Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 141

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Chapter 141 – Caught Off Guard

『Did you stretch out your muscles a little and hurt yourself? Well, tis no problem, now is it?』

“Yeah, no problem.”

『Besides, during a tournament like this, the adrenaline is pumping, so you would not feel any pain.』

At the end of the match, I left and checked my body for the time being.

Repeat the shadow to check the condition of the arms, elbows, and joints that were about to be clinched by Jawara.

“But… that was a pretty dangerous move…”

『To some extent, the fangs of his efforts have left their impression… such obstinacy…』

He was a worthy opponent, to be sure.

Jawara almost got me, it looked like he stretched my muscles a bit with that ‘Circle Throw’ or something technique.

However, there is nothing wrong with this much.

When I tried to get back to watching the next match…

“…… um…”


The moment I turned around, I ran into someone I hadn’t expected to see, and my body trembled.


No way, Sadiz. I was so surprised by her unexpected appearance that I let out a strange voice.

What the hell is she doing here alone?

When I thought so, I noticed “something” that Sadiz had in her hand.

“Um…… I know it’s not my place to ask, but…”

She held something out to me in a very reserved manner, it was a bulging cloth bag.

And leaking from the bag was… Magic and… cold air.

“…… ice?”

“Yes. Apparently I could use magic as well, so I…  made it.”

Looking into the contents, I saw a slightly larger piece of ice.

But why…

“Excuse me.”

“Hey, hey.”

“Stay… still, please.”

My heart started pounding. She approached me, took my left arm, and placed the cloth bag with ice on my elbow.

At that moment, Sadiz’s scent wafted through the air, my mind was shaken, but at the same time my arms were slowly cooled down, making it eased.

This is……?

『Tis icing. Accept it obediently, child.』


『Indeed. It has benefits such as preventing the deterioration of muscle fiber damage, suppressing swelling, relieving pain, and even preventing ligaments from stretching.』

「Oh, that’s what she’s doing?」

My head felt better and my fatigue seemed to be lessening.

Was this another effect of icing?

But Sadiz knew that…?

“…It’s… getting better.”

“I’m glad, but don’t overdo it, okay?”

When I said that frankly, Sadiz smiled gently.

“…… Why…”


“Why… are you doing this?”

Sadiz’s smile tightened my heart for the first time in a while, and I couldn’t help but ask.

Then Sadiz looked like she was thinking for a moment and…

“I don’t know.”


“It’s just… when I think about something happening to you, even slightly… my whole body started shaking… I had to do something… once I realized that, I found myself here.”

I knew that it was probably the former Sadiz, who was always cold, harsh, or teasing, but was actually more over-protected than anyone else, that would have made her do it.

That’s why, it was heartrending.

I had mixed feelings.

But…… now I’m still…

[Aaaaaaah right, just before the start of the match, as Vigg and his opponent came face to face with each other and unleashed their fighting spirit, he made a give-up declaration!]

At that moment, a groan and the boisterous voice of the host burst from outside.

[First-class swordsmen understand their opponent’s strength before drawing the sword from the scabbard. In other words, it is the second- class and third-class that would draw out a sword against an opponent they can’t beat! And Vigg, with his first-class Excalibur, knows this. Without pulling it out, he knows just how good his opponent’s sword is, just by confronting him face to face. Vigg Mhara, give up! Machio Proteen’s advances to the semifinals!!]

To put it bluntly, it was the kind of development that brought a ‘?’ floating in my head. But once the decision was made, it could not be overturned.

Apparently, Mr. Machio won.

[And with that top four have been decided! At this point, I’d like to ask the four warriors who have made it this far to come out before you! Men who were chosen from men among men, come on out!]

At the same time, the host was calling for the winners, including me, as part of his service to the audience.

It can’t be helped, I have no choice but to go.

“Sadiz… this…… is enough… for everything.”


I returned the ice bag to Sadiz, and…

“I’m healed… ah… thank you.”

“Ah… no…… next time… please do your best. But don’t…”

“I won’t overdo it… I want to graduate from “Little man” already…”

“Eh!? …… ah…”

I thanked her meekly … that’s all, but still, I hesitated a little… it’s also painful and lonely.

Feeling like that, I headed to the arena.

[Now, the semifinal match-ups will be ‘Supernova Earth’ vs. ‘Veteran Warrior Wacha’, ‘Cavern Seeker Denchok’ vs. ‘Superhuman Machio. Who will be the last one standing?]

When I walked out into the arena, everyone was already there. So I ran up to them and lined up beside Machio.

There were four of us: me, Wacha, the weird man, and Mr. Machio.

[Behold, the four super-males who have triumphed!]

A big cheer rose once again for us who have won from all over the venue.

[As the nickname implies, Earth Lagann has wrecked geniuses and hard-workers alike since the first round with his unparalleled senses and fighting ability! Making his presence felt as a guide and a wall for his students and disciples, Wacha Huacha, wielding skills worthy of such a role! Although branded for life as a sinner, Denchok Jahr, who has surprisingly defeated the best of the best in this tournament without breaking any rules! The number one contender, the overwhelming favorite, who defied the pressure of his opponent’s strengths and even competing in their field of specialty, Machio Proteen, stands victorious!]

As far as I was concerned, it was a predictable turn of events.

I wonder if it’s the same for everyone else.

In the first place, we fought the first and second rounds, but we were almost unscathed.

“You look like you’ve got a lot of leeway aye, Earth.”


“Well, far from being the bottom of your power, we haven’t shown even half of your ability yet, so of course, aye?”

As the top four were decided, we went out to the arena and were introduced to everyone once again.

While the cheers loudly rang out, Wacha next to me asked me in a whisper.

“No, it’s the same for you, isn’t it?”

“Hahaha, that’s not the case, aye. My fighting is a matter of experience and depth of knowledge, and if I make a mistake, you never know what could have happened, aye.”

“I wonder? And it’s not as easy as it sounds, either, right? I broke out in a cold sweat when I saw Jawara’s technique in the second round. I don’t know about the first round.”

With our next opponent, we were having a conversation as if sounding each other out.


“You’re …… big… Machio”

“Are you talking about height?”

“Do you……  have a lover?”

“No, I’m not worthy of one.”

“You’re thick.”

“…… are you talking about the arms?”

“I want to see it. I’d like to see you all puffed up”

“You want me to pose? That’s fine, sometimes I show them off to the young ones in the orphanage.”

“I want to touch it.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Why don’t we do it?”

“We’re going to battle in the semifinals, right?”

The conversation next to us, was weird.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the conversation is going well, but somehow not meshing together?

Am I the only one who feels chills?

“Not only the fighting style… Earth, you’re surprisingly different from your parents, who are just simple-minded and rambunctious, aye.”

“Hmm? ………… tte, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!?”

As I was taken aback by the conversation next to me, Wacha unexpectedly muttered something that caught me off guard.

Involuntarily, I raised my voice, and for a moment the entire venue amicably gazed at me, and I hurriedly closed my mouth with my hand, but … this guy …

“Y, you…”


No, he has connections to the outside world, so naturally, he would know about me… didn’t this old man want to hide it?

Author’s Note

When I noticed, 94,000 drills… Even though we are aiming for 1 million, we are still growing… thank you. 906,000 left. When I noticed the cumulative total, I was in 263rd place, so 262 to go.

Even in autumn, I would like to continue to do my best while taking measures against the heat of my heart with Super Naked Biz.

Well, tomorrow there is “15th Anniversary Event for Let’s be Novelists”, and I will go because I was elected. I would like to report what kind of event it was.

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