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Chapter 95 – Connecting Star Systems

One month has passed since the Battle of Apollo.

After the battle, Hart traveled to the Artemis and Podalley Star Systems with Fortress Kerviel to deploy the realms of the Spirit King.

This was a precautionary measure to prevent Tenka, who had created a realm of the Daemon King in the Apollo Star System, from invading a new star system of the Monarchy and expanding the realm of the next Daemon King.

Now that the Spirit Emperor Mira is out of play, another retaking cannot be performed. If they were preemptive, there was nothing they could do about it, so they created as many realms as possible.

The priority was chosen based on the population of the Royal Citizens within the Star Systems.

The spirit crystals of the Spirit King are his personal property, but he put the lives of the Royal people at risk in the Battle of the Honyō Star System, which gave birth to the Spirit King, and Hart had a moral responsibility to make the best move possible.

Thus, after touring both systems, welcomed by two Dukes and clearly discontented by one, Hart returned to the Apollo System through the Podalley System transition gate.

“I thought the recovery work would have been done.”

In fact, the Apollo System was far from having finished being restored.

In front of Fortress Kerviel, which emerged from the Transition Gate, large-scale spaceports, like in the Diete and Athena Systems, were created. Like an orderly spider’s web, they spread a massive circular network throughout the sector.

The giant nest contained supplies brought in from the Monarchy’s star systems, which had been finely sorted and sent to various parts of the star system by unmanned ships.

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