Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Selfishness

“Earth… What the hell are you?”

As I slowly took small steps to create some distance, Rebal doesn’t engage, he instead expresses his feelings.

Maybe, with the silence that has currently fallen over the arena, it seems the people are having similar thoughts.

“As a magic swordsman, you abandoned your sword… yet you used this kind of technique…. Did you learn it from Sir Hiro and Lady Mamu?”

How did I gain this power and fighting style?

First of all, perhaps it’s my father, would be the reason they’ll consider first.

“…… Aren’t they just as surprised? Their mouths are wide open next to his Majesty!”

“………… Eh!”

Saying that, I lean forward and point to the guest seats and my shocked parents.

Hearing that, Rebal’s expression seemed as if he swallowed a bitter bug.

“It’s not just Martial art. Its movement is completely different from the Imperial style… And yet, the mold is unique, yet it flows beautifully without faltering…. How did you do that?”

And, I’m sure everyone’s curious about how.

Father also leans out and waits for my answer.

However, I can’t mention anything about Tre’ainar.

So all I can say is…

“In order to improve my basic skills, I practiced footwork, and earnestly spar…. repeat mock battles… and I read!”

It’s not a lie. The process was mostly repetition.

“You read… Don’t mess around! With just that…… that alone was all it took!”

However, Rebal appears unconvinced by it.

Because there’s pride in saying, ‘I’ve only done that’.

“I’ve been single-mindedly swinging my sword. While studying abroad, I gained experience in swordsmanship with warriors and powerhouses from other countries…. In addition, even a fire dragon was brought down with this sword! All to become the strongest swordsman!”

Far from being a fire dragon, I had relentless training for two months with the opponent who fought the Dragon King and knocked it down… Well, it’s virtual, but…

“But… that…… I’m at the mercy of a martial art, of which I don’t even know when, where, or how you learned it…. Just mock battles? And reading? Don’t be silly! I’m listening to you seriously!”

That’s why Rebal shouted at my words, ‘that can’t be all, right?’, that I wasn’t taught by my parents, that I didn’t learn anything from them, that I had learned everything in secret, that I had learned everything from him, and that I did it all with basic training, mock battles and reading.

But to be honest … really, that’s all. I even read through the Destiny series.

No, I kept on doing it.

“It’s true, Rebal. I’m like you…. so I possess good conviction…. I didn’t put in more effort or earned more achievements than you. It’s just, really…… That’s all I did.”

“Still over this short period…”

“Yet that’s all I did, but… I feel like I’ve changed my view on things a little bit. Maybe in a big way.”

If Rebal said, ‘There must be something else’, if he insistently brings it up, I felt I should reveal it all.

“Ever since I entered the Academy, I was irritated by a wall that I couldn’t overcome. As my father and mother’s child, I wasn’t enough…. That was the opinion of those around me, they knew of my power and were convinced, because I couldn’t break through that wall.”

That’s when the public expectations of me were gradually getting heavier.

“I don’t have the collective strength of the princess, or magical talent like Fu. I don’t have special sword skills that have been learned through bloody efforts like you. I was just wielding a magic sword that imitated my father.”

And, at the same time, unlike the princesses, there was nothing lesser I could project on, so I gained an inferiority complex.

I tried desperately to be like my father, but I didn’t grow up or awaken like I and everyone wanted.

“You know that, too. I’m the only one who was different…. I’m the only one who wasn’t good enough…. I’m the only one who’s a failure… He’s such a half-hearted person.”

“Ear… th… No…… That’s not true.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. Everyone thought so. You guys… The people in this country… surely…… even my parents would have thought so. And even me.”

That’s how I began to think of myself, and I gradually lost confidence in myself, and I was getting depressed and sulky.


“But one day, a meddling guy told me clearly. I don’t have the same talent as my father. Even if I imitate my father, I would spend my whole life and never catch up with him.”

“…… What?”

“It’s not like I’m lacking, still immature, or might awaken someday. He clearly said ‘I can’t do it’.”

The audience got abuzz with the surprise same as Rebal.

When I glanced at the guest seat, my father and mother looked surprised and shocked.


“But instead he said this. If I can’t catch up with my father by imitating him…. I should think about making the most of my own individuality….. that’s what.”

Yes, wear something that suits me, not my father.

Those words were truly eye catching, and I was able to change from there.

“Well, I still don’t know if this martial art suits me or not, and I’m still on the path. It’s just that I was so refreshed. I’m neither my father nor my mother. I’m the right fit for me, so I’m going my own way…. that’s what I realized.”

Tre’ainar’s guidance itself was certainly important and I affirmed myself, and in a short time he pulled me up.

But the other factors that helped me grow like this….

“I felt lighter now that I lost something heavy.”

Unexpectedly, I could voice my thoughts so naturally.

But, for us, ‘The Second Generation’……

“Don’t… mess with…… Don’t you mess with me, Earth! Do you realize what you’re saying!? The Magic Sword of Hero, Hiro, who saved the world and defeated the Great Demon King…. the War Maiden Mamu’s Martial Art… going your own way without inheriting all that power? You…… What will we do if we don’t inherit the power of our great forefathers and pass it on to future generations!”

Rebal shouted furiously at my words.

“That… I didn’t think you would say that! This is…… it’s such a sad thing!”

“What’s going on… You’re always so cool, now you’re surprisingly heated?”

“Don’t dodge this! As a trusted friend…. You…… you’re the one…. we’ve been together for a long time…. leading us…… that’s why you… nevertheless… such a thing, it can’t be!”

It’s not just Rebal, but the princess and the Fu as well.

The Seven Great Heroes. The powers that saved the world, saved mankind.

For us who are their blood relatives to not inherit that, the fact is that idea is unforgivable.


“I’ll make you understand… Earth! We’re not fighting alone! Supported by many, inheriting their thoughts, carrying them on their backs, standing here! To you who tries to despise everything for your own selfish reasons…… I’ll do my best to make you understand!”

The usually cool Rebal is hot and intense.

I’m going to use my strength to ‘defeat you’ not to ‘win’.

I’m in that frame of mind.

“Even if I’m selfish, my stance in this match won’t change. I’ll prove myself and show my power to those who didn’t believe I could win! To you, to my father, to my mother, to Sadiz, to the people of this country!”

And now there’s one more…

“And to reward the humble fellow who guided me before I could prove myself… I’ll show it in the results! Enchantment with a fist!”

To reward the one who is still watching over me.

In that sense, it might not be a selfish reason for me alone.

It’s like a thank you to him.

Maybe it’s better off than helping him read a hundred books he likes, or politely thanking him.

『Tis so.』

There you go.

“So… as I tend to blabber and whine with my mouth, I’ll try communicating it to your body!”

“Ah. I’ll show you! To you who were cozy in the warm environment of Imperial City…… My resolve!!”

It’s the real thing from now on.

However, I will stand in response.

For me now, I’d be hit head-on with Rebal’s confidence and experience.

『Of course. Now, prove yourself.』

Just a word, his words, which affirmed that, gave me more confidence, and at the same time my heart became heated, and my back was pushed out hard.


I didn’t feel like losing anymore.

Author’s Note

I’ll be sure to reply to your impressions! But I didn’t make it this time, so I’ll post it first! I’m sorry! I was late getting up. I’m sorry I was born!

I’d like to give thanks to the Patrons who supported me for the Month! Thank you
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21 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 39

  1. Thanks for the chapter man. I haven’t read a story like this that actually gets the thumper going when i see a new chapter out it in way to long.

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    1. I understand where he’s coming from though. He devoted his life to following his father’s path and believes it’s their responsibility to do so. He never struggled with keeping up with his father’s legacy like Earth so when he hears Earth is throwing away the same thing he worked his life to attain he would obviously be upset. Not that I agree with him but it’s a fairly reasonable reaction. Also thanks for the chapter TranslatorPerson!

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      1. It’s not just that though, literally in this chapter he acknowledges Earth as their leader, just like Hiro was the leader of the seven heroes. To have your leader reject his legacy that you’ve trained all your life probably feels like Earth is denying him as well.

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  2. You know, something really doesn’t feel right about this whole situation.

    I can’t believe my earlier comment is being more proven when not only Rebel is spouting things like Earth should’ve inherited his parents’ abilities/powers, but also how even the Princess and Fuu is also agreeing with that. It’s not like I don’t understand what Rebel was trying to say (There could be some people that see inheriting their families’ powers as a good thing). However, that doesn’t change the fact that not everyone will be lucky enough to inherit their family’s/bloodline’s powers; or that the inherited powers will ‘suddenly’ appear all of a sudden.

    To make matters worse, BOTH his father and mother were shocked when their son stated of how the ‘troublesome person’ stating of how he can’t catch up or surpassed Hiro. Even though Rebel ask either Mamu taught Earth, it seems that everyone fully expected Earth to suddenly know Hiro’s fighting style, despite no one bothering to check if he’s suited for the style in the first place (Or if he specializes in something else). It seem Earth using Mamu’s style (like Tre’ainer suggest) never cross these people’s minds.

    There’s also the clear dissonance between Earth and his friends, like his friends were looking through rose-tinted glasses (it reaches the point of not blaming Earth of not understanding the Princess’s feelings considering how ‘reaching’ her thought process was).

    In the beginning, I was looking forward to their surprised reactions. Now, based on these reactions and thought process, I’m feeling really uneasy and I don’t know why…..

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    1. You know, throughout this story, felt like only the MC and his master are the only ones with the right mind. The thing is, I also found it strange when the fact that Hiro had to train for years to form his own style, however, everyone expected Earth to immediately obtain it even though Hiro never teaches Earth a single thing. He might be portraited as a kind and rightous man, but to me he seems more like someone who only cares about his prides and never really thought about his son. Maybe after defeating the demon king, he was being delusional about his bloodline, thinking that everyone born from his genes must be OP like him without any condition. He did not deserve to even have Earth as his son. The same even applies to Earth’s harem, the female lead included since they all have the same mindset as Hiro.

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      1. Tbh I’m just sat here hoping with all i can that he’s floored enough when princess tries to get engaged tp him that he completely forgets rank and in that lapse in judgement calls her out on all her bs.

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    2. Your feeling of uneasiness probably stems from the fact that despite all the hard work Earth put in while training for those two months before this point, everybody including Earth’s parents and the people that are close to him still aren’t acknowledging him as an individual and only see him as the son of the ‘hero’ Hiro.

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    3. Everyone is sick in the head for want MC to inherit Hiro power through nothing but bloodline and not actually teach him anything

      I absolutely love it if MC just yeeted all the female lead/harem because they all not seeing him as a person, but as a son of Hero


  3. What, the path that your father has probably taught you step by step? Vs Earth where it took Earth going near critical just for them to have a *dinner* together, much less any one on one time?

    Maybe easier to follow a road when someone actually shows you where the damn thing is.

    Also find it funny they they are surprised that he is showing brawler tendencies… you know, like his mother apparently was?

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    1. Or more like, is harder to reach a determined destination without knowing the road and nobody to guide you, but is easier to reach a new, maybe greater destination by just walking in the direction you think will have something.


  4. I feel like Earth should clearly state that he was never taught anything by either Hiro or Mamu. Never even seen his father swing a sword.

    Everyone is operating on the assumption that, like every other hero seems to have done, they taught Earth directly. That his magic swordsmanship was taught, and not something he developed on his own. And with Hiro being an idiot, I can imagine he thought “no one taught me, so I shouldn’t have to teach him”, overlooking the fact that he learned through actual combat experience the things that worked for him, while Earth is living in a peaceful time and trying to copy a style he only has third-hand accounts of.

    That’s why I think the most shocking thing he could do, rather than say he’s giving up his father’s style, is explain clearly that he never had a chance to inherit it in the first place, and the style he’d been using was his own creation from the start.

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  5. O pai de Terra, Hiro nunca ensinou nada a seu filho, foi ele mesmo que criou um estilo parecido com de seu pai; é parece que a mãe dele também nem se preocupou em ensinar artes marciais a ele, mais o que me deixar mais indignado é eles mesmos não acreditarem é mal apoia o próprio filho.


  6. Good, good. Beat his ass now. I am drunk and other things, and this made me have many conversations with myself, in a good way. It’s healing really. I feel better anyway.
    Still though, beat his ass. But not too fast, I crave some awesome stuff first


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