Serra – Preview

Final Chapter – So, I Will Kill You Here.

──── It was a sunny, clear, cloudless day.

The time was approaching noon, but there were no people to be seen in any city, and all was silent.

It’s as it should be. Because all the people of this world were dead.


Celestia Valentine looked at the scene expressionlessly.

Her sky-blue eyes were cloudy, and her white hair stained with blood. On the contrary, there were blood stains upon her cheek and upon her clothes, on every corner of her body.

Gillian. Karen. Olivia. Kirino. Hazel. She killed her enemies, and sometimes took her companions’ lives to build up a pile of corpses.

In the process, she lost her emotions, memories, and cherished people.

All Sera could do was stand there. Now she was like a broken machine that only responded to the living. Her heart had long since died.

It won’t be long before her soul died.

“Hey, Serra. That’s a terrible state ✩.”

Sakura appeared from behind.

Serra, whose name was called, looked back with narrowed pupils.

With her eyes like clouded glass, she stared at Sakura.


“You’ve already forgotten your words. Just like that, you’re now a killing machine?”

Sakura couldn’t help but cower her shoulders at Serra’s lack of response.

Certainly, she thoroughly hurt Serra’s spirit in order to proceed with the ‘plan’. However, it was unexpected that its culmination would turn out to be so mechanical. And above all, it was boring for Sakura.

Here was the person who killed Riko. At the very least, Sakura wanted them to clash with all their emotions, that’s what she really wanted.

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