Skill: Rise with the Master Key (short story)

Author: Sasasuke Hirano


When I noticed, I hit the key.

If enough people like it, I might serialize it…

This work has a soft NTR[re] element, so if you like NTR[rare], we recommend that you do not read.

Please note that it is an onomatopoeia festival from the middle.

Ah, what is this!!

Who would have thought that our house, which has produced some of the finest warriors in the world, would produce such a useless piece of work as you!

Fortunately, you are an adult today.

Get ready now and leave the house tomorrow.

You will never be allowed near my house again!

In addition to that, all kinds of abusive words were thrown at me, and in despair, I packed up my luggage.

Just because fists weren’t thrown, just because a sword wasn’t swung down, just because I’m alive and in good health, I feel blessed.

The handmaiden(maid), Shirley, who had arrived at me, was helping me with the packing while crying.

My Step Mother comforts me with a somber look.

That alone would make me feel better, so I may be generally a cheap man.

Born as the fifth son to the Jashka family, who is said to be the most prestigious swordsmen family in the kingdom, and last night I underwent the Coming of Age ceremony and received skills from Heaven.

The head priest’s first word was triple, which pleased my father greatly.

In various countries around the world, the skills that can manifest at adulthood are: one single skill at 80%, two double skills at 15%, and finally three triple skills at a low probability of less than 5%.

It seems that the heroes and the like can manifest up to five skills, which is said to be the upper limit, but currently there is no pure-blooded hero, and I have heard that the only quadruples with four skills are in the territory of the elves in a remote foreign land.

In such a time, my family, who is proud of fighting in a peaceful kingdom…. no, it is well understood that my father, that the master, is overjoyed that a triple is born in this age when the Jashka family is gradually losing their influence.

But the head priest’s next words shattered the hope of the master, and my future, to pieces.

“As for your child’s skills, the first is Master Key(Main)! ….masutaki? What is this….”

They were words that amounted to a sudden death sentence.

The head priest, who should know every skill in the world, did not hide his doubts.

In other words, it is the same as incompetence.

The expression on the master’s face disappeared, and the atmosphere became chilly.

“Next, the second is Absolute Rod Protection(STD/Guard)‥‥? Goneu, the third is…. Blessed Vigor(Horneyness)‥‥?」

“What about the effects!? Can these skills be used in battle!!!??

“….Lord Vergerne, I’m sorry to say this….”

“… it’s fine, … tell me.”

“They don’t seem to be combat skills, I’ve never seen these skills before, but they’re all classified as support…”

“What‥‥! Ah, what the hell!!”

This was the flow of disownment after the ceremony.

In aristocratic society, if a person is given a skill that does not match the achievement of the family, a person with the better skill will be promoted as the next head of the family.

In my case, I’m the fifth son, and I knew it would be one of my brothers who would take over the house itself.

But in a kingdom where the frequency of warfare has decreased significantly, the authority of the Jashka family to speak is weakening, so it is understandable that the head of the family’s expectations rose when he heard of the triple, and it is also understandable that he was disappointed when he learned of the contents.

His hope, depending on my skills, was probably to insert me in as the next head of the family and improve his influence in the country.

“….oh, oh, poor Zesh….! There’s nothing I can do. I(Me), please forgive me….”

“Step Mother…. Lady Margrethe, I am very grateful for your words though I am unworthy of them.”

“Never, don’t ever say such things…!! Uh, uugh….”

“I’m glad, your anger is just. But I’m sorry that this happened due to my lack of ability.”

“Ah, ah …!! Heaven… why would you do this….”

My Step Mother, Lady Margrethe, who raised me in place of my mother who died when I was very young.

A kind woman who treated me with warmth and affection, even though I am a 5th son of an aristocratic family who couldn’t even be a reserve.

The scent of Lady Margrethe, who hugs me while crying, unravels my fragile heart.

Then, suddenly, I noticed something strange.

In the midst of the gentle, enveloping warmth of her scent, I suddenly felt something that made my heart boil.

Naturally, blood gathered in my crotch, and my splendor hit Lady Margrethe’s lower abdomen as she hugged me.

“Huh, eh? Oh, oh dear… Zesh, you….”

“Oh no! I’m sorry, Step Mother! Please leave!”

“….oh, Zesh, you called me mother again, you still call me mother…”

“Eh, ah, I’m sorry, shouldn’t have!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, Zesh, it won’t make up for things, but I ….”



As a chaste wife, my Step Mother held a considerable position in society.

I heard that the master was envious of her at every party.

In fact, even in a world full of flamboyant outfits, she was a woman who respected purity and poverty, and she often stood up to her husband and smiles as he takes two or three steps back.

She is like a flower blooming in a wild field.

But now, like the prostitutes I’d heard so much about, she buried her face between my legs, looking ecstatic.

In the hug, right after the kiss, she ordered the maid Shirley to keep everyone away, and immediately ran to kneel at my feet.

“Oh, Zesh! The Master is not coming home today, and I’ve told the servants not to let anyone near.”

“Lady Margrethe…”

“Don’t call me that… call me mother… call me mother again….”

I have never seen my Step Mother in such a state before.

My dignified, graceful, loving Step Mother.

The strict and gentle Step Mother is overflowing with a woman’s face and a woman’s scent…!!

Before yesterday, this had never happened, even when she hugged me.

My scent never made her feel lustful, and my Step Mother’s scent never made me aroused.

“The power of a… skill….”

The conclusion that came to my mind stimulated my groin even more and made me feel aroused.

“Zesh…. please forgive your mother for acting so vulgar….”

“Step Mother…. Step Mother!!”


My patience exceeded its limit in the face of my Step Mother whispering love for me while repeatedly taking deep breaths at my crotch.

I took her arms, raised her body, and stole her lips.

Juru, nuchu, jururu!

Then, a violently devouring sound echoes in the room, interrupted by each other’s leaking moans in between.

Today, the master and his heir have gone to the royal castle, and will return tomorrow at noon.

They won’t come back until after I’m gone.

Dark emotions dominate my mind.

Should I have any reservations for the sake of people in the house that drove me out?

Of course not.

With an excuse-like rage simmering in my heart, I caress my Step Mother’s body over her clothes with my trembling fingertips.

“Ah, ah!”

I was startled by the loudest gasp, and my hand stopped for a moment, then my Step Mother pulled herself away from me.


“Don’t look at me like that, Zesh… I’m getting ready now….”

My Step Mother, who doesn’t like to wear flamboyant clothes in the house, still wears the bare minimum as an aristocratic wife.

Her arm went to her back, the string is unraveled, and the cloth was removed from the shoulder.

The dress slid down to the waist, and then the pannier fell to the floor with the sound of rustling clothes.


“It’s embarrassing, for me… for someone of my… age….”

“No, you’re beautiful, Step Mother, you have an attractive body…”

“Hmm! … ha, hah, thank you, Zesh….”

My Step Mother shuddered once, and then took off her underwear, one by one.

The breasts, exposed to the air of the room, certainly sagged somewhat due to age, were a little limp, but they were still lush and soft, and the lewd smell wafting through the air made my loins painfully engorged.

The moment I caught sight of the last bit of cloth covering my Step Mother’s buttocks, my excitement reached its peak.

The light linen around her secret spot has turned darker.

“You’re wet, it’s overflowing…!”

I pounced my Step Mother like the fierce beast released from the iron cage, and hugged her whole body to the fullest.

I’m afraid that her slender body will break, so I can’t put all my strength into it, but my Step Mother screams in delight at such a limp and humble hug.

“Zesh! My cute Zesh! Oh, I can’t take it anymore, take it off too and eat me up!”

“Ah, Step Mother, Step Mother!! Slurp.”

She repeatedly kisses me while making a gentle watery sound, gradually sucking more violently and taking off my clothes without letting my mouth off.

When I was down to my last piece of clothing, my Step Mother’s eyes melted further.

She drooled sloppily out of the corner of her mouth, took a deep breath through her nose, and revealed the expression of a loose woman.

My Step Mother’s hands were hot as she gently slid my pants down in a reverent manner.

“Ah,! This aroma(sniff), so strong and obscene ♡.”

“Step Mother, this….”

“Eh, eh, I know, leave it to me … hamu♡.”

“Eh? Ugh!”

I looked up at my Step Mother as she let out a cute little puff sound and sucked on my hard-on coated with pre-cum.

I’ve heard of royalty having their maids do this before a night out, and I’ve also heard of prostitutes using this kind of technique that adults have told me about, but my Step Mother, no way….

How excited I was to see a chaste Step Mother, who like a prostitute, took my member in her mouth and was licking it with a happy, melted expression.

“Ah, nmu♡ nchu, ha mu, hamuhamu, juru♡, nchu, nmu♡.”

“Oh, ah! Wow! Step Mother, Step Mother! It’s coming out!”

“Juryu, nha, it’s okay, hafu, anytime, as many times as you like, whenever you want ♡.”

Gently licking, violently sucking with her slimy, soft, and hot mouth, my sexual urges rise at a stretch, and I reach the limit without any dismay.

“Ah, ah, it’s coming! It’s coming out, Step Mother!”

“Ha mu~tsu♡ n ju~tsu!Ji ~yupa~tsu! Chi ~yurururu~tsu!Ji ~yupojjupojupojupo~tsu ♡ “

“Ah, ku, uaaaaaaahh!”

“Nggu! Nmu ♡ gafu! Ngokyu, Gokyu, Gokyu, Nju ♡”

“Ah … ha …, ukk …, fuha! Uh … ah♡…”

With her mouth still full, my prick rolled out of her mouth with a slurp.

My penis, now at its most sensitive, was exposed to the air, and the pleasure combined with the sensation sent shivers down my spine.

In front of me, there was my Step Mother, who chews and swallows my semen while kneeling as if enjoying the finest meal.

That expression stimulated me and made my chest throb, and she wiped the semen that spilled from the edge of her mouth with her finger and took my hand.

My Step Mother swayed her hips and struggled to get to her feet, but she managed to cling to me and reach the bed, where she swallowed my penis again with the very mouth that gulped down my essence earlier.

“Aaaaaahh, hah, Step Mother! Again, Ah?”

“Jun, chu ♡ chuchu, Nhaa ♡ It’s beautiful…. Come on, Zesh … ♡…”

“Step Mother…!”


From there, my body moved unconsciously.

I kissed her with my tongue and exchanged saliva, licked and sucked my ears, neck, and collarbone to the point where there was no place that wasn’t wet with my saliva.

I looked at her breasts, which were soft and a bit loose from her body(physique) due to gravity, and brought her hands over her head to hold them in place and kiss them like rain.

With her relaxed arms still as they are, I scoop up both breasts, kneading, and sucking on them.

I licked them while drowning in the softness that felt like my fingers would sink forever if I put enough pressure on them. and when I sucked on them, my Step Mother let out an even more acute sound from her throat.

“Ah, beautiful, Step Mother, you’re so beautiful…! Muchu!”

“Kafuh, hah, hah Oh, how ‥ embarrassing, Zesh ♡! Ah!”

“Embarrassing! Very attractive! Ah! How delicious!!”

“Oh, ah, oh♡, I’m glad …! Look more! I want you to eat all of me!!”

“Chuba! Kuha, ha, ha, Step Mother …, ha, let me take it off for you…!”

“Ah, ahhhn♡”

I untie the string that goes around the waist and peel off the thin cloth from her secret place.

I was so excited by the feminine scent rising up, that I spilled a little bit of pre-cum.

Her modest pubic hair, a slightly chestnut darker color than the hair on her head, was coated with her love juices and stuck to her pubic mound. The bush, illuminated by the ceiling lights, glistens with a slippery glow, inviting me, the male, in a mysterious way.

“Come on, I’m ready uhn♡ embrace me… come ♡ Zesh….”

“Aah, suh, hah, no, Step‥-‥mother…., I’m also, Step Mother …! Buchu!”

“Eh!? N, no, ah♡ kaha …! Ahhh!!”

Chu, jupa, chupa, chupu! Jururu, necha, puchuu, pichachacha! Churu!

“Wa! Ahn! Wait, waian♡ hah, ah! Hoh♡.”

“I can’t wait! Already! Already! Jurururururururu!”

I savored the slimy juices that filled my mouth, and indulged in her feminine scent through my nose.

Oh, it’s delicious! I’m so excited!!

Following a very high and long nasal voice, her juice spilled on my face.

Immediately after, I swallowed the rich love juice that came from the back of her vagina and has a different flavor than before.

“Kah, kaha, haha♡.”

“Step Mother…., hah hah”

“Zesh~….put in ahn♡ my spot…., your ♡ uhn, penis ♡.”

“Y, yes, I’ll put it in your cunt, Stepmother! Take my cock!”

“Aah, what’s a cunt ♡ uhn.”

When I placed my glans to the vaginal opening, my Step Mother, who was already moistened more than enough, made a lewd sound as our juices mixed together, as if in anticipation.

With just a little effort on my waist, the indecent mouth wriggled greedily to swallow me up, urging me to hurry up.


“Ah, aaaaah…♡.”

“Uh, ku, hot!”

Floating in the heat of the vaginal passage that squeezes the glans with Nuryu Nuryu, I caught myself at a narrower part as I moved my hips forward.

My Step Mother gasped a short tearful breath, but her brow was furrowed and wrinkled.

“Hah, Step Mother…., th, this is ….”

“Hahn ♡ Haa~, haa~, it’s okay, it’s not, my first time, but then….”

When the penis, which has been swallowed for about half of the length, stopped along the vaginal path as my waist trembled, my Step Mother smiled gently.

She told me about her relationship with the master so far.

The master seems to have lived only for warfare, and therefore the sexual intercourse he had was intense.

However, he was already in his late fifties, and even his erect penis was quite soft.

Even if he used medicine to rouse it, it only had about half the length and thickness of my superb article.

I don’t know how it was in the past, but after he remarried my Step Mother, she told me that the nighttime affair was so uneventful that it didn’t even resemble a temper tantrum.

Step Mother talks with breathless excitement.

The ripe body of my Step Mother, who will be 34 this year, has already experienced intercourse, but with the master’s thingy, the other party might still practically be almost like a virgin.

I was excited.

With the excitement that fills the lust up to now to the top, my hips moved on their own.

“Ah! Aaah! Gu, Kahaa ♡.”

I pushed my hips all at once, penetrated to the farthest depth, the innermost part where it stopped, and held my trembling waist.

“Uh, ku! Haha, oh, Step Mother…., Step Mother….!!”

“Ku ha~, aha~ ah~! Ze, sh♡ah kuh!!

The feeling of something being dragged along with the wetness of the glans was accompanied by a rush of pleasure up my back.

I took it, me!

Master, no, that man who was a father until yesterday couldn’t claim it! The purity of that man’s wife!!

Chubu! Buchuchu! Kopu, buchu! Jubuchu! Pupa, pucho, buchun!!!

I couldn’t control my excitement and started to shake my hips.

Overflowing with love juices, my penis pierces, gouges, and violently rubs the inside of my Step Mother’s vagina.

The love juice overflowing with an obscene watery sound frothed, and part of it was colored red with blood.

I pushed my hips without a care, pulled out to the limit, and before the glans came off the vaginal opening, pushed back into the depths at a stretch.

The room is filled with sticky watery sounds, rough breathing, and beast-like moans.

“Ah! Zee, shu! Zesh!! Hahn! Ha, so intense ♡!!”

“Step Mother…. ah!!”

We slammed our hips against each other again and again, and just when I thought I couldn’t get any more excited, my Step Mother’s vaginal passage tightened around my penis.

My Step Mother’s voice resounded in my head.

“Oh, Zesh ♡ my lovely Zesh, so wonderful and strong, ♡ if I was a little younger, if I had met you earlier, we could have been lovers….♡.”

“Hahhh…., Ma, Mar, grethe”

“Ngu ♡ Kuaah ♡!!?”


“Ah!? That’s ♡ I, I’m ♡ Your mother ♡.”

“No! No, you’re my lover now, my only lover! Margrethe!!”

“Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ nnaaahh ♡ !!”

Margrethe’s vagina, driven by my roar, squeezes my penis.

The sensation that had been just a touch of the glans earlier responded softly, sucking, and I knew it was her cervix.

Through her vagina, through my penis, Margrethe’s heart is entwined with my heart.

Every time I pushed in my hips, I feel that Margrethe was reaching.

I could feel the ejaculation running up and down my spine at the sight of her squirming, churning, cock-sucking pussy and her chubby, sizzling cervix.

“Uaah! It’s coming out!! I’m going to cum(ejaculate)!! I’ll cum(ejaculate)! Margrethe!! Inside! Take it deep inside you!!”

“Ah, aaah! Hahn♡ then let it out! ejaculate(do it) ♡! Zesh ♡!! Deep in the vagina(inside)! All of it ♡!!!”

“”Uh♡ aaaaaaaah♡!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh♡!!!!”

Gobyu! Dobyu! Byubyu! Bururu!!

My hips quiver, we exchanged unfocused glances, and devoured each other’s mouths.

Instead of a closed mouth, while repeating rough breathing with the nose, instinctively pushing our waist, and repeatedly ejaculating and swallowing.

We spent tens of minutes hugging each other.


At the end of our long, long embrace, my cock was pulled out of my still-heated pussy, making a faint steam.

Margrethe, who had recovered from her fainting spell during our embrace, buried her face in my crotch, trembling like a newborn fawn, and gently and carefully licked and slurped up the lewd juices.

Her face, after she had wiped away all her love-juice, was so impure and beautiful that it shone more than a kind of work of art.

“Ma, Margrethe….♡”


We repeatedly kissed chu, chu, staring at each other’s eyes.

Her beauty, which looks even brighter than ever, was certainly different from before.

Her face, which had always looked young enough, now looked about a decade younger.

The few wrinkles that were originally present have disappeared, and her skin had regained its moisture.

Margrethe is looking at me with the same or even better beauty than when we first met, as if we had gone back five years when I was ten years old!

“Oh, what? Margrethe…. your face….”

“? Face? I wonder if I have such a disgusting face … ♡.”

“No, no, oh, that’s right! Hand mirror! Hand mirror!”

“Wai, what’s wrong now!? Zesh….”

“L, look at this! Here! Marguerite! Look!”

“Oh, don’t panic so much…. but … eh…?”

She has beautiful, dignified eyes and nose, lustrous, rich chestnut hair, a slender neck, and small, beautiful pink nipples that have regained their firmness and point upward against gravity.

Her tight belly was lined with muscle(streaks), and her firm waist and round buttocks were full of youthful vigor.

“This‥‥, ah, this!! What ‥ happened to me‥‥, what happened to me, I feel bad, what people say about me….”

“Step Mother, I’m sorry, this is probably my fault, it’s my skill…”

“Ah, Zesh? Then, Zesh’s skill to my body…., no, Zesh remade me….♡.”

“Step Mother….”

“Zesh, by name … can you call me Margrethe?”

“….Ma, Margrethe….”

“Ahhhhh, yes! Zesh ♡ “

We called each other names many times, then tasted and devoured each other’s bodies again.

This woman(person) became my lover.

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