Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 106

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Chapter 106 – Bringing Others Along



This wasn’t a joke, I objected to Tre’ainar in my mind.

I’m going to thoroughly train for the next three months.

Hence, I want to focus on just that.

I don’t have time to take care of anyone else.

『I do not mean constant supervision, nor am I saying to mirthfully link hands in a row with everyone. I simply ask if you would toil together.』

「So why! I mean, it’s not that I don’t sympathize with these guys after hearing their story… even so, why for these guys… in a row?」

『Tis not simply for their sake. I believe it will all be to your benefit as well…. Never mind the rows…』


I didn’t understand what Tre’ainar was saying.

Why would it be good for me to train with them?

『Child… what are the benefits of rigorously training with others?』

「Eh? …… with other people… let’s see… to compete… right?」

『Fufu, well, tis a fair point, but… the benefits of training with others is… ‘incentive’.』

Incentive. The first thing that came to mind when I heard that was…

「Incentive…? So, you mean to compete and encourage each other? With these guys? But their abilities might be…」

『Even without competing, they may incentivize you.』


Even if you don’t compete, it can be incentivizing… I didn’t really get it, and when I tilted my head, Mortriage tilted his head to me as I silently stood there for a while.

“Hey? What’s wrong? That…… are you so opposed to it that you’re left speechless?”

“O, Ora, we’re begging you, please. We… we won’t get in the way.”

Oops, what should I do… I haven’t even finished talking about it yet…

『Anyway, do some Magical Roadwork. I shall teach while you run.』

「…… jeez… fiiiine…」

For now, I decided to follow his suggestion since he said he would teach me while I ran.

Honestly, I’d rather run alone, but…well…

“Let’s go for a run “


“You may as well follow me, if you want.”

“”””Oh!? Let’s go!””””

And, it seemed that they would really follow.

But, can these guys even keep up with me…?

『Child. Next to dumbbells, those are Magical Power Ankles and Magical Power Wrists. Equip them on yourself as a handicap.』

And a handicap to account for it. I was forced to put weights on my wrists and ankles… I mean… Heavy!?

“Do you want us to put those weights on too…”

“No, you guys don’t have to! Actually, listen? Don’t you put it on.”

I mean, there was no point in you equipping them as well if my intention was to give a handicap.

And then……

“Un, you running?”


When I was about to go out with the weights wrapped around my wrists and ankles, Amae came running up to me.

“…… I guess so…… well.”

“…… Un”

When I answered, Amae nodded and for some reason reached her hands out to me.



I wasn’t sure what that meant, but when a young child does this it’s like asking for a hug…

“No way… y, you too?”

“Un. Let’s go.”

“…………… wh, at?”


Seemed she enjoyed the first Magical Parkour so much that she insisted on me giving a piggyback again.

“No, oh, I’m training…”

“Let’s go. Piggyback!”

“Well, it’s Roadwork, so… I need to use both hands while running for shadows and stuff! That’s why I can’t piggyback!”

“Nu uh! Piggyback!”

It’s not a joke. Even just taking Mortriage’s group, and even with my arms and legs weighted down, from there it would be too hard to also give a little girl a piggyback ride.

However, Amae’s sentiments would not give up,

“Mu~ ~ ~ ~, piggyback!”

With her cheek puffing, she grabbed my clothes and resisted, refusing to let go until I nodded.

“Uwa~, t, too cute. Kofu~”

“Budeo… be quiet… the moment you said that out loud, even we thought you seemed like a criminal. Have some self-awareness.”

Looking at Amae’s behavior next to me, Budeo and Mobner were having a slightly deplorable exchange, but I’ll not put a retort in.

For the time being, the problem is this kid…

“Hey! Amae, don’t you bother him!”


Then, at that time, Elder Sis Tsukshi rushed over, and scolded Amae for acting selfishly.

“Big brother has to train now. You’re being unreasonable while he’s doing his best, anyway… or he’s working hard to win the tournament and fulfill his promise to Mr. Machio, so don’t be a nuisance, okay?”


“No buts~!”

This was exactly what an older sister scolding a younger sister looked like.

However, Amae turned away in a sudden bad mood.

“No! I want piggyback.”

“I’ll give you a piggyback ride later!”

“…… no….. I like him.”

Amae gradually grew timid and despondent.

Naturally, I felt a little sorry for her… No, no, but, I’m training… wait, she likes who?

“Come now, Tsukshi… it looks like Amae got a brother, so she’s happy, right? You don’t have to be so angry…”

Then, Machio came up to appease the Tsukshi, but Tsukshi wouldn’t give up.

“Mr. Machio, with Amae… incidentally, I heard from Karui that you always pamper her too much!”

“Th, that’s not…”

“Anyway, I don’t think she should interfere with his training.”

“That’s true, but…”

However, Mr. Machio was also defeated.

Somehow, rather than an older sister, she’s more like a mature lady scolding a father for spoiling his selfish daughter…

“””””Get married””””””

At that moment, when the voices of me and Mortriage’s group overlapped as we muttered loudly.

“Amae, I’ll take you on my shoulders.”

“No. Uncle, slow.”

“Nu… uh…”

“With him, feuuuuw~, then whish whosh, and bonce jump, then go round and round and like zig zag! It’s fun! I like him!”

And even though Mr. Machio was being considerate, the selfish girl wouldn’t listen, and finally clung to my leg… Hey, when did we get along this far?

『…… My oh my…… are you not popular, child.』

「No. Although, when I was in the Empire, I was so unwelcome, but lately I’m doing well… is this my popular phase?」



『…… never mind.』

She was hiding a lot this morning, but I just gave her a little piggyback and she’s attached to me.

Or rather, they say children are truly simple-minded, well… but still, I can’t bring her with…

『It cannot be helped. Take her along, child.』

「…… what? Hey, what are you… well, as I said earlier, I don’t have time for this!」

『You may consider her the same as a weight, like on your wrist.』

「No, no, still if I give a piggyback, I my hands won’t be free during roadwork, so shadows…」

『If so―――――』

Tre’ainar gave a suggestion. And, Tsukshi pulled Amae, who clung tightly to my leg, and trying not to leave.

“Amae! Will you listen to what I say!”

“Noo! Wooont!”

It’s already getting a little more troublesome.

So I want to put an end to the conflict…

“Er, Amae”

“Un? Ah…”

I picked up Amae who was being pulled by Tsukshi, lifted her up, and placed her… on my shoulder…

“I can’t give a piggyback because I need to use both hands, but is this okay?”


Yes, it’s a shoulder ride.

“Hey… hold on, you!”


Yes, if I can’t use both hands while giving a piggyback, I can give a shoulder ride. With Tre’ainar’s proposal, Machio smiled at a surprised Tsukshi.


“Fah… ah… so high…”.

“…… Then you want to get off?”

“Uun un!”

When she heard that, Amae, who was on my shoulders, panicked and threw her hands around my head and hugged me.

Well, I can use both hands like this…

『Well, I was also going to have you try something like this as you train with them. While maintaining a firm axis and balance so as not to drop the one you are carrying, run with firm legs and waist… this will strengthen your core. As I explained earlier with the toes, be conscious and train them.』

Now I’m going to do some Roadwork with weights on my hands and feet and shoulders… Huh? I was told today would be light, but isn’t this pretty hard?

“Hey, you… i, is it okay~…?”

“Hmm? Because it can’t be helped…”

“Haha, I’m really sorry… oh, but as an apology, how about Big Sis splurges on whatever you want for dinner tonight~?”

Tsukshi said to me with an apologetic expression, as she looked at Amae going “Mufu~♪” on my head, and sighs.

“Good for you, Amae.”


And then, Mr. Macho gave a tender smile to that Amae, such a straight dad.

“All right, then, let’s go! Magical Roadwork!”



And so, much to my annoyance, I set out on my roadwork with four guys and a little girl.

Thinking about it, it’s the first time I’ve done this with anyone other than Tre’ainar… at the Academy, we get paired up with others in the curriculum… well, I only ever paired up with the princess… she always said annoying things like, “I’ll sacrifice myself because it can’t be helped”. They better not try that stuff with me…

Well, it doesn’t matter, at least it’s the first time I’ve taken the lead and run with someone like this… not since I was a kid.

When I was a kid… let’s see…… at that time, I didn’t have a complex with everyone yet… I didn’t think of the princess as a thorn in my side… and I didn’t doubt that Rebal… and Fu … were my lifelong friends, but…

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      1. Some tsunderes are good. The self-aware ones who realize they have a problem that they need to fix. The Princess is the exact opposite of that. She’s in complete denial of reality and won’t listen to anyone and even goes out of her way to publicly shame and humiliate Earth.

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    1. There are more than one kind of tsunderes, but in this case, the Princess’s case, is one of the most troublesome tsundere. As one need experiences to understand this type of tsundere. If not, then the case like Earth will happen.

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    2. Tsunderes don’t usually isolate their crush to the point where his social life is in shambles.
      Due to the rumor mongering on part of Princess, he didn’t even have ONE friend and his bad reputation even extended outside of school too.
      All because she insulted him EVERY TIME SHE GOT FLUSTERED.
      Which, considering she apparantly ‘likes’ him, would be a lot of times.
      And she’s surrounded by people, always. Influential people, for that matter.
      She isn’t a Tusndere, she’s just evil.


      1. She is not evil… She is a lot of things, but proper evil, I can’t agree. Incompetent perhaps


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