Serra – Epilogue

Previous | TOC Epilogue ── ── The last fight is over. Sakura was the first to fall. Then Serra, as if following her, also collapsed. After losing consciousness for a few days, she suddenly opened her eyes and walked aimlessly through an uninhabited world. She couldn't put any strength on her knees, and kept wandering … Continue reading Serra – Epilogue


Serra – Chapter 46

Previous | TOC | Next Chapter 46 - 'The Vampire' Kirino ──── A month and a half have passed since then. "Aha" Serra suddenly burst into laughter in an empty city. And what she thought, as she pointed the sword at her chest and stabbed it over and over again. "Haha, Hihihi, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!" A single … Continue reading Serra – Chapter 46