Serra – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – The Night Before

“―――― Well yes, that’s my past.”

That’s how Riko brought it to a finish.

At Riko’s revealed past, we couldn’t help but be appalled.

“You mean to say, Riko isn’t a human being, she’s a homunculus….”

Karen murmured at the opening.

Riko nodded gravely when she heard it.

“…… Yes. I’m sorry for keeping silent this whole time.”

“Don’t worry about it. Come to think of it, I thought your red eyes were rare at first, but perhaps.”

“I’m sure it’s just as Karen imagined. At least on this continent, no human being genetically has red pigmentation in the eyes. Homunculi always have red eyes.”

Looking back, the Undying who attacked me, Kirino, also had red eyes.

If that’s the case, then by Riko’s remark of ‘mother’, is she saying that Sakura, who created her, literally is a ‘mother’?

But Riko doesn’t want to recognize her as a family.

“So, according to Serra’s story, Rinka, who should have been her sister, is now Undying, right? Are you ready for this?”

“—————- I”

To Karen’s question, Riko looked down and bit her lips.

With her fist clenched and her body trembling, Riko looked straight into my eyes and answered.

“I really don’t want Serra to fight my sister.”


Rinka is an immortal killer, a murderer who killed many civilians. Frankly, we can’t let her live.

But Riko’s opinion was most unfortunate. Her beloved ‘Big Sister’ killed by her lover. If I were in charge of this, I’d make sure it never happens.

“But Serra’s not going to stop, is she?”

“Yes. But you don’t like it. Do you, Riko?”

“It’s all right with me.”

Riko smiled softly.

However, the smile was stiff, and she had tears in the corner of her eyes.

Needless to say, she’s overdoing it.

I kept my eyes on Riko, even though her state broke my heart.

“I know it’s useless to say that. Besides, Big sister doesn’t remember me anymore, r….”

Riko’s voice began to tremble and her sobbing mixed in.

After all, it was a painful fact for Riko, even though she understood it in her heart. Even if Rinka is actually seen as an Undying, she really wanted to deny it. She can’t believe her “sister” is the person who does such a thing.

We listened silently to Riko, who continued to speak while crying.

“And now, my sister is an enemy… she is not a gentle sister anymore…!”


“So, let’s end it.”


Holding my hand, Riko shed tears as she looked into my eyes and said…

“End my sister. I’m sure it’s the right thing to do for us and sister.”

“………… Yes.”

“Also, mother…. nuh-uh, I can’t forgive Sakura.”

Riko’s hands tighten in mine.

Her eyes are full of anger. Her body trembled and she bit her lips so hard that it may bleed.

Her thoughts and decisions were conveyed more than enough. Then I will only respond to that feeling.

“All right, Riko. I’ll put an end to Rinka. I’ll also kill Sakura. Let’s finish it all.”

“Serra… I’m sorry, I’m always selfish.”

“It’s okay. And Riko said it before. ‘I agree to Serra’s selfishness, but she won’t listen to my selfishness’.”

“I, I’m sorry about back then…”

“That hurt me a lot. And I realized that I had never listened to Riko’s selfishness, so I will listen to you this time.”


“Hey, why don’t you stop flirting?”

At Karen’s words, both Riko and I separated from each other.

To be honest, Riko’s hands felt reluctant.

Karen gave a stunned sigh, “Hah~.”

“Tomorrow we’re leaving as soon as we can. With such lack of tension, I’m having trouble knowing where to look.”

“Excuse me…”

“That’s enough talk for now. Then, let’s break it off. Each of you should go right back to your room and prepare for tomorrow.”

Gillian and the others slipped away with Karen’s words.

I, hand in hand with Riko, also returned to the room together.


“Nh, nnh, fahh.”

“Hah, ah, nmu, puah… Hah~…… Hah~…”

On the bed.

Karen and Iris were laying on top of each other, intertwining their tongues passionately in the form they were born.

I remember even a certain kind of beauty in the sight of two little raw but grown-up female bodies intertwined.

The scene of two slightly raw, yet mature female bodies intertwined with each other was even reminiscent of a certain kind of beauty.

As soon as such a passionate affair ended, Karen, without getting dressed, began to smoke.

“…… Hey….”

Iris, who hates cigarettes, shows her aversion to Karen.

Karen, on the other hand, looked away from Iris as if she was unfaithful and exhaled smoke.

“Just a little, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately.”

“That’s why it’s bad for you.”

“Oh, yes, I’ll finish it with this one.”

Karen said so carelessly, and there was an awkward atmosphere in silence with each other.

Then, after a few minutes, Karen threw away the butt and opened her mouth.

“But you’ve been asking for it awfully hard today, haven’t you?”


In response to Karen, who murmured lightly without changing her facial expression, Iris blushed and pulled on the sheets in her hand to hide her mouth…… though the chest was not concealed at all.

This affair began when Karen stole Iris’ lips as soon as they entered the room. Looking back, Karen vaguely remembered that she hadn’t been with Iris lately.

And Iris, who was hiding behind her, began to speak timidly.

“Because you”


“Ever since the coup, you’ve been acting so strange.”


Scratching her head, Karen turned away from Iris as if to mislead her.

Ever since she was infested by Elena, Karen has been at a loss as to how to deal with her surroundings.

She couldn’t possibly reveal that she became the same as Serra who strongly hates the Undying. Even so, she was hesitant to even consult with Iris, with whom she was in a trusting relationship. If it were Iris, she was sure to be accommodating and work for Karen. Karen was afraid that she would get involved.

As a result, she had to keep away from them, and as a result, things ended up a little awkward with Iris.

That’s why Karen was inwardly happy that they had been able to lay their bodies together like this. She was excited and delighted that she wanted her.

―――― Terrible ego, she thought to herself.

However, Iris gave Karen an answer that she hadn’t expected.



“Besides, you might go far away. You might get away from me. When I think about it, I feel really lonely…. Ka, huh… why”


Karen is shocked by Iris who blushed with swollen eyes as she quietly muttered, like being hit directly on the brain.

She pushed her down and pressed their lips.


Iris is surprised by the sudden event.

With their faces slightly separated, Karen whispered as a transparent thread connected between her two tongues.

“I’m sorry, I’m a little bit horny.”

“Hah!? What are you saying―――― nmm!?”


Without waiting for Iris’s words, Karen again exchanged a deep kiss with Iris.

And their intense affair resumed.

―――― Karen and Iris are not lovers, they are just having a physical relationship.

Iris is in love with Karen. And Karen is already aware of Iris’s feelings.

But no matter how much they got together, Karen never had the same feelings for Iris. In the end, she was only a convenience to satisfy her desires.

“Nmm, ah, Kare, n… ah, oh…. su, l, love you.”


So sometimes, when they’re physically together like this, she would spit out her fondness and strike out at Karen.

And Karen always heard the words and replied…

“Uh-huh, me too.”

“!Mmmm, aaahhh!”

Karen vaguely thought while hearing Iris’s voice that she is a terrible woman.

She doesn’t really think I like her.

And she must have noticed that she was replying indifferently without any emotion.

“Hah~… hah~………… Fufu”

She laughed joyfully for some reason.

No matter.

If you can’t get them to turn on you anyway, then give a desired false word or two.

After all, she is the same.

A twisted relationship that only satisfies one’s desires, never to be rewarded.

“…… Indeed, maybe it’s us who are really crazy.”


“It’s nothing.”

As if to shake off her thoughts, Karen exchanged a kiss for what seemed like the umpteenth time.

The night is still long.

The void between them which will never be filled continued to be buried in the emptiness.


I sat on the bed with Riko and was hugged from behind.

Riko gently touched my chest and said something to grieve.

“…Boob monster!”

“Let me go”

“I’m sorry.”

Then Riko put her chin on my shoulder and her cheeks against mine.

She opened her mouth awkwardly.

“…… Hey, Serra. Is it true that you’re fighting to die?”


With a thud, my heart beats loudly.

My heart was pulsing.


Where did Riko learn that…?

“I heard it from Ms. Karen-san, sorry.”

“…… I told her to keep it a secret.”

“I’m sorry, but you don’t blame me for getting it out of her. Hey, Serra. Were you really fighting to kill yourself?”

Riko asked me again, her eyes shaking with anxiety, “What’s the point in hiding it now that she knows my secret?”

Now that my secret has been revealed to her, there is no point in hiding it. Resignedly, I answered her.

“…… Riko’s right. The whole reason I was looking for a way to kill the Undying, was for me to die.”

“…… Why?”

“Because I shouldn’t be alive.”

Three years ago, I was swallowed by an impulse and killed all the villagers who were in my hometown.

Not just them. By the time I came here, I had killed many unrelated people.

And recently, even Riko――――.

“I’ve been unable to control my desire to kill more and more recently. I’m often swallowed up without realizing it.”

“………… “

“What would happen if I left such a dangerous person alone? I’ll kill everyone eventually. And I’m immortal. If I fall into a complete ‘killer’, no one will be able to touch me.”

I’m afraid it’s going to happen.

So I was looking for a way to kill the Undying that I couldn’t before. Then I would kill all the Undying, and I intended to die so that no more tragedies would occur.

“So I’m going to die in the end. I’m sorry, Riko. I want you to hear all this—”

“That’s no good!!”

All of a sudden, Riko shouted, interrupting my words.

Surprised, I turned to Riko.

She had an angry expression with tears in her eyes.

“Take better care of yourself! Don’t say such a sad thing. I don’t want Serra to die!”

“But a lot of people die because of me! I’m afraid of myself, I’m the one who kills people and laughs! I can’t help it, I like it and I don’t mean for it to happen! But if I don’t die, it’s going to be worse!”

“I won’t let you do that!!”

I’m taken aback by Riko’s words.

What is Riko now…?

“Serra is not a murderer! You won’t become a murderer, and I won’t let you! I told you, I’ll guide you when Serra is about to take the wrong path!!”

“…… Oh.”

“If you’ve killed so many people, why don’t we atone for that sin together? I’ll apologize with you. I’ll mourn. Don’t say sad things about dying!!”


Why would Riko say such a kind thing?

Why do you accept me?

“If you say that, I won’t want to die…”

“You don’t have to die! Because I love Serra. I’m on Serra’s side!”

“But I shouldn’t live…”

“It’s okay for Serra to be alive!!

To Riko’s words.

I was strongly shocked.

“If Serra denies that she shouldn’t live, I’ll keep saying different. That’s why I’ll be the reason for Serra to live! So, please.”


With tears in her eyes, Riko hugged me and gently said:


“………… uh!”

At a moment, the emotions I couldn’t express rose up.

I couldn’t control these feelings, and I was in tears.

My vision was blurred, and I asked Riko while my voice trembled.

“Is it okay…”


“Can I live…”

“Of course.”

Even though the haze blurred my sight.

I certainly saw Riko answer with a smile.

Immediately after, my feelings exploded as if the dam had broken.


Only after I became immortal, I was affirmed.

I’m so happy that I can’t help it.

I cried aloud as I wept with endless tears.

Meanwhile, Riko held me gently for a long time.

―――― On this day, I made a new determination to ‘live’.

Someday, I will continue to live with Riko until the day comes when death finds us.

Defeat Sakura, end everything and live with Riko.

Riko allowed me to do that.

―――― And that determination will be my new ‘curse’.

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