July 2020 Short

Though I have the Unique Skill Save & Load, I will be Expelled from the Hero Party No Matter How Many Times I Start Over, Rather Fight Back- I deal with my Ill Fate and Mess Up the Hero

Author: Ryuta Kijima

“Broad…… as of today, you’re expelled from my party.”

…… Is this the fourth time? Hyun the 『Hero』 declared so to me.

Apparently, no matter what I do, I can’t stay at this party.

In that case ――let’s have our way until we are expelled.

Exhaling a little, I 『Loaded』 the world.

I woke up on the bed.

Soon the bed rustled, then shook, and unexpectedly, a woman showed her face.

It was Raffia, a member of my party. She was a little immature, with a clever look on her face.

“What are you doing?”

“Night crawl”

I sighed at Rafia, who had a blank look as she talked, and kicked her out of bed.

She sat flat on the floor, shaking her dragon tail, a testament to the Dragon-kin race.

“Today is certainly the 1st Day of the 4th Month, Year 610 of the Human/Demon Calendar, right?”

“Uh huh, that’s right.”

…… good. I can 『Load』 it without any issue.

I have the skill called 『Save & Load』.

This ability is a skill that makes it possible to 『Save』 and 『Load』 time. Simply put, you can go back to the past by 『Saving』 and 『Loading』 the time a month ago in the world.

“What’s wrong?” You look kind of serious.”

“No, it’s nothing. Tomorrow is the capture of the A rank labyrinth. I was a little worried.”

“I see. But I’m sure we’ll be fine. Because Broad is here.”

“Anyway, you need to get some rest for tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay. Good night.”

I kicked Rafia out of the room and I exhaled a little.

…… The reason why my face seems so serious is simple.

Now I belong to the 『Hero』, Hyun’s party.

However, as previously declared, I will be expelled from this party in one month.

The apparent reason according to Hyun is that I am weak.

But that’s not true. I know because I started over three times.

The first time. I found out that I was going to be expelled from the party because I was of no use to them, so I started over.

The second time. I’ve been hiding the capabilities of my skill. It’s a skill that can rewind time. It was not something I was comfortable talking to close friends about. But I didn’t want to be expelled, so I told them all about it.

As a result, everyone was surprised by my skill and understood at the same time……. But a month later, in the same way, Hyun expelled me.

The reason is simple. ‘I found someone better than you’.

…… But the real reason was different.

Hyun likes Rafia. That’s why he wanted to disrupt the relationship between Rafia and me.

The third time was easy. As there was no alternative, so I tried to keep as far away from Rafia as I could. But it was in vain, I was expelled by Hyun.

The fourth time……  well, I was completely kidding myself. I thought I’d be fine as long as Huyn liked me, and I tried following him around like a maiden in love. He got sick of it and expelled me in under a month.

The reason I’m so obsessed with being a 『Hero』 is because I want money.

All the rewards for requests that reach the 『Hero』 come with high rates. I’m from an orphanage, and most of the money I earn gets donated to my orphanage.

So I needed money.

This is my fifth time.

If I’m going to be exiled by the 『Hero』, then I’ll be the 『Hero』.

Three weeks have passed.

I was following the Fifth Princess, who hid herself in a black robe.

Next to her were two knights in similar robes…… The reason they were disguised while moving around is simple.

――Because her life is being targeted.

Originally, the heir to the country was to be a man.

However, whether it was bad luck or a curse… all the children born were female.

Therefore, the country decided to change the policy.

The present king began to say, “Isn’t it okay to have a Queen, instead of a King?”

…… However, the king was assassinated without a concrete plan on who would succeed him.

…… so now. The country is in great turmoil.

Who will succeed the throne…. It came to the conclusion that it would be ――the one with the most power.

What is proof of that power?

――That would be the sole survivor of such an ordeal, right?

The rest is a battle where blood competes against blood. The sisters, even now, are still aiming for each other’s lives.

The Fifth Princess, who was the youngest of the five at fifteen years old, had few people to rely on.

Therefore, with the only two people she could trust, she was trying to escape the royal capital, to disappear into the darkness of the night.

…… I found them because I had the power of 『Load』.

I knew that the Princess would be murdered in the royal capital due to restarting four times, so I searched every nook and cranny for her.

And in what way she will be killed ―― that I know.

The knight by the Fifth Princess’ side glanced around. It was the next moment. He gripped the sword on his hip.


…… The Fifth Princess, betrayed by her trusted entourage, loses her life.

Her corpse was said to have a face dyed in despair.

The moment the two aides swung their swords at the Fifth Princess, I jumped in.

Just in time, I parried two swords.

To tell the truth, I failed once and was killed right away, let’s keep that to ourselves.

The knights were surprised at my cool self and the nice timing of the rescue.

Still, they were professionals. Immediately, they jumped at me and I died.

Yeah, I don’t have much talent with a sword.

That’s why I’m going to 『Load』. I’ll just do that until I win.

――If you can’t do it once, do it a hundred times.

Above all, technique and experience will gradually be accumulated.

I can’t learn perfect swordsmanship, but the swordsmanship and habits of these aides’ movements, got more and more familiar.

Simply put, you can learn a sword that can defeat only these aides.

――Fifty-one times.

Well, the method was relatively quick.

I killed the two knights and reached out to the Fifth Princess who was lying on her hood.

With a vigilant look, she held my hand and stood up.

Her face was dyed in despair.

“Are you all right?”

“…… Ye, yes. You are, um…?”

“I’m Broad. What about you?”

“I am — my name is Lily. An ordinary, worthless, town girl, ohoho.”

“Fifth Princess Lirigale Abeling.”

I murmured, when she heard, she brushed away my hand in shock. And, her hand reached to the sword she had put on her waist.

“…… Ho, how did you know? That I am the fifth princess…… tsu!”

“Ah. I know. And I knew you were about to evacuate to the frontier territory in the north.”

“…… W-Why―― only my two aides and the Margrave should know.”

“And you were betrayed by your own entourage.”


With a sad expression she cast her eyes down, looking at the two I had cut down.

“They………… these are the people I’ve been with since I was a child. Why――”

“I don’t know, but maybe there’s a hostage, or a pile of gold? Well, that’s fine. I’ll safely send you to the frontier.”

“…… What is your purpose?”

“The rank of 『Hero』. You’re the Fifth Princess, so you can do that much, right?”

『Hero』 is the rank given to those who have achieved a certain labyrinth capture.

The difference in ranks from other peerage ranks can’t be compared, but by possessing it, the capture requests for high difficulty labyrinth will come with great vigor.

I wanted to be a 『Hero』because the reward is pretty good.

“……『Hero』, yes, I can……. but I can’t believe you.”

“Then, there is no one in this world you can believe in anymore, right? I don’t know what your aides, who were by your side since childhood, were blinded by, but they betrayed you.”


“On that note, if you will promise me the 『Hero』 medal, I’ll even risk this life to protect you.”

I held out my hand to her like a knight.

…… From today until May 1st, when I’m to be expelled, my activities at the party are off.

During this period, Hyun will look for a comrade to expel me from the party, but well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

“…… I understand. I’d like to ask you to escort me.”

Lirigale was a little lost, but she grabbed my hand.

Then, I had a lot of things happen, but I safely sent Lirigale ――Lily to the frontier.

It seems the only one backing Lily was me.

The Frontier Lord also accepts Lily as if she were a grandchild, and after confirming that there was no problem, I quickly returned to the capital.

“You darn punk! You’re an hour late!”

When I returned to the inn where we were meeting, Hyun yelled at me.

“I’m sorry, so what is it? Are you going to capture the labyrinth right away?”

“Oh, that’s right. You are not, though!”

With a grin, Hyun made a neck slicing gesture with his finger.

“Broad…… as of today, you’re expelled from my party.”

I was waiting for those words.

As I stood up, I took out a piece of paper from my pocket.

“Oh, I see. If that’s the case, I can ask for this without any regrets.”


I showed him the letter of recommendation I received from Lily.

There are fifty people with the rank of 『Hero』. The title of 『Hero』 is competed for based on ability.

Therefore, the newly recommended prospect must challenge the lowest-ranking person and take away the right.

My letter of recommendation states that I will fight the 50th ranked 『Hero』Hyun.

“…… what!? Wh-why are you with the Fifth Princess…… tch! and a duel against me?”

“That’s right. If I win, I’ll be the 『Hero』.”


Hyun was surprised at first, but soon his face was filled with a smile.

Then, holding his belly, he began to laugh.

“Hahahahaha! Are you serious!? You’re the party’s scout! Do you really think you can beat me with the weakest ability in the party!?”

“You won’t know unless you try, right? The duel takes place at the 『Hero』 Guild training ground. I don’t mind if you specify a date.”

“So I can settle it now, right? Punk, I’ll straighten you up in a few seconds.”

“I see… then let’s go.”

I left the inn with Hyun and the others.

We talked to the 『Hero』 Guild, but they didn’t expect it to take place today.

After waiting for a little preparation, Hyun and I face each other on the training ground.

“Don’t you know, by accident, you could get hurt so much that you can’t get back to work as an adventurer.”

“Same to you, too.”

Hyun smiled and unsheathed his sword.

I also followed, pulled mine out of the sheath, and took a step.

As a light greeting before the duel, our swords touched, and then we stepped away.

“Then we commence the duel between Broad and the 50th ranking 『Hero』 Hyun. You’re prohibited from killing each other.”

Suddenly, we nodded. And the referee waved his hand down.

At the same time, Hyun kicked the ground and approached me in an instant.

I also stepped into it and swung my sword on Hyun’s. Feeling the impact of the ramming attack, Hyun faltered.

“You punk…”

Then Hyun’s next move ――I’ve already experienced it.

I swung my sword to crush his movements and gave a shallow cut to Hyun’s arm.

Already, I’ve gained the experience to defeat Hyun.

“You’re a nobody and yet…… don’t get in my way!!”

With a shout, Hyun raised his voice and swung down his sword.

But I’m not there anymore.

I don’t have the eyes to see the future. However, I have the power to experience the future.

Taking his back, I gave him a shallow slash and kicked him down.

I thrust the sword against Hyun’s throat as he rolled his face from the ground, becoming covered with dirt, and quickly turned to face me.

Even so, the tip of the sword was brought close to his throat as he was still trying to move. And, there was slight bleeding.

“I, the referee, have decided. The winner is Broad. Please forfeit the 50th rank 『Hero』 badge here.”

“…… don’t, mess around!! That was cowardly! Start over!”

“No, that’s not acceptable.”

The referee approached and sharply stared at Hyun.

…… This referee is the 10th-ranked 『Hero』 in the order. Basically, he manages the 『Hero』 Guild and is responsible for the 『Hero』 duels.

Hyun, as he stared, frowned then removed the medal and threw it to the ground.

“Y-you guys! Let’s go!”

Hyun said so and called out to the others.

But no one followed Hyun.

“…… I, was fed up with you. I had no choice but to form a party together due to the compulsory right of the 『Hero』. But if you’re no longer a 『Hero』, then it’s no longer valid.”

When Rafia said that, the other two also nodded.

“Ah, me as well.”

“Me too. I don’t want to party together anymore.”

“Do-don’t be silly!”

The three did not follow after Hyun, and he looked as if he were about to cry at any moment.

However, he tightly bit his lips and then stared at me once.

Then, after letting out an inaudible yell, he left the 『Hero』 Guild.

When it became quiet, the referee came over.

“Congratulations. From now on, you are the 50th ranked 『Hero』 in the order. Please note that if you lose this badge, you will also be stripped of your rights.”

He immediately gave me the 『Hero』 medal, which he had taken from Hyun. I was handed a badge with the number 50.

I received it and placed it on my left chest as Hyun had done.

Now I can continue my work as a 『Hero』.

As I was thinking that. A woman approached with applause.

…… Lily.

“Lady Lirigale, why are you here?”

I behave in a formal manner, but she seemed offended and puffed her cheeks.

“Lily, right?”

Lily approached with her escort, and a smile.

Everyone seemed surprised at the sudden appearance of the Fifth Princess.

I knew that she was in the royal capital because I came to the royal capital with Lily.

However, Lily came only to see me off. Lily, who said she didn’t want to leave me, just forcefully came along.

In other words, she was planning to return to the north after seeing me off.

I didn’t say a word about coming to the 『Hero』 Guild. While I was confused, Lily smiled and grabbed me.

“You are my personal 『Hero』.”

“…… wait a minute, as a 『Hero』, I plan to capture the labyrinth–“

“Did you know? The recommended 『Hero』 is under the jurisdiction of the person who recommended him. In other words, you’re like my servant.”

“…… I know that. but you only said you would nominate me as a 『Hero』, didn’t you? You said you wouldn’t restrain me any longer.”

Lily stuck out her tongue and smiled.

“I don’t know. I’m the Fifth Princess. If you don’t follow orders, I’ll pretend the 『Hero』 recommendation never happened.”

The selfish princess hugged me tight and never let go.

Rafia and the others were flabbergasted as they looked at me and didn’t help.

…… Where do I 『Load』 to get out of this situation?

“Broad? Look, do come along with me.”

I thought about it, but there’s no answer.

I can rely on another noble, but if that happened, Lily would be killed.

…… I didn’t like that either.

“…… aah, okay.”

Besides, it’s too much trouble to start over again.

I exhaled a little and then started walking with her.

Well, Lily is joyfully smiling, so this ending is not bad either.

I decided to think along that line for now.

Another month another short. This one probably could have used more to really land but that’s just me. It’s the ‘ Expelled from the Party for having shit abilities that are actually pretty OP once you bother to look into it’ type this month. I kinda see it as bullied MC isekai minus some steps.

There are probably tons of these stories in the WN space. I’m currently reading 3.

Let me know of any other good ones. See you all next time!!


7 thoughts on “July 2020 Short

  1. Interesting story. MC’s ability would make him the single most desirably person for a party, but idiots with to much libido are still idiots with to much libido. Though am I right that the “hero” was only aware of the MC’s ability in 1 cycle.

    As to the genre and related stories, none of them are really booted for apparently being useless.

    Tank they know he is a good tank, but the hero (who due to how the party was set up had the only say in the matter, but did no speak for the whole parties feelings) is a overconfident and horny jerk, who boots the MC to try and get with one of the parties girls who favors the MC over him. It is not that the MC was useless, and had no real way of realizing the true nature of the MC’s attack skill

    In repair skill the, the MC was never a part of the party, just a hired porter, and it is his ordeal after the betrayal that awakened the cheat ability as he was not a cheat or even strong until then (though his ability was at the level to be extremely useful, but not directly in battle)

    Finally Appraiser, the booting was not due to thinking the MC was weak, but politics and jealousy that had turned to hatred. The low results were just an excuse because the Guild head felt that the MC was a threat to his position. They knew very well he was the best in the city at what he does, which is kind of why it surprises he MC as all the guilds in the city hire or want people for that role, and on some level they knew that much of their success was due to him (the guild head had been deliberately taking actions to reduce the MC’s influence in the guild for a while), but had grown to a point that they felt they no longer needed him. You do not boot someone for being useless while at the same time referencing him doing something extremely useful for your competition.

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  2. Good affternoon, my name is dara. I ask permission from you to translate the story “Though I have the Unique Skill 『Save & Load』, I will be Expelled from the Hero Party No Matter How Many Times I Start Over, Rather Fight Back- I deal with my Ill Fate and Mess Up the Hero” into indonesian. Can i? Thank you and sorry in advance for disturbing


  3. Technically, it’s not the “his skill is OP but we underestimate it and drop him” situation, but that he does actually suck and the hero is a jerk that nobody likes but have to follow because of his rank.

    And frankly, it was nice for this to be so short and to the point.

    Thanks for the chapter XD


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