June 2021 Short

In a Rotten World, I Really Don’t Want it to be Rotten

Author: Kazamatsuri Fuuri

AN: Hi, I’m Kazamatsuri Fuuri.

Recently, I’ve been stuck for ideas for my serialized novel again, and when I asked a friend about what to do, he said, “Why don’t you distract yourself by writing a short story?”, so I wrote this.

I don’t write a lot of short stories, but I felt that it would be a good idea to let out what I can.

As I dared to explain in the preface, please forgive me just for the scam title as usual.

If you don’t mind, please enjoy it.

This world has become a rotten place. It’s so rotten that a well-dressed suit wearing person like me is smoking in the back alleys in broad daylight, not even on a break from work.

Since when? When did I start smoking while looking up at these flowing clouds?


As I was thinking about that, a girl approached me. In a white dress stained in blood.

“What’s wrong? You shouldn’t call out to an oji-san who has been smoking in the middle of the day like that. Didn’t your parents teach you not to follow strangers or talk to them?”

“Help me… please… I’m being chased…”

At that statement, I blew the cigarette smoke which accumulated in my mouth. And walked in the direction she came from.

“Do you remember what he looked like?”

“Well, his face was covered with a hood, so I don’t know, but he’s about as tall as oji-san, so…”

“Anything is fine, I want to get as much information as possible.”

“Yeah, there was a glimpse of a bite mark on his arm, just like thi…”


I shot the Derringer I had stowed in my pocket. I looked forward and back.


“Phew. That throaty scream, it’s definitely a zombie. In case it was genuine, I shot it in the leg, but even a girl of that age nowadays doesn’t scream like that. Well, when the mouth is that open, you can usually tell it’s not human.”

Looking back, I call out to what used to be a girl. However, I’m not sure if she heard me or not, but I’ve heard that even if you’re intelligent, your senses are severely impaired, showing your true colors.


Then, the zombie that had been exposed tried to bite me without pause. But with the trigger already warm on Derringer in my hand, I didn’t hesitate to shoot a lead bullet between the zombie girl’s eyebrows. And she fell to the ground and faded into the wind like ash.


“As usual, you have no mercy. Not you.”

There was a voice from above, so I set up my Derringer. And I aimed at that person.

“Wait, wait, it’s me. Really, the state of this world, who would have thought of holding a gun? Teruhide. I understand you’re being vigilant, but come on. And with your dropping eyes, you’re half as scary, right?”

“That’s none of your business, Meiko. And my name is Shouei(Teruhide). You’re the only one who calls me that in my class.”

“You’re the one who keeps calling me Meiko. Even though it’s a play on words for Akimitsu(Akiteru), you don’t call me that.”

I sigh, “Hah.” The one before me is Meiko, Yokoya Akimitsu, a colleague from before the world became like this. Well, I don’t have that kind of job right now.

“So, what are you doing here? You must be pretty curious to come to someone like me.”

It’s the usual payment. It’s your, Shirogane Shouhei’s, reward money.”

Saying that, he came down with a bag. I knew what was in it because it was quite bulky, so I didn’t check.

“Really. It’s always this much reward, where on earth do you spend all this money? In this day and age.”

“It’s fine, isn’t it? Ammunition costs are ridiculous nowadays, and we need a stable supply.”

“You could send some my way, is that okay?”

“Because you are a messenger. There’s less danger for you than on the front line. That’s how much money I get to live on. That’s how the world works now.”

With that, I look towards the main street. Humans and zombies were intermingling in the area. In its own way, humans and zombies are half and half, but that’s because we know the characteristics of being a zombie. Most people don’t know in the first place. That’s why people like us are quietly exterminating zombies.

It all started with a gradual increase in the number of infected people as a virus fell into a region of Japan. At first, the area was quarantined, but then a mistake was made when a few people were let out, and the number of infected people slowly increased. Moreover, the method of infection was quite ancient, and if you do not get bitten, you will not be infected, but the infectivity is instantaneous, the bites increase, and increase repeatedly, and finally the state that human and a zombie are 50-50.

In the midst of all this, our company was safe to some extent, and a few of us were brought up playing survival games, so our bosses wanted us to fight instead of sending supplies.

“So? Have you found the cause? You don’t want to lead a dubious life, do you?”

“To say with no shame, I never trusted people. Well, we did find a part of the organization that looks like it.”


“It’s pretty small-scale, so it’s not worth it, right?”

“It’s not over until this world ends with zombies or humans destroy zombies. And the human side is at an overwhelming disadvantage. It’s not a bad idea to crush them before they’re in full swing.”

“Well then, it’s settled. I’ll send you the location later. Until then, I’m going on vacation… it doesn’t matter… in a world like this. Have a good meal and regain your energy.”

With that, Meiko left. When I checked the contents of the bag again, there was a wad of bills in it. But only a few of them were real. The rest was just paper. Still, I’m getting half my previous yearly salary so there’s no problem.

“Not very straightforward. Those higher-ups.”

In any case, Meiko knew about this treatment. In the eyes of the company, I’m the one fighting on the front lines, but that means I’m also jumping towards certain death. If I live, I will be rewarded, and if I die, I’ll be replaced by someone else. That’s the state of this world right now, and that’s what the ones one top thought.

“… I was hoping to have a conversation with him anyway to kill some time. Oh well. Let’s go to the usual place.”

Thinking about Meiko’s circumstances, I moved my legs under the sky as the sun was about to set.

“Welcome. Hmm. You?”

The usual master of the usual shore. It’s my go-to place and one of the reasons I don’t want to die.

“Master. Weren’t you attacked today?”

“Look at the condition of the store. I couldn’t defend it today. I can’t do it alone.”

“As long as the master is alive, that’s fine. I’ll have the usual.”

“You got paid? Why don’t you splurge a little? You’ll make a fair use of your money?”

“It’s fine. I don’t have anything better to do with my money than eat.”

“Yes, that’s right. Wait, wait. It’s the usual.”

With that said, the master goes to the back room to cook. In the meantime, I’m going to keep an eye on this place. The number of people in the shore here has decreased significantly. I don’t know what kind of company they were employed in, but it was the only place for those who were on the frontlines like me. I don’t see a familiar face anymore.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting… you’re the only old-timer here now. The guys who used to come every day won’t be coming back anymore. How about you? You should also strengthen your weapons. Won’t you have a better chance of survival?”

“I don’t need to improve my survival rate. And if you’re armed, they’ll never come for you. The more defenseless you are, the more zombies will come after you. Of course. That’s why I just drop them the way I do.”

“You’re a skeptic. I guess that’s why you’re still alive.”

With that said, I eat the master’s homemade roast beef. Then, the door of the master’s store opens.

In walks a woman in a tank top and hot pants, dressed in a very revealing outfit. Other customers are stretching their noses at the woman’s appearance. I drink my cocktail while watching such scenery. Is it because I did such a thing? The woman seems to have sat down next to me.

“You. You seem to be familiar with this city. This is my first time here, so can you show me around?”

“…I don’t think first-timers can come to this store. Though, it sounds like you’re not lying when you say it’s your first time in town.”

“… that won’t scare me. I.”

Have you noticed that I have a Derringer in my pocket? Well, that’s how it’s exposed. I saw that she was ready to live in this city now.

“Why did you come to this city? If you’re hunting zombies, the rewards are low, you know?”

“… I knew I was right to call on you. You seemed reliable.”

“Don’t put your trust in a stranger. Maybe I’m just like them, right?”

“Your eyes are more attuned to this city than those with such ulterior motives. That’s why you survived.”

“There’s a serious lack of feminine hair here. It must have taken a beautiful woman like you to bring it back to life.”

“That kind of energy is useless in front of zombies. Why don’t you take that energy and use it for your own survival?”

I ate the roast beef, complaining about the Master’s words. Then the woman next to me laughed.

“You look different from them. I seem to have met the right person.”

“Hey Teruhide. I’ve got the locatio… who are you? Miss?”

You’ve come at the right time, Meiko.

“You. What do you do for a living? A survivor of a city?”

“That’s the way it is. I’m Sakai Harumi, a survivor from the West District. My employer is the coat market.”

“Coat market… huh?”

“What’s wrong, Meiko?”

“No, when it comes to our company’s sponsor, I think we’re too inferior. Then maybe we can go on this job together.”

So, Meiko prepared a map.

“This shore is here. And here’s where the job is.”

“This is … a water purification plant… I see. From here, if you pour virus-infected water into the water supply, you can instantly turn harmless people into zombies. Have you narrowed down the time of the crime?”

“I didn’t get that far. But this is a water purification plant. We do a few plumbing projects every now and then. In this day and age, who would do plumbing work at a water treatment plant?”

“… Whether it’s true or not, we can’t afford not to go. It’s the job of the non-zombie people to stop them before they turn into zombies. So? What time do we go in?”

“I’ll leave that up to you.”

“At least decide whether it’ll be day or night… well, that’s okay. At least, we can start sneaking in this evening.”

When I sighed, Harumi’s eyes lit up next to me.

“Awesome! It’s like a scene from a movie!”

“Don’t look at people like that. In such a rotten world.”

“Isn’t it okay? I think we all need a little hope, don’t you? It’s something you’re missing right now. Teruhide.”

“It’s not your business, Meiko. It’s better to keep your ego in a state of despair, rather than holding out for a strange hope.”

“Hey, take me there with you. I can help you.”

“No… I can’t take you.”

“That’s right, Miss. They’ll be doing the work. Don’t push yourself to follow him.”

The people who were watching our interactions from a distance approached us. Most of them must have wanted a chance to talk to Harumi.

“It’s my decision to make, so please leave me alone.”

“You say that, but you know what? Most of the places they go are usually full of danger, you know? The people in their company are crazy. They could die at any time, so I let them go there for work. That’s crazy, right?”

“But these people are alive. Which means they’ve been through a lot. You’ve been through it too, haven’t you?”

“Yes, right?” So come on. Why don’t you stay with us? It’s a shame to lose you in this city…”

With that said, I grabbed the hand of the man who was trying to slip his hand into her tank top from behind.

“You can’t touch a girl’s body without permission, no matter how strong your survival instinct is in a zombie-filled world.”

“Tch! Don’t get in the way, intelligence officer! It’s okay to welcome a newcomer, isn’t it? It’s a greeting…”

“… I get it. I’ll take you. Let’s have a strategy meeting. Meiko, Harumi, follow me. Master, prepare some food and drinks for them. And I’m going to rent my usual room.”

“Oh. You can spend as much time as you want. you’re paying for the accommodation. You only need to pay enough for one person.”

With that I reached the door and went up the stairs and into the room.

“What was that, Teruhide? You had an ulterior motive, too. I’m happy for you onii-san. I thought it had withered.”

“Taking Harumi to that place is also to teach her how things are done here. Besides, I just thought it would be safer to look after her than to let those lowlifes touch her.”

“Not very honest, really. Well, I didn’t think you’d cover for her with an ulterior motive, though.”

In the midst of this exchange, Harumi was sitting there looking like she was being punished badly.

“Th, thank you. I didn’t expect you to help.”

“I told you. You can’t easily trust this oji-san. Also don’t keep your gun in your chest. You won’t be able to pull it out when it matters.”

“How did you know there was a gun on my chest?”

“Don’t get the wrong idea, but there was no holster on your hip. I know from experience that the hiding place for a gun in a woman is either her chest or her pants.”


“Don’t worry, some of the female employees in our department were just like that. And those women were more on the side of getting people to give up information. It is effective as a hiding place, but there’s also the risk of being exposed if they touch you like those guys before.”

“When it matters, what do you mean?”

“Can you suddenly drop your trousers and underwear, pull out a gun from your chest and hit a lead bullet between the eyebrows?”

“Let’s just leave it at that. Give me the schematics.”

Imagining the scene where that happened, I hung my shoulders and produced a floor plan, then talked about the capture of the aforementioned water purification plant with Harumi, who was slightly flushed.

And we were in front of the water purification plant that morning. But not from the front. We’re just observing the situation from the surrounding hills.

“Really, yesterday was a long night. Since there were only three of us, we had to be very meticulous.”

“There’s a newcomer. Normally, we’d be fine if we just rampage on our own, but we don’t want her to die.”

“Hey, maybe I’m slowing you down?”

“It’s a preliminary exercise to find out. Besides, until now we could only handle two directions, but it’s great to be able to increase our field of view to three directions.”

“I mean, you’re on the front line too…”

“I’m also his lookout, you know. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“… the people on this side have left. We’re going straight down.”

And so we move. As we came close to the emergency exit, I prayed that it hadn’t turned into a zombie den.

“By the way, what kind of enemy would need that rifle?”

In addition to our own small guns, we have a rifle for me, a machine gun for Meiko, and a submachine gun for Harumi.

“Harumi-chan. Zombies are basically not a threat unless you get close to them, but toughness is an exception. I’m assuming that the small guns we have won’t be enough to take them down.”

“For the rotten bastards who want to create more zombies in this world, I won’t feel satisfied killing them with only a single lead bullet.”

Then slowly open the emergency exit door. Check the areas where zombies might lurk before rushing in.

“How many people do they have running at this hour?”

“I know. I think there are about five of them. They must be pretty good.”

“Whatever. Let’s go.”

With that said, We went straight to the control room with the floor plan in my head. We were able to get there right away without coming across zombies on the way.

“Wow, things are going so well it’s scary.”

“This is small scale. In some places, zombies are not deployed. Usually it’s a little bigger, and there are a lot more zombies.”

I listened as those two were chattering too much in the background. Instruct them to pay attention like I am. In order to obtain the words and deeds which will serve as evidence, I ask Meiko to use an IC recorder.

『But is it really okay to do this? Water is a necessity in this world today. To taint it with the zombie virus.』

『It’s an idea from the top. It is better for you to follow instructions. It’s for our own good. It would still be better for us to be able to drink than to starve to death without it. Some children live in a world where they have to drink water filled with pathogens that would kill them in South America. We will just have to learn from them. Let’s just be grateful that we are guaranteed not to turn into zombies.』


“It’s rotten.”

“Isn’t that rotten?”

“So rotten.”

All three of our thoughts were fixed. We stepped away from the door and kicked it in one go.

“I won’t let you do such a vile act!”

There were five people in the control room. All of them had exhausted looks on their faces.

“Hi! Odin’s Eye! How did you find out!”

“Odin’s eye?”

“It’s like the name of our unit. It’s just Teruhide and me, but we got that name because we’ve been getting information for some time and we’re going to bring down the hammer… right?”

“At a time like this, you named the group. Thanks to you, the whole place was on alert and wouldn’t move. I wanted to yell at them for what they were doing in a rotten world.”

“W, wh, wh, what’s your business here? You’ve come all the way to the water purification plant….”

“You know there’s no point in trying to fix it, right??”

I don’t know where the information was leaked from. Therefore, if they are found, they will have to be purged quietly. I wanted to say that I’ve become strong enough to make people think that, but that’s why I can get away with it. Old ideas corrupt the way we do things now. People at the top have no freshness in their brains. They feel like soggy fruit.

“We’ve got the evidence. You won’t get away with it.”

“No, we’re being threatened to do this! We really don’t want to…”

Bang! Bang!

There is a sound of gunfire from the right. Looking at it with a glance, Harumi is looking forward and holding a gun behind her. A zombie that was no longer moving was crushed on the ground at the end of the HWS with smoke rising.

“It’s true. It is much faster and more stable than having it in your boobs.”

“When I’m done with this job, I’ll take you to my favorite military shop. I’ll buy a better-designed holster than my old one.”

Smiling that way, I turn to the guys in front of me again.

“Well, you said you were being threatened, right? So what about that zombie? It didn’t look like it came from somewhere else, obviously. And you’re just going to pretend you don’t know?”

“Uh, ugh…”

It seemed that the fighting spirit had completely disappeared, and everyone sat down. Fortunately, not a drop of zombie virus had been shed yet, so we decided to collect it in our organization.

“Well, for your treatment… go through the paperwork so that we have jurisdiction over you at our company. Then we can guarantee you more safety than the ones above you.”

“Oh, ah. Thank you. Thank you…”

And we left the water purification plant with the zombie virus.

“Now, how am I going to report this?”

“What do you have to worry about? Report what happened as it is. That’s what you’ve been working with me for, isn’t it?”

“That’s true, isn’t it? How do I explain Harumi-chan?”

“Say that I’m a backup from another sector. I could also be a spy.”

“Okay. See you later, Harumi-chan.”

And with that, Meiko left lightly with the box containing the zombie virus. I’m confident with my gun, but I can’t move as actively as he does. Sometimes I envy his ability to move in sync like that.

“We’re going, too. Until the next job… what’s wrong? With such a grin.”

“No. I’m somewhat glad that I was praised. In the last place, I never get praised for this.”

“It’s okay to chew on joy, but don’t be weird? I don’t want to lose face if a younger woman comes on to me.”

“Eh? You say you’re an oji-san, but you look pretty young, don’t you? Even a woman like me would absolutely fall for it.”

“Don’t say that to a man in his thirties. Why, if you take to such an oji-san, you’ll be a good for nothing, right?”

“I’m fine with it because the last place I went to reminded me that there are no good men in this world. Especially when they’re not that much older.”

“Are you trying to look younger or something?”

“How rude. I’m still at the turn of my 20s.”

“It’s a big deal if you survived that long. Most women rot in despair over the world.”

While that is true, I recognize her ability in some way. Even in such a rotten world, I thought it was not bad to find such unripe fruits.

“It would be nice to be flashier next time. Let’s tell Meiko-san.”

“I don’t want such a big shot to come that easily. Also, his given name is Akimitsu. By the way, I’m Shouei. We’re the only ones who call each other by nicknames.”

“Eeh, I want one too. Don’t you have anything?”

‘I’ll think of something.”

Today, as the sun begins to rise, we will work to eliminate corruption. Until all the rot is removed.

Author’s Note

How was it?

Originally, it is a short story that doesn’t originally consider detailed settings, if you think that it ended without a conclusion, I would appreciate it if you could think that “it is the work of Kazamatsuri Fuuri”.

However, it’s not a lie that I’ve had stories come to me while writing, so I think that it is okay to write short stories in many different ways from time to time.

Thank you for reading this far.


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