Without Showing this Wound 4

Author: Mametanuki 豆狸

<The Emperor has arrived>

His Majesty, the Emperor of the Southern Empire, has arrived at the Viscount household residence.

I doubt you understand what I’m talking about, I also don’t understand so it can’t be helped.

The one who came has come. Sitting on the sofa in the drawing room, he stared at me with a well-featured face. No other family members were allowed to attend.

“Oh, at last,”

After drinking the tea that I brewed tea, he says with a smile.

“Was it okay for me to brew the tea, instead of my servants?”

With the information of the Empire, which I had gathered to gain knowledge about the magic, I was quite familiar with the Emperor.

── He is a murderer.

He killed his father and brother, who had kept him in custody for a long time, and took the throne.

He had taken vested interests from the aristocracy and established a Magic University, and opened the door to the commoners to promote magic research. The empire, which had been devastated by civil war, became peaceful, security improved, and the people live happily.

That’s why his life was being targeted.

From the mercenaries who had taken advantage of the civil war and profited, to the nobles who had been deprived of their interests, to the criminal organization that ruled the people by violence, to this incomparably poor and foolish kingdom despite being a neighboring country. It was a delusion from the start that the Empire would ever want information about this country.

It’s no wonder that he drinks the tea I brewed.

“It’s okay because it’s you.”

The emperor laughs. His jewel-like eyes have been reflecting me since the first time I met him.

“Even if the flowers are put in, the stems are put in, the roots are put in, but the seeds are properly boiled.”

“The problem at this time was you couldn’t drink seeds by yourself, right? …… eh?”


The small bird that was singing outside the drawing room window flew into the room and perched on the emperor’s shoulder.

“I went through great pains to convey them, but you’re not going to use them.”

“It’ll only make trouble for the servants who take care of them.”

The desire for love from my fiancé and family has not disappeared. It smoldered immediately.

But that was not the case now.

Because he’s an Emperor. The Emperor has come to our house. The Emperor of the Southern Empire, the Magic Empire.

“…… or more precisely, how much do you know? What in the world is that child?”

The emperor burst into laughter.

There seemed to be an outpouring of curiosity about the unknown magic.

“Don’t look at me with such high expectations. You’re right. This bird is a familiar made by pouring my magic into it. The pattern of the wings is like the wound in my heart. The wound which had been engraved upon my heart, when my mother was killed by my father and my brother, and I was confined in a cage and treated as nothing more than livestock, lit up its wings with magic.”

His mother was the true Empress, and lawful wife of his father, but was alienated because she remonstrated against tyranny and was killed by her husband, his mistress, and his son.

His father’s lineage was not very good, and he was barely recognized as an Emperor by the marriage with the princess.

As the legitimate successor, he was locked up for years in a prison called a bird cage.

Anyway, he stared at the bird that had moved to my hand when the Emperor burst into laughter.

“You were His Majesty, the Emperor’s familiar, weren’t you? …… Could I make one, too? This one, erm, I think it had visited me as a true friend. Would I have to be part of the Empire?”

“Some special magic is kept secret. Only my wife, the Empress, may learn how to make a familiar.”

“…… Eh?”

“When I was unable to move out of the cage, and had it fly to various places to collect information and to contact my spies, some have said that it was cute because it was a little bird. But you are the only one who said the design of the wings was beautiful.”

That was my second time.

I think those were the words before I died to the root and started over now.

No. Come to think of it, did I think that the pattern of this one’s wing was beautiful when I met him for the first time? I thought it was the same as the wound of my ugly heart, but at the same time it felt beautiful.

“The pattern of the familiar that you make will surely look more beautiful than anything else in the world.”

“By any chance, am I being courted?”

“That’s right. If I didn’t intend you to be my Empress, I wouldn’t let you have the seed. It’s a secret that only I know.”

“I have a fiancé.”

“I know. So yesterday I threatened the royal family and temples in this country to announce that the engagement was invalid.”

“My family’s consent is…”

“There is no need. I’d rather kill your family. I love you for your wounds, but I will not forgive those who hurt you.”

“Do you mean to say that you love me freely?”

“…I can’t help it.”

The Emperor turned red and turned away from me.

“I willfully let it fly out my mouth. Even though I intended to ensnare you using your love of magic, but when I stood before you, those were the words that flew out of my mouth. I’m jealous of being second place to my familiar in your hands.


My heart warms up a little.

The wounds in my heart illuminated by the Emperor were as ugly as I expected and more beautiful as I had expected.

I’m sure I’ll go to the Empire. Of course, I’ll take the maids, too. It seems that the Emperor had nothing to do with my death recovery, but I felt it would not happen in the Empire.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

A few days later, many people from the Viscount’s territory and the Earl’s territory, who met me when I went to teach them how to cultivate flowers a few years ago, accompanied me to the Empire.

The people are the property of the aristocracy.

The emperor paid the Earl, Viscount, and the Royal family the price of the territory in the form of assistance with magic skills. My fiancée, Earl’s son, was going to marry my sister, but my sister seemed to care more about the myriad jewels the Emperor used to decorate me.

── Eventually, the Earl and Viscount were drowned in convenient magic techniques, and rebelled against the royal family, the kingdom itself was destroyed after a violent civil war.

I don’t know if the emperor thought that far.

After all, I don’t know when I stopped seeking the love of my fiancée and family. My husband says he fell in love the moment he met me. Indeed, it was a great shock for the Emperor of the Magic Empire to suddenly come to our house.

About my death recovery, I told the Emperor and we both had deductions.

It’s not my first death recovery, but the second death recovery that brought me here, I wonder if it’s to do with that seed I received. I’m not going to try to attain a death recovery again, so I can’t confirm it.

At the time of my first death recovery, he went to see me in the tower but I was already dead, and the extreme grief must have caused his death, or so my husband says.

The maid married a soldier who accompanied her as an escort. It was the man who was the prison guard of a high tower after the first death recovery.



I and the Emperor’s familiars, who are singing on a tree branch in the courtyard of the palace, can be seen.

My husband said that they were pretty close, so when I answered, that’s so, he squinted his jewel-like eyes and smiled happily.

I, even in his eyes, have the same expression as him.


Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed this month’s short. It’s a four parter, so I hope you haven’t missed any.. Ah well! Time

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Till next time…


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  1. Gosh I’m happy for the both of them. This was a very interesting read. Thank you for bringing this to us!


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