September 2021 Short

The Golden Wheel King and the Red-Haired Dragon Author: Love Tester "Roony" I sat up from the bed, and threw my voice towards the shadows peeking through the door and the flickering light of the lantern(lightlamp). At the sound of my waking voice, the little glow(acompaniment) and its master quickly entered the room and quietly … Continue reading September 2021 Short

August 2021 Short

Otherworld Reincarnation as the Peerless Exiled Villainess Sage Demon Lord Fail-skill Cheat Harem SSS Rank - Adding All the Trends Makes You the Strongest, But the Other World is Already Slow~ Author: Mr. Penpengusa I worked hard to write this. I was reincarnated into a different world. Yes, the recent other world reincarnation trend...... no, … Continue reading August 2021 Short