was shown the distance between Earth and us… at the end of the day… the Six Supremacy, who we couldn’t even stand against with all of us together… admitted defeat to become his subordinate? Is this…… a dream? …… the…… the dimensions are too different… Earth… is right in front of me yet… endlessly far away…”

It seemed she had a lot of thoughts about me in this battle, but Princess… I’m surprised about this, too…

Who will be whose subordinate? No, no, no, what the hell is this guy planning, to stab me in the back?

『This man, whose every breath exhales jest and never shows his true feelings… is getting more heated with every word… I never… is he serious?』

Tre’ainar was also upset. That’s my impression. That’s how serious this man’s words were.

“Goh… ugh… Coman dear… the magic crystal?”

“For now, mine… is here…”

“Your parents… where’s Koaso?”

“The timing was right and we may be exposed, so I told them to leave the Imperial City.”

“Hihahaha, gohogo… okay. Then, give the magic crystal to Earth.”

“Hah… ah, Earth… here…”

I couldn’t get my head around the situation that made Coman seem to fade away despite everything, and I couldn’t do anything to the point that Coman, who was supposed to be my enemy, walked right up to me, and just handed me a magic crystal she had taken out of the pocket of her clothes and I accepted it.

If she had attacked me with a knife or magic, I would have been in danger.


“Earth! I’m going to hide for a while to heal myself up, but… if you have any problems in the meantime, you can always use that to contact me. I’ll provide you all the information I have on the world, of the light or the shadows. If you are in need of funds for your forces, I am at your disposal. If you are short of women, I can help with that, regardless of race, age, or status. If you want, you can have Coma――――”

“Hey, don’t offer me this stuff out of the blue!”

A palm-sized round crystal handed over.

Seemed it belonged to Coman, but once I received it, Paripi started talking about it to me, regardless of my intention.

Or rather, Paripi… you were supposed to be dying, but aren’t you as energetic as ever?

“Wait! Well, I still didn’t say I’d make you my subordinate! I don’t need this magic crystal! Hold on, Coman! What are you bastards thinking?!”

“Earth… ah… we’re in the middle of a conversation, okay? You should probably listen …… all the way to the end. …… yeah, I think I had some good suggestions…”

“I don’t care! I mean, hearing you out seems more dangerous!”


Not that. I won’t listen to anything like that.

I can’t get swept away… anyway, I have to do something about this situation…

“Besides, you are one dangerous bastard without a doubt!”

“I told you. I’m more useful to you alive…”

“No need! I don’t want anything from you!”

From the beginning, Tre’ainar said, “Don’t believe any of this man’s words”, so I rejected Paripi’s proposal without any negotiations or nonsense.

『Certainly, I was surprised by this man’s proposal, but tis fine, child. As the child is now, this man’s presence can only be poisonous.』

Tre’ainar, too, was aghast at Paripi, but crossed his arms and nodded in agreement with my response.

But that was then.

“Hiha… ha ha…… well then…… Earth… to the other person in your life… your ally… I offer a gift… then…… what do you say?”



Paripi has a suspicious smile on his face. The face was obviously thinking of some evil scheme.

And the words are not directed at me, but at Tre’ainar…

“The key that leads to the deepest part… of the ruins deep underneath the former City of Sorcery … Shiznautmy… I guess you could call it…the ‘Master Key’…?”


And Tre’ainar, who was beside me, was astonished with a stern expression, sterner than when Paripi declared himself my subordinate.

What is it?

『Paripi… this…… this man… what was that? The deepest part of the ruins? The master key? … exists …? I never imagined there was one… but where…… no, in the first place how did Paripi…』

The City of Sorcery? Shiznautmy was certainly Sadiz’s… and….. Master Key?

“I don’t have it on me right now, but… if you let me go… I’ll arrange to have it sent back to Earth… and we’ll call it a day… can’t we?”

『…… this puny…』


I don’t know what they’re talking about.

However, from Tre’ainar’s reaction, I can tell that it is very important.


“Hiha… well, that’s the way it is. Okay, Coman. So, can you carry me?”

“Hah, m… me?”


Paripi’s instructions flew to Coman. By “carry” he meant to take Paripi in this state and run away with him.


『Nu!? Child, the little girl is moving! Do not allow their escape yet!』

“Hey, hey, Coman, don’t do anything foolish!”

Since we haven’t reached a conclusion yet, we can’t afford to let them go.


“…… Uu~nh… that… carrying you… I….. I’m not that strong… and Earth, is staring at me…”

“I’ll leave it to you.”

Despite receiving Paripi’s orders, Coman had a slightly troubled expression on her face.

“Hmm… then… your whole body is heavy… so I’ll only carry… your head.”

“Hah? …… eh!?”

“Okay, let’s tear it off. Heave-ho.”

Saying that, Coman let out a sigh and grabbed Paripi’s head… HEY!?

“Here~, we~, go~, heave-ho.”

“Wai hold on! Coma, h, heeey!? Gugyuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!”

“Hiu! Oh, please don’t scream so loud… it’s scary… yes, the flesh is tough too…”

The demon’s cry of pain reverberated.

No, obviously.

“Wha, C, Coman!? What are you doing?!”



“This is…”

“Oh… Ahhhhhh

We were too stunned and gasped at the sight that was happening in front of us.

Kron’s face almost turned blue at the sight.

No, she would rather be spared, something like this!

Heave… ugh, tearing this off is difficult… uh~n.”

“Hogyaaaaah! Just, w, wait, t, that I’m gonna die, Imgonnadie!”

“But… I can’t carry you with my physique and strength, so… I thought I’d just take you from the neck up… that can work, right?”

“Maybe if only my brain was safe! But I’ve never done that before… wai, yo, you’re kidding me, wait a minute! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!”

Paripi, who took my Great Magic Spiral head-on, was in a state where his torso, neck, and limbs were barely connected by flesh…

Grabbing Paripi’s head with both hands, Coman was trying to rip him apart.

Not only the cries of the demon, but blood also splattered around like a fountain.

Nerves and flesh were torn apart, and the sight is so grotesque that it makes me want to vomit.

“Oh no… my skirt got dirty… ugh… I just bought this… guh…”

She looked like a feeble girl crying because she’s covered in mud and soiled her freshly-made clothes, but in reality, it was the scene of a feeble girl bathed in blood while trying to rip someone’s head off.

And that sadness was not about the deed she was doing, but about the fact that her clothes were getting ruined.

“Yes, there… I got it.”

“Ga … gah… “


I was terrified of Paripi who joyfully kicked people around and beat us up, but this also scared me.

“Now… hey, Earth…”

“Coman… you…”

“Don’t stare so hard at me… if this person can become Earth’s subordinate, then I’m already your property… right? So….. just let me go this once…”

Coman’s face was filled with a sense of accomplishment, as if she had pulled out a turnip that couldn’t be pulled out… she grabbed Paripi’s severed head with both hands, but her hands were stained with blood, and at her feet was a puddle of blood still flowing from the head.

“Earth… please!”

Her eyes watered and she pleaded with me with a maiden expression… looking at just her face you would think she was “cute”, but now I felt nothing but fear.

But, my legs were cowering now.

The woman in front of me should be weaker than me if we fought…

“Ah… this…… hurts and it’s not even on the level of pain~…… Coman… even though I will be restored to normal… I wonder how long it will take… joining up with Earth… it’s going to take quite a long time…”

“Oh, I’m sorry… I….. I’ve never done anything like this before… I might have messed it up…”

“Next time… I have to scold that Koaso… what’s with his daughter…”

Not good… this woman… and these guys… are dangerous…….

Paripi, who was only a severed head, was talking, but I couldn’t get my head around it at all. I mean, he’s still alive in that state…

“Coman… y, you…”

“What’s the matter? Princess.”

“Are you … really…… Coman?”


And it’s no wonder the princess, who had been speechless so far, asked the question with a shudder.

“What? Are you still asking me that? I’m going to get angry, you know?”

“Wha… ah…”

“But this is the last time… I won’t do anything to you, because this is goodbye. Now that my role is done and I have taken up another, I’m not interested in you anymore…”

Honestly, the Coman up until now has been an imposter, to the point where it can’t be accepted if told that this was her genuine self.

And while we were at a loss for words at Coman…

“Goodbye Princess, Fu, Rebal, and… I’ll see you later, Earth.”


“【Subsonic Song】!!”


Words of farewell to the princess’ group.

Words that implied a future reunion with me.

With that said, Coman sprang from the place at high speed with Paripi’s head in her arms.

I didn’t expect Coman to be that fast, and I was completely slow to react.

But, we were in the sky. There was no escape.

No, this is Paripi, so he must have some way to get back to the Surface.

If they could escape to the Surface like this, I wouldn’t really be able to catch them anymore.

And yet, we remained standing there for a while.

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