Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 161

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Chapter 161 – The Promise

Sadiz’s bursting boobies!

“”””Wai…………… haaaaaah!!?? B, bo, boob… what are you saying!?””””

I’ve been working hard to massage em! I’ve been dreaming of those holy titties since I was a kid!

“L, little… that…… uh… uh~… no, it was a promise, but…”

“Eh!? You promised, Big Sister Sadis!?”

“Hold on, big brother, seriously!?”

“Older brother likes boobies?”

“”””Eeeeeh!? There was such an extra prize!?””””

Sheesh~, so annoying~… all of you~!

『Oi, what was all that hugging, reconciliation and breakup talk earlier about?』


Heh~, what’s up with Tre’ainar? Why can’t I go for Sadiz’s titties?

It’s fine!

“Because… cause…… I….. can’t help it, Imma boy!!”

“”””This guys no good, something has to be done, a new hero had just been born!””””

No~, it’s not no good. It’s the world that’s spinning in circles right now that’s no good.

『Child… control your breathing and drink water…』


『Dullard, do not speak to me aloud!』

“Mmm, it’s fine~ … I wanna talk more~…… I won the championship, praise me more.”

And, please praise me more master~. I reeaaly did my beeest.

『Ah~, you persevered you did your best…』

“More~, umm, I…… don’t tell anyone, kay? Actually, I the happiest when you praise me.”

『Fah!? Ah … ga … m… mo, moron! Y, your sudden declaration brings me no joy! Or rather, tis why you should cease addressing me this instance!』

Uh~, why you fuming~? Tre’ainar.

I like talking with Tre’ainar~…

“Wa, waitaminit, this is seriously bad! He’s suddenly talking to himself…”

“Ah… you’re hallucinating…”

“Somebody, water. Bring water!”


“Ah~, jeez, look, big brother! Water! Drink it down!”

Water~? Oh~, Karui has water~, gulp gulp ~, ah~ good… so good……

“Little man… talking to himself? No… ‘when’? ‘you’? ‘praise me’ … ‘happiest’? …… eh!?! N, no way… The Great Demon King… guh…… what a… as expected…… this is unbearable!”

Hmm? What’s wrong~? What’s that scary look on Sadiz’s face?

“Fu~…… ah~, chilled water is so good~.”

“Big brother…”


Yeah? What was it before? What… oh yeah…… tte?!

“…………… hmm?”

Ah…hmm? I, eh, just now, doing what? Boobies?

Eh? Oh? Wait, wait, I can’t get my head around this… huh?

『Hmm? You cur….. indeed…… I see. Tis your second time partaking in alcohol, so you have gained some resistance, or have you recovered a little sobriety?』

Recovered? No, my head still hurts, but… wait a bit, feel like I’m going to vomit, but… what the hell?

I don’t feel good. My head hurts. I got a little carried away with the whole “do whatever you want” thing, but that’s not right.

I….. why would I do that…

“Nfufufu, yes, Little man… certainly…… I made such a promise. Oh my? What’s wrong with you? Little man. Your face suddenly turned pale, didn’t it?”

The moment I saw Sadiz’s signature smile, I felt a sense of intimidation, or rather I felt the air at absolute zero, my fever gradually cooled down.

The buzzing and the commotion around me started to become vaguely recognizable…

“Now then… the promise was for winning the graduation match… well, this victory is comparable to that… no, it surpasses that. In fact, with Little man’s current ability, victory in the graduation match would have been a cinch.”

Oh, this, might be bad.

Ah, what is this? This nostalgic feeling. When Sadiz found an ero-book I was hiding, didn’t she make me sit on the floor and give me a lecture?

“However, it was inappropriate for you to say that in public like this, wasn’t it?”

“Y, yes!”

Ah, when I noticed, my body… my instinct naturally pushed me, and I sat on the ground.

No. When I was drunk last time, I didn’t remember much, but now I’m reasonably conscious.

Because I’m scared.

“Sadiz, th… that’s different!”

“Yes? Little man… what’s the difference?”

Ah damn ah damn ah damn! Sadiz was quite angry… anyway, I have to apologize and somehow dodge the issue!

“You know, I, I was a little drunk when I said that… but I’m all right now! Yes, I’m sorry!”


“Th, that old promise, it’s got to be a joke. After all… something like, b, boo… even if you don’t… I’ve received your full feelings!”

“”””Ah, suddenly he’s a wuss…””””

Shut uuuuuup! I mean, in this situation, that’s all I can say—―――

“Little man”


And I straightened up in haste.

“Little man, alcohol is really dangerous. No matter who you are, no matter the hero, no matter the noble status, alcohol has always been able to ruin everything accumulated so far in an instant. It’s been a common occurrence for a long time.”


“At such times, everyone makes excuses like, ‘I was drunk’, but it doesn’t matter whether they were drunk or not. Rather, the words that come out when drunk and loose of reasoning are the true nature of that person. People around you will recognize that as your human nature.”

“…… Yes.”

“This time, Little man was so elated by his victory, that he even said things that he didn’t mean to say… maybe that was unavoidable, but that’s what I think because it’s me, it is not always possible for other people to judge you as I would. On the contrary, there may have been some people who were disappointed with Little man.”


“People often hear the word ‘free and easy gathering’ in a setting like this… that doesn’t mean that everything is irresponsible. Of course, how you behave and what you say come with responsibility. Some people may forgive ‘boobs’ as a joke after getting drunk with alcohol, while others will not. So if you’re not forgiven, won’t they naturally be angry about it?”

“…… es…”

I felt despondent and showed some remorse.

I mean, even though I was drunk, why did you make the promise five months ago… mostly, I’ve had enough of boobs.

Certainly, I dreamed of Sadiz’s boobs.

But, enough, I don’t want to hear about em anymore.

Generally speaking, Shinobu’s chest is not devastating at all, but she’s a good person and a beautiful woman… and Kron is really cute… well, I haven’t done anything with those two yet… no, but Shinobu confessed to me, also… I think Kron will come to my room tonight… but I can’t say that.

That kind of thing…… that’s… starting with the exchange diary, we then get matching accessories, share a single umbrella as a couple, carve our names on lockets, attach them somewhere, and ring the bells on a hill together… that’s right…… boobs will be an event after becoming a man and a woman who finished going through the process!

I wanted it as an extra prize for winning, and I was wrong!

From the beginning…… I….. was wrong……

“In any case… I’ll give you a little talk in your room.”


At that moment, Sadiz grabbed my arm and dragged me away while emitting a terrifying aura with a very nice smile.

I don’t know when she picked it up, but she was holding my clothes that I had taken off and folded under her arm… I’m naked!?

Ah, they’re thin, but her arms are strong. Resistance? No, now I’m more afraid of going against her.

“Um… Big Sister Sadiz?”

“Ah, big brother was just playing a prank, like that ―――― “



And that would have been what everyone gathered here thought.

The contestants and the people in the dojo were also speechless, their faces involuntarily pulled into a grimace.

Even though there are people who are far stronger than ordinary, no one could resist Sadiz with one of her pressured smiles.

So, with no one to help me, eventually I was dragged into my room…


And, Tre’ainar was somewhat silent, but with a huge squint in his eyes, like he’s dumbfounded… no, say something!? Your silence hurts.

“Ha~…… now…… Little man”

Sadiz threw me into the room that I have been using for the last three months, and even locked the door with a click.

“Sadiz… I, I’m sorry… really…”


“That was a little carried away… and I’m really sorry …… for acting so disgraceful…”

I sat upright on the floor and bowed my head.

What a terrifyingly shameful sight. Pathetic.

But, it’s okay. I apologized honestly when I should apologize.

“…… ha~…… really…… at such a place, in the end Little man is…”

And Sadiz then… passed beside me and … huh?

Sat on the bed…

“Little man… I’m not particularly mad… argh, but you shouldn’t say that in such a situation… in the first place… a promise is … a promise.”

“…… Eh?”

“As I said earlier…… naturally, what you say comes with responsibility… let alone, if it’s a promise…”


“That being the case… by all means…… Little man.”

Fueh!? …… eh?

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  1. Earth be like: Really?!!! is this ok?, am i dreaming? did i lose conciusness from the drink?
    Now, we all know that Sadiz was waiting for this for a long time. But i have the feeling that they will get interrupted.

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  2. Smells like one of those “Kron will try to enter in some lingerie during his ‘breakthrough’ with some I’m your prize talk and we’ll have some COMEDY” moments.

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  3. If he fondles her bewbs and still leaves her behind, then… I will loose all respect for him! Gofor the boobs! Take them with you! Make them cook for you during the adventures!!
    Well, I wonder what will happen with Kron. I believe 100% that he will stay a virgin the entire novel


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