October 2021 Short

Mirror House”

Author: Mapo

The mirror broke, and Sato C’-san’s head got split open. Brain matter splatters with a pita pita and sticks to Sato C”-san’s face. With a yelp, Sato C”-san fell back on her butt. Sato C”-san was swimming in the slimy puddle blood that flowed out of the head she had cracked open.

I thought it was rather strange.

Sato C’-san and Sato C”-san. Exactly the same face. How do I know their names? How could I tell ‘ from “? It’s certainly strange, but it’s a rather trivial problem.

What I found strange was…

Why did you split Sato C’-san’s head open?

I asked Sato C”-san.

―― That’s right. Why did you kill him?

When I opened my eyes, Sato C”-san had cracked open Sato C’-san’s head and killed her. Sato C’-san was already deceased, and Sato C”-san was trembling while staring at the body with a pale face. I couldn’t instantly think of a motive for killing someone with the same face.

“I, I don’t know, maybe my own self is too important …”

Sato C”-san’s voice was trembling strangely with her teeth clenched.

If it’s scary enough to make you tremble, why did you crack Sato C’-san’s head open? And how does that lead to caring for Sato C”-san? If she didn’t know, if she didn’t understand, why did Sato C”-san scatter the contents of Sato C’-san’s head and perform an awkward swim in it? If I ask, she will probably say she doesn’t know.

I thought Sato C”-san was an idiot who had stopped thinking.

“I’m hearing some weird stuff. If anything, why wouldn’t I crack it open?”

Kimura B”-san appeared while dragging Kimura B’-san, who was torn to shreds, intestines spilling out.

Kimura B”-san is quite tall and lanky. Brushing away the doll hanging by the neck from the ceiling, Kimura B”-san asks again.

“You’re not going to kill her?”

“I don’t know.”

I answered.

There is no reason. I don’t know why I should kill her.

Kimura B”-san looked at me suspiciously and kept silent. There are no other words coming out of my mouth. Since all three of us were quiet, an unspeakable silence fell over the place.

Kimura B”-san may be more accustomed to it than Sato C”-san, as she was unfazed by the sight of blood and fragments of brain tissue.

The choppy lighting and the pleasant breathtaking music fills the area. Occasionally, the hanging doll hopped and let out a strange gurgling sound.

“Such a weirdo.”

Eventually, Kimura B”-san muttered and left while dragging Kimura B’-san with her. At that time, Kimura B”-san inadvertently collided head-on with clear glass and swore while holding her forehead.

“Mixing mirrors with transparent glass, so annoying!”

And then, she just thrust his head into the glass. The glass shattered and decapitated Kimura B”-san’s head like a guillotine. Because the lower part of the glass collapsed, the glass that lost support fell onto Kimura B”-san’s neck.

I’m totally distracted, I’m lucky to have noticed that.’

Kimura B”’-san’s back is bathed in Kimura B”-san’s blood.

It was Kimura B”’-san who slammed the swearing Kimura B”-san’s head against the glass from behind. Then she picks up Kimura B’-san’s body and smashes the rest of the glass with the tattered remains. Finally, she threw Kimura B’-san’s body toward the body of Kimura B”-san’s. The bodies with the same face piled on top of each other raised a cloud of blood. Kicking Kimura B”-san’s head away, Kimura B”’-san turns to me and Sato C”-san, who is still on her bottom.

“You don’t care what you guys do, but don’t get in my way.”

“S, sure”

Sato C”-san responded with a faint voice, and then crawled out of sight. It was a very pathetic posture. Kimura B”’-san, who didn’t chase after Sato C”-san as she escaped, did not pay any further attention to me, and left without a trace.


What should I do?

For a while, I was lost in thought. What is this world of mirrors and glass? Why are they killing each other?

However, no matter how much I twisted my neck, almost to the point where I might have damaged my spine, I couldn’t come up with anything. I can only think of this place as a maze of mirrors you find in amusement parks and other such places ―― like a mirror house.

Even though I was trying to think, I realized that I was a fool. I who said Sato C”-san was a fool, was also a fool. When I looked at Sato C”-san, I discovered a foolishness that I didn’t even know I had.


At that time, I saw Sato C’-san, who was dying, her brain matter spreading, and Kimura B’-san who was carrying her own intestines. Then Kimura B”-san, who had parted with her head, began to wriggle and move.

“Kyaah!”I think I yelled out. Kimura B”-san, who was headless, raised her hip up and waved them as if to show them to me. It was unpleasant.

“Uwa~! What is this!?”

Sato C”’-san shouted as soon as she woke up. He was surprised to see the floor covered with blood and the bits of brain matter. When she woke up, the area was a bloody hell. No wonder.

Sato C’-san revived as Sato C”’-san. Kimura B’-san revived as Kimura B”-san, Kimura B”-san as Kimura B””-san.

“Are you me?”

“You are … I am?”

Kimura B”-san and Kimura B””-san started striking their fists against each other, biting each other’s legs, and gouging each other’s eyeballs with their fingers, and started killing each other. It’s as if in an instant they understood that they had to kill each other.

On the other hand, Sato C”’-san was stunned by a doll hanging from the ceiling and fainted. Looking at the unreliable Sato C group, I started to feel sorry for them and feel a little sympathetic.

“Sato C”’-san, please get up. Let’s run away.”

I slapped the skinny Sato C”’-san on the cheek. She didn’t wake up, so I hit her a little harder. She still didn’t wake up, so I slapped her even harder. The back of my hand, drawing an arc on its way back, struck Sato C”’-san’s other cheek once more.

I hit her many times.

Sato C”’-san’s long hair flows to the right and left. I grabbed it around the top of the forehead and kept slapping her cheeks.

“Get up, Sato C”’-san

My tone became harsher and harder.

When I shook my hand and made a fist, I noticed that the two members of Kimura B group, who were fighting behind me, were looking at me with their mangled bodies.

They seemed to be taken aback by me, but I was more taken aback by Kimura B”-san who was biting Kimura B””-san’s crotch.

“Hey, Sato C”’-san

Ignoring Kimura B group, I call on Sato C”’-san, but she still doesn’t respond.

Sato C”’-san is stunned while drooling, white-eyed, and with a smile. I wondered when she had changed to a smile. I didn’t notice.

My throat squealed when I saw the red and swollen cheeks of Sato C”’-san and the heat of my own palm. Lifting my hips, I backed away from Sato C”’-san. I don’t know if it was a glass or mirror, but I retreated anyway and leaned my back against it.

“C, c… creepy.”

I was muttering to myself.

Kimura B””-san, whose crotch was bitten off, gushed a blood like torrent of urine before she knew it, she was dying. Kimura B”-san was also choking on what she had bitten off, or something, and she folded over and died. One of Kimura B”-san ‘s eyeballs was removed and rolled on the floor.

“Please don’t look at me like that.”

Flickering lighting and noisy music. The corpses with the same face that died after killing each other, the fainted pervert with her crotch open and a smile. In such a bloody scene, a hanging doll was bouncing. Its spherical joints were moving in a bizarre dance. It also made the same strange noises and slid its chin around with agitation.

“Really creepy”

Is this hell?


It’s been more than a day now. In this place where you can’t see the outside, the sense of time is very vague. It may have been only a few hours, or it may have been a few days.

After that, as soon as I saw Sato C”’-san peeing while passed out, I left the place. But I’m curious about their condition. In order not to lose sight of them as much as possible, I slowly checked the area around me and got some distance away from them.

The ceiling and walls of this place are mostly made of glass or mirrors. If you’re not careful, you will be surprised by your own reflection in the mirror or hit your face against transparent glass. That’s why I didn’t want to move too much, so I sat with my back at the corner where the mirror wall touched at an angle of about 90 degrees, and spent my time staring around.

The Kimura B group, who had bitten off their crotch in a trade-off, did not revive immediately. It took a considerable amount of time, but Kimura B””-san revived as Kimura B”-san, Kimura B”-san came back as Kimura B””-san.

Now, Sato C”’-san and Kimura B”-san are talking about something together. As for Kimura B””-san, she ran away as soon as she saw Kimura B”-san.

At the moment, I can only see two people in my field of vision, Sato C”’-san and Kimura B”-san. To be precise, I also saw myself in a complex reflection. When I move, many of me do the same thing. The same is true for Sato C”’-san and Kimura B”-san.

I couldn’t just sit here like this. I can’t make sense of any of this, but for some reason, that’s the only thing I can understand.

The Kimura B group killed each other. As if it were only natural to do so. Sato C’-san also killed Sato C”-san. She said she didn’t understand, but she killed someone with the same face to protect herself.

Even after dying and coming back to life, nothing seemed to change.

“Oh, um, I need to talk to you about something.”

“Hey, come here, perverted woman with a cruelty hobby!”

Sato C”’-san and Kimura B”-san shouted loudly. I was just lost in thought, so such a loud voice is unpleasant. If I close my eyes, shut my mouth, and cover my ears, I can become a figurine. I tried to be by myself, shutting out everything outside and everyone else.

However, what I saw when I was closing my eyes was a loose cheek that was pulled downward by gravity. It was my face, looking down. I stomped on the face reflected in the mirror with my folded foot, and I quickly closed my eyes.

Somehow, I managed to fade away the gloomy music, the strange voice of the hanging doll, and the glaring pale lighting.

“Hey, Kora!”

“Oh, that’s dangerous, Kimura B”-san

I heard a similar roar, followed by a loud crash. Mostly, Kimura B”-san, who was numb, moved carelessly and hit the wall. What an idiot. That was satisfying.

With a flick of my head, I regained my nearly distracted concentration and buried myself.

What I saw and felt there was me. If I try to block all external information other than me, there would be nothing left but me.

But what the heck is going on? The me I found within myself, was not me.

The person I have envisioned myself to be ―― 『I』 was not there. A burning sensation recurs in my palms, the me whose heart was aching, should not have been me. I’m not such a pervert. That’s not how it was supposed to be.

If I think of myself, here and now, with my eyes, mouth and ears closed, as a ‘me’ similar to I’, then what was lurking inside is a ‘me’ and an imitation ‘me’ called I”.

―― A ‘me’ imitation. I’. The discovery of these analogs was the result of a self-search that blocked the outside world.

I’ had a realization. You have to search for it. You must become it. The true form. The perfect, unique me. I’ must search for me and become me.

Breaking away from similarity. That is the guiding principle of action to be taken in this mirror house, and the ultimate goal.

I’m sure it’s the same for both Kimura B”-san and Sato C”’-san. Accordingly, that is why they destroy their imitations. In order to protect themselves, they will insist that “I am me”.

I’ lowered my arms, opened my eyes, looked up, two figures in the reflections standing nearby, and opened my mouth.

“I want to be me”

I wasn’t sure if that would get the point across, but Kimura B”-san nodded as a matter of course.

“I understand that, even right after I came back to life. You died a strange death last time, didn’t you?”

Apparently, it was natural for the inhabitants of this mirror house to understand this.

“Is that so … did you know that too, Sato C”’-san?

“Yes, I did. And I’d like to ask you about it.”

Sato C”’-san stared at me with a blush, and I got up with a nasty feeling. After all, I am the one I did not know. I’ am.

“Ask, what is it?”

After smacking my own cheeks to shake off my nasty feelings, I urged her to get to the point.

“What the hell? She’s creepy. Don’t suddenly slap yourself with a straight face.”

“N, now now, haha…”

I didn’t want someone who choked to death after biting off their own crotch calling me a creepy woman who had a strange death.

“First of all, there are only four of us, from Kimura B’-san to Kimura B””-san.

“Maybe the bodies are just containers, and the names are just symbols.”

Does that mean that various “persons” are going in and out of the four bodies?

The container that housed Kimura B””-san who died from biting off her crotch has been restored, and another Kimura B imitation — the current Kimura B”-san is housed there. Then, the body, name, etc. are really just containers and symbols.

“You’re too fixated on the crotch thing.”

“Leaving the crotch aside, I think that’s what it is. It’s all a bit confusing, isn’t it?”

“The container itself and the symbol don’t matter, that’s not what you should be thinking about. The point is that there are only four containers.”

“Yes, it’s a terrifying idea…”

“In other words, I have to always keep killing the other Kimura B’s.’

Heiiiii, I screamed. Kimura B”-san’s boastful expression was disgusting.

“Excuse me… what does it matter if you keep killing?”

Kimura B”-san seemed frustrated, but I asked a question regardless.

As soon as they came back to life, they started killing each other, as if they knew what they were doing. That might be common sense in this mirror house. If you not only kill all other imitations, but always kill them, then what will happen? Does it mean that I’ can be me?

“Only one person can be in the idea mirror, so the other imitations have to be killed. In order to become your true self.”

“I see, I don’t understand, but I get it.”

“Well, that’s not a problem. The idea mirror is in the mirror house. It’s the same mirror house as here, but it’s a different mirror house. Help me keep killing the other Kimura Bs. I’ll help you keep killing other yous.”

If you enter the idea mirror, you can become the one and only you who is unique and perfect. If I have no choice but to think that this is so, if I have no choice but to try, how on earth can I continue to kill other imitations?

“There’s no shortage of things to hang up, this mirror house.”

Was it me, or was it the hanging doll that let out a strange cry in response to Kimura B”-san’s smug expression?

At any rate, Kimura B”-san’s idea seemed to be quite a good one.


We, the similar herd, are a mirror

The group of us walked into a narrow mirrored hallway. On the concrete floor, the words「’」and「”」 were written in a kind of paint. 「’」on the side I’m standing on, and 「”」 on the other side. In other words, I was in a place called 「’」until now.

Beyond the hallway, you can see a place full of mirrors that hasn’t changed. That’s the Mirror House’.

“So far, we haven’t encountered anyone else…”

“I don’t know if it’s luck or bad luck, but there are usually a lot of imitations.”

Listening to Sato C”’-san and Kimura B”-san, I understood that this mirror house was crawling with imitations of various people. Perhaps there are a reasonable number of mirror houses. By the way ――

“Why are there only four containers?”


Kimura B”-san replied bluntly.

“I think the maximum number of people this mirror house can tolerate is up to four per person.”

Sato C”’-san answered politely.

“What’s that? isn’t it like saying ‘I don’t know’? I don’t care what you think, you idiot.”

“I agree with Kimura B”-san. Sato C”’-san, please call yourself Baka C”’

When I and Kimura B”-san respectively insulted Sato C”’-san, she blushed with a disgusting “Ah” saying. “Please die already”.

In the meantime, we noticed a strange odor. It’s a stupefying stench. This made us all instinctively shudder. It was right after entering the Mirror House”.

“From now on, we’re going to mass-produce this…”

No one responds to my ‘words’, and I’ stared silently at the abomination that was being displayed in front of them.

It was a living corpse that kept on dying endlessly, dripping filth. It made strange noises, scratched at its neck, and when it seemed to have quieted down, the Sato C group container hanging from its neck was leaking feces and urine.

“Um… this is suicide…… isn’t it?”

There was a basis for Sato C”’-san’s line. Behind the hanging Sato C was reddish-brown characters that seemed to have been written with blood.

“I can’t take it anymore. I’m out.”

The feeling was painfully understandable. A mirror house with people of the same face killing each other is a bad dream. It’s hell. However, knowingly or unknowingly, by hanging her neck and committing suicide, she continued to die endlessly, adding ugly flowers to this hell.

“But… you saved me the trouble. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

“When I think that this Sato C, who chose to commit suicide here, is also me, I feel … a little,”

Sato C”’-san’s words were interrupted.

The weakening Sato C who was hanging in front of me showed signs of life in the eyes behind her long hair. Her body was strained, and without knowing what was going on, she began to flail her legs, which were not on the ground. Guee, guee a strange voice, like a song which invites sadness can be heard.

“Let’s go, into the Idea Mirror.”



I’ urged them to hurry ahead. There are two more in Sato C group. Kimura B group has three more people. There are too many necks that must be hung.

Was it possible for me to be so ruthless in my determination to kill someone? Suddenly I thought of something like that. This, too, is the me, whom I do not know ―― my imitation. The strongest me of them all. I’ will seek me.

With renewed determination, we abandoned the hanging Sato C and tried to move on. However, Kimura B’s mirror image moved slowly. She had been standing in front of the hanging Sato C so I had failed to notice her.

What I thought was a mirror image of Kimura B”-san was actually Kimura B”’-san. Kimura B”’-san, who pulled out a mirror fragment from her butt pocket, quickly stabbed it into Kimura B”-san’s eye socket.

Kimura B”-san screamed and grabbed Kimura B”’-san. The two rolled in a tangled heap. Blood is gushing from Kimura B”-san’s eye like an elderly person urinating. Kimura B”-san was biting Kimura B”’-san with a beastly voice, and a bloody brawl began. It likely won’t be finished until one bit off the other’s crotch.

“I’m sorry to Kimura B”-san, but let’s hurry ahead.”

“Eh … oh … yes!”

I pulled Sato C”’-san’s arm and left the place quickly with my arm raised forward to alleviate the unexpected collision.

One more person. There is one more.

If I can find another Sato C group container, I’ can become me. The perfect and only me. The template for the many mes. The source of me. The strongest me who encompassed all me. I of the Idea.

For convenience, let’s call it Sato C of the idea. I’ will keep killing a similar Sato C in this mirror house, and become Sato C of the idea.

I didn’t care about Kimura B group. You can just bite each other’s crotch and die.


By hanging Sato C”-san, who escaped at that time, and suspending the hentai Sato C”’-san who is now leading me, I’ ―― Sato C””-san will become the Sato C of the Idea.

“We have arrived. This is the idea mirror.”

“This? It looks like glass, but…”

The glass that Sato C”’-san pointed to as the idea mirror. On the other side of the glass, I could faintly see a place like an amusement park illuminated by moonlight.

“I think it’s just given as knowledge, so I can’t say with confidence, but I believe this is the idea mirror. From the other side, it looks like a mirror.”

“Is it a magic mirror?”

Only one person in the group can enter the idea mirror.

One of the containers was successfully hanging himself.

Another is here with a tortured face.

Yet another one is here with a sadistic expression.

The problem is the last one. When I’ entered the container, when I became Sato C””, it was Sato C” who split open the head of Sato C’.

For the time being, I have to find her and hang her on the ceiling.

“Oh, that…”

Sato C”’-san began to squirm and blush.

“What’s the matter with you? Your voice is too quiet.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve been aware of it for a long time, but I couldn’t… figure out when to say it…”

“You’re hopeless, did you do it on purpose to get me angry? Now, I’m not angry, so just say it.”

“Ah… – no way, yes. thank you. That… this guy-“

As soon as she said it, Sato C”’-san thrust her arm into the mirror. A muffled voice leaked out, and here and there, the mirror images moved in unison. Although it is a mirror house with many mirror images due to many reflections, the original Sato C group is two people. Therefore, it is impossible for the three different mirror images to be mixed up.

The mirror image of I’ is surprised. The mirror image of Sato C who vomits blood and breaks into pieces. The mirror image of Sato C”’-san, who grips the fragment of the mirror like Kimura B”’-san did, and thrusts into Sato C over and over again. When could she have hidden that?

The mirror house is filled with the frenzy of Sato C imitations. Was I laughing? I don’t know. Is the mirror image laughing with an unpleasantly raised mouth angle I’ or Sato C”’-san?

In any case, Sato C”’-san was also similar to me. Without hesitation, I almost stabbed Sato C to death. I didn’t care that my own hand would be damaged by the fragments, I was wielding the blade with all my might.

“She’s been following me all the way, sneaking around, looking for something. She was probably jealous of me.”

Sato C”’-san tugged at the organs that had spilled off and rolled Sato C”-san on the floor. In a puddle of blood that looked like an overturned bucket, Sato C”-san is foaming with blood bubbles.

Sato C of the idea is just around the corner.

“Good one, you’re doing great. I’ll reward you later. But could you do your best a little more?”

“Yes, yes, of course! Thank you very much!”

Then I’ and Sato C”’-san lowered the doll hanging from the ceiling and strapped Sato C”-san instead. Even though she was a skinny woman, it was hard work to hang a person of that weight. However, the sense of accomplishment was something special.

Covered with blood, internal organs, pieces of flesh, and some unknown secretions, we smiled at each other in a devilish manner.

“You did it, Sato C””-san.

“Yes, we’re almost there, Sato C”’-san

I’ gently stroked Sato C”’-san’s head and put a rope around her neck. The liberated hanging doll is making a strange voice by moving the sphere joint around at its feet.

“Thank you, thank you…!”

Sato C”’-san dropped words of gratitude and wept. How cute! It’s a shame that this is also me. Seeing the same face makes me feel so complicated that I can’t fully immerse myself in it.

No, now is not the time to be extravagant. It is the time to reward the effort that Sato C”’-san has generously poured in order for I’ to become Sato C of the idea.

“Come on, Sato C”’-san. Please hang yourself and die. I’ll watch you from here.”

“Yes…! Watch me die! Now, then, excuse me.”

With a healthy apology, Sato C”’-san used my shoulder as a stepping stone and tied a rope to the ceiling. If you think about it now, the hanging Sato C that we found at that time may have had someone help her like this.

“May I? Sato C”’-san?”

“Yes, please!”

I took off my body when I heard Sato C’s reply. A taut rope and a stretched toe. The sound of flesh and bones squeaking. The face of Sato C”’-san became bloodshot as she let out an inexpressible cry of delight.

Looking at me with bloodshot eyes and smiling as best she could, Sato C”’-san was about to say something.


“What is it? Please say it properly. “

I’ rub the calf of Sato C”’-san, who is twitching and urged her to speak her last words. She was white-eyed, with tears, snivel and saliva falling like a waterfall.

“Good luck, here. What is it?”

“C… tsu! C, com, img…!”

“Wow, that’s the worst resignation. It’s lovely.”

I’, who looked away with a huge smile, said goodbye to Sato C”’-san, who was also hanging down with a huge smile, and turned to the Idea Mirror.

I’ was the last survivor of the Sato C Group. Sato C”’-san is already out of steam, and the other Sato C group container hanging next to it is still not reviving, perhaps because the damage is too severe. The other one is hanging far away from here, so there’s no way to check it, but I’m sure I can manage. Because it will keep dying, the timing will come sooner or later.

The only concern is that it’s unclear how durable the rope is. But it will hold up with plenty of time until I’m in the idea mirror. I don’t have any reason to believe this, but I feel great now, so I can’t help it.

“Oh, finally I’m going to be me!”

Now I feel that all the noisy, cheerful music, the screeching hanging dolls, and the overly bright pale lighting all seem to be praising me as ‘Idea Sato C.’.

Goodbye, grotesque kaleidoscope. Thank you. I’ will become me. From now on, I’ will be the Sato C of idea.


I have to admit, I was disappointed.

The kaleidoscope-like mirror house that I had seen earlier is no more. It is a dark and decaying abandoned house with broken glass and mirrors scattered around. I’ jumped into the idea mirror and finally escaped from that mirror house.

“Sato-san, are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m a little depressed, but I’m feeling better.”

I was approached by two strange girls. I smiled, not having any reason to be offended, but they looked at me suspiciously.

“Eh… – You’re really Sato-san, right?”

“Yes, I am.”

I am, without a doubt, Sato.

“Eh. You’re lying. Who are you…!”

The other person, who had been silently observing me for a long time, spat at me and cursed me. You’re not Sato.

However, I think. I wondered what these two could possibly know about Sato. Can they say with confidence that the two of you understood the previous Sato(I)?

For instance, suppose the two and Sato were so close that they were separated by a thin piece of glass. Assuming that they were so close to each other that they looked into the depths of each other’s eyes. Still, there is a thin glass gap separating Sato and them.

Even I’ do not perfectly understand me. I was so atrocious. I didn’t know I was so abusive, and I didn’t know I was so oppressive. I never knew. I am ashamed.

Can they say with confidence that you are not Sato when even I’ am in this situation? The Sato that I know is not like that, and so on.

No ――.

“W, wait … it’s weird, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s bad. It’s definitely not good!”

―― That’s right. They definitely understand Sato. They know perfectly well that the Sato (I)here right now is not Sato. On that firm basis, I’ am being denied by them.

In other words, a Sato exists only in their minds. So to speak, I am an imitation Sato. There are Sato”, and Sato”’. By comparing them to me, they are claiming that they are different.

There was no denying their claims. I’ve seen it. The variety of many imitations of Sato C.

Ah. I was really disappointed.

Because, this me is still Sato. The perfect and unique Sato does not exist here either. There are only imitation Satos here and there. It was no different from that hellish mirror house.

It’s hell to go back. Going forward is also hell. It is the same mirror house. Then I will move on. Let’s walk the world like this mirror house. While looking for the one and only perfection. While struggling to get closer, knowing that it is impossible I will live my life by repeatedly making concessions and compromises to the Idea Me.

“That rumor, when you go into the mirror house, you’ll come out as a different person. It must have been true.”

“It was your idea to go to…-Sato’s gone crazy!”

Looking at the confused pair, I cast words as if I were cautiously advancing through the Mirror House. Build relationships that are likely to reach but never reach, like going through a glass maze and looking at each other in the mirror. Even the fiercest of friendships through a thin glass has its first words.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Sato.”

―― End ――


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