June 2022 Short

The Reason I was a Villainess

Sayokichi (Sayo Shimori)

Episode 1

At the graduation party of the Lé Charle Academy of Magic, my fiancée, Crown Prince Leonardo, hugged the tearful pink-haired woman and shouted:

“Marianna La-Tour, how dare you torment my beloved Airi for Breach of Etiquette.
Such outrageous behavior is unbecoming of a mother of the nation.
I am breaking off my engagement to you!”

I was about to burst out in laughter at the very thespian tone, but I quickly suppressed it.

I, Marianna La-Tour. Eldest daughter of a Ducal family and a reincarnated person.

Right now, I am in the middle of a broken engagement, as is often the case in novels.

I regained my memory when I was five years old, shortly after my engagement meeting with His Highness Leonardo.

But I didn’t collapse.

I just thought the child in the recollection looked familiar.

Shortly after the engagement, my dear mother passed away due to a sudden illness.

After the funeral, realizing that I was the only successor to the family, my father’s mistress was promoted to his legal wife.

To my surprise, my father had been keeping a mistress for some time.

At that moment, I felt that I knew this development.

I realized that this was the world of an otome game, where my death flags are rampant.

In the game, the father doted on his mistress and her daughter, kicked out his old servants, and the three of them began to abuse me.

After that, I was abused by the servants selected by my stepmother.

That’s how I came to be a Villainess.

But even though I am a villain, I am still the fiancée of His Royal Highness Prince Leonardo.

I’m a hindrance in making my stepsister his fiancée.

Still, mother just died so it is not possible to kill her daughter.

And I wouldn’t commit suicide at the age of five.

Therefore, I am deprived of everything but my status, denied an education, and confined to a house in a remote location.

My only source of support is my status and magic, and stress relief is bullying animals and the servants.

I use the strong magical power I inherited from my parents to harass people around me.

I think the story goes something like this.

But wait a minute.

What is absurd is my father, a mistress who became a stepmother, and her daughter.

So I decided to assert my rights before my father was completely at the mercy of my stepmother.

First of all, I need to secure food, clothing, shelter and education as a noblewoman.

I wrote a letter to my grandparents, the former Duke and Duchess of La-Tour.

I wanted to live apart until father and my new stepmother and stepsister get used to their new lives, move some of the servants of the main building to the detached section, and arrange for a good tutor.

When I wrote that I didn’t want to bother my father, who was struggling with his newlywed life, my grandparents were happy to arrange things for me.

By choosing to live away from home from the beginning, I was able to protect my property from my stepmother and stepsister, especially the jewelry my mother brought with her when she married.

This was arranged by my grandmother.

“It is a natural right for a daughter to have what she inherited from her mother.”

That said, she deposited it in a bank so that I couldn’t take it out until I was 15 years old, when I was considered a grown up and could get married.

Apparently, my grandmother knew that my stepmother, who was a Baronial lady, had a bad character.

The servants didn’t want to move at first, but they became disgusted with the poor quality of stepmother and stepsister, so they took the initiative to work in the detached section.

I arranged it myself, so I wouldn’t torment them for being kicked out.

Moreover, I was 5 years old at that time.

When it comes to that, the key to a safe and pleasant life is to have a proper relationship with the servants around you.

It’s easy because I just have to be a gentle and beautiful young lady.

But I won’t be looked down on.

You can take away goods, money, and other materials, but not what has been learned.

But only a master of mental magic can take away memories, knowledge, and acquired tutelage.

It is not easy to escape from home, as is often the case in novels, and go to guilds or towns to scrape money or make connections outside the house.

So the only thing I can do at home is desperately trying to acquire an education.

I don’t want to show more ability than necessary only to be taken advantage of by my father or stepmother.

Thus, the first flag, the abuse on me, was prevented.

Episode 2

Although the flag of my becoming a Villainess was broken, I could hardly retrieve any other flags.

In fact, the Royal Family and the Duke of La-Tour are on very bad terms.

The reason is that the previous King neglected the Queen he had welcomed from the neighboring country and treated his domestic mistress like a legitimate wife, and the current King is the child of that mistress.

This led to the outbreak of war, which was settled by the then Duke of La-Tour, and my grandfather.

The Duke, victorious over the neighboring country, gained more power than the Royal Family, so in order to resolve the imbalance, Prince Leonardo was engaged to me.

But the Royal Family despised the Duke of La-Tour.

It’s because of the power we have gained, even though it was originally sown by their own love affair.

Perhaps because of this, Prince Leonardo and the high-ranking nobles in his entourage were very wary of me.

I am not allowed to make friends with other families at tea parties or balls, and I am only allowed to socialize with the children of houses under the Duke’s family.

So I couldn’t break the trauma flag they were about to have.

The only flag I was able to break was that of my cousin, Fabien Le-Brunn, who was five years older than me, who came to live with us when I was seven years old because of the loss of his parents.

Fabien is the son of a Viscount, a boy of great beauty and magical powers.

This is because he inherited the beauty of the princess, his father’s grandmother.

She was called “Rosalind the Beautiful” and manipulated ice and flames, and although she did not participate in the war, she demonstrated her power in subduing the demonic beasts.

Her beauty and magical power were such that she was asked for her hand in marriage by the royalty and nobility of all the neighboring countries.

In the end, Rosalind married in the country and had two children.

One married into the La-Tour Dukedom and the other into the Marquis of Le-Chardin, each of whom fathered a son and a daughter.

The Marquis had inherited Rosalind’s beauty in particular.

Because she hated political marriages and fell in love with an escort knight, she married him after making a marriage contract, so Fabien is the son of a Viscount with Royal blood.

Apparently, the Marquis’ daughter was father’s first love, and father took a liking to Fabien, who had inherited Lady Rosalind’s beauty, so much so that he allowed him to live in the main building, treating him as if he were his son.

So far, so good.

However, his good looks drove stepmother and stepsister crazy.

In the game, an incident takes place on the day of the first tea party between me and His Highness since Fabien’s arrival.

Stepmother invited Fabien to tea and spiked it with medicine to steal his chastity.

Later, stepsister would join the orgy, and Fabien falls into a deep mistrust of women.

It is the heroine who resolves this trauma.

I decided to break this flag.

More than anything else that could be said about an Otome Game, what was about to happen to Fabien was a crime and unforgivable as a human being.

So, when father and I were to visit the Royal Palace for a tea party, I said that I had forgotten that Prince Leonardo had asked me to lend him a book from father’s collection.

My father seriously reprimanded me because he is a man who acts earlier than promised, but he returned to get it, saying that we would not be late for the appointed time if we returned right away.

When I returned to the mansion, the situation was strange.

My father had returned, but no one was ready to greet him.

I heard strange noises coming from the living room, as if someone was being attacked and resisting.

It was my stepmother and the maids, all of whom were trying to rape Fabien.

He thought it was strange, so my father sent me to the library where the promised book was, and he himself headed to the living room.

Since they were on the same floor, I could hear Fabien crying for her to stop even though I was in the library.

I didn’t see what happened when my father opened the door, but as far as I know from the game, Fabien was probably being stripped naked and attacked.

After that, there was a fierce argument between my father and stepmother, but because I had an appointment with Prince Leonardo, Fabien was moved to the annex where I was staying and we went to the Royal Palace, only to arrange for the arrest of my stepmother and the maids who had been complicit.

The promise was a lie, but I showed the book to His Highness.

He didn’t seem interested at all, so he took it back home and told father that he said it wasn’t what he had expected.

After that, my father divorced my stepmother, and of course my stepsister was also kicked out.

The reasoning behind the argument was that it is doubtful that a woman who would do such a devious thing would even have his child.

It’s a very logical conclusion, as the game proves that stepsister is not my father’s child.

By the way, I was the Villainess of the whole game, and the woman who was my stepsister was the Villainess of the Fabien route.

I don’t know what happened to them after that.

I will just say that I doubt they got away with it because they made a mockery of the Duke.

Father later remarried to another woman and a younger brother was born.

This time she was a decent Lady, but he must have been worried when he saw her sigh over Fabien’s good looks.

Fabien then lived in the annex with me as my attendant.

In the game, I dominated Fabien with violence, but in reality, I tried to be as kind as possible without getting sexually intimate.

At the same time that I had him learn offensive magic and swordsmanship, I was also learning it.

The knights of the Duke said I didn’t need it because they would protect me, but I wanted to learn in case I was attacked in a place where only women were allowed.

Besides, I only believe in what I have learned.

But what we learned together had an unexpected effect.

Fabien became attached to me.

I guess you could say we ate out of the same pot, right?

He then went to the Knight Academy, became an escort knight like his father, the Viscount of Le-Brunn, and pledged his loyalty to me.

This proved that the Fabien route had completely broken, and I was relieved to find myself safe.

That doesn’t mean I could let my guard down.

I had to watch over the children of the Duke of La-Tour, who might speak my name and bully lower-ranking nobles and maids.

That’s why, as a Duke’s daughter, I showed a proud and unforgiving attitude.

This figure was seen as a domineering, influential and conceited Villainess, but it doesn’t matter.

Nobles are a mass of pride, and when they are looked down on, it is the end.

Moreover, the problem caused by the child is the responsibility of the parent.

Therefore, the education of a child is a matter of life or death for a parent.

My father and new stepmother are doing well (as long as he is not drowning in mistresses), so there is no problem with the adults.

In that case, the problems of the children are beyond the control of my newborn brother, so I have no choice but to take care of them.

Thanks to that, the children became disciplined and my noble education was successful.

Fabien’s presence was also significant.

All the girls fell in love with him, and he was the one who was serving me, who was to be married to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo.

He is promised to succeed to the Viscount title and become the escort knight of the next Queen.

So if you earn my favor, you might be able to marry Fabien.

With this dream, the girls stopped smearing mud on my face.

What I mean by “smearing mud” is low-level torment.

It is something that leaves a mark, such as pouring tea on the daughters of other factions at a tea party, hitting them with a fan, or stepping on their feet with high heels.

It is normal for them to make a light sarcastic remark, so I let that go.

If one of the children is beaten, we will send a letter of protest to the parents.

I do this without fail.

It shows that the children are under our protection, and let the family that has done something wrong know that their children are shaming their name.

When it’s too severe, I also send a message to the Royal Family.

As long as there is no violence, there will be justice, and no house can slander our Duke’s family.

But even after all this, the more I do it, the more I become like a Villainess.

In particular, there was considerable discord(friction) with the faction of Keira of the Marquis Turner, who was an aristocratic supremist, and competed with me for the position of Her Highness Prince Leonardo’s fiancée.

Is this what happens when you break a few flags, or is it just the force of the game?

Episode 3

Upon entering the Lé Charle Academy of Magic, Airi, the pink-haired Baronial young lady from a commoner background, entered the school and the otome game began.

She is a troublesome woman who cries easily.

She’s not at all educated as a noblewoman, but what does that mean?

The Baron of Boston family, where Airi was adopted, was a branch household of the Marquis of Turner, and was very close to Lady Keira.

Keira was an aristocratic supremacist, so why?

And, from what I observed, she was apparently different than she had been before.

One of the students reported that they were speaking using terms they didn’t understand.

Capture Targets, Villainess, Support Characters, Routes, and so on.

Is it some kind of slang term? I vaguely asked, while hiding a smile.

When I told them to be as precise as possible, I was surprised to learn something.

When that aristocratic supremacist Keira met Airi, she remembered her previous life and realized that she was a support character.

Keira’s favorite was Faby (Fabien), and since Airi’s was after Leo (His Highness Leonardo), she said she would give him to Keira since they didn’t have the same interests.

However, Fabby would not be captured unless the Villainess lost her engagement and her position, so they would aim for that.

From then on, Airi would fall down laughably in front of me.

Then she cries, “Why are you doing such a terrible thing?” and walks away crying.

At the academy, students take classes regardless of status or faction, so there are many cases where the people around me are not from a branching family.

But Airi had complained that I had tormented her.

The daughter of the Count of Ellington, a neutral faction member, says aloud, “It seems she can’t even walk normally”.

She has been bullied by such a template as her textbooks being torn, her uniform stained, her keepsake brooch taken, and so on. There is no trick to it.

To put it bluntly, bullying is something only a person of leisure would do.

With my death flags so rampant, if I had the time to bully, I would rather accumulate as much knowledge as possible.

As proof of this, I had always been ranked at the top in my grade, and I had improved my magic and swordsmanship to the point where I could hold my own with the men.

I did the same, but I heard that the girls from other factions who complained also sent letters of protest to the Marquis of Turner family, the parent household.

The education of the children of nobles is the responsibility of the family.

Even though she was a commoner, since she became a Baron’s daughter, the Baron Boston family and, by extension, the Marquis Turner family, who are the parent household, must teach her manners and at least a minimum level of knowledge.

It was supposed to be like that, but she apparently forgot all of that as soon as she entered the academy.

So it would be their fault as well as Airi’s responsibility if she fell and blamed it on others.

Nevertheless, I was summoned to the student council where Prince Leonardo and his entourage were present.

“I heard that you are tormenting a particular female student.”

“I did no such thing.
I’m rarely alone, so if the date and time are clear, I can prove it.”

“Three days ago, Airi of the Baron of Boston was beaten by an assailant in the music room.
You mean to say you don’t know about it!”

“Three days ago in the afternoon?”
Oh, there was a presentation of the report on Magical Theory.
Then, the son of Count Martinez, an aide to His Highness, was in the same class.
I listened to the entire presentation and asked questions, so I never left my seat.
You may ask the instructor in charge.”

When Prince Leonardo grimly asked if it was so, Lord Martinez, who was by his side, reluctantly admitted it.

“You had someone from a branch household take the lead, didn’t you?”

“Your Highness, the house of Baron Boston is a descendant of the Marquis of Turner.
Attacking the people of the house is like selling a fight to the Marquis of Turner.
I will not do anything that would be detrimental to my family.
Please refrain from such words and actions without evidence.”

When I said that, his Highness gritted teeth in frustration.

There is no evidence.

They are all of their own making.

There are ladies from a different faction than ours who have been accused of causing Airi to fall, a crime they did not commit.

As a daughter of a Marquis, Keira could understand that they were from different factions, but as a former commoner, Airi could not.

She thinks that all the noble daughters are my pawns and that I can do whatever I want to them.

Since I am in control of the situation, the children of my family are carefully avoiding the situation, but those who know nothing about it are being victimized.

The two girls are being watched by the ladies, who have grown distrustful of anything out of the ordinary.

The fact is that three days earlier, Airi and Keira entered the music room, and only Keira came out and shouted “Airi has been beaten”.

It wasn’t a serious injury, and there was no need to mention who beat her.

Above all, it was of great benefit the other factions were on my side in this matter.

Keira is an aristocratic supremacist and does not regard commoners other than Airi as people.

That’s why she doesn’t care if commoner students work part-time cleaning the dormitory.

They were having a terrible consultation despite the fact that those students were cleaning.

It was about Prince Leonardo and I breaking off our engagement and then having a white marriage with Keira, who had no fiancée, and welcoming Airi as his concubine.

Keira, officially recognized by Leonardo, who became King, says that she will make Fabien her consort.

She also wanted to take over the ducal family by taking advantage of the fact that Fabien was a relative of the Duke of La-Tour.

“If Keira manages this country, it’ll be a great help, because I can’t receive a Queen’s Education.
Even Keira’s papa would be more powerful than that Duke.
Anyway, the Duke family will belong to Fabby.”

“Well, it can’t be helped, Airi.
But I can’t deny that it’s possible.”

This schoolgirl was close to the aforementioned neutral Lady Ellington and told her this story.

This is almost a treasonous plan against the state.

It seems foolish to talk about such a thing in the presence of people, even if they are commoners.

The Count of Ellington told this story to the neutralist nobles, and warned them to stay away from the Marquis of Turner family.

We were approached as part of that process.

To put it bluntly, the only people who do not know about it were the Marquis of Turner, his children, His Highness Leonardo and his entourage.

And then the most disgusting thing happened.

Fabien was approached by Keira.

According to the contents of the game, she guessed about stepmother and stepsister, and consoled him on the terrible things he had been through.

“No matter what you’ve been through, you’re still beautiful. There is not a speck of dirt anywhere.”

Keira confidently says Airi’s decisive line from the game.

I had told Fabien in advance to say “Thank you” and walk away when the girls said something to him.

At that time, it seems that they touched his hands in a sticky manner.

His hands were flushed red from washing them too much.

Fabien, though attempted, was violated by the former stepmother and hates being touched by women other than me.

Moreover, the gaze that Keira had on him was the same lustful eyes as the former stepmother.

“Marie, they’re so creepy, can I cut them down?”

Or even by magic.”

“No, Fabien. You don’t have to get your hands dirty.”

“They knew about that.
Only the Duke of La-Tour knew, no one should have spoken.”

“Well, how did they find out?”

I can’t say it was knowledge from a game.

“They also spoke very ill of Marie.
I couldn’t refute it because you said I shouldn’t argue with them, but I really didn’t like it.
My Marie is so beautiful, kind and loving…”


I can no longer remember who I was in my previous life.

I don’t care how nice their face or voice is, I’m not open-minded enough to like someone who hates me.

So at first we didn’t get along, but I came to really like Fabien, who opened his heart to me more and more.

“Your hands are so red. Give them to me, I’ll put some cream on them.”

Fabien knelt down in front of me in silence and held out his hand in front of me as I sat down in my chair.

I took some unscented hand cream and carefully applied it to his hand, warming it with my own body heat.

From the palm to the back, to the fingertips, to the crotch of the fingers, carefully.

When I touched him, intertwining our fingers, Fabien responded.

This was an act that was on the very edge of what we could do.

No, it would be out of bounds if others saw us.

Fabien’s eyes are looking at me.

If I looked directly into those eyes, I would not be able to resist.

So I would only stare at his hands.

Because I love Fabien, too.

“Please be patient a little longer. If everything goes well, I’ll reward you when it’s all over.”

“Really? Then I’ll look forward to it.”

I am now 15 years old, the age of adulthood.

At this rate, I will enter the Royal Palace upon graduation, and get married six months later.

If His Highness wants to break off the engagement, then by all means let him do so.

I don’t even want to get married at all.

If he is not a fool, the Royal Court would ask him to break off the engagement.

At that time, I will get some alimony and withdraw to the provincial estate with Fabien.

If he is an idiot like in the Otome Game, I have an idea.

Episode 4

We graduated from the Academy and attended the graduation party.

Prince Leonardo never asked me what I was going to wear, let alone who my escort was going to be.

I waited until the last minute and asked my father to escort me.

I have already reported this matter to my father.

I asked him to attend the party on the understanding that I would give him a better present than becoming the Queen.

Then His Highness did not dance the first dance with me, but with Airi.

He danced two songs in a row. It was the kind of dance you only do with the person you intend to marry.

The nobles around were astonished at the indiscretion.

Then he went up to the stage and shouted.

“Marianna La-Tour, how dare you torment my beloved Airi for Breach of Etiquette.
Such outrageous behavior is unbecoming of a mother of the nation.
I am breaking off my engagement to you!”

“I accept your offer. I agree to break off the engagement.
However, the reason is your infidelity with a woman named Airi.
Far from bullying the woman, I have never even spoken to her.”

“It’s weird that you have never spoken, I suppose you ignored her and alienated her from everyone.”

“You’re saying something strange.
I usually wouldn’t address a Baron lady who has never been introduced to me.
Your Highness, you wouldn’t talk to my escort knight, would you?”

“Why should I talk to your knight, whose name I don’t even know?!”

His Highness ignores Fabien because he is a better and more beautiful man than he is.

He is a man of small caliber.

“Sir Fabien is the great-grandson of Rosalind the Beautiful and my cousin.
He is also distantly related to His Royal Highness.
Moreover, my father also introduced him to you as my escort knight.
And yet you always ignore him.
But why should I speak to your mistress, whom I have not been introduced to?”

“Don’t call me a mistress. We love each other with all our hearts.”

What are you really thinking, speaking out loud about your infidelity?

“I know that the woman named Airi was adopted by the Baron of Boston.
On several occasions, I have sent a protest letter to the Baron Boston family and the Marquis Turner family, which is the parent household of the Baron Boston family, regarding her paranoia of being knocked down when she has fallen on her own in front of noble daughters.
I have also spoken to the Royal Palace about this, as it has happened more than once.”

Here I paused and looked around.

The Ladies were nodding their heads in agreement.

“And I’ve never pointed out any breach of etiquette to the woman named Airi.
That in of itself would be a breach of etiquette.
To point out her bad manners is to publicly point out that Baron Boston and Marquis Turner have failed to educate their daughters.
That is why I sent them a protest later so they wouldn’t lose face.
I will never do anything that would be detrimental to my house.
I thought it was the same for the Marquis of Turner, and I put up with it while I was a student.”

“You! Are you still addressing Airi as ‘woman’?”

Are you lashing out? It’s convenient.

“We’ve already graduated and joined the ranks of adults.
You can’t even think of a Baron’s adopted daughter who can’t follow etiquette, cries in public, and never even been introduced to anyone as a Lady.
And yet you blame me for the lack of education of the households of Baron Boston and Marquis Turner…
I can only think of it as a plot to undermine our La-Tour Ducal family.
Moreover, many of the ladies not related to our family home have witnessed Airi being injured and her uniform stained while she was alone with Miss Turner.
Besides, a commoner girl informed on Miss Turner about her plans to become Your Highness’s fiancée in my place.
In other words, you don’t have to ask who the culprit is.”

I took off my gloves and threw them at Keira Turner.

“Miss Keira Turner. As you have wronged me so, I challenge you to a duel.
This is a fight to the death for either of us.”

“I don’t understand how…… such a horrible thing …… could happen…? And a duel?”

Keira Turner didn’t seem to think she would be attacked at all.

She is seriously rolling her eyes.

Rather, why can she be so dazed?

I know why Keira didn’t recognize any other commoners besides Airi.

Because she thinks this world is a game.

You don’t want to be found out by named characters, so you look good in front of the nobility, but you thought the commoners were just mobs without souls, right?

That’s why you’re tripping on your own feet.

“Ridiculous…. women dueling.”

“Your Highness broke off our engagement and accused me of being the mastermind of the torment that I did not commit.
I died, nay, I was killed, not only as a nobleman’s daughter, but also as a woman.
The ringleader, Miss Turner, must suffer the same shame as I did, but she has no fiancé or lover.
Instead of the shame of breaking off an engagement, she must die a woman’s death.
Rather, it is my mercy that I have given her the chance to redeem herself in a duel.”

“Aren’t you as powerful as a magic knight?! I can’t win!!”

“If it’s not a dispute between individuals, it’s a dispute between houses.
If Miss Turner is willing to die, she may be able to strike a blow at me, if not win.”

“No, no! At least set up a proxy.”

Oh, and His Highness wants Keira to become the White Queen.

“Then I, Fabien Le-Brunn, will stand on behalf of my beloved Marianna, Lady of La-Tour.”

Keira looked extremely shocked.

She probably thought she was on track to capture Fabien.

She must have thought he would betray me and help her.

“Is there any knight who would lend a hand to Miss Keira Turner?”

Prince Leonardo looked around, but no hands went up.

Earlier, I raised the conditions for the duel to be to the death.

Fabien has the good looks of Rosalind the Beautiful, as well as strong magical powers, and is the top or second best knight in our order.

Otherwise, the still young Fabien would not have become my escort knight.

In addition, His Majesty the King admired Lady Rosalind and wanted Fabian’s children to inherit her beauty, so he was told to be sure to have a child.

They could only fear that they would be ruined in the unlikely event that they killed him.

“Now, I’ll accept my defeat already!
I can’t accept such a terrible duel.
Besides, no one raised their hands as a knight, so it’s a shame for me as a Lady.”

“Do you really think that this is enough to clear my name and disgrace?
I am the one who is challenging you to a duel. Now pick up the gloves.”

“No. I won’t. Stop it!”

That was then.

“Then I, the Duke of La-Tour, declare war on the Marquis of Turner.
If you change your parent household, the branch families under that house will not be attacked.
My daughter was betrothed at the request of the Royal Family, and it is a crime enough in light of the law of nobility to have led to such a humiliating engagement breakup.
By stepping on my daughter’s desire to settle it with a private duel, you have further disgraced our honor.
That’s more than enough of a reason to declare war.”

“Wait, Duke. Such warfare is unacceptable.”

“No, Your Highness Leonardo.
Aristocratic law allowed us to fight in cases that triggered the termination of engagement 150 years ago.
Then, the girl must be tired or we will have to get ready for war.
Or is this a matter of Your Highness’ approval?
Did the Royal Family betray the Duke of La-Tour, who have fought for you all these years?”

His Highness could not accept this.

If the Duke of La-Tour defected and joined forces with other countries, there would be no way to stop them.

But I have no intention of going that far.

“Then Miss Keira Turner and Miss Airi Boston.
In this palace, we will not be able to harm you, but if you take one step out of line, be prepared to be our enemies.”

With these words, we left the palace.

When Prince Leonard did not come to dress or escort me, I knew this was going to happen.

Still, if His Highness came to his senses and broke off the engagement in the usual way, I was willing to stay silent just by getting alimony.

And then I’ll give a reprieve for the duel.

If Keira accepted the duel, she would be killed, and Airi, the cause of the incident, would be expelled from the Baronial family, or rather, from this country.

But if Keira doesn’t take the duel, we have a pretext for the start of the war.

To that end, I asked my father to escort me to the party.

The aim is to eliminate the obtrusive Marquis Turner, rob him of his property and land, and silence the Royal Family.

My father said he was ready for war, but it was already well underway.

He has already investigated that the Marquis of Turner is staying at his mistress’ house.

He would never have thought that while he was indulging in pleasure without knowing anything about it, he would lose everything because of his stupid daughter.

At least if he had attended this party, he could have made Keira accept the duel.

Episode 5: The Finale

The Marquis of Turner did not last three days.

This is because father declared that he would not attack their children if they changed their parent households.

He didn’t tell him to make our La-Tour Duke’s family a parent household.

Therefore, they snuggled up to other close families, and the other party agreed.

The Baron of Boston family, however, was not allowed that.

The Baron died and the Baroness was granted special consideration because her own family had changed parent household.

The Marquis of Turner lost its current Marquis, and its successor, Keira’s brother, admitted defeat and offered territory and compensation.

They were too poor to maintain their Marquis rank, and even fell to Viscount.

The Duke of La-Tour fought to defend their honor, so they did not touch the commoners other than the soldiers, nor did they destroy all the nobles and soldiers.

Even if they were resented for it, they had the will to accept it.

That is the nobility.

Keira, who did not accept my duel, was inferior as a nobleman in that respect.

Keira and Airi never left the Royal Palace since.

They complained that our fight was unjust, but when it was recognized that the fight was in accordance with aristocratic law, they became even more narrow-minded.

And so His Highness Prince Leonardo was no longer able to protect them.

At that time, Baroness Boston, Airi’s foster mother, visited the Royal Palace to meet them.

She said as she hugged Airi…

“If you had never laid a hand on His Highness, none of this would have happened.
This wouldn’t have happened if Keira had accepted the duel.”

The Baroness killed Airi and Keira with a hairpin she had stuck in her hair, and then she also pierced her throat and committed suicide.

It was the fourth day since that graduation party.

I was the one who told them to let the Baroness live.

I never thought it would work out so well.

I had seen the Baron and Baroness of Boston being condemned by the neutral aristocrats for Airi’s actions.

There was no outward behavior from similar branch families because Airi was protected by Keira, but it seems they were being ignored.

I was left with the impression of a serious-looking figure who was always apologetic and bowed his head.

At that moment, the Baron was rubbing the back of his wife as if to patronize her.

They must have been a good couple who got along well and loved each other.

Why did such a couple have to be separated by death because of their adopted daughter?

I thought they would impose some kind of sanction on them, if not death.


If the Baroness did nothing, I would file a defamation lawsuit against Airi and the rest of them.

Thanks to that, I didn’t have to deal with troublesome reincarnated people anymore.

His Highness Leonardo, unfortunately, never stepped down as Crown Prince.

For he was the only child of the Queen.

I guess they say that stupid children are the cutest.


For me, it was a lifetime worth of shame, but it was only a domestic engagement annulment.

In the novels, I could be disinherited, imprisoned, castrated, and deported, but it would be impossible to do that with just a broken engagement and defamation of my reputation.

The war with the Marquis of Turner was authorized in order to protect His Highness Leonardo.

He was to be treated as a victim (LOL) of the trampling of his pure heart.

He broke off the engagement without careful examination, so it was decided he would hand over the best lease territory under his direct jurisdiction as alimony to me.

His fortune will be greatly reduced in the years ahead.

Then he was engaged and married to the daughter of the neutral Count of Ellington.

He couldn’t marry me, the Duke of La-Tour, or Keira, the Marquis of Turner, and she was the only one left down the line.

No, actually, there was no one left.

The daughter of the Count of Ellington was also engaged, but she was not getting along well with her unfaithful fiancé, and as a Royal Decree sought a house that would break off its engagement, she happily dissolved it.

“I will not allow Your Highness to be unfaithful.
I will not approve of a concubine unless we are unable to produce an heir.”

With this marriage, the Royal Family will become even weaker.

The Count of Ellington’s family is neutral and not very powerful, and they can’t get a concubine with a strong backing.


Now, as for me, the Duke of La-Tour had my younger brother as heir, so inherited the Count title that my father had, took the name of the territory given to me by the prince and became Countess of Reese.

I didn’t intend to get married soon, but…

When Fabien drew closer with a “reward please,” and hugged me, we both couldn’t hold back any longer.

He was a fine knight and a Viscount, so he didn’t have to marry a wounded Countess.

But he also came forward in a deadly duel for my sake, and my father congratulated me and if I ignore the fact that it was a little too soon, it would have been fine.

“You have talent and wealth in vain.
If Fabien gets you, I’ll be relieved that an incompetent son-in-law won’t appear.”

That’s what he said.

I feel a big difference between the father of the game and my father now.

Maybe my former stepmother used medicine on father, just as she did for Fabien.

I suppose so.

Both Airi and Keira were too caught up in their memories of their previous lives.

If they had seen reality, been aware of their position, and lived their lives seriously and sincerely, Airi would not have touched His Highness, and Keira would not have been in the situation she was in.

My actions were almost villainous.

But that’s only from the point of view of the heroine of the game.

As a Noble Lady, I was in the right.

Thanks to that, I was able to marry a wonderful husband whom I love with all my heart and loves me the most.

Outside the window, our son and daughter are holding small wooden swords and pretending as Fabien taught them.

They were younger than we were back then, but they were similar to when we were children.

Chewing on my happiness, I opened the window and invited them to tea.

The End



Thank you for reading this work “The Reason I was a Villainess”.

I often see people who write short stories as a break from serialization, and I understand that feeling.

I am currently serializing “Please Don’t Interrupt Me, I’m Busy Studying for the Alchemy Course” here on Kakuyomu


It has also been made into a book.

I’ve finally finished the Story Composition and Development, and it looks like it will continue for a long time, at least a year.

I have a lot of ideas for works I want to write, but it is very difficult to have many serials because of my time, physical strength, and clumsiness.

However, there are many stories about villainess, broken engagements, and comeuppances published every day, and I never know when an idea (not necessarily a new one) I’ve come up with will be published.

Maybe it’s just that I haven’t read it, but I can’t help but think so, so I decided to publish it as a short story.

My idea has seven points.

(1) The main character is a reincarnated person, but she does not place importance on game knowledge and just lives seriously and sincerely as a Noble Lady.

(2) She doesn’t do anything bad except make fun of people in her heart.

However, she uses people, things, laws, etc. that she can use firmly, and will not hesitate to go to war for profit.

(3) In order to bring about conflicts between houses, it initially took the form of a duel between individuals.


I had to do this.

Because a graduation party is a time when you can make an excuse that even if there are some foreign guests, you still feel like a student even though you are no longer a student.

In other words, it is possible to deny the prince’s statement.

It is Marianna’s father, the Duke of La-Tour, who does this.

It is a great opportunity to ingratiate himself with Keira’s father, the Marquis of Turner, and the Royal Family.

Moreover, it will not cause a battle, so I can profit from it unscathed.

If I were the Duke, I would kill Airi and the commoner schoolgirl who heard of the plot, send Keira to the estate for confinement, and let the marriage between Marianna and the prince continue.

Marianna’s life as a princess would be like a needle in a haystack, wouldn’t it?

That’s why I had to make things so big that there was no way to back out of it.

I don’t think this pattern exists yet, but the reason why I didn’t write this is because I couldn’t make it interesting.

I also wanted the Duke to be a bit of a loving parent.


(4) I didn’t force myself to break every flag, just the familiar ones.

It is also simply that I could not come up with a convincing way to break the flags.

(5) She focused on improving her education rather than going outwards, like making money or making connections with a guild.

(6) No shadows were introduced.

It’s interesting. I’m a big fan of love between an engaged daughter and a shadow.

But I just couldn’t make it compelling enough for me to write.

As a King, if I were to shadow my son’s fiancée, I would do so for surveillance rather than security.

If it is a guard, a visible presence is more intimidating.

I would want to know if she is unknowingly communicating with another man, if she is poisoning my son or giving him unnecessary thoughts, if there is anyone around who might be thinking of overthrowing the Royal Family …… and so on..

In other words, shadows are there but should not be revealed to be there, and they should be considered incompetent when they are known to be under surveillance..

We consider alibi testimonies to be unreliable.

And if the king who shadows you is a parental figure, the evidence will be squashed.

(7) Paying attention to manners in public is the biggest breach of etiquette.

I want to write this from the moment that Mr. Rohan, who plays Issey Takahashi, said it in the drama “Kishibe Rohan ha Mukonunai” in “Fugou Mura”! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

It’s already been more than two years.

I don’t think this expression was used in the original comic, but I have a vague recollection of it.

Also, do you ever take someone else’s daughter over your own son…?

The method is awkward and it is disgraceful, but as I wrote in (3) earlier, I feel like I can get away with it as a joke or a youthful indiscretion.

Even if it was an engagement for peace with a foreign country, the engagement in the country was just abandoned, even though it would upset some of the balance of power.

It’s not that I don’t like that kind of work, it’s just that I can’t write about it because it bothers me.

I enjoy reading it very much for when I read it.

Also, I feel that a bride who is reasonably good and who is in line with the intentions of the Royal Family is preferred to a bride who is extremely excellent but difficult to handle.

It doesn’t mean that they will take good care of her, though.

In that sense, a lady who is too good may be a Villainess.

When I wrote the story, there were many things that made me think it is suitable for a full-length novel.

First, there is too little psychological depiction.

This may be my lack of skill, but I didn’t want to add more characters.

I think changing the viewpoints from various perspectives, such as Fabien’s, Marianna’s father’s, Airi’s, and Keira’s, would broaden the episodes and add depth to the story.

It is also necessary to have other targets to be captured.

I also omitted the depiction of scenes and characters.

I wrote Airi as a typical heroine with pink hair, but Marianna has black hair and red eyes, and Fabien is blonde with blue eyes.

It is known that his ancestor, Rosalind the beautiful, was blonde and blue-eyed, but only turned red when she used magic.

So Marianna was betrothed to the Royal Family as she inherited Rosalind’s power.

But she didn’t use magic at all, or I couldn’t put it in.

I also would like to depict the part where she and Fabian have a heart to heart and their battle training.

Of course, I also need to show them falling in love.

Even a sweet scene after they get together…

No, I really think I should have written that.

However, if there are more elements, it will not be a short story.

Right now, I can’t do any other serials until I finish “Alchemy”.

That’s why I left it for two years.

I would like to make it a full-length story someday if I can afford it.

In the meantime, I’ve finished the story completely, but does that make it a short story scam?

I was also very worried about the genre.

By making it a short story, I cut out the fantasy/romance elements as much as possible.

The theme of the content became about living a serious and sincere life as a young lady.

It became Human Drama > Romance > Otherworldly Fantasy.

Human drama is not on Kakuyomu, so I put it in the Romance genre for the time being.

Is this okay?

I am asking a question, but I am not accepting comments because it is difficult to reply physically and time-wise right now.


I also decided to put it on Alphapolis and Syosetu.

I have an account on Alphapolis and I wanted to try it out.

There are others, but I don’t use them so much, so I may not be able to log in.

I was afraid that if I didn’t, I would lose the opportunity to write a typical Villainess broken engagement.

In that sense, I understand why you want to present your ideas as a short story.

In my case, rather than about taking a breather, it’s more about what to do if someone else writes it.

Thanks to what I wrote, I can push forward with “Alchemy” without worry.

Lastly, although I used war in the story, I am not glorifying war, but I believe that it is the most foolish thing in this world and we should not do it.

Thank you so much for reading.

(Please forgive me for omitting the title of the site name.)


I deleted it on sites other than Kakuyomu, but forgot to delete the URL.

I fixed that, but there is no change in the content.

Best regards.

4/2 the process could not be completed.

I’m truly sorry.

4/2 postscript

I mistyped the title of the divine work which should never be mistaken.

Why did I make such a mistake?

My hands are shaking and I’m panicking…

Again, I apologize.


I completely forgot to put up an advertisement here.

Short story “What Is This Mob Reincarnation All About?”


Best regards.


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  1. The story is pretty good but still need more proofreading expecially in ep 4 and 5 it confuse me alots in that 2 ep unlike the first 3 which still have errors but it not that many. And thank for the translation

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  2. More than with the story, I’m impressed how she did that with a hairpin… what sort of hairpin she was using? One like the ninjas in anime? XD


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