August 2020 Short

Ich Liebedich – The Love of the Demon King Who Destroyed the World

Author: Asagi Kana

“Demon King, prepare yourself!”

The long black-haired beauty in her late teens uttered a hero’s line.

The voice that passes well, the figure which closes the distance with me like the lightning bolt. Her white armor seemed like light clothing, and the arms and legs are bare to the thighs. If I had a body, I might have swooned at the sight of her.

“Come then… Hero,” I replied, in a cold voice.

That day.

If I hadn’t confessed to her in the school’s backyard, would I have ever gotten involved in this?

In an unknown different world, the Hero and the Demon King were worshiped without permission.

The fact that, of all people, she is the hero and I am the demon king, is laughable

It was a year ago that Shinya Wada(Wadashinya) was reincarnated in another world.

The soul settled as the vessel of the Demon King, and awakened. The Immortal King –the basic skeleton was close to that of a human being, but had a tail and horns. However, there was no flesh, and the bones were hollow. That was the entirety of the body.

My appearance was appropriate for the final boss of a game ── and I was able to grasp my current situation somewhat objectively. It should be said that I was too calm, or perhaps my emotional highs and lows were sparse. Is this also one of the characteristics of the Demon King?

Demon King’s Castle was built in a style similar to Western Gothic architecture, a good example of the Template, and the Throne Room was spacious. Therefore, it seemed to be suitable for the hero party to clash with the Demon King and his subordinates, the Four Heavenly Monarchs.

Demons and humans. Outside the castle, the Demon King army and the Kingdom army are in battle.

The conflict between the two incompatible races was about to be settled. Light and darkness cannot be established without one or the other, but in this world a battle was fought, blood with blood, until one was destroyed.

Even if it was thought as ridiculous within the heart, the grudge filled voice ingrained in this cursed body drives me.

To the extent that even though I encountered my loved one, I only want to kill her with my own hands in my present state of mind.

Divine Flame(Uriel)!!”, the wizard shouted,

“Hmm, how coy.  Purgatory Flame(Fegefeuer Fragments)” murmured the Dragon King(Dragon Road) in a solemn voice.


An all-out battle with the highest military power.

Orange explosions scattered everywhere like fireworks.

The stage was enveloped in the blast by various magic and attacks.

The Heavy Warrior(Guardian) plunged through the cloud of dust, like the fool that only knows one thing. And behind them, the Hero, the priest, and the wizard chant at the same time.

A moderate coordinated play.

Their breathing and timing were perfect.

However, for human beings, they were persistent ──.

The Four Heavenly Monarchs were, the Dragon King(Dragon Road), who blocked not only normal physical attacks but also magical attacks. The Vampire Lord(Progenitor Vampire), who does everything from fascination and illusion to close range combat. The Witch of the Abyss(Dark-Elf Witch), who deploys great magic formula to gaze into the abyss by herself. And the brains of this battle, Great Fiend(Mephistopheles) who is dressed in gentle-men’s clothes, and looked very close to human but with dark horns and a tail.

The Four Heavenly Monarchs had sunk dozens of human settlements in one attack. They possessed tremendous fighting power and were battle fanatics. From the beginning, they do not engage in any dialogue, negotiations, etc.

It is no exaggeration to say they exist to satisfy their desires.

Fight against the strong. Money, honor, appetite, etc.

“I’ll support you. Release the third level of God’s Divine Protection. Body Strengthening(Extra Boost)Super Acceleration(Hard Acceleration)Physical Magic Defense(Protected Defense)Spirit Restoration(Elemental Heal)!”

All the heroes wore a shining light. The Demon King’s army was frightened for a moment by a dazzling light that resembled the morning sun. The Wizard, without missing the opportunity, held up his staff.

The Lion of God(Arael), Angel of Destruction(Kamael),  God’s Helper(Azrael), Soul of all Spirits(Elemental Soul), Liberator’s Vow.(Oath Liberator), Imperial Order(Edict)!”

Angels, who serve the gods, illuminated the jet black darkness of the Demon King castle like noon. Even though he was a wizard, the Hero party were mostly users specializing in light magic. In addition, a huge shield of the heavy warrior gleamed.

Weak to light attributes, theVampire Lord(Progenitor Vampire) and The Witch of the Abyss(Dark-Elf Witch) both  collapsed ── and the Heavy Warrior rushed at the Dragon King(Dragon Road) without fear.

“I’ll let you through, God Shield(Aegis)!”

The Heavy Warrior’s gender was unknown due to their Full body armor(Full plate), but the cool and powerful voice was female.

Terrifyingly, they could compete with the Dragon King’s massive body, which was more than twice as large ── and even held their ground in that situation.

“Go, Hero!”


The Hero lightly held a ridiculously huge sword and rushed straight through.

And ran up the stairs to the throne.

“Demon King, be prepared!”

“I’m before the Demon King, don’t you think?”

Great Fiend(Mephistopheles) quickly appeared before the Hero. However, she did not turn her eyes to the Great Fiend, but ran through staring only at the Demon King.

With that attitude, the Great Fiend said, “Stupid”, and closed the distance to kill the Hero from behind — swinging down the scythe he had in his hand at her neck.

Metal — No, a strange sound echoed.

It was the silver crystal that stopped his scythe. Crystal. Translucent beautiful crystals rapidly grew and tried to pierce the heavens. A wide-ranging attack, one that is highly effective against the demon race.

“The Hero’s Special skills?”

《Special skill of a hero》- The work of the whimsical gods. In order to build up this Final All-Out Battle(Farce), apparently, they deliberately increased human physical ability and potential to the point they could compete.

In honor of this woman, I raised the flashiest techniques possible. It took two seconds. A geometric pattern of magic is rolled out across the Throne Room.

Meteor Legend(Meteor Mythos)

The huge blast blew the heroes off like leaves, slamming them down onto the marble floor. They would not have died instantly, but with this, the difference in power would have been obvious.

If they were going to retreat – I would consider overlooking it. However, she was still holding her sword in the middle of the explosion and dust.

Long hair swayed in the wind.

Powerful eyes shoot through me. I was fascinated by the fleeting but beautiful figure. No, it might be correct that I fell in love again.

“Valiant Privilege ── Release”

The gush of light drove the hero again.

Faster and sharper than before. She slipped through the attack of the Four Heavenly Monarchs and ran up the steps of the throne. I laughed heartily at her undaunted brutality.

Oh, how very villainous of her.

“Then I’ll comply…….Sword of Dawn(Demmernck Schwert)

The metallic sound screamed.

Sparks flew from our sword fight, and the sword streaks shimmered like stars.

We struck each other twenty times, but their power and speed did not diminish.

The Hero’s onslaught is received and reciprocated by the Demon King(Oneself).

Seen from the side, it may have looked like dancing a waltz.

Blade clashed with blade.

Physical strength and mental strength being cut down.

It is the Hero who is intensely worn down. I’m not human in the first place, so I have no concept of fatigue. Instead, the magic power is diminished, but there is still plenty of power. One demon king alone had enough magic power to destroy the world.

The outcome was certain — I was sure.

Quinn, the high pitched metallic sound was ominous.

I felt a sense of discomfort due to the impact received from the sword of the Hero.

Not a physical or mental attack. However, even if it is received by the blade, some strain is applied to the body.

Is it the magic of the gravity system?

The body has been sluggish since a little while ago.

── What?

There is no pain in a demon king characteristic. In addition, I was late to notice because I was bone without flesh and skin. Before I knew it, the rapid growth of crystals stopped my movement.

The slight delay gave the Hero an opportunity.

Holy Sword(Holy Sword) Complete Deregulation(All Release)


The swollen blade of light had as much heat as the sun.

Only the ring and magic equipment on the finger of The Demon King melted. With this, the power enhancement by magic tools cannot be used.

“Huh, you’ve done it.”

Sharp, low voice. When I thought of it as my voice, I realized that it has become really different. That feeling and the heart just faded away.

Instinctively, the Demon King(Oneself) prepared a technique, and launched an attack on the Hero.

She cannot avoid it.

While being hit, I close the gap between us.

I tossed my sword and reached out to a hero with only white bones. From a very close range, cast a spell, Fate of Death(Thoth Sixthal).

It’s a little trick that stops the human heart, but that’s enough for a winning chance.

“Demon Kiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

The hero swung down the holy sword she had raised toward the ceiling. Straight eyes shot through me.

A moment when I reached out to her ── Suddenly, a certain memory came back to me.


High school graduation ceremony.

It was March when plum blossoms are in bloom and the buds of cherry blossoms are visible. Haruka Asagiri(Asagiri Haruka) and Shinya Wada(Wadashinya), the graduates, promised to meet each other under the cherry tree at the back after the graduation ceremony.

They both thought it was too sticky a situation, but liked this kind of jinx. So before the confession, each other’s mouth loosened.

A page of one’s innocent youth.

That was how it should have been.

However ── the two of them were struck by a dazzling flash of light.

The white and black light gushed out, and the magic circle of the geometric pattern unfolded, surrounding the two of them.


“Asagiri, just run away by yourself!”

He tried to have her escape alone, but in an instant their bodies disappeared as particles of light.


──Although we were so close to each other, why Asagiri ── why do we have to kill each other when we are in love?

The memory of the soul stopped the attack of the Demon King(Oneself) – the Hero’s blow landed.

The warm light pierced the demon king.

The remnants of light descended on the Demon King Castle like petals. The scene was fantastic ── it was not until I was reincarnated into this other world that I thought the world was beautiful.

Even though I no longer had eyelids, the field of vision went dark as I couldn’t stand the glare.

As a Demon King, it was a rather uneventful ending, but I was somewhat satisfied.

Was it because I was able to see her at the end? If she survives, it may be the last good thing. However, ever since I had been summoned to this world, I was a demon king, so it may be strange to be immersed in such sentimentality.

However, I couldn’t feel the sense of dying for good.

It’s odd, and I tried to raise my face, but my body wouldn’t move as I expected. Every bone and muscle in the body were screaming.

Next, I noticed a soft, elastic cushion on my cheek for some reason. I should have been only bones after becoming a demon king, but my body felt strangely warm.

── What is this cushion, though?

If I touch it a little more, I might be able to remember.

Squishy, Squishy. So soft.


“Ho-How long are you going to keep groping my chest?”

The moment I suddenly realized that my vision had cleared up, I was buried in the bosom of the Hero, Haruka Asagiri. On top of that, I had one hand on her chest. Unconsciously. I swear it was really unconscious.

“Oh, no, this is…”

Saying that, my hand came into view. It’s not a white bone- but a human hand. Suddenly, the crystals that were scattered around me reflected my own image instead of a mirror. It was a man dressed in a dark cloak and black suit. Although he still had the wings and horns of a bat on one side, he was close to human in appearance. The hair was long, but he had the body of Shinya Wada.

“My body… before reincarnating?”

“I did it, I succeeded… That’s it.”

Saying that, it’s the Hero who hugged me ── Haruka Asagiri. Looking closely, most of her armor was broken, and it was almost like underwear. It’s perhaps because she released all the energy in the armor itself for that last blow.

I wanted to get a good look at my loved one, but I couldn’t in good conscience look directly at her ── I draped my robe over her shoulder.

“A girl shouldn’t show too much skin before she’s married,” I mumbled.

When she heard that, her eyes wavered.

“…… Senpai.”

Asagiri couldn’t stand it, and shed tears in large drops. When I saw her crying like that, I didn’t know what to do, and I just panicked.

“Eh, ah, Asagiri…”

“…… When we first met… Senpai told me that I was soaked and lent me his jacket.”

I remember it very well. I thought so, but I also remembered that day.

It was when I, Shinya Wada(Oneself), was in my second year of high school?

On a rainy day in June, a torrential rain started on the way home from school. When I arrived at the bus stop with a roof, I found a girl like a wet mouse. At that time, I noticed that her underwear was visible through the uniform, so I hurriedly lent her a jacket.

Demon King’s Castle is enveloped in silence, and the moonlit sunlight shone through the ceiling. The Throne Room was covered with huge crystals, and the dust cloud had yet to clear.

“Even so, you realized that the demon king was me. I thought you wouldn’t notice because I was reincarnated, unlike you.”

“When I was summoned to another world, I heard that the demon king was also summoned, and I thought it might be. At first, when you declared war, you said to me, ‘Hero, I’ll give you half the world, so my love – won’t you join hands?’ I thought it was just like senpai to get the most important lines wrong like that…”

“Sh, Shut up. Now that I’m the Demon King, I have to say those kind of lines.”

I’m too ashamed to admit that actually I impulsively tried to confess after meeting her.

“Senpai is just like that, isn’t he?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re the type that focuses on appearance, even in the student council…”

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh. But I like that about you, senpai.”

She said that line in a really straight-forward manner. Asagiri seems to have realized her remarks, perhaps because I had a weird face. She blushed a little, and diverted the conversation.

“Ah, uh. I also worked hard to find out about the Demon King…… Then, there was a spell book that said he was cursed.”

To my surprise, she had been working hard to lift the curse ever since she came to another world. I had given up when I was reincarnated into this body.

Dazzlingly, she doesn’t change.

As expected, she was the student council president who would have succeeded me.

It’s impossible, I can’t help it. The situation was solved by a completely unexpected method after all. As a former student council president, I am reminded of my incompetence.

“The Holy Sword of the Hero and the body of the Demon King are gone. With this, there is no reason for us to fight. Right, senpai.”

“Hmm, ah…… Well…”

“I’ve done my duty to the people of this world. From now on, I’m free. I even had the King sign a written pledge.”

Everything was well prepared. When I was a demon king, I had few emotional ups and downs, and I was only thinking about destroying this world. No, it’s the Demon King.

“Freedom… Is it? So, what are you thinking about, Asagiri?”

“Fufu, of course. The next step is to find a way back to our original world!”

With her sweeping black hair, she smiled innocently like a child. I also loosened my mouth – and was about to respond.

A flash of the silver blade in the hands of the Heavy Warrior.

The Hero was decapitated.

Bright red blood dyes the place.

I couldn’t keep up with what happened in front of me. Her head rolled down to the floor, and after that her body from the neck down powerlessly fell to the floor.

For a moment, I didn’t know what had happened.


However, my body moved reflexively.

“Asa…… Gi–Asagiri!?”

I tried to run up to her side — and was pierced by countless spears from behind.

“Wha…… Ha!”

The spears made of blood is a special skill of Vampire Lord(Progenitor Vampire).

When I looked back with only my head, there was a vulgar smile on his face. I rolled down the stairs with her body.

“What… do you mean…! Why, did you…… kill her…. the Hero!?”

The Heavy Warrior laughed at me as I crawled after tumbling to the bottom of the stairs.

“Of course it’s obvious. The Hero has to defeat the Demon King. That’s how the world works. Then, when the Demon King dies, the hero is wrapped in light and disappears. Oh, I mean. The theory is that they are converted into energy to keep this world going.”

The lifespan of this world was supposed to run out about two hundred years ago. The Witch of the Abyss(Dark-Elf Witch) and priests of the Church created an energy conversion technique to maintain it.

Once every ten years, they would summon the relevant ones to accumulate a vast amount of energy. That is the different world transition and reincarnation. The energy that activates the technique is the body of a human being in a different world. In other words, the fact the vessel to become the Demon King is prepared is because the energy to move to the other world can be paid arbitrarily.

“The energy cost to summon them is also paid by us…. After all, it’s very convenient for this world.”

It’s like a game – a scenario. It was the worst possible scenario. Isn’t it a bad end? While vomiting blood, I glared at the heavy warrior.

“The mass of energy from people of the other world vastly differs that of ours. That’s why we chose to coexist with the Demon Army to protect our world.”

“That’s right. We don’t want to perish. We want to fully enjoy the pleasures that only this world can offer.”

It was set-up from the beginning.

She and I were the pillars of maintaining the world. They summon us to another world without permission and have us kill each other. Whoever wins, there is no future.

“Your world is free, yet tens of thousands of people commit suicide every year. Such a huge waste of energy.”

“Yes, absolutely. Next, how about summoning multiple people at the same time?”

“Very well. Previously, it was a parent-child confrontation, so maybe next, we’ll have a whole family… no, it might be a good idea to summon the learning house itself, the school.”

Humans and demons laughed with each other and held hands.

The path they chose to protect their world seemed reasonable.

It reminded me of the principle of British utilitarianism, ‘the Most Happiness’. It is certainly understandable that this is a precious sacrifice to protect the world.

But we are not people of this world.

I was filled with anger at the too self-serving logic. Summoned without permission, used, disposed immediately after. It’s a sick joke.

When I noticed it, I heard crying and a screaming voice.

It was an ugly voice.

It took me a while to realize that it was me.



A burst of anger sprung up. It was an emotion that I could not get when I was the Demon King.

All the blood in my body was boiling and about to burst. Ah, now I understand the reason why the Demon King’s vessel was coated with a grudge.

Unforgivable. Destroy it.

Yes, the true nature of the grudge filled voice that resembled a curse.

The previous Demon Kings and the Heroes might have met the same end. Fought to the death with a loved one. It seems that the closer they are, the more energy is liberated when they die. That’s why she and I were chosen, said the Heavily Warrior.

“…… I will never forgive you.”

Yes, this world…. and all who made it must be destroyed.

“By Demon King’s Authority, Final Technique ── Activate”

Although I no longer had the appearance of the Demon King, I had not lost the power of the Demon King itself.

As she took the time to lift me from the curse, I studied only one thing.

With great pains, I became a demon king. If so, it would be necessary to prepare the maximum amount of magic that would destroy the world.

If I were a demon king — as if he were the boss of a game he used to enjoy, then I was going to finish my role with Pride(teachings).

The cause of their defeat was killing the Hero, Haruka Asagiri, first. If the order had been different, this would not have happened. At least, I thought it would be fine if she could kill me. But I can’t tolerate the world that killed her.

Dark Forest of Despair(Schwarz Quart Fehrweifring). Homeward Bound Ancient Bird(Vier Azite Vogel Highmat), Snowstorm(Gestaver), Thunderstorm(Gevitter)The Falling Star’s Glow(Meteor Grants)─ ─Wipe out(Putzen)

The Heavy Warrior, the Wizard and theVampire Lord(Progenitor Vampire) intuited the range of the magic’s activation. As one, they attacked together, but only one more word was needed to finish the chant.

Even if the body was pierced by magic and blades, even if the bones were broken, and the flesh screamed – only here I cannot yield. In order not to let them make another person like me any more – I cannot break.

While clenching the taste of blood in my mouth, I chant the last spell.

“Ich Liebedich”

It was too fantastical for the Demon King’s technique, and a silvery white glitter sparkled with beautiful light.

A moment later ── The Demon King(Oneself) was pierced in the heart by the attack of the  Great Fiend(Mephistopheles).


The Great Fiend, who pierced my heart with bare hands said, “I’m sorry.” However, I smiled fearlessly like a Demon King.

The technique was already in effect, and all those present were converted into pink flowers in an instant.

There was no sound. A moment later ── the resounding sweet fragrance of flowers covered the world.

Only armor on the ground remained of Heavy Warrior, and only the staffs remained of the Priest and Wizard.

The Witch of the Abyss, only a triangular hat, the Dragon King, a black cloak, and the Vampire Lord and the Great Fiend, only their clothes.

They all disappeared as nutrients for the pink flowers. Just like a magic trick, their bodies disappeared in an instant, and small flowers bloomed around them.

Five or six leaves were rooted, flower stems of about 15 centimeters tall stood upright, and pink flowers were arranged. In a few minutes, every human and demon in this world will turn into the same flower and disappear.

The Demon King collapsed on the spot.

Surrounded by a flower garden in full bloom, I slowly moved my eyelids.

“…… I wanted to show it to Asagiri as well.”

The pale pink flowers are inspired by the old country cherry blossoms. I incorporated it into the technique to engrave the fact that I was here so that I wouldn’t forget even if I couldn’t go home.

And the characteristics of this flower – suck up the lives of all those it touches. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or a demon.

That’s what it means to destroy the world.

However, they would not die if they were from a different world.

Although I was reincarnated, I seemed to be out of the scope of the technique probably because I returned to the appearance of the previous world.

It seemed like I was allowed some grace until I died.


Perhaps because I returned to a human form, my emotions overflowed with memory – before I knew it, my vision was distorted.

A few days after that rainy day in June, she visited my classroom to return my coat. I was glad that she had a bright red face yet still had the courage to do so.

After that, our return bus would often be the same.

A swaying bus and a magenta night sky.

The way home was roused by trivial conversations.

In the fall she knocked on the door of the student council. Because she injured her leg playing basketball, she ran for the student council instead of club activities.

She really wanted to keep playing basketball. On that day, she cried until her shirt was shagged when I said, “Don’t hold back, you can cry.”

“One dream is over, but I’ve got a new dream,” she told me one day.

Has that dream come true?

It was a well-known fact that both of us had a crush on each other, but two student council members dating may have a negative impact on the adults’ testimony and their own education. That’s right, she’s worried.

I was like a spoiled child ── Damn.

I loved Asagiri and couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed. My chest hurt and I almost stop breathing.

“A….. sagiri…… Haru, ka?”

Every time I mention her name, love overflows.

“Haruka… You are… you.”

Her head was lying right by the pink flower garden.

I reached for the person I love with my last strength.

I closed my heavy eyelids by combining my forehead.

The confession over the years.

I haven’t gotten an answer from her, but I don’t care anymore.

The moment my consciousness was burnt down, I felt like I saw the falling cherry blossoms and her smile.


A certain world is covered with pale flowers ──

Thousands of years later, a new world was built.

A Paradise(Utopia) in which only nature and spirits exist.

Little pink flowers(Ich Liebedich) that were created by the Demon King.

The spirits whisper that the meaning is “I love you“.

Sniff! Oi, who’s cutting onions on my translations. Tragic love between the Hero and the Demon King. That world deserved to burn. Thinking of similar tales, while they’re not quite an item (yet), I don’t see any other Female Lead in Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi, so I might as well ship it. Still has the parallels of both being betrayed by their respective sides as well. Check it out, and if you have suggestions for any other similar Web Novel, do drop it in the comments. S you all next time.


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  1. Actually, it makes sense that the heroine died, I mean, they just talk like that in the middle of others battling? they should have thought of it.

    —- Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

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  2. This was beautiful and bittersweet, but also a bit contrived.

    At the very least, Haruka and Asagiri should still have been aware of their surroundings and could have casted a barrier to protect themselves. After all, she might have cleansed the curse, but her teammates were surely still fighting with the Demon Lord’s seconds, and it wouldn’t be a guarantee that either side would just stop fighting then, and would if anything, attempt to attack the opposite number while they’re down (hero team attacking the de-cursed Demon Lord, or the Demon team attacking the Heroine).

    That being said, this would make for quite the interesting story should it be expanded upon, or given a sequel either as a 3rd reincarnation story (a figurative Adam/Eve type of story, but with gradual reincarnators/transmigrators coming in due to the flowers wiping out the old inhabitants), or a transmigration story (set after the flower apocalypse).


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