Skill: Rise with the Master key (NoNut version)

Author: Sasasuke Hirano

Inserts: Sads


This has FanFic insert scenes and is more suggestive rather than outright lewd!

Check out the translation of the original version. The author has also serialized it…

This work has a soft NTR[re] element, so if you like NTR[rare], we recommend that you read it anyway.

–Ah, what is this!!

–Who would have thought that our house, which has produced some of the finest warriors in the world, would produce such a useless piece of work as you!

–Fortunately, you are an adult today.

–Get ready now and leave the house tomorrow.

–You will never be allowed near my house again!

“Again? Seriously?”

I whispered in exasperation, just loud enough for Byrne, my senior chior-mate, to hear. Though he couldn’t have possibly heard my remark, the choirmaster furrowed his brow slightly and glanced my way. My thoughts on the matter must have been evident on my face.

“Hush Josh! Or you’ll get the cane again.”

Senior Byrne gave me words of caution along with a slight sideways jab of his elbow. Today the annual Coming of Age ceremony was being conducted. Including the numerous children who came along with their families to receive their Skills from heaven, several important dignitaries of the church as well as representatives of prominent noble households are in attendance. I understood that I shouldn’t do anything that could disrupt the proceedings, but canes be damned, the Jashka family head was disruptive enough for 10 people. And it is ridiculous.

“No, really? This happens every year! You’d think these people would learn.”

“I understand how you feel, but this is not the time. Calm yourse- eh?”


A gentle but firm hand is placed on my shoulder, and it seems Byrne also received the same. Then the person behind us lowered their head between us and whispered…

“Boys, need I remind you where we stand? Behave yourselves. Else I’ll send you both Sister Carly’s way. Understood?”

“”Yes sir!””

How in the world did the Choirmaster get behind us? He was ten steps to the side and facing me! Could the rumors be true? Some of the seniors jokingly claimed Choirmaster Jace must have once been a member of the infamous Dark Guild. This gentle yet strict old man running with such company sounds ridiculous, but then he pulls stunts like this and I’m left with questions. Did he actually hear my whisper earlier?

Well, the family head’s tirade is rounding up, so might as well keep quiet! Despite the line waiting to receive their Skills, his rant went on for 20 minutes.

After the ceremony, we didn’t get sent to that sadistic nun, but we were made to clean the entire chapel by ourselves. I feel guilty about dragging Byrne in with me.

“Hey Josh! You good now?”

“Yeah! Sorry about this.”

“Its fine! I know it’s a touchy subject for you.”

I didn’t receive the Skill my family hoped for either, but at least they were supportive…. Unlike my so-called ‘friends’. Don’t get me started on my peers at the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“It’s not like they’re on the fast track to success with the Skills they received.”

“Still this happens all the time! And he even kicked that kid Zesh out of the house, as if he had any say in the skills he got. You’d think these nobles would stop to consider that maybe they received these skills for a reason…”

“Hah~ here we go…”

But I meant it, these skills are from Heaven so obviously there must be some grander design for bestowing them. An argument I’ve made several times before.

“Remember 2 years back, when the Daryll family’s daughter received a Cooking Skill instead of the Mage Skill they wanted?”

“Nobody remembers the Daryll family. They fell into ruin…”

“And their daughter opened a successful restaurant in the capital recently. She started with a street stall after she was unceremoniously kicked out of her home.”

“Are you gathering these sorts of stories?”

“Of course and I will spread them far and wide…”

That is my plan. Just one more year! With the funds I’m gathering as a D-rank adventurer, while training my singing Skills, Divine Hymn(Max Vocal Range) and Rousing Hearts(Melodic Inducement), as a member of the choir, I will become a traveling Bard and spread tales of these so called fail skills doing great things.

Still, that Zesh kid is going to have a rough time from now on. But should he persevere, I wonder what sort of tales he would inspire…


In the end, all kinds of abusive words were thrown at me, and in despair, I packed up my luggage.

Just because fists weren’t thrown, just because a sword wasn’t swung down, just because I’m alive and in good health, I feel blessed.

The handmaiden(maid), Shirley, who had arrived at me, was helping me with the packing while crying.

My Stepmother comforts me with a somber look.

That alone would make me feel better, so I may be generally a cheap man.

Born as the fifth son to the Jashka family, who is said to be the most prestigious swordsmen family in the kingdom, and last night I underwent the Coming of Age ceremony and received skills from Heaven.

The head priest’s first word was triple, which pleased my father greatly.

In various countries around the world, the skills that a child entering adulthood can manifest are: one single skill at 80%, two double skills at 15%, and finally three triple skills at a low probability of less than 5%.

It seems that the heroes and the like can manifest up to five skills, which is said to be the upper limit, but currently there is no pure-blooded hero, and I have heard that the only quadruples with four skills are in the territory of the elves in a remote foreign land.

In such a time, my family, who is proud of fighting in a peaceful kingdom…. no, it is well understood that my father, that the master, is overjoyed that a triple is born in this age when the Jashka family is gradually losing their influence.

But the head priest’s next words shattered the hope of the master, and my future, to pieces.

“As for your child’s skills, the first is Master Key(Main)! ….masutaki? What is this….”

They were words that amounted to a sudden death sentence.

The head priest, who should know every skill in the world, did not hide his doubts.

In other words, it is the same as incompetence.

The expression on the master’s face disappeared, and the atmosphere became chilly.

“Next, the second is Absolute Rod Protection(STD/Guard)‥‥? Goneu, the third is…. Blessed Vigor(Horneyness)‥‥?」

“What about the effects!? Can these skills be used in battle!!!??

“….Lord Vergerne, I’m sorry to say this….”

“… it’s fine, … tell me.”

“They don’t seem to be combat skills, I’ve never seen these skills before, but they’re all classified as support…”

“What‥‥! Ah, what the hell!!”

This was the flow of disownment after the ceremony.

In aristocratic society, if a person is given a skill that does not match the achievement of the family, a person with the better skill will be promoted as the next head of the family.

In my case, I’m the fifth son, and I knew it would be one of my brothers who would take over the house itself.

But in a kingdom where the frequency of warfare has decreased significantly, the authority of the Jashka family to speak is weakening, so it is understandable that the head of the family’s expectations rose when he heard of the triple, and it is also understandable that he was disappointed when he learned of the contents.

His hope, depending on my skills, was probably to insert me in as the next head of the family and improve his influence in the country.

“….oh, oh, poor Zesh….! There’s nothing I can do. I(Me), please forgive me….”

“Stepmother…. Lady Margrethe, I am very grateful for your words though I am unworthy of them.”

“Never, don’t ever say such things…!! Uh, uugh….”

“I’m glad, your anger is just. But I’m sorry that this happened due to my lack of ability.”

“Ah, ah …!! Heaven… why would you do this….”

My Stepmother, Lady Margrethe, who raised me in place of my mother who died when I was very young.

A kind woman who treated me with warmth and affection, even though I am a 5th son of an aristocratic family who couldn’t even be a reserve.

The scent of Lady Margrethe, who hugs me while crying, unravels my fragile heart.

Then, suddenly, I noticed something strange.

In the midst of the gentle, enveloping warmth of her scent, I suddenly felt something that made my heart boil.

Naturally, blood gathered down there, and my splendor touched Lady Margrethe’s lower abdomen as she hugged me.

“Huh, eh? Oh, oh dear… Zesh, you….”

“Oh no! I’m sorry, Stepmother! Please leave!”

“….oh, Zesh, you called me mother again, you still call me mother…”

“Eh, ah, I’m sorry, shouldn’t have!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, Zesh, it won’t make up for things, but I ….”



As a chaste wife, my Stepmother held a considerable position in society.

I heard that the master was envious of her at every party.

In fact, even in a world full of flamboyant outfits, she was a woman who respected purity and poverty, and she often stands up to her husband and smiles as he takes two or three steps back.

She is like a flower blooming in a wild field.

But now, like the prostitutes I’d heard so much about, she was looking ecstatic.

In the hug, right after the kiss, she ordered the maid Shirley to keep everyone away, and immediately ran towards me.

“Oh, Zesh! The Master is not coming home today, and I’ve told the servants not to let anyone near.”

“Lady Margrethe…”

“Don’t call me that… call me mother… call me mother again….”

I have never seen my Stepmother in such a state before.

My dignified, graceful, loving Stepmother.

The strict and gentle Stepmother is overflowing with a woman’s face and a woman’s scent…!!

Before yesterday, this had never happened, even when she hugged me.

My scent never made her feel lustful, and my Stepmother’s scent never made me aroused.

“The power of a… skill….”

The conclusion that came to my mind stimulated me even more and made me feel aroused.

“Zesh…. please forgive your mother for acting so vulgar….”

“Stepmother…. Stepmother!!”


My patience exceeded its limit in the face of my Stepmother whispering love for me while repeatedly taking deep breaths.

I took her arms, and stole her lips.


The mood in the house is quite somber today. Truly, the treatment young master Zesh received was unjustified. But as a mere servant of the house, I am powerless to do anything about it. Young master receiving skill previously unheard might have been a boon, but Milord could only see as far as the influence a martial skill would bring him. But to even kick out his own son?

I shed tears as I helped young master pack his luggage.

At least the Madam was there for him. Young master was never close with his siblings and Milord was much too formal with him. He acted casually with us servants, even my relationship with young master was more like childhood friends rather than master and maid. Madam was the only one in the family he was really close with, she practically raised him since she got married to Milord, after the first wife passed.

It’s only natural she would be there in his time of need. She even ordered me to dismiss the servants for the day. With Milord away to the capital to meet the royal family along with his chosen heir, she’s the only one there to support him. She would like to spend some time saying farewell to her beloved Stepson.

“Excuse me, Head Maid. Madam has dismissed everyone for the day! She doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

“Hah~ it’s understandable. In all my years serving this family, I never imagined the Master would go so far. Ah Milady, please look over your son…”

The Head Maid is quite saddened by the entire affair, as most of us are. She watched over young master and all his siblings growing up. Their mother’s passing was particularly hard on her, this current schism must be unbearable.

After sending everyone on their way, I return to my quarters. The servant accommodations are much too quiet tonight, I might be the only one around. Being the youngest, it’s not like I could accompany the grown-ups to the taverns to drown their sorrows. Hopefully the Head Maid will ensure everyone keeps things in moderation, though milord won’t return until noon so they might have some leeway in case they overindulge.

Today was heart-wrenchingly eventful. I hope young master will be fine. He may not have received a Martial Skill, but he worked hard at his swordsmanship, so he’s not without options. He’s already more competent than most adventurers.

Speaking of, Josh should be practicing his singing soon. That heavenly tone of his is bound to cheer me up. I activate my Skill, Wind’s Whisper(Auditory Enhancement), so I could listen in on his session.

Juru, nuchu, jururu!

What was that? I thought I heard something strange. My skill enhances my hearing to the level I could listen to singing all the way from the church from the comfort of my room. But I don’t know what to make of the sound just now. It seemed much closer, like right above me, perhaps. Towards, young master’s room, where I left Madam… it can’t be… right?

I activate my skill again…


“Don’t look at me like that, Zesh… I’m getting ready now….”

Wh, whwhwhwhwhaaaaaaat! That was young master and Madam. And they were ki ki kikikiiiiiiisiiing??? Shortly after, I hear the sound of rustling clothes.


“It’s embarrassing, for me… for someone of my… age….

“No, you’re beautiful, Stepmother, you have an attractive body…”

“Hmm! … ha, hah, thank you, Zesh….”

They’re more than just kissing. What’s going on? My mind is all messed up! Can’t organize my thoughts. Why is it so hot here? Must control my breathing, the gasps are so loud…

“You’re wet, it’s overflowing…!”

“Wha– ump!”

Ah! I almost yelled out loud at that, but I quickly covered my mouth. What’s wet?

I shouldn’t be listening to this. Why is my Skill still active? Ever since my skill manifested last year, I’ve been careful not to eavesdrop on people’s private business. This isn’t the first coitus session I’ve come across, but I’ve always deactivated my skill right away. With my personality, I blushed at the idea of holding hands with a gentleman. This subject overstimulates me quickly so I’ve always steered clear when I come across it.

But, I’m still listening in on young master and the madam. I can’t fathom why.

“Ah,! This aroma, so strong and obscene.”

“Stepmother, this….”

“Eh, eh, I know, leave it to me … hamu.”

“Eh? Ugh!”

Wait. Did she just… no way. Not the Madam! It can’t be.

Madam is the model noble lady. Her dignified air and regal spirit is the center of every event she attends. And yet she still remains a charitable soul to the poverty stricken and doesn’t have a gaudy bone in her. Yet here she is acting like a back alley prostitute with the young master. How did it come to this?

“Ah, nmu nchu, ha mu, hamuhamu, juru, nchu, nmu.”

“Oh, ah! Wow! Stepmother, Stepmother! It’s coming out!”

“Juryu, nha, it’s okay, hafu, anytime, as many times as you like, whenever you want .”

Is it getting hotter? My gasps are coming more frequently. And a certain tingle is ailing me. Before I knew it, my hands were at the spot, rubbing to relieve this sensation. Maybe if I do this hard enough then….



In front of me, there was my Stepmother, swallowing while kneeling as if enjoying the finest meal.

That expression stimulated me and made my chest throb, and she wiped the edge of her mouth with her finger and took my hand.

My Stepmother swayed her hips and struggled to get to her feet, but she managed to cling to me and reach the bed.



From there, my body moved unconsciously.

I kissed her with my tongue and exchanged saliva, licked and sucked my ears, neck, and collarbone to the point where there was no place that wasn’t wet with my saliva.

I looked at her, and brought her hands over her head to hold them in place and rained kisses on her.

With her relaxed arms still as they are, I licked her while drowning in the softness that felt like my fingers would sink forever if I put enough pressure, and my Stepmother let out an even more acute sound from her throat.

“Ah, beautiful, Stepmother, you’re so beautiful…! Muchu!”

“Kafuh, hah, hah Oh, how ‥ embarrassing, Zesh ♡! Ah!”

“Embarrassing! Very attractive! Ah! How delicious!!”

“Oh, ah, oh♡, I’m glad …! Look more! I want you to eat all of me!!”

“Chuba! Kuha, ha, ha, Stepmother …, ha, let me take it off for you…!”

“Ah, ahhhn♡

I untie the string that goes around the waist and peel off the thin cloth from her secret place.

I was so excited by the feminine scent rising up, that I spilled a little.

“Come on, I’m ready uhn♡ embrace me… come ♡ Zesh….”

“Aah, suh, hah, no, Step‥-‥mother…., I’m also, Stepmother …! Buchu!

“Eh!? N, no, ah♡ kaha …! Ahhh!!

Chu, jupa, chupa, chupu! Jururu, necha, puchuu, pichachacha! Churu!

“Wa! Ahn! Wait, waian♡ hah, ah! Hoh♡.”

“I can’t wait! Already! Already! Jurururururururu!”

I savored the juices that filled my mouth, and indulged in her feminine scent through my nose.

Oh, it’s delicious! I’m so excited!!

“Kah, kaha, haha♡.”

“Stepmother…., hah hah”

“Zesh~….put in ahn♡ my spot…., your ♡ uhn♡.”

Y, yes, I’ll put it in you, Stepmother! Take me!

Aah ♡ uhn.

When I placed myself at the ready, my Stepmother, who was already moistened more than enough, made a lewd sound, as if in anticipation.

With just a little effort on my waist, she wriggled greedily to swallow me up, urging me to hurry up.


“Ah, aaaaah…♡.”

“Uh, ku, hot!”

Floating in her warmth, she squeezes me with Nuryu Nuryu, I caught myself at a narrower part as I moved my hips forward.

My Stepmother gasped a short tearful breath, but her brow was furrowed and wrinkled.

“Hah, Stepmother…., th, this is ….”

“Hahn ♡ Haa~, haa~, it’s okay, it’s not, my first time, but then….”

I was stopped along the way as my waist trembled, and my Stepmother smiled gently.

She told me about her relationship with the master so far.

The master seems to have lived only for warfare, and therefore the sexual intercourse he had was intense.

However, he was already in his late fifties, and even when erect, he was quite soft.

Even if he used medicine to rouse himself, he was only about half as big as my superb article.

I don’t know how it was in the past, but after he remarried my Stepmother, she told me that the nighttime affair was so uneventful that it didn’t even resemble a temper tantrum.

Stepmother talks with breathless excitement.

The ripe body of my Stepmother, who will be 34 this year, has already experienced intercourse, but with the master’s thingy, the other party might still practically be almost like a virgin.

I was excited.

With the excitement that fills me up to fullest, my hips moved on their own.


“Ah! Aaah! Gu, Kahaa .”

They’ve started the deed. And Madam’s ecstatic yell was so fierce, I feared it would reach outside. I had to remind myself, only I could hear them, and it was only due to my Skill. This is truly something I shouldn’t be privy to, but I still can’t turn away from it.

“Uh, ku! Haha, oh, Stepmother…., Stepmother….!!”

“Ku ha~, aha~ ah~! Ze, shah kuh!!

Still, the story about Milord was shocking. He really hadn’t claimed Madam’s purity even after years of marriage and nightly relations. It was young master who stole it for himself. The man was cuckolded by the very son he discarded.

The situation was so immoral, yet it filled me with such excitement as well. The earlier tingling sensation has gotten too intense. My body is burning up. I couldn’t contain my gasping breaths anymore. I’m about to lose my self-control at any moment. Must endure. Must, Endure…

“Ah! Zee, shu! Zesh!! Hahn! Ha, so intense !!”

“Stepmother…. ah!!

I was on the floor before I knew it. My legs closed firmly and my hands in a tight fist to restrain them from what they are trying to make me do. My reasoning is on the edge of collapse. And then…

“Oh, Zesh my lovely Zesh, so wonderful and strong, if I was a little younger, if I had met you earlier, we could have been lovers…..”

“Hahhh…., Ma, Mar, grethe”

“Ngu Kuaah !!?”


“Ah!? That’s I, I’m Your mother .”

“No! No, you’re my lover now, my only lover! Margrethe!!”

“Ah Ah Ah nnaaahh !!”

It broke.

I’ve always tried to conduct myself as a proper caste maiden. Never entertaining such lewd thought, I’ve never even once tried to comfort myself that way. I knew I would eventually be sought for marriage, but the slightest immorality gets me running to the church for confession. I’ve maintained myself as a decent lady any gentleman would proudly welcome as a wife.

But that broke today. With the manner at which my hands were working at the tingling sensation, I have doubts about my qualifications as a bride.

“Uaah! It’s coming out!! I’m going to ●●●!! I’ll ●●●! Margrethe!! Inside! Take it ●●●!!

“Ah, aaah! Hahn then let it ●●●! ●●● ! Zesh !! Deep ●●●! All of it !!!”

“”Uhaaaaaaaah!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! “”

“Uuuuhn♡ aaahn♡!!!”

Gobyu! Dobyu! Byubyu! Bururu!!

I don’t know what that was, but I think we all felt it at the same time. That explosive shock that ran from the tingle, up my spine to white out my head and spread to my extremities. It was amazing. And then the shame followed…

I can’t believe what I just did, what they just did. But I can’t deny the euphoria that came at its conclusion, despite the shameful feelings it evoked.

Well at least I can deactivate my Skill now that things have calmed down…

“Oh, what? Margrethe…. your face….”

“? Face? I wonder if I have such a disgusting face … .”

“No, no, oh, that’s right! Hand mirror! Hand mirror!”

“Wai, what’s wrong now!? Zesh….”

“L, look at this! Here! Marguerite! Look!””

“Oh, don’t panic so much…. but … eh…?”

But wait, did something happen to Madam. Young master sounded very panicked for some reason. I dragged myself onto the bed as I paid close attention to the situation. Ah, I’ve truly become an eavesdropper, despite all my efforts. But with everything I’ve already heard, I might as well plunge to the very depths.

“This‥‥, ah, this!! What ‥ happened to me‥‥, what happened to me, I feel bad, what people say about me….”

“Stepmother, I’m sorry, this is probably my fault, it’s my skill…”

“Ah, Zesh? Then, Zesh’s skill to my body…., no, Zesh remade me…..”


“Zesh, by name … can you call me Margrethe?”

“….Ma, Margrethe….”

“Ahhhhh, yes! Zesh

Ah! His skill must have done something. But they both seem happy about it so it’s probably nothing harmful. Maybe worth celebrating even.

His Skill…

The Head Priest mentioned Blessed Vigor as one of them. Could it be an ability to induce lust? Was I affected by merely listening to them? That could be why I couldn’t deactivate my skill. What could the other two skills do?

“Young master… those skills… are… ridiculo—”

Drowsiness overwhelmed me. With the accumulated fatigue from the day added to the afterglow of my act, a comfortable night’s sleep took me. If only it were a dreamless slumber…


The morning was as somber as the previous evening for everyone. Young master has already gone, after a short farewell to everyone. Hopefully it was mistaken that my blushing was a result of me crying in the night. I cannot handle any more shame.

My colleague woke me up to discover a small partially dried puddle on the floor. I convinced them I had accidentally spilled my cup as I slept. I don’t even want to think about the actual source, it’s too embarrassing. At least there were no questions about where the empty cup went.

There were a few hours left before Milord returned, and if I am to carry out my duties today in any competent fashion, I must settle my heart and cleanse my thoughts.

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. For real this time. I promise its nothing trivial…”

A quick visit to the church for confession should sort me out. I felt I needed to add that last remark, as I’m aware of how inconsequential my previous visits were received.

“Okay, this I have to hear! You didn’t kill anyone though… right?”

“Josh? What are you doing?”

This guy. I am seriously not in the mood. I feel like my sanity is at the brink and I really don’t want any part of his pranks.

“Why, Miss Shirley! I never! As a follower of the faith, I only intend to ease your heart and offer counsel. Nothing more.”

“You’re in the Choir, not the Clergy. Keep this up and I’ll tell on you.”

“Woah! Let’s not go crazy. The Head Priest isn’t in anyway. And you’d really rather talk to him, than me?”

“He’s sure to keep it secret, unlike an aspiring Bard? You’d probably sing it on the rooftop.”

“How about I trade a ballad for your tale?”

“Sing one note and I’ll scream!”

I love his singing, but I’m wary of his Rousing Hearts skill. He claims he can’t hypnotize people with it, but I saw him render a group of hooligans to sleep by actually singing them a lullaby. Listening in from a distance seems safer.

“Like you aren’t listening in on me when I practice.”


Please don’t tell me he reads minds now. My current turmoil is too much.

“So how is your young master? Is Zesh okay?”

“Ah! He’s… in good health!”

Thank the gods for the screen between us. My blush just came on again.

“He’s why you’re here, isn’t he? What happened?”


“Okay! I swear by the gods and anything else you’d have me. It won’t leave this booth unless you expose it yourself first.”

“…… fine!”

I spun a more family friendly version of last evening’s event, his imagination actually filled in the gaps with startling accuracy. He even guessed my state, adding more to my shame.

Little did we know, this was the start of Young Master Zesh’s Legend. As he rose to prominence… with the Master Key!

Thank you for reading!

If you like it, do check out my translation of the original Nocturne version (R18 warning).

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