January 2021 Short

Happy New Year, Please Go Out with Me

Author: Nagi Tsugei

January 1st, morning.

I had promised a certain boy that I would go to a shrine for Hatsumode (New Year’s first visit).

It’s a nearby shrine, but it’s surprisingly crowded, so we’re meeting at the park nearby.

I don’t know what to do, I’m so nervous.

Because I, Izumi Tomozawa(Tomosawa), like that boy,Yuichi(Yuuichi) Sukijima(Sugishima).

I’ve decided to confess my feelings to him today.

The whole year’s plan is made on New Year’s Day. Isn’t that what it means?

Anyway, it’s the beginning of the New Year. I want to convey my feelings to him.

…… Just kidding. I’m trying to be cool about it, but the truth is, I haven’t been able to say it for a long time, and it’s the goal that I’ve been carrying forward since last year.

This is the year. I’ll do my best!

When I arrived at the intended park, Sukijima-kun was already there, then he noticed and ran up to me.



We face each other and bow with a smile.

“”Happy New Year, so――― “”

The two voices overlapped.

I hardened like a stone with a snap.

(O, oh no ――――――!!)

Actually, I had to meet him and confess with my first words.

Because I had been given a “spell” to do so.

But suddenly, I was trying to greet him for the New Year.

That’s right, isn’t it? It’s normal, isn’t it? I mean, I made the same mistake the other day, didn’t I?

Why don’t I ever learn?

It may not yet be in vain, I haven’t finished the sentence, so maybe I’m safe?

What should I do, help me, Maho-chan――


“A ‘spell’ that can make a confession work?”

“Yes! I wonder if there is such a thing.”

I was consulting my friend Kuromi Mahono, aka Maho-chan for advice.

She is a beautiful girl with beautiful black hair.

There’s a bit of an inaccessible vibe, but she’s still a celebrity among girls. A popular person.

Because, Maho-chan…

“Izumi. I just want to make sure, but it’s not a “spell” that will make confessions work out?”

“Oh, I guess that’s normal, isn’t it? But somehow I don’t want to use a spell to determine whether or not it will work.”

“…… Hmm. You’re surprisingly serious about that. I mean, it’s like you can’t cheat.”

“Ehehe, is that so? So, what do you think? After all, if you’re a ‘witch’, you’ll come up with a spell that works?”

“That’s not the case. I’m a “witch”, enabling you to make a skillful confession is no trouble.”

A witch.

Maho-chan calls herself a witch and casts spells and performs fortune-telling.

When I first entered the school, everyone was put off. I wondered what she was talking about.

But soon, the reputation that her spells were very effective and her fortune-telling being accurate spread.

Thanks to this, she is now very popular with the girls, who come to see her every time they have a break.

“As you know, Izumi, there are rules to my spell.”

“Yes, yes.”

“First of all, as a common rule, keep it secret from boys that I am a witch. If you speak, a curse will fall on you.”

“I won’t say anything!”

Don’t tell the boys.

The fact that Maho-chan is a witch is a secret only for girls.

Since her spells and fortune-telling really hit the mark, everyone is afraid of the curse and observes this rule properly.

“The other is the rule unique for each spell. This time…… after the spell, when you meet the person you want to confess to, your first words must be the confession.”

“Eh…… eh!? You mean I should confess as soon as we meet?”

“Yes. Don’t talk about anything else. If you break this.”

“Wh, what if I break it?”

“Not only will your confession not go well, but afterwards something embarrassing will happen.”

“Something embarrassing!?”


Thus, I had the spell performed.

It was September, just after the start of the second semester.

You don’t mean to tell me that you hadn’t spoken a word to Sukijima-kun until then?

No, of course not.

I tried to confess right away – but the spell, darn, I failed.

At first, I was straightforward. I thought I’d call him up and confess.

I asked Maho-chan to cast the spell, and I immediately called out to him.

“Hey, Sukijima-kun. Can I talk to you for a minute? “

“No problem. What is it?”

He responded with a smile, which made me happy. But,

“…… Ah.”

My first words, had to be my confession. I spoke normally to him to call him out.

I panicked, and in the end I said “It’s nothing!” and ran away ―― then I fell down in a magnificent manner.

It was really embarrassing.

Sukijima-kun rushed to me right away, but I’m still concerned about that moment.

…… You couldn’t see under my skirt, could you?

If you break the rule of the spell, something embarrassing will happen.

According to Maho-chan, the punishment for breaking the rule was very light because the aim of the spell is “to be able to confess properly”.

For me, the punishment was heavy enough.

The next one is October. The cultural festival

Eh? Was it just once in September? No, I’ve been trying again and again since then.

It was my first cultural festival since entering high school, and everyone in the class was united, and it was very exciting.

Even after it was over, my excitement was still up.

It’s now or never. I have to take advantage of this momentum.

I had the spell cast in advance, so I pulled Sukijima-kun’s sleeves and led him out into the hallway.

“Hey, Tomozawa! Sukijima too! We’re going to karaoke, right? I’m calling to make a reservation, can I include you in the number of people?”

“Woah! …… karaoke? I’m in! You’re going too, right, Sukijima-kun?”

“Hmm, I can’t sing, but if it’s still okay.”

“Don’t say that, let’s sing something~… huh! 」

I was caught up in karaoke.

No, but you know what, this is just the boy who approached me not being able to read the mood, right?

Maho-chan told me that trying to confess in the hallway while everyone is in the classroom was a bad idea.

By the way, at the karaoke, I ended up singing an enka song that I entered by mistake.

My father used to listen to it, so I was able to sing it… I threw my fist in the air and sang enthusiastically, and everyone was a little taken aback. It was fun, but I was very embarrassed.

The next one is October, Halloween. At this time, I was terribly damaged.

As usual, I have Maho-chan to put the spell on me, and I was ready to confess! But then Sukijima-kun approached me.

“Tomozawa-san, uh… Happy Halloween”


I was thrilled to hear him say that with a smile.

“Oh, well, here. You can have this if you like.”

“…… Cookies? And these are”

“It’s handmade. I’m sure they’ll taste fine.”

“N, n, n, no way, did you make them, Sukijima-kun?”

“Yes. My sister taught me and I often make them. But because it’s Halloween, I made a little too much. So I wanted to give some out.”


The high level of girl power shown by Sukijima-kun turned my mind blank.

Of course, I had such a conversation, so the spell failed.

Immediately after, my friend who was nearby revealed that I was catastrophically bad at making sweets. I went from pure white to bright red and hit the friend warmly. It was so embarrassing that I wanted to disappear.

By the way, Sukijima-kun’s cookies were very delicious. I’ll get revenge someday, so be prepared. What should I use as the secret ingredient?

The Halloween shock was so great that I couldn’t move in November.

But as soon as December came around, I realized something. I’ve noticed.

…… Because of being caught in the event, an unnecessary conversation was created.

I immediately put it into action.

At lunchtime, I found Sukijima-kun walking down the hallway by himself.

Maho-chan’s spell! Thank you!

As I ran after him in a hurry, he noticed and turned around. And

“Oh, Tomozawa-san. Thank goodness, I’ve been looking for you.”

(Eh――? You were looking for me?)

I was surprised, but I didn’t speak out loud.

Not good. I almost had another unnecessary conversation.

…… But why were you looking for me? That smile, maybe Sukijima-kun also…!?

“Mathematics teacher, Suzuki-sensei was calling. It seems Tomozawa-san is the only one who didn’t hand in their assignment.”

“Eh… ah! I forgot!”

“You mean you forgot to turn it in, right…”

“To do it!”


“Ugh. There was something I didn’t understand, and I was going to get my friends to teach me. I completely forgot about it.”

If you like, I’ll teach you. Let’s finish it during lunch break.”

“Really!? Thank you! ――ha!!”

So, I failed.

It couldn’t be helped, it was an emergency.

When I explained it to Maho-chan, she got angry.

By the way, Sukijima-kun found out that I was stuck at the very beginning, and I felt very embarrassed. We finished at the last minute of lunch break, but I was absolutely taken aback… Ugh.

I retract the previous statement.

Whether or not you’re caught up in the event, an unnecessary conversation will occur.

In that case, match the event with full momentum, and most importantly, create a proper atmosphere.

Confession is all about the atmosphere, right?

I can’t believe I forgot about that. I’m disqualified as a girl.

So, next is Christmas.

The perfect day to confess my feelings has come.

Some of the class members decided to have a Christmas party, so Sukijima-kun and I also participated. We’re just going to karaoke though.

I waited for Sukijima-kun a little far from the meeting place.

Only Sukijima-kun would come through this way! I’ve done my research.

And finally, Sukijima-kun arrived.

“Oh, Tomozawa-san! Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!!”

Failed. My first words, I messed up.

If you say it with such a nice smile, I’ll be caught up.

Moreover, I panicked when I realized my failure, and fell again as I hurriedly tried to run away.

Absolutely, I’m sure he saw. Erase your memory of this moment, Sukijima-kun.


New Years Eve. I was at the coffee shop in front of the station with Maho-chan.

“Just how… you can make that many blunders?”

“Ugh, I’m sorry~… So, but, you know what? This time it’s okay. We promised to visit the shrine together. It’s just the two of us, so we definitely won’t be disturbed.

“Hah~… I don’t mind casting the spell. Because I’m a witch. But can I ask you something?

“What? Ask me anything!”

“Anything……. what do you like about him, Sukijima-kun?”

“Ah……… that’s right. Before I realized, I found myself following Sukijima-kun with my eyes.”

Another friend once asked me the same question.

For some reason, my friends knew that I liked Sukijima-kun. Maho-chan says she didn’t talk. I wonder why.

When the friend asked me about it, I answered the same way I do now. But…… I think I can give a little more detail now.

“Maybe it’s Sukijima-kun’s smile, I can’t take my eyes off it.”

“Can’t take your eyes off?”

“Sukijima-kun isn’t the lively and noisy type, right? Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in the smile he sometimes shows. He has a very gentle face and smiles happily. It’s a super super super nice smile!”

“I see, that’s why you can’t take your eyes off him.”

“Yes! I think I’ve been following Sukijima-kun with my eyes because I want to see his smile. But one day I realized. I think I like him too!? That’s what I thought.

“That’s a very Izumi reason.”

“…… It’s weird, isn’t it?”

“No. I think it’s a lovely reason.

“Really!? Yay! I like you, Maho-chan!”

“Wh… what’s with you all of a sudden.”

Maho-chan looks a little embarrassed and sips from her cup.

It’s rare for Maho-chan, a witch who is always cool. I might be a little happy about it.

“Hah … I was thinking, but Izumi… do you really need the spell? I think it’s because of the spell that you haven’t been able to confess.”

“Eh!? That’s not true. If I didn’t have the spell, I’d probably run away.”

“It doesn’t look that way, but…”

“No, I know myself. I’m sure I’ll procrastinate. That’s why I’m having Maho-chan cast the spell. Then I can’t run away!”

“…… I see. A spell to keep you from running away.”

Maho-chan put down the cup and turned serious.

“The spell, is casting it now okay?”

“Umm. I don’t expect we’ll bump into each other after this! I don’t think anything like that can happen. “

“…… I guess so. But Izumi. This is the last time.”

“Eh!? Was there a limit on the number of times we could do this?”

“No, but… Oh yeah. That’s right. So this is the final serious round.

“I see, but it’s okay! This time, I won’t fail!”

“I’m counting on you…… then, as usual. Look into my eyes.”

I stare at Maho-chan as I was told.

Then, on the table, Maho-chan held my hands.

Gradually, Maho-chan’s hands got hotter.

It’s much hotter than her body temperature. A fiery heat.

It felt like there’s a flame in the palm of my hand.

The flame slowly flows towards me.

“…… It’s done.””

“Fluffy~…… As always, it feels miraculous.”

I inadvertently look at my hand, but of course I’m not burned. The heat I felt a little while ago is now gone.

“…… This time, it’s going to work. Good luck.”

“Yes! Did you do anything special?”

“Nothing. It’s the same spell as usual.”

“Oh. Thank you! Maho-chan”

Maho-chan, a witch who does spells and fortune-telling.

I’m glad I made friends with Maho-chan.

“Oh, come to think of it. I heard a little rumor, is Maho-chan called a cursed witch among the boys?”

“…… hmm. I wonder.”

“If it’s true, that’s terrible! Maho-chan is a cute witch. There’s no curse.”

“Oh, my spells include a curse, too? If you break the rules, there is punishment. That’s like a curse, isn’t it?”

“Maybe so. Well, it’s a secret kept from the boys, so I wonder if rumors are flowing like crazy.”

“Yes. I’m sure it is………… I’m sure.


“Happy New Year, so――”

Like a revolving lantern, I remembered all the past spells.

That’s right, I made the same mistake at Christmas. Just the other day.

I really don’t learn, do I?

But but but, it’s still safe, right? I managed to stop!

Happy New Year!

I said that, but I still… I’m gonna manage somehow!

I promised. I said I would not fail.

Maho-chan, please support me.

I look at Sukijima-kun in front of me with my mouth open as I try to say the rest of the New Year greeting.

I feel that if I close my mouth, I’ll be out, so I don’t close it. I made a rule for myself that it would be safe if I didn’t finish what I was saying.

Strangely enough, Sukijima-kun also stopped speaking and didn’t try to continue. He’s opening his mouth a bit. That’s me as well!

But now I don’t have time to worry right now. Anyway, I have to say it.

My feelings. I like your smile.

I follow you with my eyes every day, and I’m so happy when I can see your smile.

Somewhere along the line, I began to wish that you would show me that smile by my side.

That’s why, Sukijima-kun. Please. With me――

“”――Please go out with me!!””


Our voices overlapped perfectly.

I didn’t know what was happening, but I was just surprised.

“…… ah, that, Sukijima-kun, just now.”

“――Ah! Th, that wasn’t the ‘curse’ …! I knew I had to say it at the beginning of the new year. That’s why…… Tomozawa-san.”

“Wait! It’s not the ‘spell’ … I was thinking the same thing, and I decided that I would be the first to tell you when I met you. That’s why I feel a little weird, but… Sukijima-kun”

We, once again. Look at each other.

I’ll tell you how I feel.

――Sukijima-kun smiled.

“”I like you.””

Maho-chan. I was able to confess my feelings with a smile.


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