Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 139

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Chapter 139 – Speaking of Which

[This is out of the noooooorrmmm! Even Data is taken aback by this! Apparently, it was much larger than the information that Data had researched beforehand! Yes, careful observation is required if the boys haven’t seen each other for three days! In the face of Vigg’s Excalibur, Data has lost his will to fight and surrendered! For Vigg, it’s a brilliant victory!]

Hmm? It looks like the match is over. But what kind of match was this, anyway? I’m really curious about the content.

But now, what I’m most worried about is…

「Tre’ainar. What do you think of that Wacha guy?」

On the way back to my seat, I asked Tre’ainar about the scene we had just witnessed.

『I believe he is an outsider… or rather, like Bro, someone in a position come and go to the Outside world.』

「It seems so.」

The people of this secluded nation have been in this island country for a long time. They were born, raised, and will die here.

But, when asked if no one can go in and out, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

It seemed that there were times when people go outside like Bro, or on the contrary, bring in his friends to the dojo.

Therefore, Wacha might be someone in such a position, too.

But, putting that aside.

「What were they talking about earlier?」

『To such an extent… nevertheless…… it did not feel like a matter that bodes well.』

Right. The problem is that Wacha seemed to be connected to someone else.

And, that person knew the true identity of Jamdi’el.

Most importantly……

『Playing house with that doll…』

「I don’t like the way they put it, but… there’s only one person that can come to mind when they say that.」

『Tis that one.』


A pure and innocent goddess. It’s probably Kron.

In other words, they also know about Kron.

The world has yet to know of her existence, but she is a presence that could change the world.

If it was just within this island nation, there were people in the outside world who know of Kron.

Things smelled much too dangerous.

『If the Allied Forces, Mikado, Hiro, and Solja knew about the existence of Jamdi’el and Kron, they would not have let them be over a dozen years. Above all, nothing of note has occurred in the three months since you arrived in this country.』

「That’s right. So….. they’re not with the Allied Forces…」

It wasn’t the Allied Forces that Wacha was in contact with.

If so, an Anti-Government organization.


『Above all else, the one who spoke from beyond the magic crystal said…’Human blood’… that implies…』

「The Demon Realm… the remnants of the former Demon King’s army…」

『An Underground Organization of the Demon Realm… or the likes, there are so many possibilities.』

There certainly were many possibilities, but none of them give a very good premonition.

I was a little heavy-hearted, and at the same time Tre’ainar sighed.

『Although she is formerly of my Six Supremacy, Jamdi’el now hides among the humans. And then, a peculiar group acting covertly behind the scenes? Might be the trend of the times…』


『In the past, when people hear the name of the Six Supremacy, they would prostrate themselves to its majesty. All feared making enemies of them, they were simply incapable of clandestine maneuvering…』

「Well, they are legend. But it’s been over ten years since they vanished. If I hadn’t been intimidated by Jamdi’el, I wouldn’t have known the weight of their existence either.」

『Hah~, tis lonely. “White Fiendish Emperor Hakuki”, “Beast King La’iphant”, “Damsel Commander Norja”, “Dark Valkyrie Jamdi’el “, “Titan God Gouda”, “Black Sage Paripi”… and the Great Demon King who brought them together… it was a perfect army, and yet… two of their numbers died in battle when I was alive and well…』

「I’m not very familiar with it, but it looks that way. So, four of the living Supremacy… well, two of them, Jamdi’el and Hakuki were declared missing, and they’re infamous wanted persons.」

The names that once played a central role in the former Demon King Army and have now become legend, including Jamdi’el.

In the legendary situation, Tre’ainar seemed somewhat lonely.

「I never thought that one of them, Jamdi’el, would be in this country, though.」

『Tis so… La’iphant… would be surprised to know.』

「Ah! Now he’s the Supreme Leader of the Demon Realm. I’ve never met him, I’ve only heard about him in newspapers and classes. Seems he and my father meet on occasion.」


『By the way… might be late in coming, but child.』


『On the other hand, on the side of humanity… what of the other Seven Heroes? I never cared as I really had no interest in anyone other than Hiro, but…』

Oh, come to think of it.

Not only my father, mother, and His Majesty, but the other heroes were once enemies of this guy.

『I have seen Hiro, Mamu, and Solja. The remaining four…』

「Yes, both Rebal’s parents and Fu’s parents are alive and well, and they both hold important positions in the Empire. I haven’t seen them in a while.」

『Hoh~…’The Sword Saint’ and ‘The Great Mage’…』

「So I’ve heard that Japone’s ‘Kojirou’ is the top samurai warrior in his country. The last one from the Bethreal Kingdom is――――」

And, it was then.

“Ha~~~~, Kabadi Kabadi Kabadi Kabadi!!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Tackle! 】”

[He got caught! Kab faints in agony! A sharp intense tackle by Machio! So Fire! However, even though Machio accepted the special stipulation that Kab desired in good faith and fought, Machio still overwhelmed him! On the other hand, Kab’s heart was broken in the process! Here is the winner! Machio advances to the second round!]

Oh, I couldn’t watch Machio’s match… but……

「Huh… hold up it’s over already… but, now’s not the time for that…」

『Tis so. Still, you cannot afford to be distracted by the uncertainties and lose the opportunity to gain strength.』

「You may say so…」

To be honest, I couldn’t concentrate at all when I watched Machio’s match in my current state.

After all, I’m still worried. And does Jamdi’el herself know about this and about Wacha?

At least Kron wouldn’t know anything about it.

「Playing house with a doll… ha…」

『Sympathy? I tell you, cheap sympathy is…』

「I don’t care if it’s cheap, I think it’s pitiful, so I guess it can’t be helped」

『My oh my… what a turn of events…』

I replied to Tre’ainar’s words of advice and clenched my fists tightly, a little pissed off.

「Well fine, if you’re curious, I can ask Wacha himself directly. And, I’ll most definitely face Mr. Machio to decide the champion, right? Then, I’ll teach them. Each and everyone will know who I am.」

『Perhaps, but child. To that end, the next match…』

「Don’t underestimate him.」

『Tis fine in that case. Experience various things, let your opponent wear himself out, and then knock him down.』

For that purpose, I will quickly settle the second round.

Author’s Note

Now, which of the living Six Supremacy was it?

Also, this has nothing to do with the above, but after writing a lot of interactions with Amae recently, there were suspicions that the author was a lolicon, but that’s ridiculous. Therefore, I will try not to write too much for “young” girls, except for Amae, so that I don’t get any strange suspicions. I’m sorry when I put it out by all means. After all, age is a serious matter. On the other hand, if you’re older than a certain age in the settings, it shouldn’t matter what I do…?

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