Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 201

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Chapter 201 – Second Round

Why? They got angry when I asked. But even so, that’s all I can say now.

“You guys… what are you doing here? On top of that…… even Shinobu…”

“Should there be a reason for a woman to come to the man she fell in love with?”

“Ah… ah…”

Oh~, why is she suddenly doing this after three months apart… my face was getting hot…

“Oh my! How lovely! Is this Earth’s lover?”

Then, Kron took her hand off me with a twinkle in her eyes at Shinobu’s words and happily grabbed Shinobu’s hand.

“Oh? You understand, don’t you?”

“I understand, Earth is so wonderful!”

“Indeed. That goes without saying.”

“Yes! You also seem like a very nice person… you two look good together!”

“Eh…ah…that’s an unexpected response. I thought you were a thieving cat… but I…… can I hope to make friends with you?”

“To be friends!? I would be so delighted!”

Saying that, so peaceful and heartwarming? Such a scene was unfolding before us, no, you guys! Right now……

〘Who art thee!? How have thou crept into this heavenly world, sullying our lands with your feet. Such scoundrels! Cloud golems, take them―――〙

“Ha~ … The reunion with my beloved Honey? If you interrupt a maiden in love…”

〘…… Nuh?〙

“You won’t survive the burn! Fire Ninja Arts, 【Crimson Lotus Spiral(Guren Rasen)】!”


And just as the Golems were about to attack Shinobu and Kron en masse, Shinobu suddenly blew out a flaming spiral from her mouth, and instantly wiped out dozens of Golems.

“Really. Unable to read the atmosphere at all. Perhaps because it’s so thin above the sky.”

With a generous smile… I mean, what a… by normal standards, tsue~…

“Wow! Amazing!”

“Whoa! Th, that girl is awesome!”

“She spit fire from her mouth!?”

“Earth’s friends? No, Lover?”

“…… does Ms. Sadiz know, aye? …… what’s with the Ninja Warrior…”

“I suppose this means you have been working together since then? But I haven’t accepted you as a partner for the Little man yet, have I?”

Naturally, the allies were surprised at Shinobu’s power.


“Eeeeeii! Wa, wait a minute, Shinobu! F, for a while now, I’ve just listened in silence, a, also the girl there, Earth, she’s been flirting with your hands!”

At that moment, the princess, who was even more air-headed than the Heavenly King, made a hassle in such a situation.

“Oh? You have complaints about something? Princess Phianse.”

“Yes! I say it almost every time, but Earth is …”

“Oh my! Are you someone who is also aware of Earth’s charm?”

“Huh? H, hey! How many years do you think I have known Earth! Me, an ‘also’? Don’t confuse me with the rest of you!”

Geez, this princess. Hearing the conversation between Shinobu and Kron was embarrassing enough, but she actually told the two who thought well of me, “Don’t put us together”. Well, I know this person doesn’t really think well of me, but… no, that’s what she’s been doing for years…

“Earth is also Earth! I haven’t seen you in three months and, d, doesn’t matter… she doesn’t seem to be human, but who is she?”

“No, well… something like…”

And this was always the case.

I mean, this was not the time to explain all that… as usual, this princess is a pain in the ass…

“Yes, well, I’d be happy if you could tell me about Earth’s female relations later, just in this situation…”

“Oh, where are we… and what are you doing now? There’s even a hippopotamus with wings… the golems made of clouds… and there seems to be winged demi-humans over there…

Although a little surprised by such a princess, Fu and Rebal were beside me.

Well, I know these guys have questions they want to ask me, but there’s something I want to hear, too.

But right now…

“Oh, I don’t really need an explanation.”


“Surely this is not the place for talking. What is important is how you feel about the current situation as you see it with your own eyes and how you judge it. For me, Honey is fighting hard. That’s enough. If you fight, I’ll fight with you.”

And Shinobu suddenly insisted, as if to cover Fu and Rebal’s words.

I was totally flabbergasted in spite of myself.

“A… are you sure? Asking no questions…”

“Fufufu, even if I regret my reason for fighting later… it just means my judgment was wrong. But the outcome, wrong or not, is something I’ll know later.”

“Wh, what is that?”

“Fufufu, but I can tell you this. I don’t know if my decision is wrong or not, but this love is not wrong.”

C, come on, no way… my face was so hot, how embarrassing…

At a time like this.

I crouched down, feeling as if I had been punished for not seeing her for the past three months.

“Wai, wait a minute, Shinobu! Th, then, me too! Th, there’s so much I wa, want to ask Earth! Ever since ‘that day’. But…but now!”

Then, as I was getting lost to Shinobu’s words, the princess interjected as if to reprimand us.

Of course, the “that day” that the princess mentioned was that day.

It’s the day of the Commemorative Graduation Match, the day I ran away from everything.

“Now I’m just going to fight alongside Earth, who is desperately trying to fight! I have no hesitation about that!”

But the princess also seemed to have things she wanted to say, preach, and ask me, but she still says she will fight for now, and held up her spear.

When they heard the princess’ words, both Rebal and Fu nodded, smiling bitterly.

“Dear me… you’ve always been so… but things being like in the old days once in a while isn’t bad?”

“I agree. Princess, Earth, Rebal and me. The four of us, working together to fight something… I’m glad to see a day like this again.”

They squint their eyes as if reminiscing about the old days.

“…… Rebal…”

“You’re the leader. Now… I’ll fight with you.”

I felt a little awkward with Fu, but not with Rebal, since our fight at the Graduation match had an unsuccessful conclusion.

However, Rebal, while sensing this, dared to say let’s fight now and didn’t talk about the match.

“Don’t dawdle, Coman. For now, some people are wounded, go give them some help!”

“Ah, y, yes, princess!”

And I don’t know how she got involved, or really why she’s here, but I’ll ask about Coman later anyway…

“Well, I mean… Earth? Does that mean these people will fight with us, too?”

“Are you old friends of Earth? If so, we can count on you.”

“Aya~…… this is also in a sense, the greatness of youth aye… everything from the lineage…”

For now, let’s fight together. No one was against that.

“I appreciate it. Princess. Master Rebal. Master Fu. Ms. Coman. And Ms. Ninja warrior?”

“Sadiz, you’re safe… Well, you’ve spent the last three months… with Earth and all… Or rather, what the hell is this woman doing here while you’re here… among other things… anyway, I’ll hear about it afterwards.”

“Wh, eh, th, this is Ms. Sadiz!? …… I see…… I’d like to have a woman-to-woman talk with you later.”

“Oh my! You are all going to fight with us? How reliable! I’m so glad!”

It may be a bit of a jumble of members, but it’s true that if you consider just the simple strength of the group…

‘I can’t let myself be outdone. Young ones. My muscles are aching too.””

“This guy… he’s overwhelmingly strong. And if you look closely, the others are also well trained… and with such people in tow, Earth really is a very good man…”

“Now now, Rebal, Now… together with our leader!”

“Uwah~, I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks amazing!”

Yeah, I don’t feel like losing.

“Here we go, Kron! You guys!

“Right! It’s the second round!”


From here, it’s a dash to the Heavenly King!

Author’s Note

Tomorrow, it’s going to be unleashed to the world… and… whether or not Shinobu will be born as a picture…will depend on tomorrow?

December 14. Everyone, prepare for a raid on the bookstores!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Love the (semi-)realistic reaction to a tsundere. Just a simple ‘ah, annoying’.


  2. Debido a que Conan esta aqui supongo que tendra su debida importancia en la historia, pero no me imagino como, A ella le gusta Earth o algo asi? Es lo mas probable creo. Tambien de alguna manera hice una teoria en mi cabeza que podria ser una antagonista mas tarde en la obra, pero es una teoria muy vaga y con 0 fundamentacion a si que no la tomen en serio, simplemente una cosa que pense mientras leia el capitulo


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