Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 205

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Chapter 205 – I Can Do It Too

“I am King! An apostle of God! No, I am a God now! All who defy me shall be put to death!”

“Geez, Prince… you really have love for such a scum of a father? I mean, will being recognized by someone like this make you happy? Or maybe, is this normal in this country? Cultural difference, is it?”

The Heavenly King shouted with madness and emitted raging magical power from his whole body.

“Silence, silence, be silent! I had surrendered to a thousand years of malaise and futility… but I have awakened! My friend taught me! I am the King! The lowly creatures that pollute the Surface! They must be exterminated and ruled! I shall build a new legion of God! Jamdi’el, the doll, and Ga’al, I shall rip out their eyes, and have them give birth to my progeny, surely the strongest――――”

“【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!!”

No more, I’m beyond disgusted and offended, I’m just completely fed up with him.

I strike with the shockwave of my left whip.

“Nu, this… braaaaaaat!!”

I didn’t want to talk any more.

And then……

“Heavenly King!”

“…… Nu?”

“I don’t know what it means to be a parent and child … or to have children… but I’ll just say this! I, will never have your child! I don’t want to!”

Kron, who had been leaning against my back, stepped forward and said to the King of the Heavens.

“What was that? A doll should not be so impertinent! Thy will doesn’t matter! I am―――― me! 【Giga Wind Cutter】!”

“【Great Demon Sonic Corkscrew】!”

I can’t stand hot-tempered bald old men… I’m so mad that I can’t stand it anymore.

Does it mean so much to this guy that we’ve come this far?

“Don’t move ahead, Kron. Step back a little…”

“Earth, I’m sorry.”


“Back on the Surface…”

Then, as I had Kron step back because she was in danger, she pulled on my arm, and smiled sadly next to me.

“Me and Jamdi’el… we were telling you the same thing as the King of the King, weren’t we?”


For a moment I had no idea what she was talking about. I mean, what are you saying at a time like this…

“I wanted your baby, so I asked you to take me. Jamdi’el also tried to force you and me together. But for you…”


“What I felt just now when the Heavenly King said that to me… you were thinking that too, weren’t you?”

No….. well, it’s not that I hate it that much… it’s just that men and women think differently about these things, and Kron is cute. I mean, I don’t care about that now… no, because it’s now?


“But you understood me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I… I won’t say anything like the King of the Heavens anymore. I want to have your child. I want to have a child with you… only when you feel the same… then we will be able to truly love our newborn child.”

At times like this, it was really inappropriate, but we laughed at each other, it was kind of embarrassing.

On the other hand…

“Earth, that’s why…… let’s not only knock out that Heavenly King… but once he’s calm… can’t we talk calmly with him?”


That was quite unexpected.

“What art thou saying! Die, perish, vanish! Be gone from my sight!”

We were under the fury of the Heavenly King’s magic, and we didn’t have the luxury of time.

“Wha, we don’t have that leeway! I mean, there’s no point in talking to that guy! Why would you do that…”

“Earth, you said, that it’s …… narrow-minded for that prince to try so hard just to get acknowledged by a father like that.”

“Hmm? Ah … oh.”

“Maybe that’s the case for you. For someone as strong and great as you. But somehow, I understand how the Prince feels.”


The magic of the Heavenly King was being unleashed without a break.

Even though we were no longer in the palace, he was rampaging without any concern for damage to the buildings or the surroundings.

In the midst of this situation, Kron said that.

Rather than the Heavenly King, Kron spoke for the prince.

“Because I’m the same…”

“Same? How are you and the prince…”

“Earth. Jamdi’el, to you… and the world outside of the Cacretale… and to the people of this world… she has done terrible things, hasn’t she?”

Kron said something like that about Jamdi’el, wistfully.

That’s what we talked about on the Surface as well.

An enemy of humanity. A Six Supremacy. And even here in the Heavenly world, she once did a lot of terrible things to her compatriots.

That was the past of Jamdi’el that Kron did not know.

But still…

“Still, I can’t hate Jamdi’el. I want to be acknowledged. I want to be praised. I want Jamdi’el to be … pleased with me. That’s what I want.”


“That’s why I… I want to ask the King of the Heavens.”


Kron was serious.

From my perspective, I couldn’t help but think, “That guy’s shit, get rid of him right away”.

For me, who had run away from home and now had Tre’ainar by my side, I would have thought, “I’m not that bothered if my father and family can’t recognize me”.

But Kron empathized with the Prince.

That’s why……

“There’s a point in meddling on this. There’s a limit in how involved you can be in other’s family affairs. Beside, this crazy bastard’s too far gone to even try to have a talk with, it’s impossible, isn’t it?”

You still want to do that? Talk to that old man? I asked Kron.

And that’s when it happened.

『Wrong, perhaps not so unexpected?』


『That Heavenly King… tis not so much what he has gone through so far… rather… the proportion of side effects…… may be grand.』

「…… What?”

『Unravel the truth, and you may certainly manage it. You may be able to reach his consciousness with Kron’s Daybreak Eye.』

Tre’ainar spoke as if he were somewhat sure of what he was saying.

With those words, he seemed to say, “the Heavenly King is not just crazy”.

“…… th…… ou…”

Then, listening to Kron’s words, the prince lying on the floor raised his face.

Pitifully, his eyes moistened with tears, a weak expression on his face. He looked like an abandoned dog…

“Certainly… if you use your Daybreak Eye, it will do something… it seems…”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“It could… but… you, are you in a pity party?”


“What do you think we’re doing here!”

What I said was not entirely wrong. This is nothing but meddling.

Isn’t that right?

『Tis so. It means nothing.』

You see…… Tre’ainar too…

『As such, you should get on with it and defeat that foolish king. We need not help this country, this world, this royalty, or anything else.』


What? You’re telling me, “that’s right”, but you’re somewhat testing me… and….. what’s tugging at my heart?

Kron’s words… and…… the Prince’s face…

「Hey, Tre’ainar…」

『What is it?』

In my heart I ask Tre’ainar.

「I’m not like my father. That’s why I don’t go on the path he wants me to go, and I have no obligation or duty to do the same thing he did.」

『Tis so.』

「Then, dare I ask. What would my father do… in a situation like this?」

『Tis obvious. That single-celled idiot does not think――――』

Oh, I knew that. I knew it even before I asked Tre’ainar for an answer.

I’m sure my father would say something like this.

I’ll save them all. Leave it to me.

Because I can easily imagine the scene… and….. my father has the power to do it, so he would say that.

And, I suppose, it can actually be done.

“I’m not like my father, so I don’t have to do the same thing.”


『Tis so. There is no need for it.』


“Is there something that my father can do and I can’t?”

Apart from that, just because I don’t have to do something doesn’t mean I can’t do it.

So if I want to do it, I can.

『Fufu, tis easy to say anything with just your mouth.』

Then I’ll prove it.

“Kron…… Either way, it’s no use trying to seal his movements…”


“So… when I take him down, do whatever you want.”

“Huh!? Hmm … yes!”

That’s all right, isn’t it? Tre’ainar.

If you can’t seem to do the same thing as your father, then how can you go beyond your father and become recognized by the world?

I can do it too.

So let’s do it!

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